Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 17

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on ABC

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  • Grey's Anatomy returned after three weeks with very good storylines.

    Of course this show is not what it used to be in its first 2 seasons, but this season has improved a lot. With Denny gone (finally) Izzie found out she has terminal cancer with just a few months of life left. I was surprised at the end when she told Cristina about her diagnose. Derek really annoyed me in this episode and he looked like mess. I really feel bad for Meredith. There was something good between Chief and Bailey, too. Those two are usually on the same boat, but since Chief found out that Baily is gonna be a pediatric surgeon, hmm his behaviour has changed drastically. And how good it was to see Adele (Loretta Devine)? :) That chick is always great.
  • A weird and mixed up episode with all kinds of things happening at once.

    This episode seemed too fragmentary to me, as if they were trying to fit too many things into too little time. Everything was happening very quickly and before you had the chance to process one major event, another one followed. Derek gets depressed and of course, his ego issues surface again and he behaves like a jerk to everyone, especially Meredith. The marriage proposal is off and we are left wondering what on earth is going to happen between those two. The constant back-and-forth, breaking up- making up is making me tired and frankly, I think they have overstretched this plot way beyond its normal survival rate. Instead of basing the show's central plot on continuous break-ups between Derek and Meredith, they could actually try to figure out new things instead. Like Christina and Owen, Lexie and Mark, Callie and Arizona. All three of these romances got very little screen time in this epi, and unjustly so in my opinion. The only good thing about this episode was Izzie and the diagnosis that came up for patient X, as well as Izzie's whole attitude towards the subject. It remains to be seen whether she will survive the melanoma and stay on the show or lose her battle with cancer and pursue a film career. In any case it was good to have some closure, and the way it was presented was emotional without being melodramatic. Let's hope there's some more consistency in the next episodes, and for god's sake that Derek will finally come to his senses...
  • Izzie and the interns finally diagnose her mystery condition. Alex discovers something about a patient and proves himself to Dr. Robbins and Dr. Hunt. Derek refuses to return to work. The feud between the Chief and Bailey escalates.

    As the dust settled from the crossover event and things tried to return to normal at Seattle Grace, as normal as they could in the drama addled hospital. Derek learns he has killed more people in his career than he saved. Izzie continues on her quest to diagnose herself freely with help of the interns. Alex begins to really shine amongst his fellow first year residents. The Chief continues to demean Bailey for choosing pediatrics, and their tension escalates in the O.R. Lexie decides to fight for Mark, despite the odds. Callie comes clean with Dr. Arizona. Cristina deals with Owen's PTSD. Meredith learns from the Chief of Derek's intentions and comes clean to Derek.

    The big story of the night was finally learning what exactly is wrong with Izzie, it turns out it is metastatic melanoma (Stage IV). What exactly that means is still not clear with me, the disease spread to her skin, liver and brain, thus explaining the hallucinations, but the important thing to take away from it is that there is a 5% chance of survival. Throughout the episode her fellow residents were either concerned or annoyed that she stole the interns for her "Patient X" diagnosis, and then bothered by her weird predictions of what they will be like years from now, and the interns then disappointed for not getting anything out of the contest. Izzie delivered one of her great little speeches demanding that they become better doctors. Then she had a great conversation with Lexie who was the only one who asked what they do next about "Patient X" because her own mother died of the hiccups which has a 100% survival rate, so "Patient X" should fight it, because no matter the odds there are things worth fighting for, and you should want to fight.

    A patient comes in with seizures and Owen and Alex realize that they could kill her by shocking her, but do it anyways and she survives. Alex is forced to babysit the girl, a band geek, who he tries to diagnose despite her band geek friends who were frankly annoying. Alex realized that the seizures were caused by a heart condition, after noticing that she flatlined before seizing, again medical technical things that go over my head. In surgery Dr. Arizona, wanted to believe that Alex was wrong while her and Dr. Hunt operated and had Alex ready the paddles, but he was right and saved the girls life, and won the praises of the two attendings. If Justin chambers ever hoped to win an Emmy this episode would be the one to get him there, unless Izzie dies.

    So The Chief vs. Bailey hit a big bang this week, as they treated a family with a history bad stomach cancer, or some sort of disease. Their tension escalated while they were teaching Cristina and Meredith and arguing over procedures. Then came my favorite moment of the episode, Adele walking out of the elevator to scold her husband and Bailey, a great scene made better with Loretta Devine. Bailey soon realized that The Chief is always coming down on her when she is expressing her feminine softer side, having a baby or specializing in pediatrics. Hopefully this will end the feud, cause The Chief being pissed at his girl Bailey is just plain annoying. It was nice to see Michael Rady in the scene as well, as the one who did not want the surgery because he the president of his frat, Kappa Tau Gamma perhaps?

    So after his fight with Derek, Mark had broken his hand and wanted to desperately get back into the operating room, and had Callie juice him up or something, if they go down this road again i may need to stop watching. If you are unfamiliar remember back to season three with Preston and his hand, once was enough. I hope that the storyline is more a solidifying act of Lexie and Mark with her saying that she is willing to fight for them despite the fact that he is Mark Sloan and she is Little Grey and the odds are against them.

    My favorite new relationship is between Callie and Dr. Arizona Robbins. I love saying her name Dr. Arizona Robbins, it sounds better if you say it with a raspy voice and maybe add your own little side afterwards, like "I am Dr. Arizona Robbins where did you put my Winstons?" something along those lines. While they only had like a few minutes of screen time this week they decided to give it a go, I think, on this show you never know with this show.

    The end presented an interesting role reversal of sorts, after learning that Derek has been carrying his mother's engagement ring for weeks now, she goes to see him at his trailer and land. By the way what ever happened to that house they were going to build? When she confronted Derek saying that she knows there is a ring and that he needs to return to surgery, he blows up at her stating that he is giving her the easy way out because she always runs from commitment. I will hand it to Meredith given her track record she should have broken down right there, but she held it together nicely and without tequila. In the end the most important thing was what is Izzie going to do now? Who can she tell? She decides telling Alex would be risky after his "You can do it Izzie" speech, so she tells Cristina who is not going to be sympathetic, in the air shaft thing with the loud vent to block out the sound so we do not know the exact wording, we just see her mouthing the words. I am wondering what will Izzie do now? And will Cristina keep her secret? I honestly think that Cristina is changing given the fact that she hasn't run from Owen yet given all his issues.

    This was a great episode to come back to, but could we give George a bigger story, he at least had more than one line this week.
  • The best episode of the season by far, maybe even since season three.

    I loved this episode. It was by far my favourite of season five and maybe even since season three. Every storyline was engrossing, all the characters flowed and their was humour and drama at just the right times. My favourite part would be how Izzie finally learned what illness she has to fight. It was just heartbreaking watching the excited interns work out her fate.

    Katherine Heigl is an amazing actress and it would be a shame to see her killed off the show. How intense was it when she shouted at the interns, seeing Cristina's face as Izzie told her...just brilliant stuff. I was surprised to see her confide in Cristina but it made sense. She was funnily observing people throughout the episode, Meredith and Cristina at lunch, Alex's skills...this storyline has seriously gone from painful to superb.

    Secondly we move onto an equally intense situation with Derek breaking down and essentially quitting. I feel sorry for him but I don't like how he ignores this support...but it must be hard dealing with death so much of the time. Meredith cares and its a great step for her. That ending scene between the scene was painful to watch but in a good way. He was slaughtering her but she didn't walk away. I can't believe he did that to the ring...he is a broken man.

    Alex was great her as well, he did great work with the band girl case and I liked how he just let rip with Izzie, told her to start working because he wants her at the top with him. Bailey and the Chief's feud is entertaining but I have to side with the former, she wants to help children. What's wrong with that?

    Cristina and Hunt are really interesting, way better than her and Burke anyway. He pushed seems they have issues to deal with. He was good with Kurev. Callie and Arizona are good, I liked how she tried to play hard to get by saying 'maybe' but couldn't resist. Lexi and Mark are a hilarious couple but the former is a stand out character and the scene where she thanked Izzie talked about patients fighting was really well acted and enjoyable.

    So this really was an episode to watch, all the storylines are getting to the point of brilliance. Cannot wait until the next episode.
  • I loved it!

    In this episode "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" was the best of the season thus far! One of the things that I found most interesting was that Izzie told Christina her secret first. Izzie is by far my favorite and she was just great during this whole episode. I also actually even like the whole MerDer storyline, I found it intriguing, even though i wish they would just hurry up and get married already. Alex makes me sad because he is so happy these days and I feel that he is gonna fall hard soon. Callie and Arizona was ok, Adell, Baily, and the Chief were funny, and i always love Mark & Lexie moments. Personally, this episode, for me, hit the ball out of the park!
  • Reminded me why this show is still worth watching.

    It has been a while since there was an episode of Grey's that brought about the emotions and anticipation as it did in Season 2. But this episode proves to me that there's still something left in Grey's worth waiting around for in the fifth season. Great perfomances in this episode, especially by Heigl and Dempsey. The speech that Izzie gave to the interns about being a doctor and getting it right was the real prize was powerful and grounding. I realized how much they've developed her character (from the intern who cut LVAD wires) and she's growing as a teacher. I was a little taken back by Derek's emotional breakdown with Meredith at the end but it was about time we see a more selfish and irrational Derek. Also sweet moments in all the relationships: Bailey fighting with the Chief, Lexie keeps hitting Mark's broken hand, Hunt throwing Cristina into the medicine shelf and Alex's joy and finally opening up to share it with Izzie.

    But the most touching scene was at the very end. I thought it was very fitting that Izzie chooses Cristina to reveal her secret and Cristina takes her to the room with the huge blowing vent. They muted Izzie's voice but you can see from both of their facial expressions that there will be more drama waiting to unfold at Seattle Grace in the upcoming weeks!
  • Season 5, Episode 17.

    After learning at a deposition that more of his patients have died than survived, Derek decides to quit, even as Meredith refuses to give up on him. -- I really liked this storyline. It was very entertaining and enjoyable. I love Meredith. She's awesome. I like that someone quit too! The interns discover something unsettling on a "patient x," unaware that the charts they're looking at are actually Izzie's. -- I like that we're close to finding out what Izzie's problem is. I really wanna know, even though I already know that it is similar to an aneurysm. I laughed so hard in the beginning! Christina is just walking through the hospital, happy, then she wakes up her boyfriend and gets kicked into a bunch of shelves. LMAO! Good episode! :)
  • I don't enjoy this show as much as I used to :(

    Okay don't attack me ! I loved this episode but Grey's anatomy has changed so much. It used to be so fun to watch. There used to be all this great romatic stuff going on. Betrayal and underwear hanging on the wall. Things used to be crazy but in a good way. Burke and Christina hid a dangerous secret,Derek cheated on Addison, Callie and George got married and then George cheated on her with Izzie !! The ounce interns, Meredith,Izzie,George,Alex and Christina used to be all best friends. They used to talk with each other and laugh with each other and compete. The show used to be so much lighter. Now Izzie has cancer,Derek is quitting,Meredith is nowhere to be found, It's like she's a wall hanging. She's just there for Derek's storylines and Christina's relationship with Hunt is being given like two minutes in every episode. This episode was intense and hilarious in some parts. As always, Grey's anatomy is a master at setting the mood but everything is being dragged out and the storylines are repeating each other. Look at season 2. Denny proposed to Izzie. Denny dies. Izzie quits. Now look at season 5, Derek wants to propose to Meredith, he kills a patient, quits and hits the ring with a baseball. Now look at Karev. He was picked for the first solo surgery. Why would Arizona's compliment make him really happy. He already has the respect from the surgery ! Also Lexie and Mark. They have made thousand's of speeches for each other now, including the " I want people to know about us " speech and the " teach me " speeh, why make another " the odds are against us " speech, It gets really annoying !! In this episode Bailey and the chief fight. They have fought alot of times before this season, couldn't they just stop. Callie ?! Okay she isn't getting alot of screen time and she isn't the only one. George and Doctor Hunt are also being pushed to the side. This episode was dramatic,funny and romantic but what's missing ? What's missing is the feeling I used to get watching Grey's anatomy. That cosy feeling I like. This show changed :( I want the old Grey's anatomy back !
  • The roles have changed

    This episode was something special, Derek's new dark and twisty face is very interesting. He had always been the optimistic and caring… but now he's all hurtful and doesn't give a damn about anything or anyone (he treated Meredith really jerky). It will be nice to se him stepping up that face, or see how he keeps acting like a punk; anyway is cool because it brings something new to the show.

    I have to say, I love shinny caring Mer. She is now worrying about her man, trying to help him and, most important standing by his side no matter what, and that's worth watching.

    Karev being a nice guy and good doctor was a good one. We've always seen Mer and Cristina like the best of all, but now they have competition. But I want to know what's he gonna do when he finds out about Izzie… what all are gonna do…

    I didn't like the chief's behave… but Bailey's move? Hilarious! And Cristina always makes the show better, I cant wait to see how things gonna turns up with Dr. McArmy… too bad we have to wake another week.
  • & the return of Grey's isn't disappointing.

    There are very few couples I find, especially on TV that you can understand and tell their character and manners so well, that when you see them, you can literally HEAR the thoughts in your head.

    Meredith and Derek will do that for you. The amount of love in this episode is heartbreaking. Why? Because this is Derek and Meredith we're talking about, and finally they're meeting head on. The roles are reversed, and if they can survive this, they can survive anything.

    With Izzie, we finally get some answers, and we finally know (partially) what Izzie has. But it does open up our eyes to the fact that the small things in life often go for granted.

    The only thing that was slightly annoying, is the Chiefs disagreement with Bailey wanting to go into Peds. As per usual, Bailey sets him right.

    This is a very special episode, and the ending is tense, yet beautiful.

    Thanks for coming back to our televisions Grey's!
  • A strong and dramatic episode.

    It was great to have Grey's Anatomy back and with an episode where plenty happened. It was certainly revealing over Izzie, it seems she really does have a very serious condition with only a small percentage of surviving. Still, a chance is better than nothing, right? George had better scenes than he's had for a long time, when he was with Izzie. I really enjoyed the scene with Adele telling Bailey and the Chief of as if they were a pair of naighty school children. Obviously Derek is going to need to be sorted out big time and I would imagine that's coming up in the next few episodes.
  • Meredith and Derek fight, Izzie receives her prognosis

    One thing I've noticed about Grey's Anatomy is how simply awful the writing is for the patients. It feels like an out of touch teenager is scripting the dialogue for the guest stars and all the jokes fall flat.

    I did like the Izzie scenes, even if her future on the show does not look great. Lexie and Sloan was fun as well, for the brief moments they were together, but the Chief and Bailey's "feud" is starting to bore me, and it's just begun. I'm interested in seeing where Derek and Meredith go from here, but knowing TV they'll be back together by next week.
  • Finally, we get some closure...

    Let me start with a simple phrase that would best describe what I really thought about this episode - 'It was fine'. After 60 minutes, when you straighten your back, and you run through what transpired during that time. On the first pass you see it was a well written story, well sequenced, and well acted out. But on the second pass - there is something unsettling about the whole episode. Reason: a couple of things that happened were huge, I repeat HUGE. When Shonda could produce episode after episode making viewers insane with scenes of Izzy making out with a ghost, she could have at least made the revelation more dramatic. Here we are talking about the potential death of a regular character. Well whatever, I found it was too subtle.

    The other huge thing was definitely Derek going berserk over his recent surgical debacle. The scene where he hits the ring using a baseball bat could easily be the most powerful scene in any drama. I felt the whole incident of him quitting was so toned down that it failed to produce any reasonable effect.

    I am not sure, but this one did not strike the right chord.