Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 7

I Was Made For Lovin' You

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on ABC

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  • Good episode, heartbreaking finale

    Really good episode, not great though. Many big things happened in this episode culminated by a heartbreaking finale.

    Derek, at last, accepted Callie's help. I'm guessing Derek had given up already. He was trying to accept that he was no longer going to operate. Then Callie came along saying he could and he doesn't want to get his hopes up to then be let down again. But in this episode Mer convinced him to try.

    April thought she was pregnant due to a delay in her period. She was freaking out during the first half of the episode. After drawing her blood for a test Avery told her he was with her 100%. They would even get married. April was the happiest girl in the Universe. Then came the results of the test and it was negative. And this is what I don't like: April broke Avery's heart saying that it was great that now they didn't have to get married. I can't understand her. She stays a virgin waiting for true love and marriage, but then a guy asks her to marry him, a guy she loves, but she decides to keep "dating" him. She rather go on the pill and keep a life of sin, repenting every time she has sex with Avery, than marry the guy.

    Arizona was great this episode. She came back to work, she was strong, she fell and stood back up, with the help of Karev. (I'm slowly remembering why I used to like him) She is finally accepting that she no longer has her left leg and is realizing that life goes on, and most importantly, she can still do what she likes and loves. Seeing her fall and laugh about it was a powerful image. I bet I had the same expression Karev had, but when she laughed it was a relief.

    During the course of the episode Hunt was in a meeting with the hospital lawyers to figure out who was to blame for the crash. They reached the conclusion that Hunt himself, signed the authorization to change in transportation companies to Skytrip: a company with a history of mechanical issues. He thought he was going to get fired, but was surprisingly backed by the board. Later, he understood that the conflict of interest in this case (Hunt head of the hospital being sued and Christina married to Hunt and suing the hospital) will make the judge not follow up on the case. Thus he took a decision there will be no conflict of interest if he and Christina are not married, so he asked for a divorce. This was heartbreaking for me, for many reasons. Christina wants to be with Hunt but now she thinks he doesn't love her. Of course, Hunt is bound by law to not say anything about the case, so he couldn't say: "I love you, but I want you and everybody that was on the plane to get Also, Christina is finally changing, becoming softer, more caring. I love this new Christina: still a badass in surgery but able to forgive Hunt. I know Christina and Hunt's relationship's is one of the public's favorites, so I hope the writers save it.
  • -clever title-

    The Jackson-Kepner story is really a recycled story. They think they're pregnant, they get confused scared but work it out and get excited instead, and it turns out they're NOT pregnant ( I mean, who DIDN'T see that one coming). And April's reaction was just rude. Thank GOD now we don't have to get married and dodged a bullet? Hurtful much? I hate her. Always have.

    Girl stalking Arizona with a chair was just.. hilarious. The squeaking noise and the looks on both of their faces, nicely done. It's time Derek aka Burke the 2nd gets his hand fixed. Finally good things are happening for Meredith (just 3 weeks in but hopefully it will last). Poor Christina doesn't know that Owen wants to get a divorce because he's secretly protecting/helping her.