Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 12

Hope for the Hopeless

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2012 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • April: Well, this one has a patio and a garage, but this one has hardware floors and a washer/dryer.
      Jackson: Are you sure you wanna move?
      April: Uh, Meredith and Derek have a baby and you're living with your ex. We're moving.
      Alex (walks in): I'll move. Zola's killin' my game. Every girl I bring home wants a baby the minute they see her.
      April (laughs): No. I am not living with you. I'm trying to get away from you.
      Alex (to Jackson): Alright, then. You and me. You don't want to live with Mary Poppins.
      Jackson: No, she cooks, she cleans--
      April: I'm also your friend. (Mer walks in and takes what Alex is eating)
      Alex: What the hell?
      Meredith: I need food for Zola's party. I thought I was gonna have time to go to the store, but Richard's 10,000th surgery is gonna take forever. You think Teddy's gonna care if I take some of her widow casseroles?
      Cristina (walking in): No. Go for it. You know what? Take this one, too. It's turkey tetrazzini.
      Meredith: Ooh, yum.
      Cristina (to Alex): You and um, McQueen finally find a patient who's willing to let you operate on them?
      Alex: Bite my ass. (April laughs)
      Cristina: Oh, Mer, proctology. There's your specality. Explore the mysteries of the butt.
      April: Why aren't you just doing general like your mom? It's a no brainer.
      Alex: And good marketing. I mean, when people hear the name 'Grey', they know they're getting quality.
      Jackson: No, you can't win following in the footsteps of a phenom.
      Cristina: Said the lame, mediocre grandson of Harper Avery.