Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 21

I Will Survive

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 12, 2011 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • (They are jogging)
      Teddy: How about her?
      Henry: She's smiling. Who smiles when they go for a run?
      Teddy (laughs): Happy people.
      Henry: Happiness is overrated. What about you? Shouldn't you and What's-His-Name be off to save the world pretty soon?
      Teddy: What's-His-Name is taking a break from world saving. He was offered a permanant position at Landstuhl. It's a US Military base in Germany, and he leaves in a week.
      Henry: That's great.
      Teddy: He asked me to go with him.
      Henry: Wow.
      Teddy: I mean, I like him. I- I feel like things could be good with us. That's just crazy, right? Besides I have too many obligations here. I'm in the middle of my contract, I-I have residents to teach, I have you.
      Henry: Okay. You just listed me as an obligation.
      Teddy: No. That's what I meant. You're not--
      Henry: No, I get it. Like I'm dead weight. I'm an anchor, dragging you down. I'm horrible.
      Teddy: No, I'm... If I move, it might cause you insurance headaches. I'm just saying that we would sort of... We would just have to sort it out. (about a girl jogging by) What about her?
      Henry: Yeah, if a unibrow was my thing, I'd be all over that.
      Teddy (laughs): You're hopeless.

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