Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 2

I Am a Tree

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Mrs. Burke says Burke went to Tulane. However, in other episodes Burke has claimed to have attended John Hopkins.

    • The sweater Izzie wears to Joe's in the episode (and in the next few episodes) is the same sweater she knitted for Denny at the end of season 2.

    • Diahann Carroll and Richard Roundtree, who play Dr. Preston Burke's parents, are both breast cancer survivors and advocates.

    • Goof: When George is trying to talk Dana Seabury out of leaving the hospital, Dana opens her luggage and starts putting stuff in it, in the next scene, she opens the luggage again and puts more stuff in.

  • Quotes

    • Dena (to Alex): I'm gonna go into the bathroom, and if I find myself alone in there after two minutes, I'll just touch up my makeup and come back out. But should you have any interest in fulfilling the wish of a potentially dying woman, you know where I'll be. (Alex watches her leave, takes a swig of his beer, and quickly follows her out)

    • Benjamin: Do you have a boyfriend? (Cristina remains silent ignoring him and checking his heart beat) Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a boyfriend?
      Ruthie: He's gonna keep asking you 'til you answer.
      Cristina: Yes, I have a boyfriend.
      Benjamin: If I had a boyfriend I would definitely not be as angry as you. Why are you so angry? Is it because you're frigid? Or he's frigid? Or-
      Cristina: Nobody's frigid. My boyfriend's mother called me selfish, okay?
      Benjamin: Are you selfish? Because you do seem kinda self-obsessed to me.
      Ruthie: Ben!
      Cristina: I'm a surgeon. In order to be a surgeon a certain amount of self-obsession is necessary. My boyfriend gets that. His mother doesn't. It's her problem.
      Benjamin: I used to have a boyfriend and when I got the tumor he understood. He tried to understand. He loved me but his mother didn't. (Cristina looks up at this) My offending everyone, offended her. And he said he didn't care what his mother thought. But in the end, he did care. Cause now it's 2 years later and I'm having brain surgery and only my fat sister Ruth is with me.
      Cristina: Benjamin! That was kinda rude.
      Benjamin: Sorry.

    • Meredith: George!
      George: What?
      Meredith: You're flirting with that nurse.
      George: I'm young. I'm healthy. I got a life to live.
      Meredith: Is this about the panties? Are you still jealous?
      George: I'm not jealous. I'm just living my life.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): The body is a slave to its impulses. But the thing that makes us human is what we can control. After the storm, after the rush, after the heat of the moment has passed, we can cool off and clean up the messes we made. We can try to let go of what was. Then again...

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): At any given moment the brain has 14 billion neurons firing at a speed of 450 miles per hour. We don't have control over most of them: when we get a chill, goose bumps, when we get excited, adrenaline. The body naturally follows its impulses, which I think is part of what makes it so hard for us to control ours. Of course, sometimes we have impulses we would rather not control, that we later wish we had.

    • (Callie is dancing in her underwear, a t-shirt and sunglasses, Richard walks by her room and does a double take and peers into her room)
      Richard: Getting some exercise, Dr. Torres? (Callie stops dancing, looks over at him and takes off her sunglasses looking horrified. She turns off the music)
      Callie (clears throat): Yes. Yes. (clears her throat again) Sir. Chief Webber.
      Richard: You're here first. You get all the best cases. Trauma comes in the middle of night, you get first dibs.
      Callie: Exactly.
      Richard: I respect it. I do. And also I can't have it. And you know that.
      Callie: You're throwing me out.
      Richard: I've got no choice. This violates all sorts of codes and you know it.
      Callie: So I have to go but you're allowed to live in your office?
      Richard: You noticed that, huh?
      Callie: Yeah. I'm pretty observant.
      Richard: Guess if I'm throwing you out, I have to follow my own rule. (Callie smiles)
      George (walking into Callie's basement): Okay, I'm jealous. But I have a right to be jealous because I don't want other guys touching your panties! (turns corner to see the Chief sitting on Callie's bed with her) Great! That's just... great! (turns back out the door)
      Richard: You might wanna clear that up.
      Callie: Yes, sir.

    • Cristina: His mother rivals my mother and that's saying something. Both of them, dark and evil.
      Meredith: I miss dirty stripper Cristina. She was fun…a lot less angry.
      Cristina: Next time she even looks at me sideways, I'm telling her what I think. She wants to call me a racist. Yeah, okay? I'll call her a sexist. Change my career after I'm married. What is this, 1953? If she comes at me, I'm going there.
      Meredith: I think you should. I think we should all just go there. You know, tell the truth, spit it out, go with your gut, follow your instincts.
      Cristina: I miss philandering whore, Meredith. She was trashy and much less idyllic.

    • Bailey (angry, and gritting her teeth): I'm proud of you all. You make me proud. You reflect on me well. Grey, if you think you can keep your clothes on long enough to follow up the labs I will appreciate it. Karev, cover the pit.
      Alex: The pit? I'm off gynie?
      Bailey: Doctor Montgomery-Shepherd is out sick. You can cover the or you can... (notices the bulletin board) You can tell me who's damn panties are on the bulletin board! (Alex and George laugh)
      Cristina (whispers to Meredith): Yours?
      Bailey: This is a hospital people, serious work happens here. We save lives here-- (to Alex) Oh, something funny? (Alex shakes his head) Whose are these?
      Meredith (whispers to Cristina): This is bad, this isn't good.
      Cristina (whispers back): You better claim them. She thinks they are mine. Claim them!
      Meredith (whispers back): No!
      Bailey (looking at Meredith and Cristina): I know it's one of you. It's always one of mine. Always. So tell me, which one of you left your damn drawers on my surgical floor!

    • Richard: You have coffee stain on your shirt.
      Addison: You had a bed on your couch.
      Richard: I hope you're not planning on seeing patients in your sweatsuit.
      Addison: Actually, um... I need the day off.
      Richard: A day off, for what?
      Addison: For drinking. I am feeling the need to do some drinking. Actually, I'm feeling the need to do some crying, but my tear ducts seem to be too proud, so I am going to do some drinking instead.
      Richard: What? No laboring moms today?
      Addison: No... because I think God knows that I need to do some drinking today.
      Richard: Do you wanna talk about it Addy, or do you wanna be glib a little bit longer?
      Addison: Why are you living in your office?
      Richard: Marriage is... hard.
      Addison: Well, thank goodness. Mine seems to be just about over.

    • (at Joe's)
      Addison: Dr. Stevens.
      Izzie: Please don't call me "doctor."
      Addison: Oookay, please don't call me "Mrs. Shepherd." Haaaa! That's funny.
      Izzie: She's drunk.
      Joe: This is true.
      Addison: Did you know about the slutty sex your slutty friend had with myyyy super slutty husband?
      Izzie: You should have a muffin. They're really good and they'll help you.
      Addison: I may be beyond help.
      Izzie: Yeah, me too. (walks out) Don't let her drive Joe.
      Addison (eats a muffin): Mmm. (with her mouth ful) Good.

    • (at Joe's)
      Addison (drunk): I've decided that I'm gonna get really fat. Just as a stop gap, just until I figure out another plan. Eat alllll of these muffins and I'm gonna get really gloriously fat. It's over. Over. Ooover. I'm talking about the last 1/3 of my life, Miranda. How can that be just over? How can that just end? Over a skanky pair of panties and bad tux. I'm desirable, Amanda.
      Bailey: Miranda.
      Addison: Right. Joe, I'm desirable right?
      Joe: I have a boyfriend.
      Addison: Be that as it may, I don't need me to tell you how wildly attractive I am. Wildly attractive.
      Joe: You are. Your wildly attractive cab is here.
      Addison: It is?
      Joe: You told me to call a cab at ten. It's ten. (leaves)
      Addison: It is? I guess that's for the best huh?
      Bailey: I would say so.

    • (At a hotel. Addison opens the door.)
      Addison: I thought you were room service. (he sits on the bed next to her)
      Derek: I feel terrible. I'm not proud of what I did. You deserve better. I'm sorry about… I'm sorry about the panties. Prom. I'm sorry I did that.
      Addison: Yeah. I'm sorry you did that too.
      Derek: Our marriage is over.
      Addison: Yeah, I guess it is.
      Derek: It's all my fault. It's incredibly sad. I'm incredibly sad. (bathroom door opens. Mark walks out adjusting his towel. Derek looks over his shoulder then back at Addison)
      Mark: Well, this is awkward. (Derek takes a drink of Addison's champagne and smiles)
      Derek: I feel much better now.

    • Bailey (Izzie has filled the kitchen full of muffins and is making more): I went soft. I... had a baby, and I swore that it wouldn't change me, it's just-- it does change you. I got tired, I got busy, and I stopped teaching. I stopped teaching when you needed a teacher the most.
      Izzie: You couldn't have stopped me.
      Bailey: Yes, I could've. You couldn't have stopped you, but I could have. And in the past I would have. I went soft, and I'm partly to blame for what happened so... I want you to come back. You'll talk to the chief. We'll work it out, because you're talented and capable-- We all make mistakes-- (sees that Izzie is still holding onto the spatula) --that's enough muffins. (Izzie lets go of the spatula)

    • Bailey: O'Malley, Yang, prep your patients for surgery. Karev pit, Grey charts. All four of you do not make me regret setting you loose in this hospital. O'Malley, what do I mean by that?
      George: You mean check with you before we cut any wires or steal any hearts.
      Bailey (angry): Are you trying to be clever?
      George: No, ma'am.
      Bailey: Better not be! (walks off with Meredith)
      George: Holy crap!
      Cristina: Nazi is definitely back.
      Alex: Louder than ever!

    • Jane Burke: Did I hear you refer to Miranda Bailey as a Nazi?
      Cristina: What? Oh, no. Oh, um, uh---yes. But--
      Jane Burke: You do understand that the Nazi's were responsible for the worst genocide in the history of man? And a racist genocide at that. I would think that a woman of color and a doctor, no less, that you would think twice before using that word as a punch line.
      Cristina: I'll think about that in the future, Mrs. Burke.
      Derek (walks up): Mrs. Burke. You're Preston's mother.
      Jane Burke: Yes. And you are?
      Derek: Derek Shepherd. I'm the surgeon who operated on your son.
      Jane Burke: Oh thank you. Brilliant surgeon and (to Cristina) a handsome man too.
      Cristina (faking a smile): Mmhmm.
      Jane Burke: Would you mind if I borrowed your young intern for a quick cup of coffee? (Cristina looks horrified and glaces at Derek) I'll bring her right back.
      Derek: Oh, no problem. Dr. Grey can cover for Cristina.
      Meredith: I'm sorry?
      Cristina: Uh, Dr. Grey is very busy, she has charts to do for Dr. Bailey. (to Derek) Bailey's on the warpath. (turns back to Mrs. Burke) It's not the German warpath. More of like a hospital warpath.

    • Jane Burke: As you know I'm sure, he graduated first in his class and went to Blake.
      Cristina: I-- I did know that. (smiles) Actually, I graduated first in my class at Stanford.
      Jane Burke: Ah ... So you are planning to pursue a less time consuming speciality. Obstetrics perhaps? Or family medicine?
      Cristina: Oh, I'm in the surgical progam.
      Jane Burke: But after you're married?
      Cristina: Married? I'm sorry marr--
      Jane Burke: Come Cristina. You must've considered the possibility. You're no spring chicken. I don't know a young woman who wouldn't want marry my Preston given half the chance. He's handsome. He's brilliant. He's the best thing I've ever done in my life. He's the most important thing in the world to me.
      Cristina: Oh okay. ... Oh Burke! (she stands up out of her chair) Burke! Burke's here! Preston! Preston Burke is here!
      Burke: What a surprise my two favorite ladies all in one place.
      Jane Burke: Preston, what on earth are you doing out of bed?
      Burke: Oh, I wanted to get some-- I needed to stretch my legs, mama.
      Jane Burke: But you're not supposed to stretch your legs, you're supposed to be resting.
      Burke: Right. But I wanted to have some-- (looks at Cristina who is mouthing words to him) -- air. Some, stretching, some air and some coffee.
      Crisinta: We already have coffee. Have a seat.
      Burke: Just a second. (leaves)
      Jane Burke: You did this.
      Cristina: Did what?
      Jane Burke: Cristina, it's not that I don't like you. I think that you're a very smart, and a very attractive young woman. But you're selfish.
      Cristina: I beg your pardon.
      Jane Burke: Oh, you pulled him out of a sickbed because you were uncomfortable. That's selfish. You're selfish and my son is giving and the combination, well, it's not gonna last, not much longer.

    • Callie (George comes up to Callie and leans of her to grab a chart and stays leaning over her): Are you trying to seduce me?
      George: I was just wondering about the panties. The panties that are yours, and how they ended up on the bulletin board. Black, lacy, panties on the board.
      Callie: You are trying to seduce me.
      George: No. No, I'm not. I'm just wondering how panties that I've never seen before--- and I've seen your panties a lot of days in a row now--- I'm just wondering how black panties that apparently belong to you that I've never seen before end up on a bulletin board.
      Callie: Wow. You're jealous.
      George: No, no, no. No.
      Callie: Yeah.
      George: I'm not.
      Callie: Yeah. (George gets distracted by a patient and leaves, Meredith who heard the whole thing, walks up to Callie)
      Meredith: I'll tell him.
      Callie: What?
      Meredith: I'll tell him the truth about the panties.
      Callie (smiles): Don't you dare. He is jealous. (Meredith smiles as realization dawns)

    • Callie: The panties?
      George: Yeah?
      Callie: Not mine. The jealousy?
      George: Yeah?
      Callie: Insanely hot.

    • (at Joe's. George is throwing darts)
      Meredith: George, what're you doing? You're going to kill somebody.
      George: Working it. If Callie can be bad, so can I. (George throws a dart)
      Nurse: Hey, Watch it!
      Meredith (grabs his shirt): George! Callie is hot. She's really sexy almost dirty hot. And she's hot for you. In my opinion you could keep using the darts as a weapons, or you could go get lucky with the sexy, hot, dirty, girl. (George leaves and Cristina enters)
      Cristina: Where's he going?
      Meredith: To get laid.
      Cristina: There's something wrong in the world when Bambi's getting laid and I can't get 5 minutes alone with Burke. (Meredith is holding a coin) What are you doing?
      Meredith: Day's over. Flipping a coin. Call it.
      Cristina: Guess brain surgeon should be heads?
      Meredith: Right. (Meredith flips the coin and it lands on the table) Choice made.
      Cristina: Oh that's it? You're going to base your choice on flipping a coin?
      Meredith: Taking a cue from Benjamin. Impulsive, honest, it's my new motto.
      Cristina: Benjamin died. (Meredith looks at her shocked and saddened) He wasn't impulsive Meredith. He wasn't honest. He was sick and brain damaged. And now he's dead. (Meredith puts the coin back into her pocket)

    • Cristina: Benjamin O'Leary. 32. In for the removal of a brain tumor that's suppressing on his frontal temporal lobe. Cleary it's affecting his impulse control.
      Benjamin: It makes me say everything I think, which apparently is annoying. This doctor looks annoyed anyway. Although it's hard to tell 'cause she always has a pinched uptight look on her face. (Derek, Bailey, George, Alex, and Meredith all smirk and try not to laugh) Am I annoying you?
      Cristina: It's fine.
      Ruthie: You can't say it's fine. He doesn't preserve sarcasm or irony. If he's annoying you, you have to tell him.
      Benjamin: Maybe I'm not annoying her Ruthie.
      Cristina: No, you are.
      Bailey: Doctor Yang.
      Cristina: He asked!
      Derek: Okay, Benjamin Doctor Yang, as pinched and annoyed as she might be, is going to prep you for surgery today. Have you any questions for me?
      Benjamin (about Meredith): Is that blonde your girlfriend? 'Cause the way keep looking at her, you might as well just mount her right here, right now. (Derek, George, Alex, Cristina, and Meredith all try not to laugh) I'm sorry was I rude?

    • Benjamin (to Meredith): You're very pretty. But you look kinda tired and I think maybe you should change your hair conditioner.
      Ruthie: Benjamin, that is rude.
      Benjamin: It is?
      Meredith (smiles): No actually it's true. And it's refreshing.
      Benjamin: Did you have sex with that brain surgeon?
      Ruthie: Benjamin.
      Meredith: It's okay. Nope, I haven't. Not today, anyway.
      Benjamin: I would he's hot…and arrogant in a way that's still sexy. I would totally have sex with him if I could. Looked like you could. So what's the hold up?

    • George: So um--- um, Doctor Bailey…
      Bailey: Surgeons don't say "um" O'Malley. If you wanna be a surgeon O'Malley learn to speak like one.
      Alex: Look, he wants you to talk to the Chief about Izzie, see if she can come back.
      George: She's just baking-- a lot of baking and it just seems a waste for all her talented medical skills to go into muffins. We just thought you might be willing to help.
      Bailey: Stop talking.

    • Meredith: Thank you for coming. Both of you, thank you for coming. (to Finn) I like you. (to Derek) And I like you. Here's the thing…I thought I had a choice to make, I thought I had to decide but I think I owe myself the chance to consider my options.
      Derek and Finn: Options?
      Meredith: There's this thing, that allows for the considering of options. In the olden days they called it dating.
      Derek: Dating.
      Meredith: Yes, I'd like to try that.
      Derek: So you wanna try dating?
      Meredith: Yes.
      Finn: Both of us?
      Meredith: Yes. And I understand if you're not up for it. But I really hope that you are. (leaves)
      Finn: You bowing out?
      Derek: No, you?
      Finn: I don't think so.

    • Meredith (seeing Jane Burke): She's still here!
      Cristina: Never leaves. She never even pees. I'm not even entirely sure she's human.
      Meredith: Finn brought Izzie lunch.
      Cristina: Oh, you went to see Izzie?
      Meredith: Yeah. She wasn't home but I'm taking that as a good thing because at least the baking has stopped. (Cristina nods) But my point is that Finn brought Izzie lunch. He's that guy, the guy who brings your roommate lunch when she's sad.
      Cristina: Mmm. So, ah you didn't end it?
      Meredith: He's the guy who brings your roommate lunch when she's sad! So I'm gonna end it with Derek.
      Cristina: Hmm. Whatever. I'm not selfish. I mean, I took off all my clothes this morning, that's not selfish. And I'm going in for surgery, that's not selfish. Selfish people don't save lives.

    • (After he accidentally shoved a patient's parent into the wall)
      Alex: He was blocking the paramedics.
      Bailey; No, he is terrified! His child is a tree! Alex, listen to me, you will not get physical with another human being on my watch ever again, you will not question my authority and you will not defend your little girlfriend for killing a man! Are we clear?!
      Alex: She's not my girlfriend.

    • Alex: So you and O'Malley, huh? (laughs) How'd that happen?
      Callie: I don't know. You're a surgeon how'd that happen?
      Bailey: Karev, she is a resident. She outranks you. You don't get to ask personal questions.
      Callie: It's fine, Dr. Bailey.
      Bailey: He's my intern. I say it's not fine! Are we clear?
      Alex: No.
      Bailey: What's not clear?
      Alex: What's not clear to me is why you won't talk to Izzie. That's what's not clear.
      Bailey: Really? Today. Today you want to push me on this?

    • Derek: Hey ah, Chief, you haven't heard from Addison have you? She's not answering any phones.
      Richard: Actually she needed the day off. Something about finding another woman's panties in the pocket of your tux.
      Derek: Ah, that's not how I wanted her to find out.
      Richard: You don't leave another women's panties in you tux unless you want her to find them. Look, I know a thing or two about affairs. I even know a thing or two about affairs with women named Grey.
      Derek: It's not an affair. I was gonna tell her, Addison, I was gonna tell her today.
      Richard: Give her some space, give her some time.
      Derek: No. That's not it. No. I gotta tell her today. When something's over, it's just gotta be over. Meredith she's--she's not an affair.

    • (In the stairwell)
      Derek: Well, this is a change from the elevator. A little bit more public I like that.
      Meredith: You're married. You're married and you said things to me.
      Derek: Yes, I said things to you
      Meredith: Normally, I would like the things you said to me. Normally, I would even think the bulletin board thing was funny.
      Derek: Bulletin board thing? What are you talking about?
      Meredith: But you're married. Which makes none of this normal. It makes me a home wrecker and I hate the fact that I'm a home wrecker.
      Derek: Meredith. I'm not going to pressure you. Take all the time you need. Just so you have all the information. But my home was wrecked way before you came into the picture. I am just now done trying to rebuild it.
      Meredith: You're done.
      Derek: I'm done, whatever you decide. I'm ending it with Addison… today.
      Meredith: You have said this before.
      Derek: I know but this time I mean it. I'm gonna come clean just as soon as I see her.
      Meredith: You are?
      Derek: I am. (Derek leans in and they almost kiss, but Callie walks in, Derek leaves)
      Callie (handing Meredith her panties): You guys should think about getting a hotel room or something.

    • Cristina: Your mother wants to have coffee with me.
      Burke: And?
      Cristina: And, she thinks I'm a racist. Oh, and a stripper. She thinks I'm a racist stripper. (Burke laughs) Oh, come on, what's funny? This is not funny.
      Burke: It's kinda funny. She's my mama Cristina.
      Cristina: Your "mama"?
      Burke: You'll love her once you get to know her. Everybody loves my mama.

    • (Cristina shuts all the blinds in his room, and takes off her scrub pants and straddles him)
      Burke: What are you doing?
      Cristina (she removes her top so she's only in her bra and panties): Just because you can't touch, doesn't mean (she undoes her pony tail) you can't enjoy. (she leans in to kiss him, the door opens and Burke's parents enter)
      Burke (shocked): Mama. Daddy.
      Cristina (while she gets off of him and grabs the blanket she whispers): Mama, and daddy?!
      Jane Burke: Preston, is this a new service that the hospital is providing?

    • Cristina (after Burke's parents caught her straddling him in his room): I told you to guard the door!
      Nurse Tyler: I had a code blue.
      Cristina: I had parents walk in.
      Nurse Tyler: We saved the guy's life.
      Cristina: Whatever, I want my 20 bucks back.
      Nurse Tyler: Sorry, I bought everyone coffee... to celebrate saving the guy's life. (walks away)
      Meredith: It's not Tyler's fault you're a dirty, dirty stripper.
      Cristina: You heard?
      Meredith: Everyone heard. Stripper.
      Cristina: Oh, oh you're one to talk. Sleeping with two men.
      Meredith: Wrong. I'm not sleeping with either one of them. Not until I pick one. If I haven't made a decision by the end of the day. I'm flipping a coin. A girl can only hold out for so long.
      Cristina: And somehow I'm the dirty stripper? Huh.
      Bailey (walking by them): You two have time to round, or are you too busy getting naked on hospital property?
      Cristina (walking after her): No. No-- I wasn't naked. I wasn't naked.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 22, 2006 on CTV
      The Netherlands: January 15, 2007 on Net 5
      Brazil: February 12, 2007 on Sony
      Entertainment Television
      Belgium: February 22, 2007 on VijfTV
      Australia: February 25, 2007 on Channel 7
      Switzerland: March 19, 2007 on SF 2
      Italy: February 12, 2007 on Foxlife
      Germany: April 10, 2007 on Pro 7
      Israel: March 19, 2007 on Yes Stars 1
      South Africa: June 25, 2007 on DSTV Go
      Ireland: July 31, 2007 on RTE2
      Finland: September 5, 2007 on Nelonen
      Croatia: September 17, 2007 on NOVA TV
      Norway: August 21, 2007 on TV2
      Romania: January 29, 2008 on TVR1
      Serbia: September 8, 2008 on B92

      On the Canadian television channel CTV, on September 22, 2006, instead of showing the recap episode "Complications of the Heart", this episode was mistakenly aired at 8PM right before Episode One of Season Three "Time Has Come Today", leaving many viewers confused to the plot line as the error in episodes was not readily apparent to channel operators and viewers.

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. The Time Is Now by Moloko plays when Izzie making too many muffins
      2. Crashing Down by Mat Kearney plays when Benjamin's surgery
      3. Theme From Chalets by The Chalets plays when Addison talking to Bailey at the bar
      4. The Mating Game by Bittersweet plays when Callie dancing in her underwear
      5. Running On Sunshine by Jesus Jackson plays when Finn and Derek walking into the bar
      6. Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol plays when Callie and George on the bench

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