Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 23

Here's To Future Days (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 14, 2009 on ABC

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  • George joined the ARMY. Seriously! Seriously! Seriously!

    This episode was one of my favorite episodes of the season. The story line and the way that the whole thing flowed was awesome. I really enjoyed the chemistry that this episode showed between the characters. George joined the ARMY, seriously! I really enjoyed the way Callie and almost the rest of the crew decided to set up an intervention for him. It was awesome. This episode was also emotional, because it showed a different side to some of the characters that I hadn't seen before.
    This episode also upset me because I really like the characters George and Izzy. George going in the ARMY must mean that he's leaving the show. And what about Izzy? She has a brain tumor, are the producers really going to kill her off???
  • Izzie spends time with a fellow cancer patient and contemplates whether or not to undergo a risky surgery, Mark is ready to take his relationship with Lexie to the next level and Owen reassess his place at Seattle Grace. George joins the army.

    Incredible. The best finale I have ever seen! So sad, but in a good way. I really hope that Izzy lives and so does George, but i don't think that will happen. The way Meredith finds out that George is John Doe was very creative, it had me on the egde of my seat. When Izzy remembered without the help offlash cards was also so incredible. The bst finale ever, i am looking foreward to the nest season. I hope that it is as good as the previous, seson 5. This is for sure my favorite show on tv! Go Grey's!
  • That's what a finale should be!

    What a rollercoaster, and how many tissues did I get through.... To feel so happy watching an episode, and then to feel so sad, all in the space of an hour and a half is great writing. Very heart rendering, and some great performances by all on the team. A real twist at the end that I wasn't expecting too, had me really blubbing. I didn't want the episode to end. Absolutely brilliant. Some of the other big shows might learn a thing or two about finales and what they should be like if they watched this. Looking forward to the next season already. I'll miss Grey's.
  • Emotional

    This finale was very dark. Grey's has a tendency to be bipolar in the tone department; one episode light and funny, the next dark and twisty. I wish it would make up it's mind!! The Izzie and Alex scenes are the definition of why this episode rocked! Justin and Katy bring such intensity to their scenes, and this episode was no different. When Alex screamed and pleaded with Izzie to get the surgery, you could see how heartfelt it was.

    Kimberly Elise guest starred in this episode as Izzie's doctor and jeez am I hoping they bring her back next season! She was really great, and totally fits with the cast. The scene with Bailey, Callie, and Izzie's doc was so cute.
  • Cry me a river.

    Perhaps THE most shocking season finale, ever. One if the biggest cliffhangers EVER! 2 main roles on the line. Who will die? Who will survive? End of Gizzie? Only time can tell. For now, lets cry. Loves arise between Cjhistina and Hunt. Derek and Mer get married! Izzie gets surgery. George enroll on the army! Bailey cant get on peds. Geroge is on his way to the army, when *it* happens. Izzie seems to be alright- She ahs short term memory. She gets it back, only to crash in the last 2 mins. Will John Doe ( Geroge) live? We dont know.
  • Worthy of a Finale

    First of all, Georgie: What the hell is he thinking? He wants to be the next Owen or what? It's not enough to see how army people are after war? No George, bad choice! I know we don't see him much but don't bring him back just to send him to war. However the "you're a doer" quote was so funny and brought me back good memories of the show.

    Arizona proved that joy is better than toy… I gotta say I love her character; it brings a lot to the show now that Izzie can't be the cheerful one… plus, her crying? It is just lovely! And to confront the chief is one thing that only Bailey could do so far.

    I know some people are not happy with the whole Denny thing but I think this does show the picture of Izzie being near to death, and the chemistry between them it's BIG.

    The big decision: Would you let the love of your life die or would you rather have her with you even if she doesn't know who she is or who you are? Though choice to make for hubby Alex, but in the middle of all that he has prove one thing: he loves Izzie with all his heart.

    Cristina keeps being one of the greatest characters ever written. She always embraces things and does everything she needs to help the one she loves; I think this time, Owen is worth it.

    Is Mr. McSteamy growing up? Maybe so, too bad he wants to do it with someone who hasn't.
    In the middle of all the (good quality) drama, there's still room for love Merder are getting married in a simple wedding as they always wanted, I hope this time they really go through with it.

    I can't wait to see the next part…
  • Season 5, Episode 23.

    Izzie has new friends from chemo, and she also has a decision to make: whether or not she should have a surgery that will remove her tumor but might cause her to lose her memory. George makes an important decision about his future, Owen visits his mother, and Meredith and Derek set a wedding date.

    I loved this episode. I liked the whole future talk thing. The storyline with the army guy was nice, especially since he was hot! I also liked the surprise decision by George at the end. I was so shocked when I saw Izzie without her memory after they shut half of her brain down. Very powerful scene, but I didn't think Alex was doing the right thing by demanding she get surgery. Amazing episode.
  • A soldier comes in wanting to have his healthy leg cut off, due to severe pain which won't subside; Izzie prepares for her biggest surgery yet, and George delivers surprising news to Bailey.

    (This is a review of both portions of the finale.)

    Something happened this season. I grew to love Grey's Anatomy in a way I hadn't in a long time. It's the reason I began watching the series in the first place. Laughter, heartbreak, suspense, and mystery all combine to make this one of the most memorable seasons yet.

    This two-part finale was everything I hoped it would be. It featured top-notch writing with healthy doses of humor (Bailey and her lightsaber noises was a hoot),
    heart (loved the scene with Bailey talking about the joy of being a doctor), gut-wrenching drama (Izzie, of course, who really has to stop breaking my heart!!) and even a stunner of a surprise (If you've seen it, you'll know what I'm referring to. And forgive the constant parentheses.)

    The characters, however, is what made this season extra special. If the characters don't grow and evolve, what's the point of investing in their lives? Thankfully, each actor brought something new to their characters that kept me involved (Yang especially was much more interesting this season, and Karev showed us a much more vulnerable side which we've only seen once or twice before), though I do think George was WAY underused this season. And it's nice to see that Meredith is on her way (if not there already) to happiness. OK, I've rambled. Case in point: this is my favorite season of the series thus far, and the finale was terrific. It was rich with character development, funny, heartbreaking, suspenseful, and in the end, made me thankful I jumped back on board.
  • a lot going on, great expectations built through out the season ...

    it was quite a way to end such a remarkable season, though it indeed started a bit slow with the denny thing, and bumping doctors out and so on, george not really having a proper storyline.. i don't know, it wasn't looking good at the beginning, but right after we found out about izzie's cancer it all started clicking into place, it was nice to see callie develop some more, and with the new love interest as well hehehe... i indeed cried watching this 2 hours... and i will be waiting to know what happens when it returns in september, though it will not be easy!!! god! what a cliffhanger!!!