Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 16

If Only You Were Lonely

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2012 on ABC



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    • (Derek and Bailey are doing Zola's hair)
      Derek: Hey, Meredith. Did you know Zola has a kitchen?
      Meredith: Yes, Derek. I know all about Zola's kitchen.

    • Adele: What happened? Did you have an accident? Richard, your hand, did you hurt your hand?
      Richard: I'm-- I'm-- I'm fine. I'm fine.
      Adele: Did I hurt your hand?
      Richard: Um... You know, how-- how about some dinner? I'll-- I'll heat up the lasagna.
      Adele: I have Alzheimer's... Don't I?
      Richard (takes her hand): Yes, sweetheart. You do.
      Adele: Rose Ridge, it-- it seemed like a nice place. We went there this morning, didn't we?
      Richard: Yes, we did.
      Adele: I think it's best... If I were to go live there.
      Richard: You-- You don't-- You don't have to do that. I mean, you-- you can stay here. I like having you here.
      Adele: I liked it there.
      Richard: Your home is here with me.
      Adele (voice breaking): I'd rather be there.
      Richard: Okay, sweetheart. Okay.

    • Lexie: I can't wait to get back to neuro. At least with lost causes, you know where you stand, and the patients can tell you when they have had enough. I don't know how Morgan can bear it. I.. I don't know how any of you can.
      Alex: Come here. (showing her pictures of preemies) Jolene Joramo, one pound, four ounces at birth. She's 12 years old now. She's a goalie. Uh... Benji Gellerman, one pound, two ounces at birth. He's 9 years old, plays the trumpet. This one, Hannah Slavin? I worked on her myself. She looked like a hamster when she came out. Her dad just called, said she took her first steps. Some of them survive.

    • Mark: Julia has a friend. She's pretty. Uh, a little brooding and tattoo-y for my taste, but... pretty. Bet you're into that sorta thing, huh?
      Jackson: For the last time, I do not need a girlfriend.
      Mark: Who said anything about girlfriend? One double date. Help me out with a third-wheel situation.
      Jackson: So, so, tempting, but no, thank you.
      Mark: Alright. But you need to get out there, man. Doing yourself a huge disservice.
      Jackson: I had a girlfriend, alright? Now I just can't. I don't want to.
      Mark: What do you mean, you can't? ... You still love her. You still love Lexie.

    • Cristina (as Mer is dragging her into a closet): What are you doing? Stop it. Ow!
      Meredith: What's the plan?
      Cristina: You have bony, sharp fingers. What plan? There's no plan.
      Meredith: Your plan, which makes it our plan. Whatever it is, I need to know. Are you plotting a murder, a nuclear attack? It's fine. I'll get on board. I'm sure you have a good reason. But just let me know. You're starting to freak me out.
      Cristina (pauses, and sighs): I think Owen is cheating on me.
      Meredith: Did you see something?
      Cristina: No.
      Meredith: Did someone else see something?
      Cristina: No.
      Meredith: Did he do something?
      Cristina: No.
      Meredith: Well, then how do you know--
      Cristina: I don't know. I don't know! I just... know.
      Meredith: Cristina--
      Cristina: You know what? I am-- I'm being-- I'm being crazy. I'm crazy, right? This is totally... (sighs) I'm crazy. I'm just... We're having a hard time and I'm-- I'm making it into... I'm crazy. I'm-- I'm-- I'm crazy.
      Meredith: Okay. ... I really think he's not cheating.
      Cristina: I know that.

    • Derek: Do you have a problem?
      Nurse: Excsue me?
      Bailey: Oh, no.
      Derek: I mean, it's 2012. You want to be shocked by the sight of a white man with a black baby... you're about three decades too late.
      Bailey: I'm sorry. Don't listen to him. (drags him away) Wh- What is wrong with--
      Derek: She's unbelievable.
      Bailey: She was not staring at you because Daddy's white and his daughter is black. She was staring at you two because Daddy has nice hair, maybe perfect hair, but for whatever reason, his daughter's hair is 31 flavors of wrong. It's hard on the eyes. Look, you are white, but your daughter is black. Do your baby's hair!

    • Callie: You got her the grant money. Look, I know you did. You have to tell her. It'll help things between you guys.
      Owen: No, it won't.
      Callie: Alright, then I'll tell her.
      Owen: No, you won't.
      Callie: You can't let her treat you this way. When Henry died, you were just doing your job. You're not a bad guy.
      Owen: How do you know? Look... Sometimes you just lash out. It might not be rational, or fair, but you do it 'cause you have to. If she needs me for that, if she needs a punching bag, a bad guy to point the finger at and help her cope, then let that be me.
      Callie: Fine, you can be a martyr, but you still have to be the chief. And what happened in that O.R today, that should never happen again.

    • Mark: You're an attractive woman.
      April (looks around): Who? Uh, me? (laughs)
      Mark: You and Avery spend a lot of time together, don't you?
      April: We do, yes. Uh, but we're just study buddies. I mean, we're not, you know... (laughs)
      Mark: He's an attractive guy, nice bone structure, hypnotic eyes, etcetera.
      April: I guess so?
      Mark: Have you noticed how uptight he's been lately?
      April: Uh, l-like I said, we're study buddies, so... (laughs)
      Mark: Study buddies should help each other out, relieve some of that stress. Maybe extend that buddy relationship.
      April: Extend? Um... I- I don't--
      Mark: You're two attractive people. Any thoughts on how to alleviate that stress?
      April: We could-- We could go for more walks?
      Mark: Walks are good. Walks are nice. I was thinking, since you're already study buddies, you could extend that relationship... become the other kind of buddies.
      April: Are you-- Are--
      Mark: I am.
      April: D- Dr. Sloan--
      Mark: Everybody wins.
      April: Th-This is sexual harassment. You know that, right?
      Mark: I think of it as sexual encouragement.
      April (scoffs): Oh! (starts walking away)
      Mark: Think about it, Kepner. Take one for the team.

    • Callie: Did you all hear that uh, Dr. Altman got a huge grant for her stem cell research?
      Owen: I did. Congratulations, Dr. Altman.
      Teddy: Thank you.
      Owen: I hear that, uh, Dr. Silverman at Wake Forest has been doing great work with stem cells. Maybe you should give her a call--
      Teddy: If I wanted your advice on my specialty, Dr. Hunt, I'll ask.

    • Morgan: You are his dad, not his doctor. You can't just give up.
      Chris: It's not about giving up.
      Morgan: He's still alive.
      Chris: It's about doing more harm than good.
      Morgan: How is letting him die good, Chris, how?
      Chris: I know you. Deep down, we're both thinking the exact same thing.
      Morgan: Tell me what we're thinking, Chris.
      Chris: We're thinking that getting pregnant was an accident, that this baby should not be alive right now, that its chances of survival, or having any kind of life worth living are slim to none, that doing every damn thing we can to keep it alive is just so that we can feel good about ourselves after he dies. Now can you admit any of that?
      Morgan: Just go.
      Chris: You can't cut me out of these decisions.
      Morgan: I'm not cutting you out. I'm offering you an out.
      Chris: What are you saying?
      Morgan: I'm saying, take the out, Chris. Because maybe you can't admit it now in the light of day, but you want it.

    • Derek: You know what might be fun?
      Bailey: I have no idea what might be fun.
      Derek: A play date with Zola and Tuck.
      Bailey: Oh. Uh, well... Tuck's five, and Zola's, what, one?
      Derek: One and a quarter. But it's more like she's three. She's very mature.
      Bailey (laughs): Well, playing for Tuck means throwing things, breaking things, um, shooting things at people and things. I don't think Zola would survive a play date with Tuck.
      Derek: Yeah, it's probably not a good idea.
      Bailey: There's gotta be some kids down in daycare closer to her age, even if they aren't as advanced.
      Derek: I just-- I don't want her to feel out of place. It might be nice if she could hang out with... kids who... have the same, uh, same... roots.
      Bailey: Roots?
      Derek: You know... (Bailey glares at him) Okay, let's just resect the tumor.

    • (Cristina is trying to log into April's account, and is trying to figure out her password)
      Cristina: Did you have any pets growing up?
      April: Uh, a fish tank, couple hamsters, two dogs-- Why?
      Cristina: I'm just trying to get to know you better, that's it.
      April: Okay.
      Cristina: What were your dogs' names?
      April: Well, let's see.. Uh, there was Buster... (Cristina tries 'Buster' as a password, it doesn't work) And, um, Pickles. (Cristina tries that, it doesn't work) Pickles was a Schnauzer.
      Cristina: What was your mother's madien name?
      April (realizes and turns to face Cristina): Are you hacking me?
      Cristina: I need the nurses' schedule.
      April: I don't schedule the nurses. If you knew anything about how this hospital was run, you would know--
      Cristina: You know the nurses' schedule. You are April Kepner. You know everything.
      April (pauses): Anyone in particular?
      Cristina: Uh, um, Emily someone.
      April (looking on her computer): Emily, let's see. (pulls up a screen) Ah. She was on days in the C.C.U, but then she switched to nights in the surgical I.C.U, handling traumas, which is weird, but Dr. Hunt signed off on it, so it should be fine. (Cristina quickly leaves) Hey, if I see her crying or bleeding, I'll come after you... Hacker.

    • Meredith: You paged?
      Richard: Uh, yes. When you finish your surgery with Torres, I need you to check on my post-op patients. I'm going home.
      Meredith: Did something happen?
      Richard: Uh, Adele's not having a good day.
      Meredith: Rose Ridge, Richard. I'm telling you, you really should look into it.
      Richard: We went to Rose Ridge. Rose Ridge doesn't have anything that I can't give her. Rose Ridge is not the answer.
      Meredith: She burned your hand. You think you can handle this, but you can't. I know. I have been through this.
      Richard: The difference between you and Ellis and me and Adele, Meredith, I made vows to Adele, vows to cherish her and be true to her, in sickness and in health, vows that I have broken time and again. The least I could do is honor her in sickness and give her the home that she deserves and the best care there is. She stays home, and if necessary, so do I.

    • Teddy: It was a fiasco.
      Callie: Oh, it couldn't have been that bad.
      Teddy: It was precisely that bad.
      Arizona: No, but it's stem cells. It's the future. I mean, they know that.
      Teddy: No, it's dead. Just like my husband, who's also dead. There's a theme here. Are you noticing?
      Arizona: Teddy--
      Teddy: Whatever, I don't care. The nice part about having a dead husband is that you stop caring about anything at all.
      Callie: You should ask Owen to put in a good word. The chief of surgery can have a lot of pull in these decisions.
      Teddy: I don't talk to Owen Hunt.

    • Alex: I have to listen to his chest.
      Morgan: Okay.
      Alex (to the baby): Hey, Ali, how you doin'?
      Morgan: Why do you call him that?
      Alex: It's for the preemie babies without names or the ones with weak names, like, uh, Felix or Claude. You know, we like to give 'em fighters' names like, Boris, or Butch, or... Molly, you know, to help 'em weather the storm.
      Morgan: I like that. We'll take what we can get.

    • Lexie: That's not my point. I can't believe that they're not gonna do anything. I mean, they are basically giving this kid a death sentense. Chris just wants to get back to his residency, and Morgan is too weak to even think straight.
      Alex: The parents have made up their minds. Just let me eat my food in peace.
      Lexie: Ali doesn't even have any parents as far as I can see. And you know what? She is your intern. You need to step up. (tries to grab Jackson's headphones) Give me those. She won't shut up.
      Jackson: No, I'm studying.
      Lexie: Okay, look, all I'm saying--
      Alex: Look, let it go, Lexie.
      Lexie: All I'm saying is-- Parents did not decide his treatment plan, doctors did. Math did.
      Alex (swats Mer's hand away when she grabs his food): Get your own.
      Meredith: Hey, so it turns out Devin needs a thoracotomy. Your surgery. (Cristina isn't paying attention, she's staring at a nurse) Remember Devin, likes coffee, is in love with his barista? (Cristina is silent) What about me? Remember me?
      Cristina (to Alex): Hey, um, have you uh, hit that?
      Alex: Which that?
      Cristina (pointing out the nurse): That-- The brown-haired that.
      Alex: Oh, the that with the brown hair and the nice ass, and the perfect--
      Cristina: Teeth, yes. Have you?
      Alex: No, mnh-mnh. She only goes for attendings. Next year.

    • Derek: Did you see that?
      Mark: What?
      Derek: The way that woman looked at me and Zola.
      Mark: Derek, we're hot doctors with babies. Women are gonna stare.
      Derek: No, I think she's racist.
      Mark: Oh, I get it. You're worried about bridging the cultural divide. I know all about it. That's why I learned Spanish. (Mark says something in spanish to Sofia)
      Derek: You know she doesn't speak Spanish?
      Mark: Oh, but she shall. (Mark speaks more Spanish to Sofia) See? Bridging the divide.
      Derek: How's it going with your better half?
      Mark: He's uptight, worried about the boards, snapping at patient. (lowering voice) I'm trying to get him laid, but--
      Derek: I'm talking about Julia.
      Mark: Oh, of course. She's, uh... She's good, thanks. She's doing well.
      Derek: Good.

    • Jackson: I'm sorry, about earlier. My behavior was completely unprofessional.
      Angie: No, I'm sorry. I was freaking out.
      Mark: Look at you two, getting along. You date doctors, Angie?
      Jackson: Do not listen to this man. He thinks that I need to be set up.
      Mark: He does need to be set up. He's shy, needs a little push. (Jackson gives him a look)

    • Teddy: I got it.
      Callie: Got what?
      Teddy: The grant. Four million to grow hearts from stem cells.
      Callie: You got it? (they hug)
      Teddy: I'm gonna grow hearts. Can you believe it?
      Callie: Oh, my God, Teddy, that's amazing.
      Teddy: I- I must've not done as bad as I thought this morning unless-- Or I charmed them with my fumbling desperation. I- I have no idea. I don't care. I got it.

    • Richard: What do you think, Adele?
      Adele: It's nice. But it's too small for us. You're a doctor. You said that you could afford a house. We certainly couldn't possibly start a family here. Richard... Where would the nursery go?
      Richard: You're right, honey. It's too small. I said I'd get you a house. Let's go.

    • Lexie: So now what? Even if he stablizes, he's looking at years of procedures and surgeries. His parents are residents, they can't both quit and medicial care for a little guy like this is expensive.
      Alex: You really know how to take the fun out of a party, you know that?

    • Arizona (operating on Morgan's baby): Good. Only a little of the bowel is necortic, there should be more than enough to salvage.
      Lexie: Maybe his dad should factor spunk into his stupid algorithm.
      Alex: He's a fourth year. He knows just enough to be annoying.
      Lexie: Well, he's acting like the baby is already dead. But look at him, he's a champ. You're like a little Muhammad Ali, aren't you?
      Arizona: Someone's peppy.
      Alex: She's on a vacation from lost-cause brain surgeries. She needs to have some fun today.
      Arizona: You know what's really fun? Removing dead bowel. You wanna make the cut?
      Lexie: Really? A-Are you sure?
      Arizona: Yeah. Get over there before I change my mind.

    • Meredith: My mother used to have trouble with the stove, too, and then she started getting lost driving and then she started leaving the house in the middle of the night.
      Richard: Adele's fine. And we're-- we're managing.
      Meredith: Rose Ridge is top notch-- Great doctors, great facility.
      Richard: Yeah, I know, I know. We're just not there yet.
      Meredith: Any deeper and this burn could've retired you from surgery.
      Richard: Yeah, I'll-- I'll look into it.
      Meredith: You're just trying to shut me up.
      Richard: Yeah, how am I doing?
      Meredith: I don't have pull many places, but I'm kind of a big deal there. So if you need me to make a call for you, I can.

    • Mark: You've yelled at a patient and a paramedic. Two people who you don't want to piss off. What's your problem?
      Jackson: I'm sorry, alright? I've just been so tense. I'm studying for the boards.
      Mark: We've been studying. You'll do fine.
      Jackson: I can't do fine. I have to do great. I'm an Avery.
      Mark: Are you getting any?
      Jackson: Did you just ask me if I'm getting any?
      Mark: When was the last time?
      Jackson: That's none of your business.
      Mark: Just tell me. I won't judge.
      Jackson: I'm focused. There's no time.
      Mark: There's always time.

    • Bailey (noticing Zola's hair): Is Meredith out sick today, or...
      Derek: No, she came in early to study with Torres. Why?
      Bailey: Um, no, no reason. It's just that she usually... drops Zola off.

    • Lexie: Hey, guess what. I'm on peds today. Babies. Yay.
      Alex: The NICU, not the nursery. It can get pretty intense.
      Lexie: Oh, well. Nothing is as intense as working on Derek's lost causes. It's like death march up there. I mean, call of death on a daily basis. What do we got today?
      Alex: Have you ever seen a baby weighs less than a pound?
      Lexie: Uh, no because babies that weigh less than 16 ounces... Don't survive. (sees Morgan's baby) My god. He's the size of a soda can.

    • Meredith: Noncardiocenic pulmonary edema.
      Cristina: Aortic pulmonary dissection.
      Meredith: Yes! No. Wait, no. That's not right. Well, what I'm saying is that I finally understand the complexities of postobstructive pulmonary edema.
      Cristina (watching a nurse in the distance): Uh huh.
      Meredith: Because I've been up since 4:00 A.M, studying for the boards with Callie. Since 4:00 A.M. I haven't seen my husband or my baby since yesterday. I don't even care, because Callie blew my mind. She blew my mind. My hair is on fire. I mean, literally-- flames shooting out of my head.
      Cristina: Mmm. Yeah, that's really-- (sees the nurse walking away) Whatever, you know what? I'm gonna catch up with you later. (starts following the nurse, Mer follows her)
      Meredith: I mean, she's that good. I am gonna kill the boards. I am gonna make the boards my bitch.
      Cristina: Yeah, boards, bitch, got it.
      Meredith: Because I-- (Cristina stops walking when she sees the nurse turn around and Mer runs into her) Ow! What are we doing?
      Cristina: Nothing.
      Meredith: You look weird. Why do you look so weird?
      Cristina: I do not look weird. You were talking about... uh, the boards.
      Meredith: I was talking about what a good teacher Callie is, and you weren't listening.
      Cristina: No, I-I was listening.
      Meredith: What did I say? Cristina?
      Cristina: Your hair is fire, Callie is that good, the boards are your bitch. I-I gotta go.
      Meredith: The boards are my bitch.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): As surgeons we are trained to consult with each other to get opposing views. We even encourage patients to seek second opinions. But why seek a second opinion when you know that you are right? Cause if we are honest with ourselves, surgeons are more like cowboys. We are more likely to go it alone.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): You can seek the advice of others, surround yourself with trusted advisers, but in the end, the decision is always yours and yours alone. And when it's time to act and you are all alone with your back against the wall, the only voice that matters is the one in your head, the one telling you what you already probably knew. The one that's almost always right.

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