Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 9

In the Midnight Hour

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2008 on ABC

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  • Love and Surgery. Awesome Episode.

    Denny and Izzy make love for the first time. He wants to prove to her that he is really here and not a figment of her imagination. Everyone hears her and then leaves. Alex asks if he can help her out, but she claims that she's just sick. The intern, Sadie, lets Lexie and the other interns take out her appendix. They notice it looks inflamed, but continue anyway. The next thing you know, Lexie is asking Meredith for help because something went wrong. When Mer sees the situation she sends for Bailey. With Bailey and Yang's help they save Sadie's life, but the interns are in serious trouble and are put on probation. They aren't allowed in the OR until told otherwise. O'Malley finds out that Lexie loves him, which he was clueless about.
  • Thoroughly enjoyable episode with the exception of the spectre at the feast - Denny and Izzie.

    This was one of those episodes that Grey's Anatomy do well with one major exception. That is the Denny-Izzie ghost storyline. I don't believe I'm the only one that hates this. The rest of the episode I thoroughly enjoyed. It was about time the interns stupidity about doing surgery on themselves backfired. How could they even consider it? This episode helped to flesh out some of the interns' characters. Alex with the fecal transplant couple was priceless as far as comedy value goes and there were many touching moments with Bailey. I also like the gentle development of Christina's relationship with Dr Hunt. George didn't have much to do (again) - I would have liked to see more of a storyline for him.
  • Two words - Mixed Feelings

    I love Mark. he was incredible in this episode yet still managed to be snarky and funny. I love the relationship he has with Callie and I hope it develops into something deeper in the future. I love Alex in this episode. because we are finally seeing the incredibly strong and sensitive man he is. becuase he sticks to Izzie no matter what cr*p she throws his way. Im warming up to Owen and to Owen and Cristina. their scene was just incredible and I loved the speech Cristina gave to Meredith. MerDer were great in this epi too, especially in the last scene. this wasnt the way I wanted for George to find out about what Lexie feels for him but at least now they can maybe built some form of a relationship, be it friendship or romance. although I don think neither of them is ready for a romance right now. I loved the cases. especially the sleep walking one. Im glad the secret club is finally over with. and now the thing I fast forwarded because it was too painful to watch. I kinda expected an explanation and it seems we di not get any. and to be honest its getting too much. last week I was angry, now Im jut dessapointed that a stupid story line is essentially ruining an otherwise great show. and I still dont care for Sadie.
  • The internes led by Lexie have made a terrible mistake and need help from Meredith, Christina and Bailey. Izzie and her ghost boyfriend are still in a tangling situation while Dr. Hunt shows Christina his feelings for her.

    Izzie and her ghost is still dragging on. It has become unbearable. Are the producers trying to write her off and that she dies and join Danny in heaven? Or simply the writers are confused that they are writing for the Ghost whisperer ? (coincidently the recent episodes of GW are about Melinda and her ghost husband who comes back for her).
    The good part of the show is the Owen/Christina's slow developing admiration for each other. Dr Owen Hunt has gradually overcome his post-war syndrome and finally has the courage to open up.
    Another character that changes gradually for the better is Alex who has become a more mature and understanding person than he was before. The way he told Izzie about their relationships shows that he has more confident about himself. Justin Chambers is a good actor.
  • Derek, Sloan, Owen, and George treat a patient with epilepsy. The interns perform a routine appendectomy on Sadie that turns haywire. Meredith and Christina fight. Izzy humps a ghost.

    Grey's is definitely not living up to its standards. This installment proves that the show doesn't prove its mettle with one good plot amidst some insane subplots.

    Firstly, I still don't understand why the makers are still unable to give us a rational explanation for Izzy's new found gift of having a relationship with the dead. The case of a sleepwalker who jump out of a window was one medical case that was covered with a primary purpose of depicting Sloan as a good guy. I liked the part where the intern's decide to perform an appendectomy on one of themselves. We see Sadie play the lab rat this time. But, for drama's sake, Lexie who does the appendectomy messes up with the internal stitches, which nearly pushes Sadie on the brink of death. A large number of characters still continue to be underutilized. Though, for most part I found this episode watchable, its fairly evident that most sequences are portrayed in a subtle manner. I feel the show has lost a good deal of intensity and power as a result of this.

    The last two episodes have been disappointing. Time to rev up and deliver.
  • Love this episode!

    I really loved this episode!
    The crazyness of the inturns, was soo amazing!
    I just knew something was gonna go wrong.
    I liked Alex in this episode, you could really noticed he cares about Izzie.
    I honestly didnt really liked the whole 'Denny coming back as a gost thing'
    But Isobel Katherine is such a good actress,!
    I also really likes Mark Sloan, He's was soo cute & caring with the little girl and love the way he and Calleigh are friends.
    I also liked hearing more about his past & i just want him and lexie to come togheter!

    And finally George finds out Lexie likes him!
    I'm starting to like christina & Owen as a couple!
  • Impressive episode which luckily doesn't focus too much on Denny.

    Yes this doesn't get a 10 because the Denny stuff was there and honestly was too soppy. Izzie was brilliant in the scenes, especially when she was telling him that ghosts don't do things. She's a brilliant actress but it just is such a stupid storyline. But obviously the outcome in a few episodes proves to be a sad and engrossing storyline.

    What I liked was the interns going crazy and doing an appy on Sadie. It was mind blowingly stupid but it was intense, dramatic and entertaining. It goes wrong and then things really kick off...the Chief calls in Mer and Cristina but doesn't punish them until he discovers that Cristina already knew something was wrong...then she and Meredith have a really big fight.

    That was a great scene and I felt for both of them. It's unfair that Cristina is out of the running for solo surgery. I also really enjoyed Mark comforting the girls whose father was sleep walking with deadly consequences. He showed his understanding side which was great. It was very sad when she blamed herself. The conversation between Bailey and Callie at the end was revealing...both of them seem lost.

    The 2nd viewing of this episode actually was better...really good stuff.
  • Season 5, Episode 9.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was unique, but it was definitely intense. I like where this whole Izzy storyline is going. It's so weird. Alex is so hot! Meredith looks pretty good too! So does Sadie. I liked the storyline. Chyler Leigh's storyline was actually pretty good and intense as well, which is good for her impressive acting. It was a pretty cool episode. I liked when Izzy was having orgasms. Haha! I liked the narrations too. I liked that Leslie Grossman appeared in this episode, because she was awesome in WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU. The feces storyline was weird though. Good episode! :)
  • Really intense

    It was nice to see some exciting... we almost never see the interns but this time... they went all the way!

    Finally the residents got the change to "teach" their interns, although they should've been more careful ad watch them cause thats their job.

    I think the show is on its way back to what it was, not that it was completly lost, but in some past episodes the stories werent so "exciting".

    The writing is getting better, the acting is the same (awesome). and the new characters (i,e. Owen)are really falling into place. On this way, we can expect the rest of the show to be greater.
  • An intern is nearly killed.

    God, can this Izzie and Denny storyline please end already? Katherine Heigl's brilliant acting is able to make this watchable but I do not understand why the show is giving us this supernatural rubbish (unless it turns out she is dead like what I predicted weeks ago).

    I have not been crazy about the guest stars this season but I did like the guest spot by Joshua Malina (The West Wing, Sports Night) here as the husband of a woman needing a fecal transplant. These are the kind of harmless, comedic relief storylines that help to balance the program.

    Unfortunately Grey's Anatomy goes from that to a ridiculous intern storyline. I like Lexie, but she deserves better than this. This whole thing is not believable in the least and is really taking away screen time from the other characters. When given time the supporting cast can be great such as the little side storyline with Dr. Sloan and the young girl. This was not a bad episode, there really haven't been any bad episodes this year, but this was far from great.
  • Drop the ghost!

    What is going on at Seattle Grace? Shonda Rhimes seems to be experiencing a serious inspiration dry spell. In her opinion the love triangle Denny/Izzie/Alex is the best idea she ever had.

    I beg to differ. Now, when I watch the show I blink to make sure I'm not watching the X-Files or even Ghost whisperer. The fact that Melinda can still live with her dead husband is yet less upsetting since the show is about ghosts.

    It's the case for GA. It's about life and death but not life after death. If the writers loved so much the idea of Izzie and Denny beoing together they shouldn't have killed him at the end of season 2.

    Alex and Izzie is a couple is a couple I've been pining for for years and I didn't think their relationship would be jeopardized by a man who is not even alive!

    Last year Katherine Heigl said that her role on the previous season was not emmy worthy. It will probably turn out the same way this year. How can she accept to do that?

    I'm not a big fan either of Meredith's friend. I'd rather focuse on Christina and Major Hunt. I'm surprised myself because I didn't like at first but I think both of them have great chemistry.
    I'd also like to see more about Lexie, but not crazy stuff like an unauthorized surgery!

    Come on, I'm on the verge of giving up!
  • When you have a dozen of characters to focus your attention on and the ghost has no intention to leave, all you can get is a "weird" episode

    "In The Midnight Hour" is a good episode and it could have been effortlessly a solid one if it was not for the palpable fact: Danny the Casper. Not that only he is lurking around with no obvious reason, he is also destroying everything Izzie once stood for: Optimism, faith and positivism. I have hard time to grasp why the writers cannot let go of Danny as easily as they gave up on Izzie. If we can manage to digest this one big "let's write Izzie off" machination (honestly, who can?), the relatively smaller problem of having too much characters around is still on the loose but it was "kind of" fettered in this very episode by bringing Mark, Cristina, Meredith and Callie to the spotlight and prolonging the screen-time of Alex and George (from 2 minutes to 4-5 minutes). Unsurprisingly the highlights of the episode (Cristina-Meredith confrontation, Callie's breakdown, Alex's sensitive new side and Mark's capability of being a great friend) are quite linked to the main characters, making us wondering why we do need new characters like Sadie at all. However, this is not the exigent situation that requires attention and remedy. Unfortunately, I have my share of doubts that the big problem will be taken care of quickly and effectively.
  • This episode came full circle

    This episode had so many mirrors to the past. I loved it. Christina and Mer have really grown up. The interns surgery on Sadie reminded me of the Denny surgery, going behind the backs of your superiors to do something reckless. It was fitting to have Denny in this episode. The fact that Meridith and Christina were on the other side shows how many differences can happen in a yr or two. When George was talking to the interns i loved how they were in the same stance on the floor talking about prison and jail time. Just as the gang did. Finally George knows that Lexie loves him. Just as he was ignored by a Grey girl, he is blind to anothers love. I had almost forgotten that the two lived together since it has yet to be explored. Sloan has really become one of my favorite characters with his moments of kindness and compassion. Baliey will always be the one that thegang looks up to and its hard to think that now they are each a "bailey" because they are still connect to each other and to her. She tried to let them go by making them talk to their own interns but they are still her babies and she deeply cares for them.