Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2009 on ABC

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  • You should watch this episode twice to really let it grow on you...

    Honestly, the first time I watch Holidaze, I resented it. I found it very confusing, really rushed and just plain weird to be a Grey's Anatomy episode. But then I watched it again, and you realize something's very interesting about it.

    It is a really solid episode. It's sort of like a transition episode leading to so many new interesting storylines (Little Sloan, Teddy/Owen/Cristina triangle, Chief's drinking problems) and much more.

    Loved the Bailey scenes with her dad. Very strong. What a powerful scene it was for her to yell at her dad like that on Christmas dinner. Beautiful performance by Chandra Wilson. She needs a freakin' Emmy already.

    Surprisingly, I didn't find Owen annoying in this episode. And the scene with him and Teddy alone in that closet as they yell at each other and she tells him she's always been in love with him...very powerful. And how Owen says, "I'm in love with Cristina." Freaking awesome.

    The music in this episode was different than what we usually find on this show. It's quieter, more peaceful, and there's a sentiment behind every song. Great episode overall.
  • Not so awesome

    Okay, I really don't like the idea that Mark has a teenage daughter. If she was a kid, I could deal with it, but for God's sake, she's, like, 7 years younger than Lexie. And plus, she's pregnant. Mark can't be a grandpa, he's was too young! Imagine if you had a grandma who was 25 years older than you. Geez! I hope the girl turns out not to be his daughter. I'm also really mad that we have to wait till January for a new episode, but at least it'll be a crossover. I can't wait to see Addison coming. I hope Izzie returns too.

    Not a horrible episode, but not so amazing either.
  • Who knew Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years could be so bad?

    I was anticipating this episode so much. I loved the previous christmas episodes of Grey's but this was just a train wreck. I mean there were multiple things that I did not like. 1. Way too early for a Xmas/new years eppy.

    2. Moved way too fast. Felt totally rushed.

    3. Way too confusing.

    4. Sloan has a daughter? It felt totally rushed and just didn't feel right.

    5. Meredith and Cheif - um what were they doing. completely confused. I just absolutely hated this episode. They rushed it skipping like 2 months and 3 holidays in and it was in my opinion the worst episode of grey's ever. And I am a true true Grey's fan
  • A Thanksgiving Turkey!

    Sorry, but I did not enjoy this episode. Cramming three holidays into one episode, and airing a Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's episode on November 19 seemed to be disorienting. Sloan's daughter came out of nowhere, and this seems to be a storyline without any antecedent - it just seemed forced and unbelievable. Alex seemed to have been put on the back burner this episode. Couldn't we have seen how he dealt with the holidays with Izzie gone? (Speaking of which, I did not miss Katherine Heigl - give her her walking papers once and for all. Good riddance!) Grey's, for the most part, has been pretty good this season. Let's hope this lousy episode was just a minor bump in what has been a good season, so far.
  • Solid.

    Grey's Anatomy has gotten to a good place. After a few minor setbacks and a few cast tweaks, we finally have the show that can be TV's most watched scripted program once again. This group of actors is elite, is talented (barring a few noteworthy exceptions) and is a special group so this is really a good time to be a fan of the show.

    This was a holiday episode, but a rather serious one and for all the hate I have spewed on showrunner Shonda Rhimes over the years, a very well done episode to boot. We have some good storylines progressing toward the future and despite being predictable in nature, should turn out to be good this season.

    But come on, the show's attempts to hide Ellen Pompeo's pregnancy are pathetic. Just write it into the show.
  • Holidays episode..

    It's that time of the year, where episodes revolve around thanksgiving, turkeys, Christmas trees and carols. This episode of Grey's did its usual bit in capturing the excitement and happiness surrounding the holiday season.

    Its thanksgiving time, and Sloan gets a surprise visit from a hot 18 year old who happens to be his daughter. On an opposite note, Bailey's father visits and is shocked to see how much she put her work in front of her family. The docs deals with two medical cases this time, one involves a woman who is waiting for a heart, and the other is about a kid who requires some complex surgery using equipments that needs money and Sloan's effort. Chief's drinking problem continues, and Meredith should step up to help him.

    Good episode.
  • AS Thanksgiving, Christmas and New year's pass, everybody at S.G. are trying to save patients, and also, old family and friends and new family members.

    I have always wandered what's so impressive about Meredith, surgicaly speaking of course, I mean Christina has her cardio, and they say Alex kicks a** in the O.R. but Meredith...? So I kind of like the idea of the chief being her mentor. Now he's sharpening her skills and hopefully she'll become the great surgeon she has to be. I just hoped she had had a better eye to help the chief as he's being helping her, which he was obviously using to keep her quiet with the drinking thing. How come she was so blind? and how come Tatcher was the only one noticing that too? The ending part was so sad. And Miranda and her father, what a moving scene. I really loved when she said: you and mom tought me well what real love looks like... It was so sweet and strong at the same time. So good that Bill got to his senses and remembered that it was about her not trust them that them being disapointed of her. I was about to shut down the computer when Owen and Teddy were sharing their feelings, how he had loved her for a long time, and how she was feeling so elated listening to him say what she had hoped for a long time, until he says: I'm in love with Cristina. Yay!! I think I yelled!. So, my favorite scene, so far this season (well maybe not so much, I can't say fair and square) is when Owen and Cristina are outside, and she arrives with that face that she feels that she's about to be dumped. and instead she's taken by surprise with that strong and passionate kiss... and he declares his love for her. I was melted with that. I really love this couple. I think that I enjoyed this moment as much as when last season Cristina is reading Ellis's diaries and she learns from the affair with the chief and we can see the looks they give each other, and the brushing hands, and all that.. it was also sooo romantic!...

    Oh well, we have to wait a while for what's next, right?