Grey's Anatomy

Season 10 Episode 2

I Want You With Me

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    • Catherine: I think there's no harm in getting another opinion.
      Bailey: Was I or was I not correct?
      Catherine: Why does that make you feel so threatened?
      Cristina: You know, I'm another opinion, and I have to tip my hat. Dr. Bailey called it.
      Catherine: Nobody said it wasn't good to deal with the pancreas, but he is still clearly unstable. He hasn't regained consciousness--
      Bailey: None of that is unusual.
      Catherine: I would like to bring in another person-- Somebody that could tell us--
      Meredith: I will make the decision. You said what you think, and then you said it again. And I will take that under advisement.
      Catherine: Dr. Grey--
      Meredith: He picked you to be his girlfriend. And we're all very happy about that. But he picked me to be his family.
      Catherine: And you walked away from that responsibility the second that--
      Meredith: No one said that I would be good at it. And he knew that. But he picked me anyway. I'm the family.

    • Owen: Hey. Everything okay?
      Cristina: Yeah, yeah. Meredith just wants me to hang out at her house. Zola needs some attention and Derek is pretty wiped out. Callie and Sofia are there, so...
      Owen: Is there anything that I could do? I mean, I could, uh...
      Cristina: Good night.

    • (Arizona shows up at Mer's, wanting to see Sofia)
      strong>Arizona (voice breaking): Can I see her for just a minute?
      Callie: You saw her this afternoon. You can get her tomorrow night.
      Arizona: I know. Um... But cou---
      Callie: You can see her when it's your night.
      Arizona: I could, uh-- I could just take her on the-- on the front porch for a minute, and I'm not going to take her.
      Callie: Do you have any idea how confusing this is for her?
      Arizona (crying): Yeah, I realize that.
      Callie: Well, you know what? She's supposed to be in bed right now. How am I supposed to get her to sleep with you coming and going?
      Cristina: Five minutes.
      Callie: Are you kidding me? She shows up here with this act, and you're just gonna take her side? It's an act.
      Cristina: Callie-- Callie, look at me. I'm your friend. Five minutes. (Cristina takes Sofia over to Arizona)

    • Cristina: To be clear, I am happy to do the dishes, but there is no universe in which I generate dinner.
      Derek: Okay, well, we'll figure it out.
      Callie: Mac and cheese?
      Derek: No, we had that last night.

    • Shane: Hey, sir? Can I ride out there with you guys?
      Firefighter: Sure. (Shane follows him out)
      Stephanie: What are you doing? Shane!
      Jo: Shane, you're not a firefighter! Shane! (sighs, he's already gone)
      Leah: Stupid.
      Stephanie: Damn it. (gets up)
      Leah: What are you doing?
      Stephanie: We're his people, we have to go.
      Leah: Uh, actually, no we don't. We're not trained to--
      Stephanie: Sharpie Lady helped.
      Jo: Sharpie Lady almost got herself killed.
      Stephanie: We have to go. I don't know what the deal is with him and Heather. I don't know if it's their weird competition thing or maybe they were having secret sex in the bathrooms. Don't care. Whatever it is, Shane hasn't said a single word since she died, and we're what he has. We're what we have. Maybe we get through this program normal. Or maybe we end up cranky, work-obsessed people who live on the side of a mountain and have no family or children, and we only have each other because no one else can stand us.
      Jo (to Leah): What is she talking--
      Stephanie: Get up!

    • Callie: Sofia is downstairs in the daycare.
      Arizona: I'm sorry I called you a baby-snatcher. I was upset, and I shouldn't have spoken to you like that. You were just trying to cool off, and that was the right thing to do--
      Callie: Sofia and I will be staying at Mer's again tonight. That will be two nights with me, you can take her the following two nights. And we'll switch off like that until we can figure out a real schedule.
      Arizona: Well, how long is-- Is this gonna be going on?
      Callie: I don't know.

    • April: I want to accept your proposal. In private, without anybody pressuring me to say 'yes.' And I want to do it in front of God. Actually-- Actually, you know what, no, I'm not accepting your proposal, I am proposing to you. I want to be your wife.
      Matthew: I think you need to think some stuff out.
      April: I did. (sighs) Okay. Yes. It was Jackson. And yes, I-I have feelings for him. He's always gonna be a part of my life. And that gets confusing sometimes, especially when he's pulling babies out of burning buses. But... I... I-I'm not good at this. I-- This is all new to me. Okay, I was never the girl that got picked at the dance. I-I'm not good at it. And I'm indecisive because I see eight sides of everything. And that's what you're picking when you pick me. And you may not want that. I thought maybe nobody would ever want that.
      Matthew: April--
      April: But I... I want you. I want to marry you. So will you marry me? (Matthew picks her up and kisses her)

    • (Telling stories to Heather's mom to comfort her)
      Leah: She was really good.
      Stephanie: Fast hands.
      Jo: One time... We'd all been working all night and we were starving and she went to where they make the food trays for the patients, and she stole jell-o cups for all of us.
      Stephanie: And they fell all over the floor.
      Leah: She tried to use one of those blue hospital pads to clean it up. But it just made it worse. Got everywhere.
      Stephanie: Jo told Heather that she swiped an apple from a grocery store when she was a kid. And Heather asked her to teach her how to shoplift.
      Jo: She thought it would improve her surgical technique.

    • April: It was a beautiful wedding. What you said--
      Jackson: Can we not?
      April: Why are you snapping at me all day?
      Jackson: I'm not snapping.
      April: Yeah, you are. I'm sorry I asked the question. It obviously made you really uncomfortable, and I guess that's my answer there's no need to beat a dead horse.
      Jackson: That's what it's supposed to look like, you know. I mean, they can't even imagine not being together. Do you see the difference between that and "I'll think I'll marry this guy, or maybe I'll marry that guy, who I banged in a bathroom because I flipped out over my boards, but when he was into me I couldn't handle it. But suddenly, when he almost dies, I can't live without him."
      April (voice breaking): That is so unfair!
      Jackson: It's what happened! You didn't want me when I was okay-- When I wanted you. No, you just want me now because you in something that is real and that-- that scares the crap outta you. Marry this guy because you want to make a life with him, or don't and move on. But none of this has to do with me. No, this is... entirely about you.

    • Arizona: That is my child!
      Callie: Okay, so I can screw some whore on shore leave, but this is over the line?
      Arizona: Hey, I could've called the police on you--
      Callie: Okay, and now she's your baby. I had to talk you into even considering having a child.
      Arizona: And I had to talk you into marriage.
      Callie: Yeah, because I knew that it would be a mistake. And you know what? It was.

    • Stephanie: I can't believe I yelled at a woman who clawed dying victims out of the mud and triaged them with her bleeding little hands.
      Leah: Super tacky.
      Stephanie: I think I'm the worst person I've ever met.
      Shane (from other side of room): Oh, shut up.
      Jo: It speaks. (Shane holds up his cup)
      Leah: It wants more booze.
      Jo (fills Shane's cup): Alright, alright. We all have to focus. Heather.
      Stephanie: She was a fine, upstanding citizen with limitless potential.
      Leah: You say that to my mom when I'm dead, and she's gonna know that you're lying.
      Stephanie: My mom will believe it. You can say it when I'm dead.
      Leah: Well, write it down 'cause I'm gonna forget.
      Stephanie: That I was a nice person?
      Leah: How is it that we spend this much time together and we don't really know anything about each other?
      Jo: So tell us something that we don't know.
      Leah: About me?
      Jo: Mmhmm. Don't be shy.
      Leah (smirks): I can't. You guys are gonna hate me more than you already do.
      Jo: No, we won't. Circle of trust.
      Leah: My mom knew Mark Sloan.
      Stephanie: The one who died?
      Leah: They, like, dated a hundred years ago or something. And he kinda helped me get into the program.
      Jo (gasps): What?!
      Stephanie: Ooh, I knew it. I knew you didn't make it in here on your own.
      Leah: You are such an evil cow.
      Stephanie: Whatever. At least I got in here on my own merit.
      Leah: What happened to the circle of trust?
      Jo: I was a street kid. Foster homes, lived in my car.
      Leah: You were not.
      Jo: Hand to god.
      Leah: You know how to pickpocket?
      Jo: No. I wasn't Oliver Twist.
      Stephanie: Can you teach me how to shoplift?
      Jo: No!
      Stephanie: It will help me in the O.R., calm hands under pressure.
      Jo: You couldn't handle it. (points to Leah) You could.
      Leah: Thank you.
      Stephanie: I... went through college on a cheerleading scholarship!
      Jo (gasps): No!

    • Matthew: It was Avery, right? The guy that you-- (April nods) I get it. He's a good-looking guy. Practically runs the hospital--
      April: Matthew--
      Matthew: And I proposed to you in front of a hundred people. I didn't really give you the opportunity to say 'no.' So... Did you want to say 'no'? (April pauses and is silent, Matthew walks away)

    • Jo: How's the E.R.?
      Alex: Ugh, quiet for a while. But we got a couple of ambulances on their way in-- People they pulled out of the pile.
      Jo: Can I come?
      Alex: No, no. You're not supposed to be working.
      Jo: I don't need the night off. We're supposed to sitting around telling Heather stories. Turns out that we're not a very tight group.
      Alex: Well, you think you're not. But when it all hits the fan... You'll be glad you have 'em.
      Jo: Someone just died. Shouldn't this be the time?
      Alex: Oh, come on. You're not gonna go cry to them when we break up... and you have to move your trash bag full of crap out of my house?
      Jo (laughs): Okay, one-- I never leave more than a change of underwear and a toothbrush in anyone else's house.
      Alex: That's smart.
      Jo: And two-- I will have dumped your sorry ass, so I'm not gonna be crying. I'm just gonna feel bad that I made it so that you can never love again.
      Alex (laughs): Oh, yeah, it's gonna be ugly. But see... I've got Mer and Cristina. I can cry to them. When the next guy after me breaks your heart...
      Jo: I'm gonna want my bitches.

    • Catherine: You knew that they were taking him back into the O.R.?
      Jackson: Right. You can't just march in there and shut them down.
      Catherine: The hell I can't.
      Jackson: Hey! He didn't choose you to make his decisions. He chose Meredith.

    • Cristina (walks in, about Richard): Oh, they're opening him up again.
      Meredith: Yep. Don't say anything.
      Cristina: I'm not.
      Meredith (to Alex): She thought it was a stupid idea the first time and even more stupid the second time.
      Cristina: You're the one who has to decide what Richard would want. Wouldn't want to be you.
      Meredith: Thanks.
      Cristina: But to be clear, when you're making these decisions for me, give my heart at least 24 hours to recover before you cut me stem to stern.
      Meredith: You just couldn't hold it in, could 'ya?
      Alex: Wait, she's your healthcare proxy?
      Meredith: I get to make the decisions for everyone.
      Alex: Not Owen?
      Cristina: No.
      Meredith: Who's yours?
      Alex: Oh, I never filled out the forms. I had the papers back when it was gonna be Izzie.
      Cristina: Ooh. That was a bad plan.
      Alex: That was all a bad plan. Why do you think I never turned them in?
      Cristina: Well, Mer could be yours, too.
      Meredith: You think I make the wrong decisions all the time. I don't know why you're selling me to him.
      Cristina: Will you stop being so insecure? Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I don't respect what you think. I can hold more than one point of view in my mind. I am mature.
      Meredith: I don't believe you.
      Alex (to Cristina): You can be mine.
      Cristina: Health care proxy? Really?
      Alex: I mean, Mer's got enough to take care of.
      Cristina: You want extraordinary measures or should I just unplug you?
      Alex: Use your judgment.

    • Callie: Everyone I love either cheats on me or dies.
      Derek: Callie...
      Callie: Cheats on me and dies. George did both.
      Derek: Arizona's not gonna die.
      Callie: Yeah, that doesn't make me feel any better. (goes to pour more wine) Ugh. I'm sorry. I'm drinking all your wine. You should be drinking all your wine after what you went through tonight with Heather and... and Richard, oh, my god! (sobs) Why is everything so horrible?
      Derek: Okay, please, it's okay go ahead. It's all yours. (Callie chugs the rest of the bottle) I'll go open another bottle.

    • Meredith: What do you really believe is the best course of treatment?
      Bailey: It's not that simple.
      Meredith: Yes, it is. You always taught us, when you know, you know.
      Bailey: I think there's something in there and no matter how much it stresses his heart, I think letting it get worse is worse. (Mer calls and books her an O.R)

    • Cristina (after Owen and her have sex): I don't think that we can be friends.
      Owen: Really?
      Cristina: Uh uh. This will keep happening.
      Owen: Yeah. I... really wanted to be able to work with you.
      Cristina: Yeah, of course. (sighs) But if we... you know, talk on the phone or... grab lunch... (voice breaking) Just because I'm the one who said it was time... doesn't mean this is easy for me.
      Owen: I know.
      Cristina: This is not easy for me. (starts sobbing)

    • Jackson: You asleep?
      Meredith: What do you think?
      Jackson: My mother's planning on moving Richard to another hospital.
      Meredith: What?
      Jackson: I know. I know that you weren't sure about how to handle Richard's medical decisions but I'm just telling you, you turn the rein over to her, that's exactly what she's gonna do with them.
      Meredith: Okay. ... Get me a wheelchair.
      Jackson (laughs): You just had a splenectomy and a child. I'm not putting you in a wheelchair.
      Meredith: Jackson, just get me a wheelchair.
      April (walks in, to Jackson): There are no chaplains anywhere in the building. Everyone is out dealing with storm victims.
      Jackson: We have storm victims right here. What-- Chaplains are supposed to stay here!
      Alex (walks up): Has anyone seen my patient, Brian? Firefighter, busted ribs...
      April: Yeah. He's getting married.
      Jackson: Not without a chaplain, he's not.
      April: Well, I can go online and get certified by that place on the internet, but me and weddings, today-- I don't think that I am the best choice. (Jackson leaves)
      Alex: The damn firefighters keep taking off, injured. If you see any of them, tell them to stay in their damn beds. (walks off)
      Meredith: Kepner? Get me a wheelchair. (April shakes her head and walks off) April!

    • (Standing outside Mer's room)
      Leah: Is he in there?
      Stephanie: I can't see anything.
      Jo (whispers): Keep your voices down. She's sleeping.
      Meredith: No, she's not. (turns lights on)
      Jo: Oh, sorry. We were just looking for Dr. Shepherd.
      Meredith: He's not here. He'll be back. He went to take Zola home. What do you need?
      Stephanie: He asked us to come up with something nice to say about Heather to her mom for after she knows.
      Leah: We're having trouble coming up with something that's appropriate.
      Jo: We were thinking that if we looked at some of the cases that she worked on with Dr. Shepherd, we could talk about those.
      Meredith: Her mother is not going to give a crap about her glioblastoma. She wants to her about how you loved her and about how she was like your family. (they're all silent) Nothing? Doesn't have to be deep. When my friend George died, I told his mother a story about how he stole us all jell-o cups. And then he dropped them all over the floor and made a huge mess. And then he tried to clean it up with those blue bed pads, which only made it worse because, of course, those blue bed pads aren't absorbent at all. It's not a sonnet, but it made her smile. And then she went back to crying.

    • Owen: Thanks... for before.
      Cristina: 'Thanks'? You gonna send a card on a pretty stationery?
      Owen: I'm just glad that we've given each other a better last memory.
      Cristina: Uh huh.
      Owen: What?
      Cristina: I don't know. If we'd really have thought it through then for the last time we'd have--
      Owen: What? (Cristina whispers in his ear, they walk off together towards an on-call room)

    • Jackson: How is Richard?
      Catherine: Hanging by a thread. Thank you very much.
      Jackson: You gonna scream at me too, now? I heard you already had a go at Hunt and Bailey.
      Catherine: I just want to know what in God's name was going on through your head--
      Jackson: Stop! You are terrified. I get that. You love him. And you are as scared as you've ever been. Marching through this hospital tell everybody they are incompetent is not going to fix that situation. We are all doing our best. And we are gonna take good care of him. And we are gonna take good care of you. Okay? (they hug)
      Catherine: As soon as he's stable... As soon as the storm passes, I'm going to move him to another hospital.

    • Arizona (walks in): What's going on with the baby?
      Meredith: Oh, nothing he's fine. They have in the nursery.
      Arizona: Oh. Oh. I thought-- I thought something happened.
      Meredith: No, no. I paged you because I wanted to let you know that Callie and Sofia are going to stay at my place tonight. I think she just needs some space. She needs to cool off and... I know you're not gonna go run over there or anything, but I thought that you would just like to know that she and the baby are-- (Arizona turns and walks out) Arizona. Arizona?!
      Cristina: Is 'I told you so' inappropriate?
      Meredith: Shut it.

    • Jo: She wasn't funny funny. But she was weird funny.
      Stephanie: We're not saying that to her mom.
      Leah: Remember when she swallowed that marble? We could talk about that.
      Jo: Her mom knows she swallowed a marble, idiot.
      Leah: You know what? When you have a better idea, you let me know.
      Stephanie: You were her roommate. How do you not have a single nice story about her?
      Leah: She took my white sweater and returned it pink. She left the apartment without waking me up when we both had rounds, which she knew about and said, "I didn't want to bother you. You looked so peaceful." She'd drink all the milk and return the empty carton back in the fridge.
      Jo: Then why are you all red-eyed and puffy?
      Leah: We weren't soul mates. It doesn't mean I wanted her dead.

    • Cristina: Arizona is in the lobby screaming at nurses.
      Meredith: Why?
      Cristina: 'Cause she has no idea where Callie is... or the baby.
      Meredith: Oh, well, you need to tell her they're at my house. (Cristina scoffs) Callie's not a battered woman. We're not harboring her until he gets a restraining order. She just wants some space.
      Cristina: But you don't think that Arizona's called her like, 300 times? If Callie wanted her to know where she was-- She'd have told her.
      Meredith: You think that it's okay that Arizona doesn't know where her baby is? She's Sofia's mom, too.
      Cristina: They're both our friends. You know, we shouldn't take sides.
      Meredith: It's not taking sides to tell Arizona where her kid is.
      Cristina: Oh, you think that's how it's gonna go? Mnnh-mnnh.

    • Alex: Hey, hey. What's going on?
      Arizona: I need you to page Callie 9-1-1.
      Alex: Why?
      Arizona: Because she took off with my baby, and I don't know where and when I call her, she doesn't pick up.
      Alex: Alright, did she maybe--
      Arizona: No, just do it!

    • Cristina: What?
      Owen: Nothing.
      Cristina: What?
      Owen: I-I just... I wish I had known it was gonna be the last time you and I were together. I would have done things a little differently.
      Cristina: Well, was the last time bad?
      Owen: No, the last time was Wednesday when you knocked that plate off the counter, and I spent half the night pulling shards of glass out of your foot.
      Cristina: That was not the last time.
      Owen: Yeah.
      Cristina: It was?
      Owen: Mmhmm. Not our best work.
      Cristina: Well, that's awful.
      Owen: After the kind of run that we had... It's just a shame.
      Cristina: Shameful. (cuts to them having sex in an on-call room)

    • Bailey: Catherine may be right. It's possible that I'm too close to this to see it clearly.
      Meredith: Am I supposed to be seeing this clearly?
      Bailey: Well, Yang was advocating for a more conservative approach. I guess that's what we go with. Catherine's reviewing his charts-- labs, I don't know.
      Meredith: If she wants to make the decisions, then maybe she should.

    • (Derek walks in the house)
      Callie: Um... I was gonna go to a hotel but Mer said that I should come here.
      Derek: Well, I guess I should've read those five text messages.

    • Meredith: What's going on?
      Callie (puts Sofia down): My wife's an S-L-U-T. Sofia and I are spending the night at a hotel.
      Cristina: A-And then what?
      Callie: I-I don't know. Okay, I'll be right back. (walks off)
      Meredith: We're gonna let her stay at a hotel?

    • Derek: I'll be back in about an hour. Heather's mother won't probably be here yet, but if she is, uh, someone stay with her until I get back.
      Leah: We don't tell her, do we?
      Derek: No, I will. Just think of some good Heather stories. Once she knows, she's gonna wanna know that she died among friends. (walks away)
      Jo: Who's gonna wait?
      Stephanie: I can't. I can't. She'll see it in my face. (Shane walks away)
      Jo: What the hell's his problem? It's not like they were friends.
      Leah: I am not waiting with her alone.
      Stephanie: I'm not either.
      Jo: Okay, nobody goes. We all wait. Now go find Shane and tell him that we're doing this together.
      Leah: What are you, my mother? You find him.

    • Owen: You can't scream at my doctors when there is an open body on the table.
      Catherine: I can't believe you let her talk you into a boondoggle like that.
      Owen: Dr. Avery, if you have any issues with-- (Bailey walks up)
      Catherine (to Bailey): Does he know why you cut open a man in severe cardiac distress just so you could poke around and see whats going on?
      Owen: We looked at all of the options.
      Catherine: Tell him. You feel guilty because the last thing Richard Webber heard from you is that he's a drunk that ruined your life. After all he's done for you. We talk on the phone for an hour every night. It came up. You feel bad, go find a priest. But do not try to fix it with a hail Mary that very well might kill the man! (Bailey walks away, to Owen) I want access to his charts... right now.

    • Arizona: Have you heard about Brooks? (Callie sighs, sadly) I can't believe it. (Callie is silent) Can we have a conversation?
      Callie: Not now.
      Arizona: I know you're mad. And telling everyone-- I guess... I deserved that. But if we could--
      Callie: I said not now.

    • Meredith: And what about Richard?
      Owen: Still critical, but his pressure stabilized once Bailey closed.
      Meredith: So Bailey closed because his vitals tanked or because Catherine Avery was in the gallery screaming?

    • (Bailey and Owen are operating on Richard, Catherine enters the gallery)
      Catherine (over intercom): What the hell do you think you're doing; cutting open a man in cardiogenic shock, with nothing on his CT?
      Bailey: There's dead tissue somewhere inside of him. I have to find it before it kills him.
      Catherine: He can't handle the stress until his cardiac stats have stabilized. Get him off that table!
      Bailey (to Owen): Lap pad, please.
      Catherine: Dr. Hunt!
      Owen: Dr. Avery, I'm going to have to ask you to keep it down while we're doing our work. (the monitors start beeping)
      Catherine: Oh, there's a surprise for you. Close the patient!

    • Cristina (about Richard): Do you think he put you in his will?
      Meredith: No.
      Cristina: Next of kin. Maybe you get the house.
      Meredith: I have a house.
      Cristina: Well, you could give me his house. I mean, I could use a house.
      Meredith: He's not my father, I've been telling him this for years. He just feels guilty because he busted up my parents marriage. That's not my problem.
      Alex: It is now.
      Meredith: Yeah, I mean, sticking me with his end of life care? Doesn't ask, doesn't give me an out.
      Cristina: Well, it sounds like family to me.
      Alex: Maybe he is your father, he banged your mom enough.
      Meredith: Alex--
      Cristina: Did they know each other before you were born?
      Meredith: They met when I was three.
      Alex: Mm. Yeah, that's what they told you.

    • Meredith: I will make the decision. You've said what you think, and then you said it again. And I will take that under advisement.
      Catherine: Dr. Grey--
      Meredith: He picked you to be his girlfriend, and we're all very happy about that. But he picked me to be his family.
      Catherine: And you walked away from that responsibility the second that--
      Meredith: No one said I would be good at it. And he knew that. But he picked me anyway. I'm the family.

    • Richard: (closing voiceover) We just want to survive the storm. We pray, "Please, God, just get me to the other side." We never imagine what it'll be like when we get there. What if, when the storm passes, nothing's left? I always said I could handle anything. I was wrong. I was wrong about a lot of things. (referring to Meredith) But I was right about one thing. I was right about this.

    • Cristina: You're the one who has to decide what Richard would want. Wouldn't want to be you.
      Meredith: Thanks.
      Cristina: But to be clear, when you're making these decisions for me, give my heart at least 24 hours to recover before you cut me stem to stern.
      Meredith: You just couldn't hold it in, could you?
      Alex: Wait, she's your health care proxy?
      Meredith: I get to make the decisions for everyone.

    • Richard: (opening voiceover) The waiting can kill you. You make a decision, and then the world has to turn. The consequences unfold out of your hands. There's only one thing that seems clear in those quiet moments while you wait. Whatever you chose was wrong.

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