Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 12

I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2010 on ABC

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  • A solid episode

    I think we've had enough relationship drama. Seriously. I mean, come on! Lexie and Alex? AGAIN? I think Alex should get back together with Izzie. I've never been a LexZie shipper, but they're a very realistic pairing, and it's quite obvious that they still love each other.

    Mark slept with Addison? Also AGAIN? When did that happen? I don't really watch PP, so I never saw that. But, seriously? Come on! He didn't have the right to still be mad at Lexie, he did the same thing she did! Slept with an old girlfriend!

    I agree with Derek in this episode. The right thing was to go to the Board and report Chief's drinking, because it could affect the patients health! Mer was practically blacmailing him with the whole Post-It thing.

    The Callie/Arizona part was sweet and Arizona's reaction was realisttic, but I'm glad to see her decision in the end.

    Not a bad episode, but not the best.
  • Following these series from Europe (netherlands)

    I can only admit I am more hooked to Grey's than my girlfriend is. It's very well written and easily to relate to. I hope they keep it up. Didn't think it could get much better but this episode had so many things...unbelievable. I can't wait to see the next episodes. Lexi turned Karma on Sloan, Meredith, whom I actually really dont like with her nagging all the time :) is more into ambition then anything. Alex did a good thing to move on, and it is nice to see people confessing up when they cheated instead of letting it linger on and on..
  • seriously the BEST EPISODE YET!! I cried soo much!

    This episode is all about relationships, Izzie and Alex, Cristina and Hunt, Little grey and mcsteamy, and specially Meredith and Derek. The chief gets kicked out for drinking... Plus all the surgery stuff of course!! I can't believe Izzie leaves! I've cried soo much with this episode! i looove this show love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this show love love love love love l o v e l o v e love love love It's basically about crisis in all the shows relationships, except for Arizona's.... love love love love love love love
  • Love vs. surgery

    A thought-provoking episode of Grey's Anatomy that instilled upon the viewer a question: if forced to choose do you opt for your career or your loved one? While the question was not exactly fair here as they were really talking about temporarily hurting their partner versus giving up on their dream forever, but to Izzie she took it to mean for life and made her return to Seattle Grace short-lived. I was one of the people who hoped Katherine Heigl would stay around, but they have destroyed her character so much this season that I wish now that they had killed her off. She deserves so much better than this.

    Overall solid episode tonight, but didn't blow me away the way it did a lot of other people.
  • Alex gives Izzie an ultimatum, just as their relationship starts to deteriorate; Meredith and Derek face a huge problem in their marriage as the Chief's alcoholism becomes more obvious; Callie gets chicken pox driving Lexie up the wall and Teddy unravels.

    Grey's Anatomy is back! I LOVED this episode!!! Ok I might be overexaggerating but its one of the better episodes this season. It felt like Season 3-ish kinda and they used McDreamy for the first time in awhile. Mark is such a hypocrite and I'm growing tired of the Mexie drama. Calzona though, wow! This was perhaps one of my favorite parts of this episode and Meredith's storyline was good. I don't really like Teddy but she's not as bad as I thought she was before. I wish there was a preview for 613 but I guess now when there's two week breaks we don't get previews. That's just ridiculous.
  • amazing episode and a very important one too

    and with that, we say good-bye to izzie :'( my favorite character has left after decades of controversy and speculation. katharine heigl is an amazing actress and an integral part of the show and without her, the show will go on and still be teriffic, but will never be quite the same. she was one of the three leaders of the show. the worst part was that it had to end for izzie on a bitter note rather than any full, happy closure moments, but it was an ending nonetheless. alex's little speech was great, but very sad. overall though, fantastic episode all the way.