Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 2

I Am a Tree

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Meredith (seeing Jane Burke): She's still here!
      Cristina: Never leaves. She never even pees. I'm not even entirely sure she's human.
      Meredith: Finn brought Izzie lunch.
      Cristina: Oh, you went to see Izzie?
      Meredith: Yeah. She wasn't home but I'm taking that as a good thing because at least the baking has stopped. (Cristina nods) But my point is that Finn brought Izzie lunch. He's that guy, the guy who brings your roommate lunch when she's sad.
      Cristina: Mmm. So, ah you didn't end it?
      Meredith: He's the guy who brings your roommate lunch when she's sad! So I'm gonna end it with Derek.
      Cristina: Hmm. Whatever. I'm not selfish. I mean, I took off all my clothes this morning, that's not selfish. And I'm going in for surgery, that's not selfish. Selfish people don't save lives.

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