Grey's Anatomy

Season 10 Episode 19

I'm Winning

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2014 on ABC



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    • Owen: You know, I have looked at the other nominees. I've seen their research.
      Cristina: Me too.
      Owen: What? Really?
      Cristina: Yes, I looked at everyone's abstracts and read their articles. I even called a friend over at, uh, Chicago Children's who knows Lucas-- You know, whatever his name is-- Who's doing the work on the ligature tissue-sealing device, which know, kinda...
      Owen: Derivative.
      Cristina: Right? Right? And supposedly, his trial patient's are not doing well. Which is bad, obviously, but also--
      Owen: I think you're gonna win. I really do. I think you are going to win.
      Cristina (smiles): Me too.

    • Arizona: Oh, hey. Hi. I didn't know that you were waiting.
      Callie (sighs): You're gonna kill me.
      Arizona: Why?
      Callie: You are. Oh, my god. I can't believe I'm even...
      Arizona: Did you sleep with someone else?
      Callie: What? No!
      Arizona: Oh, thank god. You scared me.
      Callie: I want another baby.
      Arizona: What?
      Callie: Look, I want my life back, too, and I want time to have a thought and do my work. But I also-- Wait-- Why on earth would you think I would think sleep with someone else?
      Arizona: Because you said that I was gonna kill you.
      Callie: After everything that we've been through, how you could ever even for one second, think that I would sleep with someone else is crazy.
      Arizona: I want another baby, too.
      Callie: What?
      Arizona: I don't want Sofia to bury us alone or nurse us through some horrible, long decline by herself. She should go through that with someone else.
      Callie: That's morbid and awful.
      Arizona: Or practical.
      Callie: And awful.
      Arizona: Well, you want another baby, too.
      Callie: Yeah, because I love babies. They're adorable and delicious.
      Arizona (chuckling): And you just realized that this afternoon?
      Callie: Yeah, I forgot. And then I saw Meredith and her baby, and-- Wait. Why are we arguing?
      Arizona: Oh. We're gonna have another baby.
      Callie: We are.
      Arizona: I love you so much.
      Callie: I love you so, so much. (excitedly) Oh! We're having another baby! (they hug)

    • April (walks in, Jackson is folding laundry): I have clean underwear? (voice breaking) I'm gonna cry. You're making me cry.
      Jackson: Don't be surprised when you see a charge for, like, $25,000 on the credit card.
      April: What?
      Jackson: Yeah, you know how earlier I said I don't spend my money on hookers and private planes? I guess, like, technically, I was lying.
      April: You spent $25,000 on--
      Jackson: On an airplane, okay? For Cristina's experimental heart to get here. And the board is gonna reimburse me.
      April (sighs): Who even has a credit limit that high?
      Jackson: Turns out I do.
      April: I-I feel a little sick. Your credit limit and trust fund and $4 lattes are-- are literally just making me feel sick.
      Jackson (takes a container out of the fridge): Eat some three day-old lasagna. That'll make you feel better. (they laugh)

    • Shane (about Keith): Kidney function is excellent. Urine output is good.
      Richard: Well, that's some history-making urine.
      Stephanie (walks up): Swap monkey, Shane. I think I'll go back down to Dr. Bailey's genome lab.
      Richard: Oh, now you want in.
      Shane: She's mine.
      Stephanie: No. You go deal with you conduits. (Shane runs towards Bailey's lab, Stephanie chases after him)
      Leah: Oh, Dr. Webber, I'm looking for a picture of Ellis Grey with her first Harper Avery. Do you remember what year it was?
      Richard: 1988. Hey, you want to see? (takes a picture out of his wallet and hands it to Leah)
      Leah: Oh, wow. She looks so happy.
      Richard: She was happy. That was a great night. (chuckling) It was a great night.

    • Bailey: Yang? Congratulations on the Harper Avery.
      Cristina: Oh. Just a nomination.
      Bailey: Cristina Yang! I taught you better than that. When someone congratulates you, you look them in the eye and smile and say 'thank you.'
      Cristina (smiles): Thank you, Dr. Bailey.
      Bailey: You're welcome, Dr. Yang.

    • Jo: Um, Yang's done. Surgery was a success.
      Alex: Oh, cool.
      Jo (about Braden's remote control car with a camera attached): Did you make that?
      Alex: Well, it's a $10 solution.
      Jo: I think it's great.
      Alex: Well, money lets you do good crap in the world.
      Jo: Oh, my god. You called butthole.
      Alex: Yeah. Well, I told him I was interested. (they kiss)

    • (Mer is watching Cristina from the gallery)
      Derek (whispers): No one would know that you're seething with jealousy right now.
      Meredith: I'm not seething. I'm happy for her.
      Derek: Right. I have a machine that will confirm seething.
      Meredith (sighs): I wore waterproof mascara today because I was sure I wouldn't make it through the day without crying. And if anybody saw me, I would say that I was crying because I'm happy for her. And they would believe me because... does a jealous friend plan a champagne toast?
      Derek: You planned a champagne toast to cover up your jealousy? You're a genius.
      Meredith: You should call the Harper Avery people. Tell them. Maybe they'll give me an award.

    • Arizona: Hey, have you Googled any of the other nominees?
      Cristina: No.
      Arizona: I have. You want to know what I think?
      Cristina: No.

    • Richard: The kidney's pinking up. That's just beautiful.
      Bailey: Eh.
      Richard: What do you mean, 'eh'? We just transplanted an HIV positive organ, and you're making a mopey face? I remember when HIV baffled us-- I mean, the way it could make its way into cells, replicate its DNA, I mean, the perfectly designed virus.
      Bailey: I understand how HIV works.
      Richard: We never thought we'd find anything close to a cure. And now look at Keith. He's alive. He's full of T-Cells. He just received a kidney transplant-- from us. We do this marvelous thing, I'm trying to enjoy it, and you're bringing me down.
      Bailey (realizing something, to herself): I understand how HIV works.
      Richard: Yeah, you just said that. Let's just close the patient. I need to be around some sunshine, not rain clouds.
      Bailey: No, no. It's a perfectly designed virus. HIV has a brilliant transport system-- the mechanisms it uses, it... (sighs) If I could deactivate it... Oh. Okay, I need to read everything on gene therapy and virus vectors. I need stem cells. I-I need to get down to my lab. Oh! I need a mocha latte!
      Richard: Okay, well, go. I'll close up. Go now! (Bailey leaves)
      Shane (walks in): What'd I miss?
      Richard: The pow.

    • (Watching Cristina in the gallery before the surgery)
      Stephanie: What'd I miss?
      Leah: Yang's going over the procedure in her head.
      Stephanie: She's so cool.
      Jo: She's amazing. She's totally gonna win the Harper Avery.
      Leah: And we know her.
      Stephanie: I printed one of her sample conduits. For the rest of my life, I get to say that.
      Jo: What's she doing?
      Leah: Being amazing. She's poetry--
      Cristina (from O.R): Meredith, can you turn off the intercom?

    • Leah: San Jose airport's open. There's a flight connecting to Portland, it can be here in six hours.
      Arizona: That's still too long.
      Jackson: I'm telling you, private charter is the only way this will work.
      Alex: Yeah, richie-rich, you said that.
      Jo: I got one! A-a private jet. It's fueled and ready and on the tarmac or whatever.
      Alex: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
      Owen: Get it, get it.
      Jo (into phone): Yes, very interested. What would-- (holds phone away from mouth, to group) It's $25,000.
      Arizona: Oh. (sighs) So, who pays for that?
      Jackson: No, we need board approval for that one.
      Owen: Well, you're the board!
      Arizona: Well, you call an emergency board meeting because we have to!
      Alex: Come on!
      Arizona: We got to do it.
      Jackson (pulls out his credit card): Just use this, okay? Put it on my card, I'll sort it out with the board later, it's fine.
      Arizona: Thank you, Jackson.
      Owen: Yeah, thanks.

    • Richard: I didn't see you at the champagne toast this morning for Yang.
      Bailey: I had rounds.
      Richard: Mmhmm. Jealous?
      Bailey (scoffs): Of Yang?
      Richard: Don't let it eat at you. (Bailey scoffs) When Ellis won, it ate at me. Didn't make me a better surgeon. It made me a jealous one.
      Bailey: I'm not jealous! ... Okay, I'm jealous. Happy now? Therapy's over.
      Richard: Bailey, you have your genome lab work. The things you could do, the lives you can save-- That's award-winning.
      Bailey: Do they give awards to people who are stuck? That poor boy spends the rest of his life in a bubble if I can't figure out how to fix his mutation, and I've been staring at the research for weeks.

    • (Callie is in the emotion reading machine and Derek is reading her brain activity)
      Callie: It was the night that U-Dub made it into the finals. This poor freshman fell when blocking a three-pointer. It was such a freak injury. The tibia was shattered in two places, the bone was sticking out like 6 inches from the skin, it was totally disgusting. But I assisted the attending in the O.R, placing the rod and the screws. It probably took like seven hours. I fell in love. It was ortho all the way.
      Derek: Yeah, look, Callie, I know you don't wanna hear this, but--
      Callie: Oh, come on! Nothing?
      Derek: A lot of people are depressed.
      Callie: I'm a happy person!
      Derek: I have a number for you. The guy's great. He helped me through a really difficult time.
      Callie: My life is perfect. I-I'm married to an amazing woman. We're raising an adorable little girl. I'm at the forefront of groudbreaking medical technology with robotic limbs. Not to mention, I'm a homeowner. I mean, do any of these things sound depressing to you? Maybe your stupid fancy machine's broken.
      Meredith (walks in, holding Bailey): Hey! I got thrown off my surgery so Bailey and I decided to come visit Daddy.
      Derek (to Callie): I think you have a crush on my wife. Meredith walked in, and your pleasure center just lit up. It's still lit.
      Callie (smiles): Nope. It's not Meredith.

    • Richard: Ross will transport the kidney once I take it out, then you'll join me for the transfer.
      Bailey: Roger that. You okay, Ross? You got this?
      Stephanie (running into the scrub room): Ross! Swap monkey. You can have your conduits back.
      Shane: I'm good.
      Stephanie: No. Unh-unh. I called swap monkey. Don't you go into that O.R. Don't you dare!
      Shane (stepping into O.R): Too late.
      Stephanie: Damn it, Ross. (sighs, Richard & Bailey just stare at her) Hi. I was-- Never mind. (turns and walks out)
      Richard (to Bailey): What's a swap monkey?
      Bailey: It's when you want what someone else has.

    • Owen: It was a no. It was a hard no. And then I realized that Frankie was right. You are a big-time doctor. So I told them that you were about to win a Harper Avery.
      Cristina: They placed the cardiac pumps in 10 sheep hearts, and 9 out of 10 worked without clotting. It's brilliant.
      Owen: They put me on hold and came back a few minutes later and said okay. Just like that-- boom. Suddenly, you have clout. Suddenly, you can get things done.
      Cristina: Using the sheep was perfect. Their hearts are about the same size as Link's.
      Arizona (walks in): Parents signed consent.
      Owen: They put the device on the next plane. I got Wilson coordinating with the airlines.
      Arizona: How the hell did you talk the FDA into doing that?
      Owen: You're not gonna believe this. Okay, it was a no. It was a hard no. And then--
      Cristina: Quiet! Please! I've got about four hours to get through all their research. Can you please take the party outside?

    • Jo: I just set a broken radius and assisted on a mandibular O.R.I.F. How great is this day?
      Alex: Mm. My kid's trapped in a bubble for the rest of his life.
      Jo: You and Bailey will figure it out. That's how great this day is. Imagination and innovation are everywhere.
      Alex: I'm seeing a lot of misery and failure.
      Jo: Alex.
      Alex: Should I take the private practice job?
      Jo: I thought you'd already decided that you were gonna call Dr. Butthole and--
      Alex: So Yang's winning awards and I'm selling out?
      Jo: You're not a sell out for taking a job doing something that you love.
      Alex: Private practice was never the plan. It was never supposed to be about the money.
      Jo: Well, there's nothing wrong with making money.
      Alex: What am I gonna buy? A condo in Aspen? I don't even ski.
      Jo (chuckles): Not everyone who's rich is an ass. You can take the job and not be an ass.

    • Bailey: The surgery is back on?
      Meredith: Well, kind of. Marty felt terrible, so he's back on board. But we told Keith they weren't a good match.
      Bailey: You did what?
      Meredith: They're best friends. And I was trying to help!
      Bailey: You got emotionally involved. Rookie mistake.
      Meredith: I am not a rookie. But I don't know how I'm gonna go back and explain this.
      Bailey: Oh, I do.
      (next shot is of them in Keith's room, with Bailey talking to Keith)
      Bailey: Dr. Grey misread the labs. Her relative inexperience led to a terrible error. You two, are in fact, a perfect match.
      Keith: Wow! I mean, this is such great news.
      Meredith: So sorry, Keith.
      Keith: I'm willing to just put all this behind me and move forward.
      Bailey: Well, you know how these young surgeons are, it's all about P.R and awards, and they get sloppy.
      Meredith: He said he's ready to move forward.
      Bailey: Luckily, I'm available to do you transplant, and I assure you I am substance over flash.
      Keith: I thought you were doing Marty's surgery.
      Marty: Well, I-I don't mind taking Dr. Grey.
      Keith (quietly, to Marty): Well, why should you settle?
      Marty: Well, you know, she's just taking out my kidney. How hard could it be, you know?
      Keith: But she can barely read a lab report. You don't know if she's gonna mistake your gallbladder for your kidney.
      Meredith: Guys, I assure you-- I'm an excellent surgeon.
      Bailey: Why don't I get another doctor to do Marty's surgery?
      Leah: What?! (Bailey stares at her) ... A good idea.

    • Stephanie: I'm gonna thank my parents, obviously.
      Jo: Why? They didn't help you win the Harper Avery.
      Stephanie: They gave birth to me. They should be publicly acknowledged.
      Jo: I don't have parents, so I'm not gonna waste any of my speech on them. It's gonna be all about me. Humble but...
      Stephanie: Self-involved.
      Jo: Exactly.
      Shane: Can you stop?
      Jo: What's wrong, Shane? Swap monkey misses his conduits?
      Shane: Please-- Swap back. Bailey says she's on the verge.
      Stephanie: No, Bailey's been on the verge for days. I'm keeping Yang.
      Leah (looking through a book): Where is it?!
      Jo: What are you looking for?
      Leah: I'm looking for a picture of the Harper Avery.
      Jo: Ooh! (shows Leah her phone) It's my screen saver.
      Leah: I know what the Harper Avery looks like. I'm looking for a picture of Ellis Grey's Harper Avery.
      Stephanie: Why?
      Leah: I remember being in medical school and looking at these old medical journals and seeing a picture of her from the first time she won. She was young. She was like 35 or something. I'm almost 35.
      Stephanie: You're 27.
      Leah: My life is stupid and ordinary. And... I don't even know what I'm doing here. I'm never gonna win a Harper Avery. I might as well just move to a farm and grow vegetables. At least I'd be doing something useful.
      Jo: Her transplant got cancelled.
      Shane: You want be on Bailey?

    • Intern (walks up): Dr. Yang? I'm a... intern here. I just want to say congratulations. You are totally gonna win.
      Cristina: Are you from the future?
      Intern: No.
      Cristina: Then shut up.
      Meredith: She means, 'thank you.' (Intern walks away)
      April (sits down): Anybody want some meatloaf?
      Meredith: Isn't that the meatloaf you had yesterday?
      April: Yep. And the day before that. Probably gonna have it tomorrow, too, 'cause there's still a piece left at home. Jackson doesn't eat leftovers, you see. He says he finds it depressing to eat food out of a tupperwear container. You know what I find depressing? Paying $7 for a hamburger.
      Cristina: Make her stop. (Callie slurps on her drink) Her, too.
      Derek (walks up): Hey.
      Callie: Oh. It was low blood sugar, Shepherd. Take that food to go, we're gonna do this again. Come on, come on, let's go. (Derek sighs and follows her out)
      Richard (sits down): There she is. The future of medicine. How's it feel?
      Cristina: I don't wanna talk about it. (gets up and walks away)
      Richard: O-Okay. (to Mer) Your mother was the same way. (to April) Didn't you have that meatloaf yesterday?
      April: Yep. And the day before that and probably gonna have it tomorrow.

    • John: You said he was stable. You said that he had at least one more week on Ecmo.
      Arizona: We thought that we had it under control, we didn't expect for him to clot.
      Sabine: And six months ago, I didn't expect any of this. I was in a carpool line picking up my three happy, healthy kids from school. And now-- Now I have two kids in end-stage heart failure and one-- one being kept alive with a pacemaker. You guys can't tell me why my kids are sick, and-- and now you're scratching your heads, telling me that there's nothing more you can do for Link except-- except wait?
      Frankie: I thought you were supposed to be some award-winning doctor.
      Owen: Frankie.
      Frankie: My parents keep saying that you're doing your best, but your best is bad.

    • Bailey: Please tell Cristina that I'm thrilled for her.
      Meredith: I'm sure she'd love to hear it from you.
      Bailey: And I would love to have that conversation, but I am busy trying to find a way for a gene to proliferate in the body of a young boy. So I would be most grateful if you would extend my heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Yang for me.
      Meredith: Um... okay.

    • Jackson: Hey, Dr. Torres said you have a thing for bones. When you're done with her patient, you want to do a mandibular O.R.I.F?
      Jo: Yes!
      April: I see you have another beverage.
      Jackson: Iced tea, actually. It's quite good. (takes a sip) Would you like some?
      April: Oh, I'm perfectly happy with my water. (reaches for it, and her shirt rides up and you can see her swimsuit)
      Jo: Is that a--
      Jackson: Her swimsuit. Yeah. Racerback.
      April: I ran out of underwear.
      Jo: I'm not understanding.
      April: You don't wear swimsuits when you run out of clean underwear?
      Jo: I don't run out of clean underwear.
      April: You're a resident. When do you have time to do laundry?
      Jo: I'm a doctor. I send it out.
      Jackson: Hmm.

    • (Callie is in the emotion reading machine and Derek is asking her questions, and reading her brain activity)
      Derek: What do you do for a living?
      Callie: I'm an orthopedic surgeon.
      Derek: Do you enjoy your work?
      Callie: I love it.
      Derek: Are you married?
      Callie: Yep.
      Derek: Any kids?
      Callie: Uh, one.
      Derek: Would you consider yourself a happy person?
      Callie: Extremely.
      Derek: And you want to participate in this project?
      Callie: I do.
      Derek: No.
      Callie: 'No' what?
      Derek: Uh, judging by these results, I'd say that you are depressed and I would turn you away from the study.
      Callie (chuckles): I'm not depressed.
      Derek: Oh, it's not big deal. We can get somebody else to give us a baseline--
      Callie: Derek, I'm not depressed. Show me the kitten. (Derek puts up the picture of the kitten, Callie smiles) Yeah, see? I'm happy. Am I happy?
      Derek: Nope.
      Callie: I-I really do love kittens, I do.

    • Bailey: Yang get too fancy for you, kicked you down here to the 'B' team?
      Shane: Oh, no, I, uh wanted to see the work you're doing.
      Bailey: Genome sequencing is the future of medicine. May not be a fancy surgery, but's gonna save lives. You want to save lives or go to fancy award dinners?
      Shane: Save lives.
      Bailey: Don't get me wrong. I'm happy for Dr. Yang. Why wouldn't I be? I trained her, molded her. It's almost like it's my nomination, too.
      Meredith (walks in): Keith and Marty are good to go.
      Bailey: Ah, yes-- Your high profile kidney transplant.
      Meredith: I thought you were harvesting the donor.
      Bailey: Yeah, while you do the award-winning stuff. Uh, yeah, I remember. Page me when you're ready. (Mer leaves, to Shane) Trained her, too.

    • (They are tested their new machine that can detect emotions on Jo)
      Derek: Now before we drill into someone's brain, we need to make sure they're good candidates for robotics work. They need to be motivated, stable and neurologically healthy. This machine gives us a window into all that.
      Callie: Mmhmm. Yeah. You're gonna be our baseline. So we're just gonna show you some pictures, and all you need to do is look at them. (Derek & Callie walk into the other room)
      Derek: Okay, Wilson, you ready? (Jo gives thumbs up, they show her a picture of a shark)
      Callie (looking at the screen of Jo's brain and which part lights up): Hmm. That's the amygdala, right?
      Derek: It's fired up by powerful negative emotions, like fear, rage, anger, hate. Okay, now let's take a look at her nucleus accumbens.
      Callie: Her pleasure center? (they show her a picture of a kitten, Jo's amygldala stays lighten up)
      Derek: That's not suppose to happen. Wilson, what's wrong with you? You don't like cats?
      Jo: Hate 'em. (Derek now puts up a picture of the beach, Jo's amygldala stays lighten up)
      Derek: What's wrong with the beach?
      Jo: Sand in my eyes, skin cancer, vacations I never got to take as a child.
      Callie (looks at her pager): Uh oh. Open comminuted radius fracture in the E.R.
      Derek: There we go. (Jo's pleasure center lights up) Look at that. Took a broken arm to make her happy.
      Callie (to Derek): Huh. I turned her on to ortho a few weeks ago. Watch this. (to Jo) Hey, Wilson, you wanna go set that arm yourself? (Jo's pleasure center gets bigger)
      Ha. I love our new toy!

    • Richard: Innovation. Imagination. Excellence. Oh, soak it in, doctors. It's-- It's all around you.
      Stephanie: It's mostly hovering around Dr. Yang, and Shane's kind of hogging her.
      Richard: I'm not just talking about Dr. Yang. Dr. Shepherd is testing a new machine that can read emotions and has applications for the work that he and Dr. Torres are doing.
      Jo (gasps): Torres! Me!
      Richard: Hey, Dr. Grey is about to do the first HIV-positive-to-positive kidney transplant in the state since the new law went into effect in November.
      Leah: That's history making. It's mine.
      Richard: And Dr. Bailey's looking for a genetic cure for a kid who lacks an immune system. Edwards?
      Stephanie: I was on her service yesterday, she's not doing anything. She's just staring at her computer screen.
      Richard: That is not nothing. She's thinking. Her brain is turning, building up to that moment of-- of inspiration. It'll look like nothing, but in a moment, (snaps fingers) pow! 4th of July. Don't blink, you'll miss it. (walks away)
      Shane: It was like that with me and Yang at first, too. A lot of staring at computer screens, and now look at us.
      Stephanie (smiles): Oh, Shane. Oh, Shane, Shane, Shane.
      Shane: No.
      Stephanie: I wasn't gonna do this to you today. I really wasn't. Was I, ladies?
      Jo: She wasn't.
      Leah: Hand to god.
      Stephanie: But you just got too big for your britches.
      Shane: It's not even interesting stuff. I'm just in the printing lab making sample conduits.
      Stephanie: Well, not anymore, swap monkey! Enjoy working with Dr. Bailey. Pow! 4th of July!

    • Arizona: So I put a call in to these guys from Stanford who are doing animal testing with a drug-eluting pump to prevent clotting. Never been tried on humans, but Link is a little kid. The fit might be right. It could work. I'll let you guys know what they say.
      Owen: So that's how you're gonna play this-- Act like it's just another day at the office?
      Cristina: It is.
      Arizona: No, see I need details. So, w-what did they say?
      Cristina: 'Congratulations.'
      Arizona: And then what did you say?
      Cristina: 'Thank you.'
      Arizona (chuckles): Cristina--
      Cristina: No, no, really, really, it's-- it's just a nomination. I'm happy about it, but I've got a ton of work to do. I-I want to focus on that. I really don't want to make a big deal out of it. (starts walking away, Owen & Arizona look at each other)
      Owen: Hey, hey uh... let's go this way.
      Arizona: Yeah.
      Owen: You know, get some um... breakfast?
      Cristina: Why? I got my chips. (opens the door and pretty much every one from the hospital is there and yells 'surprise.' Cristina turns to Owen, quietly) Whose idea was this?
      Owen: Meredith's.

    • Owen: Hey, Frankie, you're late.
      Frankie: I'm not a patient anymore so I don't have to be at rounds. But you do.
      Owen: Oh, you're right. I'm late.
      Frankie: Wanna race?
      Owen: Yeah. Come on. (they run into her brother's room)
      Frankie: Hey, Linkie, I got you a chocolate chip muffin for when you're feeling better.
      Cristina: How are you feeling, Frankie?
      Owen: Well, she just beat me in a race, so...
      Cristina: Oh, it looks like that pacemaker I put in is working. And Iv-- Seriously, Ivy. Sour cream and onion chips for breakfast?
      Ivy: You said I should put on weight.
      Cristina (takes the chips away and eats one): Mm. Good.
      Arizona: So, two weeks post-op heart transplant, and Ivy's indices are excellent.
      Cristina: And Mr. Link?
      Frankie: Lincoln McNeil, age 9, end-stage heart failure, awaiting transplant, status 1A. There's a family history of the disease. The cause is still unknown. Uh, Link first showed signs of cardiomyopathy two weeks ago and has deteriorated rapidly. And an attempt to put him on a Berlin heart failed... due to something I can't remember.
      Ivy: Clotting.
      Frankie: That's it. Uh, the patient is now on Ecmo and is...
      Arizona: Stable.
      Cristina: I couldn't have said it better myself.
      Frankie: Thanks.

    • (April is changing her shirt)
      Jackson: Is that a swimsuit?
      April: Yes, I ran out of clean underwear and haven't had a chance to do laundry.
      Jackson: Which is why you send it out.
      April: We have a perfectly good washing machine at the house.
      Jackson: Says the doctor in a speedo.
      April: Paying someone to do your laundry is an extravagance. How much did that coffee cost?
      Jackson (looks at his coffee cup): Uh, 4 bucks.
      April: So, that's like, what, six-- six a week? That's like... give me a second. Like a $1,000 a year you're just throwing away.
      Jackson: It's not like I'm spending it on hookers or private planes. It's a latte.
      April: I'm going to get you one of those milk-frothy things. I'm gonna teach you how to make your own latte.
      Jackson: Will you do it in that swimsuit?

    • Jackson: Hey, did you go home? I must have missed you.
      April: Yeah, I had a 14 year-old GSW. It was so bloody. I felt nasty after surgery, so I went home to change.
      Jackson: Cool news about Yang, though, huh?
      April: Yeah. You really didn't know?
      Jackson: I'm telling you, the nominating committee is totally separate from the foundation. I'm just like everybody else.
      April: Hmm. Only way handsomer.

    • Jackson: Hey, Frankie.
      Frankie: Morning, Dr. Avery. Hey, are you named after that big award-- The Harper Avery?
      Jackson: It's actually named after me, after my family.

    • Derek: I'm gonna get these guys into daycare, and then I'll see you at the meg.
      Callie: Alright. I'll meet you there. (Derek walks away)
      Arizona: You guys got a meg?
      Callie: Yeah, it's gonna make screening candidates for the trial so much more efficient.
      Arizona: Doesn't that cost like a jillion dollars?
      Callie: Yeah. Derek working for the government has its perks.
      Arizona: Oh, you want a Harper Avery.
      Callie: Um, I want to make an amputee walk using robotics, and if I win a Harper Avery in the process, I won't turn it down. (they chuckle)
      Arizona: Well, now's the time. I mean, Sofia's almost in school all day, and the time-consuming baby days are over.
      Callie: Unless they're not.
      Arizona: Oh, I say we quit while we're ahead.
      Callie: Yeah. Yeah. Sofia's pretty perfect. Why tempt fate?
      Arizona: Yeah, I can actually finally have a thought.
      Callie: Mm. Is that thought 'Where's my Harper Avery?'
      Arizona: Ooh. Hey, maybe.
      Callie: Ooh. Alright.

    • Arizona: Cristina got nominated!
      Derek (showing them a picture): This is her getting the call.
      Callie (chuckles): She's wearing lipstick at 5:00am?

    • Stephanie: He said 'we'? You're sure Shane said 'we'?
      Jo: He said, 'did we get the nomination?' The way he sees it, he and Yang just got nominated for the highest surgical honor in the land.
      Stephanie: He's gonna be insufferable now.
      Leah: We have to knock him down a peg. He's still your swap monkey.
      Stephanie: I can't do that today. I'm not that horrible.
      Leah: You kind of are.

    • (Mer & Cristina wake up at 5:00am to get ready for Cristina's phone call from the Harper Avery foundation)
      Meredith: Okay, hold on. You got to put on some lip stick. Here.
      Cristina: What if--
      Meredith: No! It's not possible because Catherine Avery said that you were on the short list, and your project is-- It's innovative.
      Cristina: Uh huh.
      Meredith: It's going to lead to the actual printing of hearts.
      Cristina: Uh huh.
      Meredith: Millions will be saved.
      Cristina: What time is it?
      Meredith: 5:01.
      Alex (walks in): Did they?
      Meredith: Not yet.
      Jo (walks in): Did they?
      Alex: No.
      Cristina: Oh, god!
      Meredith: Okay, listen, if there are five nominees, it's alphabetical. Yang is last. (Jo's phone rings) Geez, hairball!
      Jo: Oh, sorry! It's Shane. (answers it) Hey. No. Uh, not yet. But it's still early. It's uh...
      Cristina: 5:02. (Jo hangs up the phone, they all wait for Cristina's phone to ring) Mer, seriously, what if they don't call? (Cristina's phone rings, they all scream) What do I do?
      Alex: Answer it.
      Cristina: It's Boston. It's Boston. It's them. It's them.
      Meredith: Okay. Okay, okay. You are going to be gracious and humble. You are going to thank them but you are not gonna grovel. You remember who you are, you are Cristina Yang, and you are going to change the face of medicine. Go.
      Alex: Just answer the damn phone!

    • Meredith: (closing voiceover) My mom didn't think she'd win. She thought it was a popularity contest, and she wasn't popular. She was a woman and a fellow, and her arrogance could rub people the wrong way. She hadn't allowed herself to imagine the possibility of winning because she wanted it too much. And when they called my mom's name, she was genuinely shocked. It was validation of all her hard work and sacrifice. She came home and told me she didn't win the Harper Avery. She earned it.

    • Meredith: (opening voiceover) The Harper Avery is one of the highest awards a surgeon can earn. They always make the calls to the nominees on the same Friday of the same month at 8:00 A.M. east coast time 5:00 A.M. in Seattle. If the phone rings, everything changes. Suddenly, you're a superstar. If it doesn't... I don't know. My mom was a superstar. She always got the call.

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