Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 12

Hope for the Hopeless

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2012 on ABC

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  • emotional...

    I feel for Owen.. It's not his fault that Henry died and he had to lie to Teddy about it.. She was operating on somebody else that time.. But I guess his fault was he didn't trust Teddy enough to be professional about it.. And like what Christina said, it's a consequence of his decisions.. In a way, it's good that finally Owen and Christina had the shouting match.. Finally, it's out in the open. Owen is not okay that Christina aborted their child.. Interesting, how the story will unfold for this couple.

    Another emotional moment's when the Chief and Adelle sang their wedding song... They both have good voices!

    It's nice to see some light moments with Merideth Grey and her attempt to shush the liver transplant sisters.
  • Owen and Christina

    I'm not surprised about Owen's blow-up. It's not like he has a close friend he can confide in and stuff like will reach a boiling point if you have no one to talk to. He could have picked a better time but I thought she kinda had it coming. Hope they can work through it though. I like them together!
  • Two passionate scenes make this a great episode

    One of the reasons I have watched this show since it first began is for the character developments and the ever changing relationships of the characters. This episode had two especially riveting moments full of passion. The first was during former chief Richard Weber's 10,000th surgery when his unstable wife Adele entered the gallery in a psychotic state. Her acting was magnificent! Richard calmed her by singing 'Funny Valentine' while he continued his surgery. Adele joined in the singing with a truly gorgeous, professional voice and her chaos passed. It was a beautiful moment. The second powerful scene was at Zola's birthday party when Owen exploded. He had kept his disdain for Christina's abortion hidden until he could no longer conceal it. It erupted like a mighty volcano. Christina seemed to have no idea Owen harbored such pain. Superb acting and writing made this a great episode.
  • Emotional Episode

    There were two serious moments that made this episode for me. First, was the Chief's 10,000th surgery being interrupted by Adele's breakdown. It had to tug at your heartstrings a bit to hear her beg Richard not to leave here when he operated with Meridith. I loved how Richard say their wedding song with her to calm her down. Their marriage has been so rocky, it is truly sad to see them losing each other. The second moment was Owen and Cristina's inevitable blowout. I'm glad they came back to the issue of Cristina aborting their baby because I thought it had been solved far too easily. Cristina gave up so much of herself with Burke, I think it has made her very selfish out of fear. I'm glad Owen finally let her have it for getting the abortion without any concern for his opinion. I know a lot of people think that Burke and Owen should respect her desire not to have kids, and to some extent I agree, but one can't help but wonder why she hasn't explored a more permanent form of birth control if she is so dead set against it?
  • Did anyone else shed a tear?..

    For me the most touching scenes in this episode were by the young boy with the tumour and his mother and I am surprised that noone else has mentioned this. You could feel their love for each other and when she hugged him after he said he was going to be with daddy in heaven my eyes welled up! Maybe it's my hormones and having 2 very young children of my own that does it but even so, it was very emotional. I really enjoy Grey's Anatomy. They have a fantastic cast and some great supporting actors. Love it.