Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2012 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Ellis: I've been looking at Seattle Pres' numbers and I think that we can absorb them the way we did Mercy West. I want reports on where your departments can use extra residents and equipment.
      Addison: Congratulations on your third Harper Avery award. (they all clap)
      Arizona: Portal vein reconstruction. Pretty soon they're gonna rename the whipple the Grey.
      Ellis (laughs): Well, thank you. There's some press here today-- FYI. Okay, let's go. Trauma?
      Owen: Uh, adominal closure on an MVC, and we will wait to see what comes in.
      Ellis: Neuro?
      Derek: I have a laminectomy.
      Ellis: Just one? You got a golf game? (everyone laughs) You know what, people? I keep saying it. If you're not innovating, be generating. Cardio?
      Callie: Yang is doing a solo thoracic aortic aneurysm, oh, uh, and also I'll be checking in on my kid with the artifical lung who is waiting for a transplant.
      Arizona: Uh, yeah, can I just say for the record that he's my patient, and I don't agree with this method of treatment? The FDA has not approved an artifical lung on children.
      Callie: Well, I got emergency approval. It buys the kid more time. It keeps from being sedated and ventilated, I think it's worth exploring.
      Arizona: He should be sedated. Let his body heal. It's too risky.
      Ellis: It's innovative. Shepherd, this is what I'm talking about. Let's hope it works. Good work, Torres. General, Dr. Bailey?
      Bailey: Uh, yes, (quietly) an extended whipple.
      Ellis: Speak up.
      Bailey: I'm doing an extended whipple. Um, 47 year-old male, advanced pancreatic cancer with invasion on the portal vein.
      Ellis: Well, what are you using to graft the portal vein?
      Bailey: The... Um, the jugular.
      Ellis: I'll take that.
      Bailey: Excuse me?
      Ellis: I'll take your whipple. Send me the chart ASAP.
      Bailey: O-Okay, well, I...
      Ellis: Neonatal?
      Addison: A plyoric stenosis. Actually, two pylorics and...
      Richard (to Bailey): That's not a reflection on you, Bailey. She probably wants a surgery to take her mind off of all the Harper Avery fuss. Now don't take it the wrong way.
      Bailey: I'm not.

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