Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 2

I Am a Tree

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on ABC

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  • A solid episode

    After being quite dissapointed by the uneventful first episode, I was very pleased with this one. General thoughts/reactions: I am getting to like Callie more and more and thought that it was very sweet of her to claim the panties as her own. I think that Christina trying to please Burke's mother really showed how much she loves Burke. Meredith, I love her so but what a man whore:). Although Finn is nice I'm hoping she realizes that she and Derek are meant for each other and McVet gets out of the picture. And Addison and Derek's marriage is over. I thought it was fabulous that McSteamy came out and literally was steamy. Just when Derek seems like the bad guy Addison goes and sleeps with McSteamy. I liked the Miranda/Izzie interaction. Even though it's nearly impossible to make Izzie feel better I thought it was nice for Miranda to take some of the blame. I did think that the whole Alex making out with the older patient thing was a little weird. All in all, a really good episode.
  • Great show once again!

    This show keeps getting better and better and no wonder it defeated the usually unstoppable CSI. As Christina meets up with Burke's parents. Meredith must choose between Derek and Flint. Very hard choice since she loves both men. Meanwhile, Webber finds out that Callie is living in the hospital and gets mad about it. Very good show once again.
  • Awesome

    If there was ever a time for me to love Callie it was all in this episode. She snatched the panties and drove George insane. Gotta love how she tells it like it is when she told Meredith to get a hotel room.
    Once again Addison...poor Addison. Although I loved her drinking binge and her calling Bailey Amanda. She must have been on the phone with McSteamy early in the day and boy did he get there quick. If there was one way to get back at Derek now, that was it. What an entrance for someone to make. Don't know if I loved how Bailey declared that she got soft and that she could have stopped Izzie if she wanted too, but I am glad that the muffins helped out Addison and Bailey during the course of the day. I'm pretty sure they helped soak up some of the alcohol flowing through Addison.
    Loved it.
  • I get all warm and fuzzy inside watching this.....

    Such a good episode. Everytime I watch this show, I cry. This episode it was the little boy with the tree limb sticking out of him that got to me. I'm sure it made everyone think of the one where the pole was through the two people. They ended this show and we didn't know what happened to the boy, but I'm sure he lives. Christina really needs to stand up to Burke's mom. It was really condescending of her to think Christina is just gonna give up her career because Burke is such a "good catch".
    Izzy and her muffins. Poor baby. Their perception of her this episode was right on. Very realistic to how someone would feel in real life. George and Callie are too cute. I like him so much; he has a cute corky personality. And I've grown to like her also. She is hilarious and she fits in to their group. Addison is back with Mark. I'm glad Derek wasn't too apologetic before he saw Mark. And lastly, Meredith. I like that she didnt make a decision. As much as I like her and McDreamy, he did lie to her and a part of me thinks he doesn't deserve her. Fin, on the other hand, is the ultimate package, but they don't have the chemistry she has with McDreamy. What I will say though is that I don't think guys would really go for what Meredith said. They'd probably be like "F that"!!!
  • I loved this episode just as much as the opener!

    I loved this episode just as much as the opener! Gosh, GA is SO DAMN GOOD! I watched it already last week, but I\'ll re-watch it soon I guess.

    I loved Addi drunken and the ending! Didn\'t see that coming! :O Derek says sorry and who comes out of the bathroom? McSteamy. ;)
    Also, the talk between Miranda (I wanna call her Miranda now, not Bailey :P) and Izzie was....*sigh* So sad. :(

    So, Derek and Finn are both dating Meredith now? Hee, that could become very interesting. Mh...I couldn\'t decide. LOL Finn was so, so great in this episode, but Derek was great in 3.01. Mehp.
  • This is the Grey\'s that I Love so much!

    Last week\'s episode was not what i view as grey\'s anatomy. Sure i loved it, with mcdreamy finally realizing what everybody else already knew, he loved meredith. But it was the ending of the season two finale. It was a very dark setting and the plot seemed rather random. The plaque? How random was that. Bailey definalty acted like she was going \"soft\" in that episode. It just did not seem like the Grey\'s Anatomy that i knew. However, this week\'s episode was wonderful! This was the Grey\'s that i know and love so much. New medical story lines. A tree inside of the boy? Crazy! altho it seems to me that there is less and less of a medical side. I wish that burke would tell his mother to shut up. Christina should not have to be so scared of her like that. Meredith needs to pick McDreamy and that is all i have to say about that. Alex with the patient in the bathroom....WRONG! and george was just being wonderful old george. And oh man, mark at the end of the episode was perfect.
    This episode was amazing and I LOVE Grey\'s Anatomy.
  • And the award for my favorite show goes to:

    I loved Callie again, she is so cool. How she doesn't care what other people think is so great, I wish I could do that. Although its sad that she haves to leave the hospitale. She and George are so cute together and he was Jalouse, he so loves her.

    I love addison drunk. She was so funny! The ending, in that hotel room was great! That was a total suprise! I understand why she did it, and go Derek for simpley saying: "I feel much beter". Although he's not sure he wins. Although all the tru fans want him to don't we (A)

    Izzy, poor muffin-making Izzy. I feel so sorry for her. Its good that Bailey ended up helping her at the end! Thats what Bailey is for, when your down she will get you up. If your Up she will get you down. Its just how it works.

    About Christina en Bruke, she loves him. By the way, a mother that can scare Christina must be one hell of a mom. Meradith will choose soon, and we will all hope for our favorite. Alex, was Alex. Doesn't care who he hurts as long as he's happy.

    By the way, don't you love that Greys anatomy has such really cool exidance? ( or how do you spell it? )
  • Great episode but What's up with Grey's indecision???

    I first of all loved this episode very much, it was great Christina and Burkes relationship, and Burke parents specially his father.

    Also liked George and his jeaulousy because for the first time I really see him cared very very much about his girl. Loved Miranda's reaction to the stuff about Izzie and also how the guy who could only tell the truth say everything that everyone was thinking, it was hillarious.

    But the only thing I didnt like about the episode was that greys didnt choose Mc Dreamy and instead is giving him many double standings. MacVet isnt even as important to her like MacDreamy, so what is she waiting for???
  • This episode is why I watch Grey's

    The ending of this episode was beautiful. When McSteamy comes out of the shower while McDreamy is making this so-called big apologetic speech about how he didn't want this to happen was beautiful. I loved it when Derrick took the glass of wine from Addison and turned it up. I loved this episode. It kept me entertained. It was a moving, funny, and climatic episode. The show has wonderfully talented writers and they showed their skills on this episode. And Bailey having an epitome after talking to the father and going to see Izzy was great. The actors were wonderful and did very well with the script for this episode.
  • Better than the premeire

    Let\'s see... Izzie finally gets her job back which was kind of disappointing... fiorst of all they fire her in such a dramatic mood and the show and she gets her job back just like that... maybe if she exerted a little more effort inm getting it back... an dif they gave it more time... maybe I\'d be satisfied with her getting her job back. The whole Cristina and Burke\'s parents thingw as hilarious! All of it! Merideth chooses Derek? Finn? Who? She chooses to just date them... and she will see... I say... great choice. This was beter than the 1st episode...
  • really the elevator scene between der/mer was heart warming. the guy with tumor in his brain was priceless, i loe the part he asked der if the blond was his girlfriend cos it looks like he wants to jump her bones. it was hillarious.

    Burke's parents catching christina on top of burke was priceless! i love his parents but burke's mama should loosen up a bit. der/mer in the stair way was so cool before callie walked in on them. the part where he tells the chief that when somethings are over its got tobe over and that mer was not an affair.izzie should get over the muffins already. anyways am happy it wasnot an alcohol or drug addiction she got. mer teaching der a lesson by not making the chase easy was priceless. but the curtain calls went to the scene in the hotel room when der found addi then mcsteamy comes out of the bathroom half naked, whao i had to take deep breaths
  • Great

    This one is my favorite so far. Cristina trying to get some alone time with Burke, and meeting his parents for the first time in the most embarrasing way. I loved that Mr. Burke tried to be supportive to Cristina. However, I do not think Cristina was being selfish; she was just nervous about being along with her, especially since their intial meeting did not go as well. Cristina has come a long way, and meeting anyones parents for the first time is scary. I like that Burke did try to help her out, and that Mr. Burke tried to be support at the end.
  • The marriage/relationship struggles Derek and Addison are facing are very well written and acted.

    The internal turmoil and conflict both are dealing with is so apparent, which I’m sure is not easy to write or act. They’ve done a fantastic job showing how trying to make and live with a decision for future happiness can hurt so much, making it so difficult to see how that future happiness can actually become a reality. I guess you just have to trust that your instincts are causing the conflict for a reason, and the pain is something you have to endure to eventually find peace.

    On a lighter side, the tree/kid injury thing is not something I hope to see again.
  • Izzie finally stops making muffins. Meredith makes a decision not to make a decision yet. Christina is ticked off about Burkes mother, but not strong enough to express it.

    I just started watching the show. I like the characters and the twists in the plot. I would like to see Christina stake her claim on Burke in front of his mother and take charge like the women she is and not the wimp we saw in this episode. If Burke wants Christina, he should let him mom in on it. Meredith is acting high school and probably should make a decision and stick to it. Would it be too much to ask if she could mature a little.
  • Addison takes the day off to binge drink. Meredith tries to decide between Derek and Finn and then remembers she is a whore and doesn’t need to settle on just one. If you like my reviews check out

    On tonight’s very special episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith is faced with a difficult decision to make. Should she pick the nice guy Finn, or the bad boy Derrick? Women across the country have their panties in a knot waiting for her to decided, but does it really matter who she chooses? Whoever she picks she is just going to end up sleeping with the other guy one night, **** the whole thing up. Never in my life have I seen a person make such terrible impulsive decisions. Meredith is first seduced by Derrick telling her she as all the time in the world to choose and then eye **** the **** out of her every time she walks into the room. God, he is such an arrogant little prick sometimes and yet clearly that is an irresistible trait to 90% of all women. Bah, single and bitter party of one, single and bitter party of one. Let’s not count Finn out though folks. Remember he is the guy that brings your roommate a sandwich. Wow, Meredith, what were you thinking, clearly the sandwich makes a good point, go with Finn! No wait this is too hard, why should you have to decided at all when you can just date them both. Than everyone wins; an STD that is! Brilliant idea Meredith. They say that fist impressions are everything and if that is the case, Christina made an excellent one on Burke’s parents. Nothing says Mom, Dad, this is my girlfriend, don’t worry she isn’t a stripper; this is just a little game we like to play. Also, I don’t care what her Asian fan base says; Sandra O is just not attractive. Dr. Burke’s parents present an interesting pair. His father is a man clearly beaten down into vaginal submission by his overbearing wife. I didn’t know grown men still refer to their mothers as Momma, but apparently Dr Burke does. As a surgeon, Burke should do his mother a favor and remove that huge stick out of her ass. Christina isn’t the only one with personal problems. Addison has had a pretty rough day. I wish I could go into work and tell my boss that I’m going to need the day off to do some serious drinking. That was a bold move Addison, but not as daring as walking around in a fisherman’s hat and oversized sweatpants all day. Now that took courage. After finding Meredith’s panties, Addison is convinced that her marriage is over and that she must now drink herself into a stupor. I suppose in that respect Derrick may have done her a favor. He has hurt her really badly but now she can move on with her life. Hopefully though she will stay on the show. I can’t say that I really respect her decision to sleep with Mark again. Yes, you are hurting and drunk, but was that really the best decision to make? Could that dude’s towel have been any skimpier? Seriously I got dishrags that would have done a better job covering his junk up. There are lots of guys out there that will validate your existence and tell you that you are pretty. Like me for example. In conclusion, Addison you should sleep with me. Side notes of interest; Dr Bailey talks with Izzie about coming back to the hospital and the Chief finds out that Callie has been squatting in the heating ducts. Oh and she is a really bad dancer. Parting Thought: I could save so much money if I moved into my cubicle at work…
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  • This may have been the best episode yet!

    This show is awsome! First of all, I finally love Callie. That whole claiming the panties thing was great. And George being jealous OMG!

    Christina really does have a wild side. She really should have put Burke\'s mom in her place but he probably would have not forgiven her. Now Burke\'s dad is really cool.

    Izzie is wonderful. She is such a great actress and the whole Denny scene was so sad. How can you be laughing one minute and bawling your eyes out the next.

    I loved McSteamy coming out of the bathroom in a towel. That was so Hot. I think he must really have feelings for Addison. Maybe they'll both stay in Seattle. That will be so much fun!

    Now for my favorite part of the show, Meredith/McDreamy/McVet. Actually, McVet is not part of my favorite. Has she lost her mind. She loves Mcdreamy and he loves her. I realize he stayed with \"Addie\" but if he hadn\'t tried to make his marriage work he would have regretted it forever. Now, if she doesn\'t choose McDreamy I will just die. Just put me in her shoes one day and I\'ll be the happiest woman in the world!

    I can\'t wait til Thursday!!!
  • One of the best episodes so far!

    I really enjoyed this episode, as it set straight the Meridith-Derek thing out, making for an interesting few episodes to follow on thier progress. Finn included! It was also nice to see more of Bailey, she's always been one of my favourite charachters and it was good to get a little charachter developement from her :D. Also, Izzy finally faced up to reality with Bailey offering her job back. I'm so glad it happened, as i would hate for Izzy to leave the show, she brings the comic relief which makes the show so great!

    And finally, i loved when George walks in on Callie with Webber in the room. Hilarious!
  • After a serious talk with the vet guy, meredith suddenly cant make up her mind again on whether she should break it off with him and stay with Derek who is finally available for her.

    When the show first aired, i was so into it but as it progresses, I dont know. Meredith's indeciseveness in a relationship is just getting boring. She knows that she wants derek but why date two guys still? And the sleeping around thing? Thats actually true, its a big issue for her.
    She's a good doctor but she just has relationship issues. Why be with another guy and another guy when she already knows whom she wants.
    I thought the ending of season 1 was perfect but then comes season two and her not being able to decide between two guys! It's so.... silly :o On the part of the guy (both of them), i think it's frustrating.
  • As to be expected, we have to wait a little longer for Merediths decision.

    This episode showed me why I love Grey's anatomy.

    In the beginning I didn't really liked Callie, but from this moment on, she is a real part of the group.
    I really liked it how she claimed the panties to be hers, and how she let poor George think they really belonged to her!

    Cristina was great too. She was really worried about Burke's freaky mother ( Sorry, but Burke does like his mother a little to much). I did like his father though, telling here to hang on.

    I was really surprised when I saw that Meredith choose Derek. When she decided to choose Finn after that, everything came back to normal. I can't imagine she will not take Derek, but just let us wait a few episodes, because this can create some funny situations!

    Addison ending up with Mark gave me a good feeling too. She deserves someone who loves her, and I think Mark can be that guy. Besides that, it shows the marriage is really over.
  • great episode. nothing i didn\'t like. especially loved all the characters in this one. couldn\'t be better.

    I literally screamed and fell off the couch when McSteamy walked out of the bathroom. Both because it was an exciting suprise, and \'cause he was half-naked :)
    So I suppose I\'ll start at the end. Addison does indeed deserve better. And I guess Mark is more than a booty call. I mean she called him up and he got there and did her and ordered champagne and room service by the end of the day. She means something to him, but I don\'t know about him meaning anything to her yet.
    I love Callie. Love her. Claiming the panties. The \"You guys should think about getting a hotel room.\" Everything. I didn\'t used to like her, but as soon as she fixed Meredith\'s dress and gave McDreamy that look in the season finale last year, I love her.
    Someone needs to kick Burke\'s mom\'s boo-tay. She\'s kind of evil. If I had been Cristina at the end, I would have just walked in and climbed in bed with Burke to cuddle. But good for Cristina to have the restraint not to hurt his mother. I do like his dad though. (random fact: his mom said to Cristina \"you know he graduated first in his class at tulane\" though in the season finale when burke was talking to dr. haan i think it was, the other heart surgeon, he said \"she graduated second in our class as Johns Hopkins. ask her who graduated first.\")
    Go Meredith. I don\'t think I have ever liked her more. She\'s willing to make them work so she can get the good stuff and the right stuff for her. I was proud.
    Yay for Bailey stepping in with Izzie. Yay for Izzie giving Addison muffins. Yay for Addison being \"WILDLY ATTRACTIVE!\" haha.
    All in all, GREAT episode. I could not have asked for anything more. Can\'t wait for next week.
  • Catching a breath from the first episode of new season. In spite of that, quite entertaining.

    Short review for Serbian audience

    I ne cudi me zbog cega su Kanadjani delovali tako zblenuto nakon ove epizode (*podsecanja radi, u kanadskoj TV je doslo do zabune, pa je ova epizoda pustena umesto prve.).

    Dakle, nakon premijerne epizode treceg ciklusa vase i moje omiljene doktorske serije \"Anatomija po Dr Grej\" (dobro, nije bas omiljena, ali je u top-3), sa velikim uzbudjenjem ocekivali smo drugu epizodu (barem mi koji nismo citali kanadske spoiler-e), no ona nije donela novi adrenalin rush, vec jednu laganiju, hang-over epizodu. Dakle, krecemo sa kratkim osvrtom na epizodu: Adison, (koju inace zovem \"carica\" i \"kraljica\" :) ) uzima slobodan dan, ne bi li svoju tugu utopila u baru kod Dzoa. Ne, ovo nije bila metafora, zaista celu epizodu provodi u baru, konstantno se nalivajuci. Razlog tome lezi u onome sto se desilo izmedju Dereka i Meredit, tj u crnim zenskim gacicama, koje je okacila na tablu na odeljenju hirurgije Seatle Grace bolnice, medj\' rubliku \"Izgubljeno - nadjeno\". E, iste te gacice su bile povod da se nasa draga i voljena Nazi, tj dr Miranda Bejli propisno ishisterishe nad svojim robljem, i krivca potrazi medju Meredit i Kristinom. Stvar je umirila Kali, koja je javno preuzela odgovornost za gubljenje donjeg vesa... Aj, aj, aj... Sve ce to uzrokovati da nas Dzordz pokaze znake ljubomore, na veliko zadovoljstvo dr Kali.

    E, sad, zbog cega bi dr Bejli uvrstila i Kristinu u \"porocni klub\" zajedno sa Meredit je taj sto je Kristina resila da zaskoci Burka, koji je bespomocno lezao u bolnickoj postelji, ne bi li mu pruzila malo \"razonode\". :) Naravno, kao sto to uvek biva, u tom trenutku su banuli i Burkovi roditelji, i zatekli Kritinu kako se vacari sa Burkom, obucena samo u bordo neglize. :) Sjajan trenutak. Nasa draga Izi ceo dan provodi u kuci, praveci kolace (sto je ocigledno njena anti-stres terapija). A sta je sa glavnom junakinjom, pitate se? Pa... nista. Moze se reci da celu epizodu vaga da li da nogira McDreamy-ja ili McVeta (ah, da, chovek se zove Fin! Setih se!).Tako da se njenim dilemama necemo baviti jos nekoliko pasusa, jerbo nisu zanimljive. Vraticemo se junakinji sa mnogo vise problema: Kristini. U razgovorima sa Burkovom majkom se nije bas dobro provela, posto je etiketirana kao rasista i sebicna. :) No, bez brige, Burkov cale je skroz OK lik. Dzordz se ponasa prilicno ljubomorno i bez imalo srama ocijuka sa zenskim osobljem bolnice SG. Ipak, odlazi da se pomiri sa Kali, i tamo je zatice u razgovoru sa nacelnikom Veberom. Ne, nije nista dirty u pitanju, naprotiv. Naime, Veber je provalio da Kali zapravo zivi u bolnici, pa je resio da malo porazgovara sa njom (citaj: rekao joj je manje vise da se cisti odatle.) U tom trenutku je dosao Dzordz, i izvukao pogresan zakljucak. No, bez brige, ubrzo ce se Kali i Dzordz pomiriti, Kali ce mu reci da cege nisu bile njene, a i preci ce da zivi kod njega. A sada, dr. Bejli... Miranda ce doci kod Meredit u kucu, gde ce porazgovarati sa Izi (na insistiranje Aleksa i ostalih) i preuzeti znacajan deo odgovornosti za ono sto se izdesavalo, na sta ce je inspirisati razgovor sa ocem momka koji je primljen sa teskim i masivnim unutrasnjim povredama. Pipl, izgleda da se Izi vraca. :)

    I, da zavrsimo sa Meredit. U baru ce je sacekati i Fin i Derek... I umesto da se konacno odluci za jednog od njih dvojice, resava da jos uvek moze da razmotri svoje opcije, tj, resava da prvo jos jedno vreme izlazi i sa jednim i sa drugim, pa tek onda donese odluku. Moj stav: samo zamazivanje ociju i odugovlacenje radnje. Ocigledno je da ce se na kraju smuvati sa Derekom, no dobro. Eh, sta ja rekoh? Da zavrsavam sa Mer? Pa, ne bas. Naime, na samom kraju serije, Derek odlazi u hotel u kom je odsela Adison, i obavlja jedan \"zavrsni\" razgovor, koji se sveo na konstataciju da je njihov brak gotov, i da je on najvise kriv zbog toga. Medjutim, i na nasem i na njegovom licu ce na kraju zablistati osmeh kada vidi svog starog \"prijatelja\" Marka kako izlazi iz kupatila, samo sa peskircetom. :) McSteamy se vratio! Yeeey!

    I time definitivno zavrsavam recap ove epizode... Istina, kada sam pisala review za prethodnu epizodu, znala sam sta se desava u drugoj, zahvaljujuci spoilerima iz Kanade, no ovaj put zaista kazem da ce sledeca epizoda doneti dosta uzbudjenja. Videcemo kako Mereditina gajba funkcionise sa 4 doktora (sad je tu i Kali), videcemo kako to Mer zamislja da dejtuje i McDreamy-ja i McVet-a, videcemo kako se odvijaju stvari izmedju Adison i McSteamy-ja, a videcemo sta ce biti sa Izi. Toliko za sada. :)

    Never before has it been this obvious. THIS it my favorite show.
    I like prison Break (loved season one better), Gilmore Girls is still good, Lost is getting worse slowly, this series is sooooo good.

    I liked everything about it, I laughed at Christina and I just loved Callie in this episode. She will be an excellent addition to the cast in my opinion.
    I felt emotional with Bailey in Izzy's kitchen, I felt shocked with Derek in Addison's hotelroom, what a great way to end this marriage, I felt sorry for Christina with Preston´s mother hoovering (liked his dad though) and I liked Alex, he does what he does and doesn't care.
    This is definately a show that I can't wait a whole week for.
  • This is an excellent drama despite my rating. I am rating the eposide not the show. It is normally really good and usually makes me cry.

    This eposide was weird. I live in Canada and I noticed the note that the host left. I was watching and felt like I had seen it already. It was weird. This should have been the first eposide not the one that they showed. But otherwise a really good show. It usually makes me cry. Sometimes thats a good thing. We all need a good cry sometimes. The thing with Meredith is not good. I wish she would pick already. The next epoisde looks good though. The clip they showed was of meredith dreaming that she was in bed with finn and mcdreamy.
  • Yes, women have 2 sets of panties. ;)

    I also saw this episode a week early (yeah Canada!) After seeing the premier, things make more sense. Still, this was a really good episode. I LOVE Callie, she’s so funny!! The dancing, the “sexy jealousy"...hilarious! And was that kid ever a tree…what an operation. And Alex, what a bad boy! The scene with Miranda and Izzy was really sad, but nice. She’s coming back, which is good, but hopefully it won’t be the “everything’s back to normal” kind of thing. There’s still a lot of emotion the audience has to see from Izzy. Once again, Meredith is manless. Thanks to the lovely spoilers, I know who she picks, but it’s kind of annoying that she hasn’t yet – everyone expected it to happen right at the beginning of the premier. Anyway a great second/first episode :) and can’t wait for next week!
  • I saw it a week ago...

    Yes, I'm in Canada, and watch CTV, so I saw this episode a week ago when CTV messed things up and showed episode 2 instead of the season premiere. It was a good episode, but there were some things missing from my point of view. Jeez, I thought, they've really jumped over some things! They really glossed over Izzy and her feelings about Denny dying... and while I understood about the panties, I thought that they really skipped over a lot by just having them up there on the corkboard.

    Ah, but it all got explained when I finally saw the repeat of the REAL season premiere on ABC. Things made more sense now... it's probably a better episode if you watch it in order, but you know what? You don't really need to!
  • One of the funniest episodes of Grey's Anatomy shows us how impulse is a very important part of us.

    Seriously! I was laughing all the time! It was really funny to see Addison drunk and talking about her beauty as something out of definition! Also, we can see really good cases about the impulse. Benjamin's remarks were really agressive but funny. Moreover, everybody defending and trying to talk about Izzie was a really good move of all, and I loved how Alex defended her. Though the moment of Meredith was funny, telling two guys to date can be a disastrous idea. It ended the way it was supposed to, it was really short, but funny; I wouldn't try the "dating-two-people-experience", at least not if both people know about the existence of each other. The best of all was when the universe balance went right: Mark going out of the shower scene was just what Derek needed to feel free of guilt. It was a really good episode form beginning to end!
  • Burkes mom comes into town, Izzie and Addison try to get through the losses they have suffered, and Merideth can't decide between Derek and Finn

    What made this episode for me was Christina's interactions with Burke's Mom. It was so funny how Christina wanted to please her but nothing went right. I loved how his mom thought she was a racist and how Christina had to get Burke to leave bedrest to help her out. I felt so bad for Izzie and Addison in this episode. One constantly baking and the other drinking. I loved how Bailey came and talked to Izzie. The scene where McSteamy came out of the shower was just so classic, and a great way for them to end Derek and Addison's relationship. The medical cases in this episode didn't really stand out to me. It was kind of cool how the one guy said everything on his mind. The tree stuck in someone was gross but it didn't develop into a real storyline. The girl with lung cancer was kind of interesting, since she had never smoked or done anything bad in her life. It was very amusing how she ended up sleeping with Alex. What I didn't really like about this episode was Merideth dating both guys. It is just to easy that both guys are willing to do it. I also didn't really like Callie living at the hospital, it seemed kind of pointless.
  • Much better.

    I was disappointed in the season premiere, so this episode was definitely an improvement! Bailey convinces Izzie to return to work, Derek and Addison decide to divorce before Derek finds out Mark and Addie slept together... Again. And surprise, surprise, Meredith picks... no one! She wants to date them both! Aargh, can she get anymore frustrating at times? I seriously can't wait until she makes her decision once and for all. I did love Cristina in his episode, and Callie - my favourite new character. Gotta love Callie!
  • It was really a great episode, I just can't get enough of this show!

    I felt so sorry for Izzy, I like her so much...her pain just borke my heart! She was suffering so much for Danny's death and those muffins were really too much. Bailey did a great job by coming to their place and 'shake' a bit Izzy, only Bailey could do it...I think it would take some while to get her back to the hospital...
    And, those panties on the board! Nice choise she made, dating both Derek and Finn, I don't wanna immagine the 'wars' they would 'create'. Funny...
    Cristina was just great when 'mama' came into her and Burke, with her 'not being naked' all over him...that was just too funny!!! I'm glad Burke's father was supporting Cristina, she needs that...cause his mother and her mother are alike, the kind of person she's trying to get away from!
  • I call this eppi exciting because of the surprises.

    I enjoyed this eppi better because of the surprises. For me there were a number of them.

    Top 10 surprises:

    10. Richard talking Derek about affairs with women with last name Grey.

    9. The patient wanting to do it with Alex.

    8. Callie dancing in her panties.

    7. Callie telling Miranda the panties were hers.

    6. George being jealous.

    5. Addison in at Joe's getting drunk. I would think if she were going get drunk it would be at a hotel not at THE bar where either Mer or Der could walk in at any moment!

    4. Miranda sitting with her while she was drunk.

    3. Addi telling the Richard that she needed a day off to get drunk.

    2. Mirand going to Mer's house to talk to Izzy.

    Drum roll...

    1. Mer choose to date both Der and Finn.
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