Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 20

Hook, Line and Sinner

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on ABC

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  • g

    Not a lot going on in tonight's Grey's Anatomy. We saw Mark Sloan cry over giving away his granddaughter and we saw Kim Raver learn that she will be back full-time on G'Nat.

    Sometimes the show does these episodes that do not leave us talking, but Grey's Anatomy is always a solid show worth watching. The acting never gets the credit it deserves because of the show's genre, but they really have a talented ensemble of people on the cast. They can make even the weakest material work.

    Season 6 has had some good storylines, but were any really that great? What will the season finale really wrap up?
  • great as usual

    another week, another great episode of grey's. with ellen getting less screen time this season and katharine heigl out, some of the men have stepped forward and the results have been great. we've already seen patrick dempsey rock as the new chief. and now mark has really grown as a character and seeing him care so much and get that emotional over his grandson (which was btw the cutest baby ever) was great. lexie is also growing from the extra innocent and scared character we first saw her as. her little chat with bailey (all hail bailey! i so want this series to end with her as chief and i think it could) was great. also loved the elevator scene with owen and teddy and i did not see his little back-stabbing moment with derek coming. alex, mer, christina, etc all rock as usual.
  • Sloan has her baby and makes a decision about her son's future......

    In this episode of Greys Anatomy, the following happens. We open this episode with Sloan is labour and we see Teddy delivering her baby. Mark tries to convince her that she should keep the baby, but Arizona tells him it's not the best thing to do for the baby. And so, the baby is given to his parents, which you can see breaks Mark's heart. Callie tries to work out why Arizona doesn't want a baby and thinks that it may have something to do with her brother who died. But when she brings it up, Arizona says it's not. But I'm thinking perhaps she herself has given up a child (or am I clutching at straws?). Teddy has to fight to keep her job, especially when Derek brings in another doctor. But as the episode ends we see that she is keeping her job, not because she was first choice, but because the other doctor turned it down.