Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 6

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 01, 2005 on ABC

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  • How can i see the episiodee??

    For some reason i cant see i know its perf
  • Awesome episode!

    I really like how the show starts off with quotes and along keeps going with the story. I liked that for the first time we see that Alex actually cares. We also see more of him interacting with the other interns. Bailey's reaction to Meredith and Derek having a fling was surprising to me, but I understand where she's coming from. I really liked the interaction between Meredith and the Parkinson's patient I thought it was very sweet. Felt kinda bad for George but he did take too long. And the case of Annie and the tumor was sad. Wonder how Cristina's and Burke's relationship is going to work out. Loved the ending. Loved how Mer remembered that McDreamy had a thing with ferry boats. Really liking thi show!
  • Nothing was worth more than the look on George's face when he didn't find Meredith

    In this episode George tries to find the courage to ask Meredith out, but when he has the chance he screws up saying something like: "If you are available, em.., we could go somewhere later, em..., for some alcohol". That was so pathetic and anybody would feel sorry for George at that time.
    A woman comes in the hospital with an enormous tumor in her belly. When i saw it i first thought: "wtf is that". She finally dies but that's life(just kidding).
    Another old man who has Parkinson in a excess form that he can't ever speak right, agrees to have a brain surgery for his doughter's wedding.
    At the end of the episode, George goes into Meredith's room, determined to ask her out but when he gets there he finds the room empty and realises that she is seeing someone else.
  • Best episode of the series so far.

    A really brilliant episode, it's full of great drama, a few very humerous moments and some great life lessons.

    The relationship between Meredith and Derick gets complicated when Bailey stars to put pressure on Derick for favouring Meredith.

    The medical staff are in awe when a lady called Anne comes in with a recording breaking size tumor. Anne takes a shine to Alex and it appears he has turned over a new leaf. But the jerk within comes out and Anne over hears Alex making fun of her. Anne decides to have the surgery to remove the tumor just as long as Alex isn't apart of it.

    Meredith convinces a man that he should have the spinal surgery done, not for himself but for his daughter. Shepard and Meredith work on this patient while meanwhile everyone else except for Alex and Izzie are with Anne the tumor lady.

    Alex takes off to get changed and things get a little hectic on the floor. Alex is unreachable as the battery for his pager is dead. Izzie has to step up big time and open up a man's chest to get out a clot because there isn't enough time to get someone else.

    George spends most of the episode trying to convince everyone that he doesn't have feelings for Meredith. And the rest of it trying to get the words out but just plain failing.

    The guys can't get rid of the tumor and they lose the patient. Alex rushes in right after they call the time of death with the extra blood they needed. We see that he actually did care for Anne after all.

    George seems like he is ready to make something happen with Meredith but she isn't home. Instead the episode ends with her driving off to enjoy a bottle of wine with Derick.

    Just a great episode. Funny moments include someone throwing up on Alex. And George asking failing to tell Meredith and making an idiot of himself infront of everyone else.

    This episode was very well written and I loved the tumor lady. I definetly felt a bit upset when they couldn't save her. And that's the true mark of a good drama, iyt actually makes you feel something.

    Im really interested to see which way Alex will go (jerk or okay guy) and how Meredith & Derick will handle there relationship. Im sure it's rocky times ahead.

  • "Exciting and funny episode."

    This episode was really great, like all the episodes before this one. I really like Bailey, hahahaha, she is funny. And I think it is good that she knows about Shepard and Meredith.

    And I totally agree what Meredith said, don't leave anything for tomorrow if you can do it today, but rare are ones who do that! ;)

    It was really sad to see that the surgery didn't go well and that the woman died.

    And also, when is George really going to ask Meredith out????
    Oh, Cristina and Burke... I wish that neither Meredith-Shepard and Cristina-Burke relationship didn't exist. I think that will get boring after a while.
  • i loved this episode!

    Izzie tries to get George to find the courage to ask Meredith out. All of the interns are in awe when a woman comes in with a record breaking tumor, but it is so far advanced that the woman's prognosis is not good. Now that Bailey knows about Meredith and Derek's affair, their jobs are in jeopardy, and she advises Meredith to end it. Meanwhile, Cristina and Burke's secret relationship is also getting more complicated...
  • Izzie encourages George to ask Meredith out. A woman with a huge tumor appears and Bailey advises Meredith to end her 'relationship' with Dr. McDreamy!

    Izzie tries to get George to find the courage to ask Meredith out. All of the interns are in awe when a woman comes in with a record breaking tumor, but it is so far advanced that the woman's prognosis is not good. Now that Bailey knows about Meredith and Derek's affair, their jobs are in jeopardy, and she advises Meredith to end it. Meanwhile, Cristina and Burke's secret relationship is also getting more complicated...

    So George likes Meredith, not a big surprise, but I don't ever see the possibility of that working out... Nor do I want that to happen since I love Meredith with Derek but I also love the friendship between George and Meredith.

    And that big tumor.. WOW! Alex was being all sweet but forgot about the microphone.. A good lesson learned IMO... Interesting operation also an interesting case when that man does decide to get that brain operation when Meredith says something to him.

    The Cristina and Burke storyline is interesting but I'm still not sure if I want those two to end up together... But it does go an interesting way

    and I love Meredith and Derek more and more each episode.... :) FERRYBOATS :D
  • A great episode with plenty of character development and juicy dramatic conflict.

    Grey’s Anatomy – 1x06 – If Tomorrow Never Comes

    Meredith: (VO) “We have to sweep today’s possibility under tomorrow’s rug, until we understand what Benjamin Franklin meant, that knowing is better than wondering, that waking is better than sleeping, that even the biggest failure, even the worst most intractable mistake beats the hell out of not trying.”

    So what have we here? An episode that deals with the discovery of Meredith and Derek’s relationship by Bailey quite well. An episode that deals with George’s secret crush on Meredith. Plus a few other things thrown in.

    And where to start. Once more Meredith and Derek have great chemistry and Meredith’s indecision about what to do over their relationship is yet again effectively employed. Now that Christina and Burke are having a secret tryst the writer’s are able to parallel Meredith and Christina even more. Christina doesn’t dwell on the relationship and Meredith, well she does her fair share of dwelling and then some.

    Meanwhile, Alex is treating a patient with a giant tumour and is being incredibly nice – and out of character. This buys him into the operation as the patient declares he’s nice to look at. However, he then goes and makes the fatal mistake of slagging her off while forgetting to turn his mike off. In the end he is banned from the operation but tries to redeem himself when things go wrong by grabbing blood for the patient. As an aside he asks Meredith out and gets a negative response.

    I liked this development of Alex in this episode and it demonstrated how he was a multi-layered character. He is definitely self obsessive but also can be down to Earth and caring.

    I liked the Izzy storyline even if it was quite minimal in the episode. She did the right thing saving the man by doing what she did and it proved that Izzy could handle the pressure.

    I don’t know exactly how the characters worked out that George liked Meredith so quickly and I would have liked this to be developed over a few more episodes – but the way that it was handled was quite humorous as well as heart felt.

    Christina was once again interesting and I liked her nonchalant take on her relationship with Burke. And the conflict between Burke and Derek over the operation was also an interesting side note.

    The theme of the episode was living your life in the now. Not waiting for tomorrow. Because sometimes it never comes. Meredith finally decided she wanted to move ahead with Derek and George decided he was going to ask Meredith out. This was also demonstrated by the patient with the tumour who let it grow and grow and eventually paid because of it. Indeed the episode title says it all – if tomorrow never comes. That’s a question the character’s are faced with every day due to the nature of their work. And it’s a question that some of them had to deal with. As Meredith quotes “Why put of something to tomorrow, that we can do today?”

    A stellar episode, with excellent character development and strong emotional impact.
  • A tumor patient comes in the hospital. Alex learns a lesson. Izzie save a man's live. Bailey confronts Shephard and Meredith. George wants to ask Meredith out. And, Christina's and Burke's relationship grows.

    Wow! Alex really proved himself as a jerk this episode. Insulting the people around him is bad enough, but insulting patients is just wrong; he sure learn that this episode. He did say, "Watch what you say, you never know who's listening," to Meredith. However, we did see that Alex had a sentative side. He did feel guilty and sadness for the tumor patients. My questions is why George told the patient's mother of her daughter's died. I think Alex should of told the her.

    Anyways, the sexaul tension between Izzie and Alex is unbearable. The spat they had in front of the surgery was great. Like Shephard said, "There's never a dull moment at Seattle Grace." Izzie and Alex would make an interesting couple, or atleast a funny story plot.

    Grey's Anatomy knows how to end a show. The montage in this episode was really good. Izzie saved a man\'s life. A patient made a good decision for his daughter. George learned the truth. Burke and Christina definded their relationship. Plus, Shephard and Meredith watch the sunrise. All that happened under nice music and Meredith\'s episode message .
  • Dealing with finding the balance..

    Oh.. Bailey is making a hard life to Meredith and Shepard.. and it's even becomes more harder when Bailey thinks Shepard is doing her some favors.. And the case of the episode is a woman with very big tumor and everyone want to get in and now Cristine gets her favor (or at least thought) as her relationship with Burke is confirmed..

    And then there is Izzie and Alex.. he forgets to change his pager battery and Izzie have to take care of the load of cases and crashes and do even something very drastic.. but she handles it after all that panic.. she manages..
  • If you can do it today...

    Annie, a woman with extremly large tumor is brought to the hospital and she has to have a massive surgery so every surgeon will be occupied and interns will have to work extra hard not to kill anyone. Cristina's and Burk'e relationship is getting out of hand as Cristina realizes that she is pregnant. Izzie has a patient who had to be open bedside and she couldn't page Alex because he forgot to change his battery on his pager. An Extremly good episode full of surprises and shocking moments. Never a dull moment in Seattle Grace Hospital thanks to our lovely docotrs.