Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 7

I Was Made For Lovin' You

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on ABC



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    • Cristina: Thank you for coming.
      Owen: Yeah.
      Cristina: We should talk.
      Owen: We should.
      Cristina: I think--
      Owen: We should get a divorce.
      Cristina: That's what you want?
      Owen: Yeah.

    • Derek (walks in): Oh, hey.
      Meredith: Hey.
      Derek: So... I talked to Clemens. He referred the tumor patient to someone over at Seattle Pres.
      Meredith: Great. Uh, take a look at the shirt that I bought Zola. It's-- It's-- It's in the bag on the counter.
      Derek: Oh, Meredith, guys don't get all goo-goo over baby clothes.
      Meredith: Just look.
      Derek: What is this? (looks stares at the t-shirt, surprised. Meredith smiles and gets up, he shows her the writing on the t-shirt, which says: 'World's best big sister)
      Meredith: It's only 3 weeks, so I shouldn't even be telling you. I mean, I still have a hostile uterus, and terrible things are constantly happening to us, which is why I haven't told anyone. I haven't even told Cristina. So... if you tell anyone, I-I swear I will kick you out of this house that you built.
      Derek: Don't worry. And good things happen to us. We're gonna have another baby.
      Meredith: We are gonna have another baby. (they kiss)

    • Callie: What's goin' on here?
      Arizona (holding Sofia on her lap): Oh. We're havin' a little dance party.
      Callie: So... I guess you had a good day?
      Arizona: Yeah, yeah. I fell down.
      Callie: What? What happened?
      Arizona (smiles): I got back up.

    • Alex: You look like crap.
      Jackson: Yeah. (chuckles) That's about right.
      Alex: So, uh... Kepner's knocked up? (Jackson looks shocked) I mean, she was acting a little weirder than usual, you were taking her blood.
      Jackson: Well, not that it's any of your business, but... no. She is not knocked up.
      Alex: That sounds like somethin' to drink to. Can we get another round?
      Bartender: Comin' up.
      Jackson: No more callin' her weird.
      Alex: She is.
      Jackson: Yeah, I know. Just... You're not allowed to say it.

    • Stephanie: I wouldn't be able to show up to work again.
      Shane: It wasn't that bad.
      Jo: It sounds pretty bad.
      Heather: I cry during sex sometimes, it's not that bad. (they all look at her)

    • Bailey: You will be getting an invitation in the mail soon. There will probably be elves on it. You, however, will not be getting me a gift.
      Richard: Are you telling me that if I get you a waffle maker, you'll send it back?
      Bailey: I do like a waffle.
      Richard: Well, it's gonna be fine.
      Bailey: You promise?
      Richard: No. But I'll have your back either way.

    • Roberta: Oh, Dr. Hunt, is there something else?
      Owen: Yeah, a question. My conflict of interest here doesn't seem to concern you too much.
      Lawyer: Well, like we said, it's unusual for--
      Owen: What about my wife's conflict of interest? She's married to me, too.
      Roberta: Well, that-- that's--
      Owen: I booked the plane, and my wife could benefit financially from my negligence. You're hoping that because I'm married to Cristina, the judge will throw this whole case out.
      Roberta: Whoa, Dr. Hunt. Let's not over think this. The board supports you 100... (Lawyer gives her a look)
      Lawyer: Let me remind you that the confidentiality agreement that you signed is punishable by termination and financial penalties.
      Owen: I understand. Have a good night.

    • Cristina: Have I changed?
      Meredith: How?
      Cristina: How would he know that?
      Meredith: Who?
      Cristina: He says nothing has changed, but what if I'm the thing that's changed, but he won't friggin' talk to me?
      Meredith: Oh. I'm all caught up now.
      Cristina: Do you think I've changed?
      Meredith: Well, you want Owen back.
      Cristina: I don't. ... Yeah, I want Owen back.
      Meredith: We've changed. It's good.

    • Callie: No, no, no, no, no. You're supposed to-- You're supposed to wait. I'm coming up with a-another plan. It's not like the others.
      Derek: Oh, okay, great. Well, let's hear it.
      Callie: No. No, you're just-- You're gonna crap all over it. I've been busting my ass for you on this and making PowerPoints and-- and-- and losing sleep to talk to surgeons in Switzerland when I should be talking to you. You want to fix your hand? Then help me, damn it. That came out a little stronger than intended.
      Derek: You're right. Okay? So here's what we're gonna do-- We're gonna throw out everything we have. We're gonna get new studies. We're gonna come at it from a different angle. We're gonna clear our heads, and then we are gonna figure it out.
      Callie: So do we start right now?
      Derek: Tomorrow. You need to take the night off. Thank you.
      Callie: Oh, thank god.

    • (After Shane cries because a patient is dying)
      Cristina: Hey, Weepy. No big deal, but don't do that again. It's gross.
      Shane: Sorry. (walks off)
      Cristina: Mmhmm. (sees Bailey looking at her) What?
      Bailey: You cared about him.
      Cristina: No, I didn't.
      Bailey: Oh, you did, just like you cared about that other intern, so much you fought me to teach her. Just like you cared about my wedding enough to give me personal advice-- Good advice-- That I'm actually planning to take. So I don't know what happened to you in that frozen hell of a tundra, but you've changed.
      Cristina: I did not.
      Bailey: Mmhmm.

    • April: Here we go. (opens the results) 'Not pregnant.' Thank you, Jesus. Now we don't have to get married. We're free. We just-- We just dodged a bullet. Like, the biggest bullet ever. Thank you. Thank you, god. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (exhales, notices Jackson isn't happy) No, J-Jackson, no, I didn't mean... just, you know, now things don't have to change. We could stay dating, just not while also raising a child. Everything can stay the same. You know, I'll-- I'll just go on the pill so I don't have to freak out every time that I... am late.
      Jackson: It's cool. Seriously, don't bother.
      April: What? Jack-- Jackson--
      Jackson: Maybe this was a sign, you know? That we needed to stop. Honestly, I think it's for the best.
      April: Okay. I- I mean, if that's--
      Jackson: It is. I gotta go, uh, check in on Torres. I'll see you later.
      April: Okay.

    • Owen: How did you know?
      Richard: 11 years in your job.
      Owen: Mm. You want it back?
      Richard: No. You know, they're usually looking for a scapegoat-- Someone they can lay all the blame on and then set 'em adrift. That's what happened?
      Owen: No, the board, they have back... completely.
      Richard: Well, that's great.
      Owen: Yeah. ... Why wouldn't they just... fire me?
      Richard: I don't know. Oh.
      Owen: What?
      Richard: You're married to someone on the other side. They seem unhappy about that?
      Owen (sighs): Richard, thanks.

    • April: I don't have the results yet. I-I told you I would text you...
      Jackson: I'm in. All the way.
      April: What?
      Jackson: Come on. (leads her into an on-call room) I know it might not be what you planned or how you planned it, but we can do this. We'll get married, have an awesome kid, be amazing parents. I'm in.
      April: Don't say that if you don't mean it.
      Jackson: I mean it. We can do this.
      April: You really think that--
      Jackson: You said it yourself. Something that feels this good cannot be bad.
      April: So you-- You really want this?
      Jackson: I want this. We get married. We have a house. We get a big yard.
      April: And we have a wedding?
      Jackson: And we have a huge freakin' wedding.
      April: In a-- In a field with butterflies. (laughs) I don't know.
      Jackson: Butterflies, a field-- Whatever you want. Okay? Your family's gonna be there. My family-- I mean, my crazy mom's gonna be there. She'll probably bring Webber. Whatever. That's fine. (they kiss)
      April: Are we really... You sure? We can do this?
      Jackson: We can do this. (they kiss)

    • Meredith: Look at this.
      Derek (looks at C.T): A mesio-orbital frontal lobe tumor.
      Meredith: He's the grabby guy. He's a father. His whole family's horrified to be around him. I thought we could help him, but Clemens says it's inoperable.
      Derek: No, it's not.
      Meredith: I thought so.
      Derek: Alright, I'll page Clemens, let him know that he's an idiot, and walk him through how to do it.
      Meredith: Derek.
      Derek: Yeah.
      Meredith: He's not gonna do as good a job as you.
      Derek: No, he's not.
      Meredith: Which is why you have to get your hand fixed.

    • Callie: Where are you?
      Jackson: What?
      Callie: You've been staring at your phone all day, like some 16 year-old girl waiting for a creepy college guy to text her back. I need you to focus.
      Jackson: I'm sorry, okay? But we both know that Shepherd is just gonna shoot this thing down. He doesn't want to do the surgery.
      Callie: Oh, he doesn't know wants. He's just scared. He wishes this never happened, but it happened, and now it's up to us to come up with a plan that makes him feel just a little less scared, makes him believe it'll all be okay. And we can do that. So come on.

    • (Arizona falls down)
      Alex: Everybody get out. I said get out. (everyone leaves) You okay? Robbins, you are you hurt? Did you hit your head?
      Arizona (laughing): I- I was so proud of myself for getting through today and the surgery, like nothing was different, and I'm such a big shot that I went and put all my weight on my left foot, except... (laughing) I don't have a left foot. And now I'm on my ass. And you should-- you should see the look on your face. (Alex laughs) Oh, are you gonna-- Are you gonna help me up?
      Alex: Yeah. Come on.

    • Cristina: Dr. Edwards, how would you like the honor of closing for me today?
      Bailey: Uh, no. You heard me. No interns closing up this patient.
      Cristina: Dr. Bailey, I might not give the best wedding advice, but this is my intern under my service, and she's been practicing this procedure for days. I am more than confident she's prepared.
      Bailey: Fine. Let her close.

    • April: Ugh!
      Arizona: Dr. Kepner?
      April: Sorry, this P.D.S suture isn't holding, and I can't get hemostasis. (sighs) Horseback riding is supposed to be fun, but even if you were the right shoes and helmet and everything, protection doesn't always work. So you know what? What's the point? You might as well just ride bareback.
      Arizona: Karev, can you take this over for a second?
      Alex: Yeah, sure. (motions to Heather, she slowly moves a chair closer to Arizona)
      Arizona (to Heather): You, whatever your name is, can you stop stalking me with chairs? I'm stretching, which is normal. We all need to stretch sometimes. So can you just get that thing away from me?

    • Nurse: Dr. Bailey, Dr. Warren's calling the front desk. He was wondering what time your surgery would be done.
      Bailey: Yeah, I bet he is. He probably found another inspiration picture in a bride magazine he wants to discuss. Do we do silver bells or snowflakes on our invitation? Garland or poinsettias on the centerpiece? Psh.
      Cristina: It's just a wedding.
      Bailey: Oh, come on. Out of all people, I thought I could count on you to have my back.
      Cristina: Do you think I wanted that wedding at Meredith's house? That was for Owen. Put on the dress. There are bigger battles.
      Bailey: Right, 'cause that philosophy worked out so well for you and Owen.

    • (Jackson is drawing April's blood)
      Jackson: You okay?
      April: Yeah. You?
      Jackson: Yeah. I don't know.
      April: I know. I guess I should've been on the pill.
      Jackson: Yeah, I guess we were both pretty stupid.
      April: Jackson, I can do this myself, you know?
      Jackson: What?
      April: Just, if this isn't what you want...
      Jackson: Wh--
      Alex (walks in): What the hell, Kepner. Our surgery's about to start.
      April (same time): I'm anemic.
      Jackson (same time): S.T.D screen.
      April: Great timing, though 'cause I just finished.

    • Lawyer: In a round of budget cuts heading into fiscal 2012, transportation policy shifted from your previous company to Skytrip, who it appears subcontracts to several smaller companies--
      Owen: Who had mechanical issues.
      Lawyer: That's right.
      Owen (scoffs): This is how we save money, by jeopardizing our people's lives? Who are vetting this guys? Who approved switching to a company without checking their damn safety records?
      Lawyer (hands Owen a paper): Is this your signature, Dr. Hunt?
      Owen: I don't remember this, specifically, but... yes. Yes, I approved this. (sighs) I did it. So what happens now, I resign?
      Lawyer: This interview is just to ascertain--
      Roberta: That is the last thing that we want. I'm sorry. Can I interject something here, off the record? Dr. Hunt, I am Roberta Thompson. I am new to the board.
      Owen: Yeah, we've met.
      Roberta: Um, I just want to be clear here. You said it yourself. You run a surgical staff, and you do a hell of a job at it. You wouldn't do it so well if we expected yo to chase down every zero on a budget report. Owen... A mistake was made... an oversight. And it cost us, all of us. God knows it cost our doctors. And you, your own wife has paid a terrible price for this, but the board wants you to know that you have our full support in this.

    • April: Jackson. (sees it's Mer) Oh, sorry, I thought you were--
      Meredith: You two having a sex date?
      April: We are not having a sex date. Not everything is about sex.
      Meredith: You okay?
      April: Yes. (voice breaks) No. (crying) Oh, god.
      Meredith: April?
      April: I had a plan. I was gonna be married and have a husband. Our wedding would have the-- the mints. We'd be 'mint to be', committed. I was gonna tell my husband that I was pregnant by giving him a t-shirt that said 'world's greatest dad.' Now look at me.
      Meredith: You're pregnant?
      April (crying): I think so. Well, I don't know.
      Meredith: Plans never work out the way you think they're going to, especially with babies. You try and try to get pregnant, and you can't. And then a baby comes when you least expect it, probably because you didn't plan it. Plans don't mean anything.

    • Bailey: The brochure has a picture of the place decorated with icicle lights and those reindeer made out of twigs.
      Callie (gasps, then Bailey gives her a look): That's gross. Ooh, what about a cupcake tower instead of a cake? You can do red and green frosting. (Bailey glares) Oh, come on. You guys are in love. Why not celebrate that?
      Jackson: 'Cause sometimes love makes you do stupid things. Suddenly you're screwed the rest of your life.
      Bailey: What he said.
      Callie: Why are you even talking? I need that answer about the radial nerve transfer.
      Jackson: Yeah. Slow reader here.
      Arizona (walks in): Hey.
      Jackson: Hey, Dr. Robbins. Uh, you're working with horse kid, right?
      Arizona: Uh, yeah I am. Karev's got him in pre-op.
      Jackson: And Dr. Kepner, was she also in pre-op or she probably--
      Callie: Excuse me. Why would she know where your girlfriend is? Read the article.
      Arizona: Hey, um, I'm gonna do an exploratory lap on this kid tonight, so I might be a little late.
      Bailey: You're doing exploratory surgery your first day back? That's a lot of standing. You think that... (sees Callie shaking her head) You might get bored? 'Cause I get bored just standing. And sittin'-- I also get bored sittin'.
      Callie: Hey, uh, Bailey and Ben are having a Christmas wedding. They're gonna have carolers.
      Arizona: Oh, I love Christmas carolers.
      Bailey: There will be no carolers.
      Jackson (gets a text from April): Torres, I'm gonna be right back.
      Callie: No, no, no. I need you here. (Jackson leaves, Bailey laughs)

    • Meredith: Did you see the way he was grabbing my pen? (Jo nods) That's a grasping reflex. It's a frontal release sign.
      Jo: I thought that went away after infancy.
      Meredith: Well, it does unless you have a tumor in your frontal lobe, in which case, primitive reflexes come back along with disinhibition. Patients start becoming impulsive, saying things they shouldn't.
      Jo: Grabbing ass. You're so smart.
      Meredith: Stop sucking up. Go get a C.T. and page neuro.

    • (Heather is following Arizona with a wheelchair)
      Arizona: Can I help you?
      Heather: No. Um... I just got lost on my way to... radiology.

    • Alex (hands kid money): Good job.
      Kid: You said $20 if I didn't ask about the fake leg.
      Alex: I only got $10 on me.
      Kid: The next time she comes in, I'm gonna tell her how you told me that I couldn't say anything.
      Alex (hands him more money): Keep your trap shut.

    • Bailey (to Cristina): What's this I hear about you letting your intern do a procedure on my patient?
      Stephanie (to Shane): You tattled on me?
      Shane: I didn't spend the last three months on liver watch so you could kill this guy.
      Cristina: Hey, no one's killing anyone. She's good. Better than you. (to Stephanie) No gloating.
      Bailey: Yang. (motions with her finger for Cristina to come by her, Cristina does) Do you know how long this man's waited for a liver? So long he was married to a woman the first time he came in here now he's come out. He's met the man he's meant to spend the rest of his life with. This is not the man we let an intern practice on.
      Cristina: Okay, relax. She won't do it. Since when did you become such a romantic? (Bailey walks out. Stephanie looks disappointed) Oh, boo-hoo. You're lucky you even get to work with me.

    • Meredith: A dirty old man touched my butt today, twice.
      Derek: Really?
      Meredith: How was your day? How was Callie?
      Derek: Well, she didn't touch my butt. (kisses her)
      Meredith: Derek.
      Derek: What?
      Meredith: I am all for burying things with sex, but this is your career.
      Derek: You want to talk about it?
      Meredith: Yes.
      Derek: Why do the surgery at all? I've always wanted to spend more time fishing. I just got Zola her first fishing pole. It's pink. (they laugh, Derek kisses her)
      Meredith: Derek.
      Derek: There is no good solution. There's half fixes. Maybe there's more function. Maybe there's not. And if they can't fix it, then that's it. It's done. It's over.
      Meredith: It's not over. You find a fix.
      Derek: You used to be so dark and twisty. Now you're optimistic.
      Meredith (laughs): We're not talking about me.
      Derek: Let's just not talk at all. (kisses her)

    • Cristina: Why didn't we treat this valve disease ear--
      Stephanie: Right away? Because the valve replacement surgery would've caused his liver to fail. But the liver transplant would've caused his heart to fail. That's why we'll do both surgeries today. First the valve replacement, then the liver transplant.
      Cristina: Good. You almost make me want to learn your name.

    • Richard: Hunt. Nice speech this morning. Very, uh, 'once more unto the breach, dear friends.' (Owen looks confused) Shakespeare. You know, 'Henry V.' I mean, the point is that you're handling all this well.
      Owen: Thanks. You, uh, need something?
      Richard: Uh, just checking in. You-- You alright with this, uh, meeting?
      Owen: Yeah, I'm just telling them what happened. Why?
      Richard: Uh, oh, no reason. It's just, um, you know, a lawsuit like this, uh reminds a hospital that it's a business. The angles change pretty quickly. So don't let 'em back you in a corner.
      Owen: I should be fine.
      Richard: Of course. Of course. Look, you know what you're doing. Just ignore me.

    • Callie: Hey, Avery, you're helping me research a plan for Shepherd's hand today.
      Jackson: Uh, can it wait? I'm a little busy.
      Callie: Oh, well, every second, the nerve is dying a little bit more. As we stand here and argue, his nerve is dying.
      Jackson: Yes, but--
      Callie: Oh, his nerve died just a little bit more. Let's go. Snap, snap.

    • Jackson: What's up?
      April: I'm late.
      Jackson: For what?
      April: Four days. I have never been four days late in my life.
      Jackson: Four days late for... Oh. Oh. Oh... Oh...
      April: Of course. Just when I start thinking that maybe this could work-- something that feels so good can't be bad, right? I- I don't know. Maybe Jesus is okay with premarital sex. He made that rule when people got married at 16. He never expected people to wait 'til they were 30. But now I have a baby in my uterus, and it is clear that he is not okay with it. Okay, Jesus. I get it.
      Jackson: Relax, okay? You're not pregnant.
      April: I am a clock. I am never late.
      Jackson: We use condoms.
      April: Condoms break.
      Jackson: They don't break.
      April: Wh--
      Jackson: Sometimes they break. Just... W-- We're gonna have you pee on a stick, and we'll know in five minutes.
      April: No. No. Those things can give off false positives. It-- It has to be a blood test.
      Jackson: Fine. You're right. We'll go draw your blood right now. Okay?
      April: Uh-huh. Jackson...
      Jackson: Hey, we are not gonna worry until we know for sure. Okay?
      April: Okay.

    • (Cristina is sitting outside on a bench)
      Bailey: What's wrong?
      Cristina: Dr. Bailey, did you know the ten coldest counties in the country are all located in Minnesota?
      Bailey: Um, you're glad to be back. I'm glad you're glad. Now did you double-check the history of the heart valve like I asked?
      Cristina: Grumpy.
      Stephanie: Yes, and base on the history, we've chose a pericardial bioprothesis. I made sure the O.R. has it ready.

    • Derek: What else?
      Callie: Derek I went through the trouble of making a slide could you please look at it?
      Derek: You know as well as I do that those stats come from studies on rats. And as far as the end-to-side transfer, yeah, it's state-of-the-art, but once you take away my good nerve, I will have less function than I did before. You don't have it. Keep trying.
      Callie: I practiced with Arizona last night. She made a much more enthusiastic Derek.

    • Meredith: It was good that Owen said that about the lawsuit.
      Cristina: What, his 'one big, happy family' crap? It's very sweet unless you're me.
      Meredith: It needed to be said.
      Cristina: Yeah, unless you're the deformed wife chained in the attic.
      Meredith: Well, what do you want to be to him? You left him. Do you want to be something else?
      Cristina: Well, I don't want to be chained in the attic.
      April (walks up): Hey, guys. Have you seen Jackson? He's not answering my texts.
      Cristina: Why, you looking for some Jackson action? (Mer & Cristina laugh) Oh, my god. What did I tell you? 30 years as a nun, she cannot get enough.
      April: Um, so you haven't seen him?
      Meredith: No, but we will tell him that you really, really, really need to see him if-- (April storms off)
      Cristina: Bye, April.

    • Bailey (on the phone): Well, call them back and get the deposit back then. Well, I'm glad your sister likes the view, but I'm the one who has to put on the poufy dress. You know what? This conversation is over. Well, I love you, too. (lowered voice) Red panties and a lace bra. (hangs up and sees Richard & April looking at her) He wants to have a Christmas wedding... in a-a rustic mountain lodge with red ribbons and mistletoe and a tree with ornaments made of our photos.
      April: Aw. That sounds beautiful.
      Bailey: No, it's stupid. What kind of self-respecting man cares this much about a wedding?
      Richard: I did.
      Bailey: Yeah, but I did the wedding thing before. I'm gonna make all those people who showed up the first time sit through another ceremony because uh, maybe I'll mean it this time? You were there with Adele. You got me a set of ramekins.
      Richard: And I'd be happy to get you another set.
      April: I want to get married in a field with wildflowers everywhere and butterflies that are released when I say 'I do.' (Bailey rolls her eyes) Oh, and I want to have these little mints that say 'mint to be.' (laughs) You get it? 'Cause they're mints--
      Bailey: There will be no mints. We're going to the courthouse, have a little cocktail party after.
      Richard: Yeah, we'll see about that. A man who puts down a deposit is a man who means business.
      Bailey: Well, he has 'til the 12th to get his money back. That's two days. He'd need two years to get me to agree to a wedding with Santa Claus running around.

    • Callie: Red eagle had landed.
      Alex: What?
      Callie: Arizona just got here. I had an intern wait at the entrance and then text me when they saw her. I also put the weirdo over there on wheelchair duty. (Heather gives thumbs up and has a wheelchair) Now listen, she'll be tired and in pain but she won't ask for it unless she sees it's close by. Just don't shove it in her face. She hates that.
      Alex: You know what I hate? That you won't stop talking.
      Callie: Well, then you two will get along just fine today. (notices Arizona) Oh, red eagle. Red eagle. D-Don't look up. Don't look up. Keep reading.
      Arizona (walks up): Hi.
      Alex: Robbins.
      Callie: Oh, hey. Good. You're here. Well, I gotta run. Derek's all 'fix my hand. No rest 'til I'm healed.'

    • Cristina: Uh, yeah. Um... The fire house. I'm not staying there anymore so I was wondering what we should do. I mean, if we should sell it or... I wondered what you wanted to do.
      Owen: You should do what you like. It's your house.

    • Meredith: (opening voiceover) Can two people really be meant to be? M.F.E.O.?  Soul mates?  It would be nice if it's true that we all have someone out there waiting for us, us waiting for them. I'm just not sure I believe it.

    • Meredith: (closing voiceover) Maybe I do believe it, all this meant to be stuff. Why not believe it, really? Who doesn't want more romance in their life? Maybe it's just up to us to make it happen, to show up and be meant for each other. At least that way, you'll find out for sure if you're meant to be or not.

    • Kid: My sneakers.
      Alex: What's that?
      Kid: Don't lose my sneakers. They're 200 bucks.
      April: That's why his leg slipped through the stirrup. You have to wear a shoe with a heel when you ride a horse.
      Alex: Kid spends 200 bucks on sneakers, he's obviously not the king of awesome choices.

    • Cristina: Why am I here?
      Owen: What?
      Cristina: You pushed to have me back. I am curious why, because you don't seem to want me here.
      Owen: Oh, you're gonna do great things, Cristina, and I'm running a hospital. I'd rather have you do that under our banner. You're good business.
      Cristina: That's the only reason?
      Owen: You moved away. You asked me to stop calling you. Now you're back. What-what do you want?
      Cristina: I don't-I don't know. That's...
      Owen: Well, let me tell you what we do know. We want different things. Every time we try to ignore that, we end up hurting each other. We don't work. That's what we know. And that hasn't changed. Nothing's changed at all.

    • Graham: We've arrived! Dr. Bailey! How does the liver look? Is it a good one?
      Bailey: The best. Dr. Ross spent the last 24 hours on the phone with U.N.O.S. to make sure it didn't go anywhere else.
      Shane: They were threatening to send it to Portland, but I went all Dr. Bailey on 'em.
      Graham: That's my man.

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