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Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 21

I Will Survive

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 12, 2011 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Personal and work pressures are adding up and have Meredith visibly on edge, Owen conducts formal interviews for the Chief Resident position, Cristina grows increasingly defiant, Alex and Lucy's undefined relationship gets tested, and Jackson suddenly backs out of the Webber's diabetes trial.

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  • run for chief resident

    Cristina Yang is back with her smart retorts, she is a riot. I hope there is hope for little Grey and Sloan. I think they look good together. Avery is cute and all but I like Sloan more for little Grey. Karev keeps striking out with every girl that he falls for, that's sad. I hope the adoption of Zola by Mer and Derek goes well. I am sure the season finale will be interesting - especially with Karev spilling the beans about the clinical trial mess up of Mer. All in all script writing and directing were done well. Good episode.moreless
  • Great interactions, nicely written.

    Loved Sandra's performance, very much in character and the way she gives advice to everyone in her own unique way is brill. I spent all the episode thinking Owen would announce the winner at the end, and it was nice to see they postponed it and successfully generated more anticipation, which will keep a lot of people more and more interested. Worked on me anyway.

    Lexie (my favourite character) dealing with unresolved feelings - pretty much what happens to loads of people in real life, and handled in a not too soapy way. I'm sad about Rachel Taylor most likely leaving, she's gorgeous!

    Jackson making an unpopular decision because he felt he belonged elsewhere: been there, so I support him and think it's got the potential for a nice storyline. I just hope it doesn't end up with a lame 'listen to your elders as they know better' moral.

    Speaking of broken Aesops, I know Mer meant well but yes, she's compromising everything and everyone - what is it that makes central characters so selfish and immature and self-victimised? By doing what she did, she's virtually risking the future of the research and even the hospital, which may ruin dozens of lives, yet she's a saint and Alex is a jerk for telling Owen? Please...

    Great acting all throughout, great in-character traits. Callie reminded me a bit of Jordan Sullivan from Scrubs. That's the sort of cynicism that makes her character so real and human. That's the kind of female character ER missed in all of its run IMO.

    Loved it, and can't wait to watch the next one.moreless
Jessica Capshaw

Jessica Capshaw

Dr. Arizona Robbins

Sarah Drew

Sarah Drew

Dr. April Kepner

Jesse Williams (II)

Jesse Williams (II)

Dr. Jackson Avery

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Dr. Teddy Altman

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

James Tupper

James Tupper

Andrew Perkins

Guest Star

Ochuwa Oghie

Ochuwa Oghie


Guest Star

Anehita Okojie

Anehita Okojie


Guest Star

Scott Foley

Scott Foley

Henry Burton

Recurring Role

Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor

Dr. Lucy Fields

Recurring Role

Linda Klein

Linda Klein

Scrub Nurse Linda

Recurring Role

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    • Cristina: You know it's gonna be Mer, right? It doesn't mean that you're a bad surgeon or a bad doctor. Some people just don't fit the bill. They're just better at other things. Like you and those kids. I mean, you're good at that. But between you and Mer... She's organized, people like her, people trust her. She's a natural.
      Alex: People trust her.
      Cristina: I'm just saying. Go steal your job back. I mean, go to Africa. That's what you're good at. Go do what you're good at.
      Owen (walks up): Okay, I know you're mad but you just can't sit here and drink all night. So, I'm gonna take you home and-- (Cristina kisses him) I... Okay, I was not expecting that.
      Cristina: You told me to be excellent, so I'm gonna be. I'm gonna be an excellent surgeon and I'm gonna be excellent in bed tonight. (Cristina walks off, Alex downs another shot, Owen looks over at Alex) You alright, Karev?
      Alex: Meredith messed with the Alzheimer's trial.

    • Jackson: You staring at Sloan again?
      Lexie: Oh, the baby. Did-- Did you see her? H-How did the interview go?
      Jackson: I'm out.
      Lexie: What? What happened?
      Jackson: It's a long story. It's fine. Seriously, I'm okay with it. I have you. What else do I need? (they kiss)

    • Mark (to Callie & Arizona): I fed her. I changed her diaper. Prettiest poop you ever saw.

    • Teddy: Hey, everything okay?
      Henry: Completely. And I wanted you to be the first to hear just how okay everything is. I got my old job back.
      Teddy: You're kidding.
      Henry: Mmmm. I told them about Webber's trial and about how I'm getting a new pancreas. I never used a pancreas as a selling point for a interview before but it did the trick, which means that I'm gonna have my own insurance in a couple months.
      Teddy: That's really good news.
      Henry: I'm glad you think so. Because I've been thinking about us and our situation where we go from here, and I wanted to ask you--
      Andrew: Teddy.
      Teddy: Yeah, I'll be right there, Andrew.
      Henry: Lunch and dinner. The man's getting serious.
      Teddy: Yeah, dinner's to celebrate what we decided at lunch. I'm going to Germany with him.
      Henry: Oh, uh... Well, that's really good news, too.
      Teddy: It is. Right?
      Henry: Yeah, because like I said, I'm gonna be fine. Which brings me back to the question that I wanted to ask you.
      Teddy: What's that?
      Henry: May I please have a divorce?
      Teddy: Oh. Uh, yeah I guess. I mean... sure. You don't need me anymore, right?
      Henry: Right.

    • Owen: Dropping out of the Chief's trial is a bonehead move, Avery.
      Jackson: Sir--
      Owen: Such a bonehead move, that I started thinking, maybe the Chief's trial is flawed, so I looked into it myself. The methodology is flawless. In fact, it's the kind of stuff that wins awards, big awards, like the Harper Avery. You dropped out of the Chief's trial because you knew that if your name was on it, it would ruin the Chief's chances. I respect that you don't want to succeed on your name. But don't you ever let it hold you back.

    • Alex: That job in Africa, that bitch stole it out from under me.
      Cristina: Who?
      Alex: Lucy. I told her I'd stay. You open yourself up to someone for one freakin' second... I freakin' better get chief resident.
      April: You know, the rules, they are there for a reason.
      Cristina: Oh, boy.
      April: I killed a woman when I first started here. I got fired for it because I missed a little step, one simple step. We follow the protocols, we don't skip steps, people live. Simple as that. You know, you're right. I probably won't be chief resident, but the checklists work. You can't tell me they don't.

    • Alex: I'm not going to Africa.
      Lucy: Right. Uh, lemme just say this--
      Alex: No, it's the right thing. I- I can finish my residency, and then maybe we can both go to Africa together.
      Lucy: Alex, I just- Just listen to me.
      Alex: You were right this morning. There are other factors to consider, and you are a factor. I'm sorry I didn't say that sooner. 'Cause when Robbins said they were looking for someone single, I mean, that's how I think of myself because whenever I think of a future with someone, I always get kicked in the teeth, so I stopped even looking, but now with you...
      Lucy: Alex, stop. Okay, just stop. You were right this morning, career should come first, that's just how it should be. So, I took the job.
      Alex: So, call 'em. Call Baylor.
      Lucy: At Namboze. I took the job at Namboze clinic.
      Alex: You what? My job? You took my job?
      Lucy: Like you said, it's not personal. Sometimes you just have to be a shark.

    • Cristina: I was showing initiative.
      Owen: That doesn't mean that you get to pretend you're an attending!
      Cristina: I wasn't pretending, I just didn't need an attending.
      Owen: Oh, my God--
      Cristina: Teddy is doing a disservice to me and the educate that I deserve. I had no choice but to take my learning into my own hands. So, I took the intiative and treatted the patient and followed through to a successful outcome. An if that doesn't show the qualities of a chief resident, I don't know what does.
      Owen: You're not gonna be chief resident. It's not gonna be you, I'm sorry.
      Cristina: Is this from the-- the chief or from Teddy?
      Owen: No, it's from me.
      Cristina: You real-- You know how important this is. Chief resident can make your career. You have your pick of fellowships.
      Owen: You never had the qualifications.
      Cristina: Based on what?
      Owen: Chief resident is more than just a resume boost. It's managing schedules, overseing interns, pushing papers, working within the system. That isn't you. It's never been you.
      Cristina: You know, I'm-- I'm protesting this. You are screwing with my career.
      Owen: And it will kill you. You're a surgeon and anything that keeps you from being a surgeon will hurt you and it will make you crazy. We saw it today. You're not built for this job. You will hate it and you will resent it. And you will fight against it until you fail. So, just... be a surgeon. It's what you are. You know, just be excellent at what you are.

    • Social Worker: So I see here that your mother was a surgeon. What was that like? Meredith: Uh, well, being raised by a surgeon, you get to be very independant. And uh... Not that I would raise Zola the way that my mother raised me. I uh, ... She didn't bake. She wasn't a bake sale mom, and I... plan on baking all the time.
      Social Worker: How about you tell me about Zola?
      Meredith: Well, Zola had, uh already had a shunt and spina bifida surgery and then we realizded she had this hernia. And today in her surgery, it looked like she might go into SVT and just sa the anesthesiologist was about to push the adenosine, it's like she knew to stop and her heart just slowed down all by itself, and she went into sinus. I'm- I'm sorry, that's not what you asked me, right? I... You want me to talk about how cute and sweet she is and she is very cute and sweet, and I... I'm not doing very well, am I?
      Social Worker: I don't have an agenda here, Dr. Grey. I'm just trying to get a sense of who you are.
      I'm a surgeon and I'm a good surgeon and I want to be a good mother. Honestly, I don't know much about it, but I'm ready to learn and I'm a fast learner. And I will do whatever it takes to be a good mom.
      Social Worker
      You know what good moms do? They brag about their babies, and that's what I heard today. As it turns out, Zola's day didn't involve playgroup or baby gym It involved surgery and you knew where she was every second. I appreciate you sharing that with me.

    • Mark: Admit it, you saw how good this baby looked so you had to go and get one of your own.
      Derek (laughs): Everything's a competition with you.
      Mark: How'd her surgery go?
      Derek: Good. Robbins says she's fine. She's feeding again.
      Mark: Good, because Sofia can't wait to have a new friend. (in a baby voice) Isn't that right, Sofia? You and Zola are gonna be best friends. Isn't that right? (normal voice) Oh, you just wait. This crap will be coming out of your mouth soon, too.
      Derek (laughs): Well, let's hope so. We're dealing with the international adoption treaties and the waiver we need, they just don't usually give those things out.
      Mark: You're both surgeons. You'd make good parents. They're gonna see that.
      Derek: We'd be naive to get ahead of ourselves.
      Mark: You're Derek Shepherd. There's a reason I've been jealous of you my whole life, and it's not your hair. You're gonna be okay. Even Sofia knows that. (in a baby voice) Right, Sofia? Say 'Hi' to Uncle Derek.

    • Arizona: So, you gonna do it? Africa?
      Alex: Honestly, I'm not sure. It's a big decision to make in a day.
      Arizona: Are you in love with Lucy Fields?
      Alex: Lucy and I, it's... new. Why?
      Arizona: Because I don't want the person I recommend to pull a me and go running back to the girl they left behind. So, just... make sure you know what you're doing. Or else you'll have me to answer to.

    • Cristina: Look at that.
      April: I can't believe it lived in there.
      Cristina: It managed to thrive in a hostile environment. (looks at Teddy) I'm gonna keep it!
      April: What? No, no. It has to go to path and then get destroyed.
      Cristina: It's not cancer. It's a Christmas tree.
      April: It's a pathology specimen. Protocol--
      Cristina: Protocol doesn't account for trees in people.
      April: Protocol accounts for whatever comes up. That's why we have protocol. So there are rules and steps that we can depend on. I know the rules seem fussy and annoying and people hate, and the people who enfore them are fussy and annoying, too, but they are there for a reason.
      Cristina: Fine. Take it to path.
      April: Thank you. I think you'll find--
      Cristina: It's not gonna be you, April. I odn't care how many boxes you check, you're not gonna be chief resident.

    • Mark (after Lexie goes to turn on the lights): Oh, please don't. This is the only place she'll fall asleep. Turns out she's as bored with radiology as we are. I'll get out of your way.
      Lexie: No, no. You stay. Besides, I, uh, haven't really seen her up close yet. She's so much bigger than the last time that I saw her.
      Mark: Eats like a champ. Wanna hold her?
      Lexie: Wh-- Oh, no, no. It's okay.
      Mark: Come on. Look at that face. You know you want to.
      Lexie (laughs): No, it's-- it's okay. Yeah, I'll-- I'll just wake her, and then she'll cry, and then you'll hate me. Besides, she doesn't really look like she wants to move. ... Uh, I should go. I, uh... I am, uh, really happy for you. You seem happy.
      Mark: I am. ... I have everything I always wanted. ... Almost.

    • Cristina: Oh, Kepner! Did you book the OR?
      April: I did. I, uh...
      Cristina: Yes. Kepner, you know what? I think I figured out something about you. I have not had sex for, like, three days, and I think it's giving me super powers. And everything is bright and clear. I am solving problems. No wonder you are so organized. You have like virgin super powers.
      April: I-I don't think that that has anything to---
      Cristina: No, seriously. Thank you. I've been shut out of cardio for months and today is, like, the first day I felt like myself. Thank you. I really needed this.
      April: Oh, my God.
      Cristina: What?
      April: You're just, like, treating me like a friend.
      Cristina: Yeah, so? (they walk into the patient's room and Richard & Teddy are standing in there. Cristina looks at April)
      April: Sorry, I needed this to.

    • Lexie: Can I ask you a question?
      Cristina: Bring it.
      Lexie: What is it about guy's with babies that makes women go crazy? I mean, it's like when you're at the park and you see a guy with a puppy. Now, normally, you wouldn't even notice the guy, but then he's laughing, and the puppy's crawling all over him, and he's tickling the puppy's little puppy belly, and you're thinking, I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with that guy. What is that?
      Cristina: Oh, everybody's looking at the baby, no one's looking at Mark. Except you.

    • Alex: Chicks suck.
      Cristina: Whta's your problem?
      Alex: Like you'd care.
      Cristina: I don't, but I've got four floors to kill, and I'm on a hot streak.
      Alex: Arizona offered me this job at her old clinic in Africa. When I told Lucy I was thinking about it, she got all pissed and stormed off.
      Cristina: Well, did you ask her to come with you, tell her you'd miss her, look deeply into her eyes?
      Alex: No.
      Cristina: Well, obviously she's got feelings for you. You're dead inside. You have no feelings. By the way you should take that job in Africa, it'd be totally amazing.
      Alex: You just want me out of the running for chief resident.
      Cristina: Just tryin' to help.

    • Meredith: Hey, what are you doing?
      Cristina: Getting ready to remove a tree from a guy's lung. No time for mommy prep.
      Meredith: Okay, so what if the social worker wants to ask me about the time I spent sleeping around Europe?
      Cristina: Oh, that's easy. You were absorbing other cultures.
      Meredith: Okay, and what about the fact that my mom had early on-set Alzheimer's and may have passed the gene on to me?
      Cristina: It makes you more appreciative of the gift of life.
      Meredith: Mmm. Okay, I put my hand on a bomb in a body. She could think that was...
      Cristina: Suicidal? No, it was brave.
      Meredith: I told a shooter to shoot me.
      Cristina: Change the subject.

    • Henry: I'm in? What about your reservations?
      Richard: You're going against Andrew Perkins. Let's just say, I have a thing for the underdog.
      Henry: He is a handsome man.
      Richard: He's also one of the world's foremost trauma counselors. If ther's an earthquake, a plane crash, any kind of catasrophie, he swoops in and helps.
      Henry: So, you're saying his a professional night in shining armor.
      Richard: I'm saying you need all the help you can get.

    • April: You falisfied his checklist.
      Cristina: I streamlined it, and I found a tree in his lung.
      April: You never paged Dr. Altman. You just hijacked this patient.
      Cristina: A tree, April. A conifer.
      April: That's... Well, did-- did you... Did you tell Dr. Altman?
      Cristina: No, I found it. He's my patient and I'm gonna take it out myself.
      April: You're what?
      Cristina: It's a biopsy. Like a glorified lung biopsy.
      April: Otherwise know as a thorocotomy, which is a procedure that needs to be supervised by an attending...
      Cristina: One little breach in protocol won't--
      April: Oh! So you do admit it was a breach or protocol?
      Cristina: April, if you do this with me I will put in a good word for you with Owen.
      April: Why would you do that?
      Cristina: Because it's a tree in a man's lung.

    • Callie (hearing a baby crying): Oh, God. Every time I hear a baby cry it makes me think of Sofia. They all sound like her. (baby cries again) Wait. That really sounds like her. (turns to see Mark holding Sofia) What? What are you doing here?
      Mark: It's bring your daughter to work day.
      Callie: No, it's not.
      Mark: Well, I bathed her, changed her, I fed her, I napped her. (Callie takes Sofia from him) We read a book, played with that little hanging, jingling thing... and it was still only 11:30. I needed some adult contact.
      Callie (smiling at Sofia): Please take this baby away from me. I'm serious. Take her, Mark. Oh my, God. (in baby voice) This baby's crack. Crack baby.
      Mark: You shouldn't call her that.
      Owen: Torres, you're in luck. Motorcycle crash. Twenty minutes out.
      Callie: Yes! Okay. (to Sofia) Oh, I love you. But mommy's gotta go to work. Take her, Mark.
      Mark: Give me the baby.
      Callie: Physically lift her from my arms.

    • Callie: Hunt. My knee replacement got cancelled and I need to break some bones.
      Owen: Aren't you supposed to mend them?
      Callie: Well, it's my first day back and I left my baby for the first time since we got home. I need to remember why I love being a surgeon so much or I'm afraid I'll walk out and never come back. It doesn't have to be big. Just a sprained ankle, hairline fracture, anything.

    • (They are jogging)
      Teddy: How about her?
      Henry: She's smiling. Who smiles when they go for a run?
      Teddy (laughs): Happy people.
      Henry: Happiness is overrated. What about you? Shouldn't you and What's-His-Name be off to save the world pretty soon?
      Teddy: What's-His-Name is taking a break from world saving. He was offered a permanant position at Landstuhl. It's a US Military base in Germany, and he leaves in a week.
      Henry: That's great.
      Teddy: He asked me to go with him.
      Henry: Wow.
      Teddy: I mean, I like him. I- I feel like things could be good with us. That's just crazy, right? Besides I have too many obligations here. I'm in the middle of my contract, I-I have residents to teach, I have you.
      Henry: Okay. You just listed me as an obligation.
      Teddy: No. That's what I meant. You're not--
      Henry: No, I get it. Like I'm dead weight. I'm an anchor, dragging you down. I'm horrible.
      Teddy: No, I'm... If I move, it might cause you insurance headaches. I'm just saying that we would sort of... We would just have to sort it out. (about a girl jogging by) What about her?
      Henry: Yeah, if a unibrow was my thing, I'd be all over that.
      Teddy (laughs): You're hopeless.

    • Meredith: Sorry I'm late. I was cramming.
      Derek: What, for Hunt? You got that in the bag.
      Meredith: No. No, I'm more worried about the interview with the social worker. (Derek laughs) Don't laugh at me, Derek. Nothing in my life has prepared me for this. My mother was about as nuturing as a steak knife. I don't know anything about making lunches or Halloween costumes.
      Derek: Good moms make Halloween costumes. Well, you can sew.
      Meredith: I sew skin.

    • Meredith: You're meeting with Owen this morning, right?
      Alex: Yeah.
      Meredith: You're not gonna say anything about me or the trial, right?
      Alex: You know, I thought you were gonna say something like 'good luck' but I guess it's every freakin' man for himself, huh?

    • Owen: I don't understand.
      Cristina: It's two words. No... sex.
      Owen: I'm sure there should be more words.
      Cristina: Look if you're going to choose chief resident, you have to be impartial.
      Owen: Come on this? Now?
      Cristina: Sex with me, however hot and excellent, could cloud your judgment.
      Owen: It's blackmail is what it is.
      Cristina: No it is not. Final interviews are today. And concidentally I'm on your service.
      Owen: Concidentally.
      Cristina: Well, since Teddy is shutting me out of cardio where I can show my stuff. I'm gonna show it to you. So, today you're not gonna see me as your naked and desirable wife but as a focused, organized, efficient, and deserving canidate. Who's getting in the shower.
      Owen: I'll come with you.
      Cristina: No. No. No clouding. Owen this hurts me more than it hurts you.
      Owen: No it doesn't.
      Cristina: I know.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): We've all heard the saying. It's one of those things you learn in seventh grade science class. Adapt or die. Adapting isn't easy though. You have to fight your competition and off their attacks. And sometimes, you have to kill. You do what you need to do to survive.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): Adapt or die. As many times as we've heard it, the lesson doesn't get easier. The problem is we're human. We want more than just to survive. We want love. We want success. We want to be the best that we can be. So, we fight like hell to get those things. Anything else feels like death.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Já přežiju (I Will Survive)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 12, 2011 on CTV
      United Kingdom: May 25, 2011 on Sky Living
      Sweden: May 25, 2011 on Kanal 5
      Germany: August 10, 2011 on ProSieben
      Norway: December 6, 2011 on TV2
      Czech Republic: April 24, 2012 on Prima LOVE


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