Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 6

I Saw What I Saw

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2009 on ABC

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  • Season classic...

    Look what some good writing that doesn't for once focus on stupid relationship troubles or childish bickering can do. This is easily the best medical drama you can ever ask for, and no wonder something like 15 million people tuned in to watch this.

    Writing aside, I was wowed by the way the story was told; the back and forth shifts in the scene between interrogation and the actual ER mayhem, the same story told from different points of view. And perhaps looking over the last 2 or 3 episodes, this was actually an amazing storyline to cease the war between Mercy West and Seattle Grace, and to start the bonding process between the docs. Although there isn't a single scene which I cant say I didn't enjoy, the last scene was actually the deal breaker. Cristina made an interesting point, which actually means a lot that what it conveys. While most doctors were blaming April for nearly costing their jobs, Cristina remarks that it could have been any one of them. They've all made mistakes, and unfortunately April's mistake triggered a chain of events that led to the death of the burn victim. The fact that none of their patients died was reason enough for them to keep their jobs, and not because they are better doctors than April.

    Seriously, an awesome episode.
  • One of the best episodes ON TV!!!

    This episode focused on a burn victim who came in with treatable burns and who died under the watch of many doctors, who were interrogated by the chief and 2 others. The shifting scenes between the time of the event and the interrogation and different camera angles depending on the point of view of the characters were absolutely amazing. It definitely took them many many hours to shoot those scenes for more than 1 person and the outcome deserves a big fat applaud. The darkness of the merger seems to fade a bit by this incredible storyline and Derek's talk to the chief at the end of the episode kind of foreshadows that it will be resolved shortly. The dilemmas of the characters were reflected very professionally. Alex had been trying to reach Izzie for a week now and he had to hang up the phone when he saw that the patient couldn't be intubated and that his help was needed. Also, Lexie had to pull it together and be with his patient in stead of walking away. The numerous mistakes that the hospital made in the past year makes us question the ability of the chief to run Seattle Grace. He made some bad decisions and Derek finally stepped up and confronted him with the results of his poor decision-making. I like him very much and I'd hate to see him go away but he needs to make smarter decisions. The Mercy West doctor who got fired was like a scapegoat and she will have to live with the consequence of 1 mistake that she did. A mistake that resulted from all the chaos and the hostility of the two sides. Poor thing. Well, maybe her departure is another foreshadow that the Mercy West people will be leaving. I have to admit, I miss Izzie. She's exceptionally good in times of crisis (remember when she drilled a hole in the guys head on season 3 when the big ferry accident happened). So I hope she'll be back on the show soon. So, overall, this was one of the best episodes in the history of TV and I'm very glad to see that the writers leave out romantic story lines out every once in a while. An exceptional example of a good drama series and congratulations to all...
  • Once again, Grey's makes it interesting just at the right time! A great episode... one that was much needed!

    This episode took a break from the normal routine followed in the show and offered a breath of fresh air with an interrogation based flashback narrative that almost resembled the classic whoddunit murder scenario!
    The episode startsoff with shots of blood in a trauma room and quickly cuts to all the main characters sitting tensely in a corridor. The pace picks up right from there, when Karev loses his nerve and tries to knuckle down Avery. Soon as the Chief comes out and calls in Hunt, we get to know that an inquiry is in place to investigate the death of a burn patient. And all that follows is just so well done, with the inquiry revealing all the different perspectives and stories recounted by each doctor appearing before the committee, until we find out what actually went wrong that caused the poor woman to die.
    All in all, great episode with a very good story. This is the spice Grey's really needed at this time!
  • Innovative episode.

    Grey's Anatomy utilized the flashback method of storytelling for tonight's episode and the results were good. The episode felt fresh and exciting, despite the fact that the actual medical cases were anything but that. I still do not like these Mercy Westers anymore than Yang does, but it looks like they are here to stick around after tonight.

    As much as I enjoy Katherine Heigl's work, having her and Ellen Pompeo out of the picture (she was barely seen this week) could give the show a much needed boost. They have been dominating the scenes for six years so having some other people get a chance to shine might produce good results.
  • incredible episode

    AMAZING! yet another incredible episode of grey's anatomy. it was one of their very first, if not THE first, episode of the show that was not told in that traditional way. the switching back and forth and showing all the events from each character's point of view was genius and fascinating to watch. very innovative and very cool. sad that april had to get the boot cause of it, but oh well lol great performances from everyone all around. no doubt jackson fits in well with the normal grey's crew. and with april gone, the other two can go also.
  • Very sad episode.

    I still can't believe that the Chief fired April. Did he do it because he believe she deserved it or was he trying to appease Jennings. She appeared to have great promise as a doctor. And I don't think what she did warranted her dismissal maybe a suspension. I mean all of them have made mistakes and they're still there. Even though Izzie is not there, have we forgotten what happened when she tried to get Denny a heart and she wasn't fired. I hope they bring April back. The show needs new blood. But as Derek said they're overloaded but I don't think she was the one they had to let go.
  • Awesome production

    In a different, award-winning consideration, production, they tell a heart-melting story about a pacient that wasn't much taken care of because of several factors, including the hype that was going on because of the victims of a burning crash hotel and the competition being held between the Seattle Grace/ Mercy West staff. It starts where the Chief begins a round of meetings in order to find out the truth, ever since nobody would take responsability on the case. Hence, the chapter goes through the point of view of everyone who was in touch with the victim of skin burns and finally we get along with the story of a calmed pacient and her son and how she abruptly started crashing down because of a simple and minor slip and the failed struggle of almost every doctor to save her, leading to the goodbye of a resident. It's awesome how the stories get intertwined and we go through the experience of different characters, which makes us connect with them. Neat installment.
  • ahmazing!

    the BEST episode of the season. one of the best episode of grey's in a while!

    I absolutely loved this episode. I mean there was so much going on and I loved the mystery. AHHH. great episode. Great action. A lot going on and it was just incredible. I liked all the storylines and was very very intrigued with the who did it? It was intersting to see how everyone didn't want to be with the patient because it wasn't a great medical case and because of that she died . and someone got fired. Some of the new Mercy West people are ok ad some are terrible. But best eppy of the season!
  • Finally!

    Just when I was about to give up on GA, the writers pull an episode like this one and I'm hooked again!

    This one was amazing. From the moment it started I couldn't leave the screen. You follow the testimonies of every character and just like the Chief you want to get to the bottom of it. Everyone is good, including the Mercy West doctors. There were no sappy feelings, no drama, just doctors doing their jobs and being weak sometimes (i.e Lexie who is just great in this episode).

    Plus, the plot is highly realistic. It shows how one tiny mistake can lead to big drama and death. Just one tiny thing that the writers need to work on: I understand that the chief is working on a new system but there are really too many actors. Ellen Pompeo should be back soon full-time, as well as Katherine Heigl. A triage will be necessary otherwise the storylines might get lost...
  • A burned patient died unexpectedly and the doctors that assisted her have their jobs at risk. The chief investigated the doctors and they got the doctor who was responsible.

    (ATTN: SPOILERS) It was an amazing episode. Best so far in all seasons. It keeps you on your toes. I kind of knew it was going to be a Mercy West doctor that screws up. I hated the fact that Izzie and Meredith wasn't involved in the trauma. Even other doctors that we grew to love weren't involved that much in the episode like Dr Bailey, Dr Shepered, Dr Torres, Dr Sloan and Dr Hunt. It was a different episode; no surgeries were involved and it was a fast episode. I really can't wait to see how Alex and Izzie are going to save their relationship. I think the chief will hire Izzie back.
  • They still have it!

    I was worried at first, where they were going, I mean everything was going down hill this season so i was a little freaked out. But today they made up for it.

    First, there are two many people, I can´t keep track of all the different people. Let them be introduced to use, get to know them a little, because, there are so many people and names. And than the patient, I think that we had a really insight in everything that happened and went wrong. You could feel the competition between the people, the accusings, it was so pretty.

    I felt really sorry for the burned kid, the pain must be unbareble Brr.

    Alex and Izzie, I really hope that they find a better way to deal with it than this. Because this just sucks.

    Guy with the axe in his chest? Awesome! And the guy fainting was so funny!

    And I finally figured out while Meredith is in bed the whole time, it's because she's pregnant! (well, not meredith but Ellen pompeo)

    Overall this was a good episode, I hope they keep them coming like this.
  • So far...the best of this season

    I loved this episode so much!
    The dynamic, the direction, the plot... The music!
    And of course, the acting, as usual. I don't like the new interns, but the scence where April realizes she was the one who made the mistake was great. The Chief confronting her, while she was trying to save herself from getting

    It was weird no seeing Izzie, and also that Meredith only oppeared for what? 3 minutes? was ok tough, we all know the reasons. Derek had very few scenes too, but what he said to the Chief towards the ending, was damn right. And I think that goes for those who complian about "too many doctors in the show" as well. The writers know what they're doing (hopefully)
    I can't wait for next week. Hope the episode to be as amazing as this one...and the season too!
  • Excellent

    Sorry for the people who dosn's understand spanish, but I prefered to evaluate this episode in my language.

    Me parece q este episodio es excelente. Muy lamantable q April haya sido despedida por este descuido, pero hay q darse cuenta de la situacion actual por la que esta pasando el hospital. Con la fusion de dos hospitales administrativamente hablando se ven obligados a despedir personal. Los doctores tratan de dar lo mejor de si, pero lo estan haciendo de manera erronea, estan pendientes de los demas y se estan olvidando de sus propias tareas. Eso le paso a April, por ver los casos medicos q le daban a los otros doctores se olvido de verificar a su propio paciente. Big Mistake for Her. Lamentablemnte, esta situacion pasa en todas las industrias actualmente, hay muchas fusiones, uniones de corporaciones y por ende, despidos de personal, es un mensaje claro de maximizar tu trabajo, dar lo mejor de ti sin mirar la competencia, de actuar en equipo para q todo salga bien.
  • Touching episode

    A wonderful episode. I loved how we could see everything from different points of view and see everyones mistakes. When I saw the scene where April was examining the woman, I noticed that she missed checking her throat and I wondered if it will be important later in the episode. It definitely was.

    I completely adored Cristina's speech at the end. She's right, everyone made mistakes: Alex was calling izzie the whole day, Lexie walked out on her patient and Charles fainted. From all the new residents, I'm growing to like Jackson. He still hasn't done anything really mean. Reed has kind of grown on me at the end of the episode, but I don't like her because she fought with Izzie in the previous one. I don't like Charles much. I did like him in the beggining, but then I saw what an ass he was. A great episode!
  • It's now time for the staff of Seattle Grace and Mercy West hospitals to fear for their jobs due to one careless mistake that leads to unfathomable consequences--but who did it? Was it Alex, distracted by a phone call from Izzie? Or was it a ditzy Lexie?

    Best episode of Season Six so far. I'm excited for next week as far as the previews go. Derek finally gets an episode after six years. Anyway, this episode was good. But I don't see the point of introducing these characters if they are eventually going to get rid of them. Round 2:

    Mercy West vs. Seattle Grace

    And who was the winner for Round Two?

    Mercy West < Seattle Grace

    Stupid April!!! BUt I thought Lexie was the one who made the mistake first...and Alex lied about donating the blood. I was hoping someone would notice...oh well. Hopefully more fun episode(s) like these will be used in the future.