Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 12

I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2010 on ABC
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Derek wants to inform the Board of Richard's drinking problem, but Meredith urges him not to. Derek decides to try talking to Richard instead, but it becomes a moral issue when Richard shows poor judgment with a patient's upcoming surgery. Meanwhile, Izzie finally returns, hoping to reconcile with Alex and find a new job. Tensions run high between Teddy, Cristina and Owen in the aftermath of her startling confession. Callie suffers a painful bout of chicken pox, and Lexie agonizes over her recent infidelities.moreless

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  • A solid episode

    I think we've had enough relationship drama. Seriously. I mean, come on! Lexie and Alex? AGAIN? I think Alex should get back together with Izzie. I've never been a LexZie shipper, but they're a very realistic pairing, and it's quite obvious that they still love each other.

    Mark slept with Addison? Also AGAIN? When did that happen? I don't really watch PP, so I never saw that. But, seriously? Come on! He didn't have the right to still be mad at Lexie, he did the same thing she did! Slept with an old girlfriend!

    I agree with Derek in this episode. The right thing was to go to the Board and report Chief's drinking, because it could affect the patients health! Mer was practically blacmailing him with the whole Post-It thing.

    The Callie/Arizona part was sweet and Arizona's reaction was realisttic, but I'm glad to see her decision in the end.

    Not a bad episode, but not the best.moreless
  • Following these series from Europe (netherlands)

    I can only admit I am more hooked to Grey's than my girlfriend is. It's very well written and easily to relate to. I hope they keep it up. Didn't think it could get much better but this episode had so many things...unbelievable. I can't wait to see the next episodes. Lexi turned Karma on Sloan, Meredith, whom I actually really dont like with her nagging all the time :) is more into ambition then anything. Alex did a good thing to move on, and it is nice to see people confessing up when they cheated instead of letting it linger on and on..moreless
  • seriously the BEST EPISODE YET!! I cried soo much!

    This episode is all about relationships, Izzie and Alex, Cristina and Hunt, Little grey and mcsteamy, and specially Meredith and Derek. The chief gets kicked out for drinking... Plus all the surgery stuff of course!! I can't believe Izzie leaves! I've cried soo much with this episode! i looove this show love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this show love love love love love l o v e l o v e love love love It's basically about crisis in all the shows relationships, except for Arizona's.... love love love love love love lovemoreless
  • Love vs. surgery

    A thought-provoking episode of Grey's Anatomy that instilled upon the viewer a question: if forced to choose do you opt for your career or your loved one? While the question was not exactly fair here as they were really talking about temporarily hurting their partner versus giving up on their dream forever, but to Izzie she took it to mean for life and made her return to Seattle Grace short-lived. I was one of the people who hoped Katherine Heigl would stay around, but they have destroyed her character so much this season that I wish now that they had killed her off. She deserves so much better than this.

    Overall solid episode tonight, but didn't blow me away the way it did a lot of other people.moreless
  • Alex gives Izzie an ultimatum, just as their relationship starts to deteriorate; Meredith and Derek face a huge problem in their marriage as the Chief's alcoholism becomes more obvious; Callie gets chicken pox driving Lexie up the wall and Teddy unravels.moreless

    Grey's Anatomy is back! I LOVED this episode!!! Ok I might be overexaggerating but its one of the better episodes this season. It felt like Season 3-ish kinda and they used McDreamy for the first time in awhile. Mark is such a hypocrite and I'm growing tired of the Mexie drama. Calzona though, wow! This was perhaps one of my favorite parts of this episode and Meredith's storyline was good. I don't really like Teddy but she's not as bad as I thought she was before. I wish there was a preview for 613 but I guess now when there's two week breaks we don't get previews. That's just ridiculous.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

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Patrick Dempsey

Dr. Derek Shepherd

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Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

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Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

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Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

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Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

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Kim Raver

Dr. Teddy Altman

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Dan Bucatinsky


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Paul Vogt

Aaron Mafrici

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Mitch Pileggi

Larry Jennings

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Jesse Williams (II)

Jesse Williams (II)

Dr. Jackson Avery

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Moe Irvin

Moe Irvin


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    • Meredith: Do you know what it took for me to make this happen?
      Izzie: Please tell Derek that I'm really sorry.
      Meredith: This isn't about Derek. It's about me. It's about us. You don't just walk away from people. You don't just throw people away.
      Izzie: I can't, Meredith! Okay? I can't be here. Please try to understand. I have to start over. I need to start over. Okay?
      Meredith (sighs, defeated): Please don't go. This is your home.
      Izzie: No, it's not. It's just a place I worked, and I can do that anywhere.

    • Lexie: Hey, uh... So how did Sloan's surgery go?
      Mark: I slept with Addison.
      Lexie (exhales): Oh, thank God. 'Cause I slept with Alex. I was feeling so... Well, you know how I was feeling. Which is why th-this is great. We-- We're even. We kind of canceled each other out.
      Mark: You slept with Karev?
      Lexie: Yeah.
      Mark: While I was dealing with my sick daughter? While I was hurting?
      Lexie: Uh, well, you weren't really hurting. You were sleeping with Addison.
      Mark: You broke up with me. You left me. And you just... Wow. I... I can't even look at you right now.

    • Meredith: Did you see him before you left?
      Derek: No. I didn't think it would make it easier.
      Meredith: For him or for you?
      Derek: This is the best thing for him. You know that. It's the only thing.
      Meredith: Let's not pretend that you did this for him. It's just you and me here, Derek. You did this for you. In the choice between surgery and love, you chose surgery. You chose ambition today.
      Derek: So did you. You knew he wasn't ready to go back into the OR, but you wanted to that surgery so bad you were willing to overlook it. We're the same.

    • Cristina: Where have you been? You just disappeared. I left you, like, ten messages. Are you drunk? (Owen grabs her and kisses her, she pulls away) Wait, what? What? What?
      Owen: You make me sad. You think that surgery is going to make you feel, you think a successful career is gonna make you happy, you think you know things, you know things and nothing else matters. No one else matters. People do matter. I matter. We...we matter. So you don't get to toss me aside. I won't let you. (Cristina kisses him)

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): In surgery, the healing process begins with a cut, an incision, the tearing of flesh. We have to damage the healthy flesh in order to expose the unhealthy. It feels cruel and against common sense, but it works. You risk exposure for the sake of healing, and when it's over, once the incision has been closed, you wait. You wait and hope that your patient will heal. That you haven't in fact, just made everything worse.

    • Cristina: You get it. You didn't have to do that, but you did. You get it.
      Teddy: What are you talking about?
      Cristina: I'd choose surgery over a guy. I'm not gonna apologize for it. Especially to you. You didn't have to save his lung. The right thing would have been to remove it. But the patient was clear that he didn't wanna have to live without his gift. And you get that. I choose my gift. I wanna be great. And I wanna learn from you. I choose my gift.

    • (Watching as Mark is laying in bed with Callie, rubbing her body so it'll stop itching)
      Arizona: That should be me.
      Lexie: Don't be jealous. They're just friends. Best friends.
      Arizona: I had the chicken pox... I told her I hadn't because... I find her miraculous. Breathtakingly stunning. I-- I can't stop looking at her. And I was afraid with the ooze and the fevers and the scratching... I wanted to stay in the sexy part of things, so I lied to my girlfriend. And now... he makes scratching looks sexy.
      Lexie: Mmm. He makes everything look sexy.

    • Derek: Sorry you didn't get a chance to do the procedure.
      Meredith: Something came up, it happens.
      Derek: I'm not surprised about Richard, though. You're not a dumb person but right now you're acting like one.
      Meredith: I am not going to turn him in.
      Derek: Tacoma passed on Izzie. I did my best. Just too much history, too many red flags. If I went to the board and they'd make me chief. First thing I'd do was hire Stevens back. It's your choice. It's up to you.

    • Mark: I slept with Addison. I gotta tell Lexie, right?
      Callie: No.
      Mark: It's Lexie. She's so good. How do you lie to a girl like that?
      Callie: Lie.
      Mark: Really?
      Callie: Really.
      Mark: Really?
      Callie: Yeah.

    • (Derek pours Richard a drink)
      Richard: You want me to drink that?
      Derek: No. But I believe you will. I'm gonna go, and you're gonna drink it. You're gonna try not to. But, in the end, you'll drink it. I also believe that this won't be the first drink that you'll drink today.

    • Izzie: Hey, Alex, I have to know... When Mer called, she said you were moving on. Have you? Moved on?
      Alex: I slept with someone.
      Izzie: Oh, damn it, Alex. We'll get through it.

    • Derek: I wanna do something Something that I think is... I have a responsibility... I just...
      Owen: So what's stopping you?
      Derek: Meredith.
      Owen: Ah. The other half of the twisted sisters.
      Derek: Is that what you call Meredith and Cristina? The twisted sisters?
      Owen (laughs): Yeah.
      Derek (laughs): Well, that fits.
      Owen: So this, this thing...
      Derek: I could come out of it looking... pretty bad. Like I did it for the wrong reasons. Like I did it for... myself.
      Owen: In my experience, nobody goes into a battle because the wanna win a Purple Heart. You do the right thing, and sometimes that gets you a medal and sometimes, it gets you killed.
      Derek: How do you know it's the right thing?
      Owen: When it's the best thing for the most people. The thing that keeps the most people alive.

    • Cristina: Okay, that you have to give up that. Learning the procedure, tuning out the world until you get it, like, you know, doing the procedure is the only thing that matters. Like if you don't get to do it, you'll die. That's what you have to give up.
      Izzie: For what?
      Meredith: Love.
      Izzie: Why?
      Jackson: Hey, that's what I said!
      Cristina: Okay, that's not the point! You know you couldn't do it. You know you'd choose the procedure.
      Meredith: Fine, if I had to choose, gun to my head, I would choose surgery. Okay?
      Cristina: Okay. Well, thank you! Is that so hard to say? I don't know why that it's so bad to say outloud.
      Izzie: Because it's crazy.
      Cristina: How..?
      Izzie: It's crazy. Surgery, it's just a job. It's just a job. It's the thing you come home from, not the thing that you could come home to. And if you lose your job, you get another one. 'Cause there's always another one. But... if you lose your love... if you think you're losing you're love, then suddenly nothing else matters.
      Jackson: This is what you guys talk about during lunch?
      Alex: I'm with them. Love comes and goes. Surgery doesn't.

    • Lexie: Arizona thought that work would take your mind off itching.
      Callie (she's rubbing her back on a wall, and has gauze wrapped over her hands): Scratching will take my mind off itching. Take off my gauze paws.
      Lexie: She said that you'd say that and that I should say no. So, how about we start with the tibial plateau fracture, room 2240?
      Callie: Hey, hey. I am attending, you're a resident. As your superior, I'm ordering you to take them off!
      Lexie: She said that you would say that too, and technically I'm on her service today, so she's my boss, not you. We have the Lisfranc fracture, room 2211.
      Callie (whining): Please, let me scratch. Just for five minutes.
      Lexie: No. It'll scar.
      Callie: I don't care. Scars are hot. Scars are badass. Scars are poetic. I'm begging you, Little Grey.
      Lexie: No. And please don't call me Little Grey.
      Callie: I'm in pain! Down to the core of my being pain, I'm going crazy pain, scary, 'will this ever go away' pain. Do you get that? You you know what I mean when I say that? Because this pain is need to scratch an itch that I can't scratch! The pain of a thousand itches! And it's making me crazy! Not funny crazy, bad crazy! Okay? It's dark crazy. Make a suit out of someone else's skin crazy. Okay? Pain, Little Grey. Pain.
      Lexie: I had sex with Alex! I had sex with Alex. Which I regret. Completely. Because I'm in love with Mark, I think. But I'm scared that I can't handle the daughter and the baby and the Mark's gonna be a grandpa thing.
      Callie: Why are you telling me this?
      Lexie: I'm in pain, too, is what I'm saying. I get your pain, don't you see that? I do feel for your pain because I am in in pain too.
      Callie: I have pox between my butt checks. Your 'pain' does not begin to compare to mine.

    • Bailey: You heard the Chief is operating today? (Derek nods) Took my Whipple and is having Meredith Grey do the pancreatic dissection. A procedure that I performed for the first time just last year. The Chief's judgment... is not clear and rational.
      Derek: Miranda, there's nothing I can do.
      Bailey: You're the only one who can.

    • Meredith: First, you were worried that he wasn't operating. Now, you're pissed that he is...?
      Derek: I don't trust him anymore. Meredith?
      Meredith: Post-it.

    • Meredith (after catching them in bed together) Izzie leaves and Mark gets a kid, and you two decide the best way to deal is to get drunk and mash your genitals together?
      Alex: No freaking way you get to judge us or give relationship advice. Besides you were a total dirty mistress like two weeks ago.
      Lexie: Are you calling me a dirty mistress?
      Meredith: That was two years ago and his wife didn't have cancer!
      Lexie: Because I've been with like six guys in my whole life. Alex and I, we've done it before. I was recycling, it was like good for the environment.
      Alex: Izzie's gone. I was horny. She was there.
      Lexie: Oh crap! I am a dirty mistress. Oh, God, you're gonna tell Derek and then Derek's gonna tell Mark that I'm a whore.
      Meredith: No, I am not gonna tell Derek, and neither are you. (to Alex) And you're not gonna say anything. We are keeping our mouths shut. Izzie is coming home. No one needs to know.

    • Cristina: What I said I didn't mean.
      Teddy: You mean offering to trade Owen like a horse or a baseball card or a stale peanut butter sandwich from your lunch box?
      Cristina: It was-- It was thoughtless.

    • Cristina: Teddy, turns out she loves Owen and thought she came here to be all, you know, Teddy and Owen, but there's me, and now she's all pained and threatening to leave, and so I told her she could have him.
      Meredith: What?
      Cristina: She's an amazing teacher. And you know, I'm happy again. And I'm in the OR, and I'm feeling like myself. And, of course, I didn't mean it. I mean, I love Owen, I love him. But that means I don't get to have her. So... M-Maybe I meant it.
      Meredith: Okay, here's the thing. You can't talk like this. It's like, I get you. But other people don't. So you can't talk like this. I mean, it's crazy. It's like... Um, if you tell someone their baby is ugly. You know? They know it, you know it. Everybody knows it. But you don't talk about it.
      Cristina: But you're saying surgery, right? Gun to your head, you'd choose surgery over Derek.
      Meredith: I am saying don't talk about this. And don't talk about it to Owen.

    • Callie: I have a headache. I need coffee.
      Arizona: I have a cure for a headache that doesn't involve coffee.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Number one rule of surgery is limit exposure. Keep your hands clean, your incisions small, and your wounds covered. Number two rule of surgery is when rule number one stops working, try something else. Because sometimes you can't limit exposure, sometimes the injury is so bad you have to cut, and cut big.

    • Meredith: If you report him, it'll be the end of his career! You don't give people any room! Flaws are unacceptable to McDreamy.
      Derek: Don't McDreamy me.
      Meredith: McDreamy's being a
      Derek: He is an alcoholic. How long has he been drinking? Since the holidays?
      Meredith: What do you wanna take notes so you can show it to the board so they can offer you his job on the spot? You want his job. You know it, and I know it.
      Derek: I'm the head of neurosurgery, I have a responsiblity to this hospital.
      Meredith: Admit you wanna be chief.
      Derek: Alright, you know what? I'm done having this agrument. I'm going to the board. I'm reporting Richard.
      Meredith: Post-it!
      Derek: You can't call post-it.
      Meredith: I am calling post-it. Because I told my secret about my friend to my husband, not the head of neurosurgery. My husband. Which I have to be able to do. So, the laws of post-it clearly prevail.
      Derek: This is wrong.
      Meredith: Post-it!
      Derek: The chief...
      Meredith: Post-it!
      Derek: Fine, I won't tell.

    • Izzie: (about her cancer being gone) It's like it never happened.
      Alex: But it did. It all happened, Iz. You got cancer, and we got married, and you died, and you lived again, and you left, then you came back again, and we got through it. I got through it, and I'm on the other side. Iz, I love you so much. And I... till I met you, I used to just think I just wasn't a good guy. Growing up with my family, I mean, that's what they told me. But now... after all of it, I know that I'm a good man. And I thank you for that, because I know now that I'm good enough not to deserve this. Not to have to feel like this. Not to love you so much that I almost hate you. I deserve someone who will stay. I'm happy you're okay. And I'm happy about your job. And I want you to go, and be happy, and not come back.

    • Callie: Oh, Little Grey? That's the world-class specialist you wanted me to see?
      Arizona: Okay, Little Grey has had the chickenpox vaccine. (to Lexie) I snooped through your personal file. (back to Callie) I, on the other hand, have not, nor did I ever have them as a child.
      Callie: You're a pediatrician! How have you never had the--
      Arizona: No, I am a pediatric surgeon. I don't do little diseases on little people. I do big surgeries on little people.
      Callie: Ah, you know what? This is ridiculous. (walks towards to the door) I'm going home.
      Arizona: No, no, no! Hey, hey! You're not going anywhere. You're highly contagious right now. You leave this room and you're gonna touch doorknobs and elevator buttons. Then you'll be the outbreak monkey.
      Callie: I'm going to kill you.
      Arizona: I love you.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Práskač (Snitch)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: February 8, 2010 on Sony Entertainment Television (a.k.a. Canal Sony)
      Australia: March 30, 2010 on Channel 7
      United Kingdom: April 15, 2010 on Living TV
      The Netherlands: April 19, 2010 on Net5
      Germany: July 21, 2010 on ProSieben
      Norway: October 26, 2010 on TV2
      Czech Republic: September 5, 2011 on Prima LOVE

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson
      2. Something Bigger, Something Better by Amanda Blank
      3. Oh Dear by Brandi Carlile
      4. Your Side Now by Trent Dabbs
      5. Better by Matthew Mayfield


    • Episode Title: I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

      The episode title refers to the song I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked by the Norwegian singer Ida Maria from 2008.

    • Arizona: Hey, hey, hey. You're not going anywhere, you're highly contagious right now, you leave this room and you are going to touch door nobs, and elevator bottoms and then you'll be the outbreak monkey.

      This refers to the 'Outbreak' movie from 1985, where a monkey carrying a virus infects people.