Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 6

Into You Like A Train

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • Favorite Episode

    I couldn't love this episode more. Whenever I get frustrated with Grey's and how things are going I put this episode and watch. I love how Bonny and Meredith are intertwined and it ends with her in the operating room yelling that they just can't give up on her and you're not sure if she's talking about Bonny or herself because Derek has just said he's going back to his marriage to make it work. Ellen Pompeo is fabulous and her counterpart, Patrick Dempsey is equally as fabulous particularly when he tells Bonny's boyfriend "if love were enough that she'd be with you" because if love were enough, he'd still be with Meredith.
  • Derek finally makes his decision - Addison over Meredith, responsibility over love. An engaged young woman and an older married man are both impaled by the same pole and one of them must die to save the other. Meredith is the intern on the case.

    Just about every episode of Season 2 manages to break my heart because of the subtle references it makes to the situation between Meredith and Derek. My heart was absolutely crushed when he said "If love was enough, she'd be with you". My God. I love the way Patrick Dempsey plays this out. The tone sounds like "Oh God, I love Meredith so much... Oh God". It feels to me like he's trying to let out a little bit of the agony he's feeling on the inside. I sobbed so hard because it was just so... beautiful... I think that love between him and Meredith was enough to make their relationship work but when he looked at the whole picture he had to take into account his marital responsibilities because, of course, that is the kind of personality a McDreamy has. My God I loved it but it crushed me at the same time. It was an awesome episode.

    That's my two cents.
  • One of the best episodes of the entire show: a turning point for Meredith and Derek, and a train accident brings to Seattle Grace many interesting and touching stories. Watch it, and you wont regret it.

    Without a doubt my favorite episode of "Grey's Anatomy" so far. Everything about it is perfect: the touching story of the couple impaled, Meredith's growing anxiety during the episode as she waits for Derek to tell her what he decided, and, of course, Derek himself. This episode does wonders for Patrick Dempsey's character; his attitude as he treats Bonny and Tom (the impaled couple) is moving, his ambiguous behavior towards Meredith is both sweet and distant, and, in the end, his decision might upset the most passionate fans or Mer and Der, but, even then, I dont think anyone will be able to dislike Derek. The whole episode is bitter-sweet, but never too dramatic, and the other stories are also interesting to watch. So, if you're a fan of "Grey's Anatomy", this episode is a memorable one; and, if you're not a fan, be sure that "Into You Like Train" will turn you into one.
  • The first i've seen of Grey's Anatomy but an awesome one at that..!

    The whole train crash added a whole new dilema to the or with two people having been impaled by the same pole it was emotional to see the pair of them towards the end and the realisation that the girl's chances were slim.. i think the writers handled the whole emotional side well with meredith distraut at the fact the girl never really had a chance.

    Meredith with the bannana bag was hilarious and when derek asked what happened to her and she replied witth tequila that made me lauf.In the end i think it was inevitable that he would choose his wife but you can't help feeling sorry for meredith she obviously had her hopes up and the rejection on her face was horrible to watch.
  • This episode is amazing! The best way to start season 2 in England! one of my favourites.

    I totally loved this episode! This episode was the season premier in England and 'Bring the Pain', in my opinion, was the best way to end a series. Season 1 finale; Derek has to make a choice between Addison and Meredith and season 2 finale; Meredith has to make a choice between Derek and Finn! (McDreamy all the way!!!) I just love drunk Meredith and the tension between her and Derek. The banana bag bit is hysterical and the two people impaled together by the pole just emphasises how hard it is to choose. From this episode you can only see the season getting better and better!
  • Probably my favourite episode ever

    "Into you like a train" is probably my favourite Grey's Anatomy episode ever. The medical stories usually bring a little fun to the show, but to me they never matter that much. This time it was all so well connected and the whole train story was really tough. The two people in the OR and only one of them able to survive - it was so emotional and I really cried a lot during this episode!
    But also the interns were great in this episode. I loved the beginning of the season when they were all in the bar and Meredith seemed to be waiting for Derek in vain. Then she was gone and he arrived and until the end of the episode I was sure he was gonna leave Addison and stay with Meredith. Why else would he have shown up? I just don't get it, there's a little inconveniance in his behaviour or the storyline of this episode... but it was so sad when Meredith cried out loud that they can't let the girl from the accident die. The symbolic meaning was huge and it made me cry even more...
    It was one of the biggest episodes ever, I loved it!!!
  • This is one of Grey's episodes you just have to see!

    This episode was very exciting. And, of course, it wouldn't be this great if it didn't start where the last episode finished. Bailey in dress and she being angry because she couldn't eat a lobster was so funny, and Meredith being in clouds... lol. But as much as it was funny, it was so sad. Killing one person to let other person live was definately awful to watch - don't get me wrong, the episode was excellent, but that scene was just sad. And, Derek appeared in the bar just after Meredith left. . . but I'm getting bored of those Derek-Addison-Meredith scenes.
  • This is a must-see episode of Grey's Anatomy.

    It's so sad for Meredith that Derek choses his wife over her. For Derek, he's such a strong man, to keep their marriage and give it a second chance. Although his wife cheated on him, he still value their wedding vows. The hardest part is for Derek, because he also has a feeling for Meredith. One more teary scene is when they gave the status of the two people who got poled together. One should sacrifice for the life of the other. Life is really unfair. This goes for the same situation that all the main characters are faced with.
  • ...

    Yay! Greys Anatomy is back in the land of the Brits, and it kicked off with a bang.

    I really enjoyed this episode, from beginning to end. The start in the pub was quite believable - some good acting there from Meredith, and I always like to see Joe. Meredith being drunk was quite fun, I'd go as far to say a lot better than normal moany Meredith, so she managed to content me this episode without getting too whiney over Derek (face it, you're the lesser woman in this situation).

    I was in tears with the pole situation! Very symbolic, of course, but I cared more about the patients - great actors. It was a shame they couldn't get someone better to play the fiance (?), his small part almost ruined it at the end. Christina's leg hunt was quite humerous at times. I liked her short interaction with the paramedic. It's good to see that her baby trauma isn't getting in the way of things too much. And her scene with Burke was sweet. Addison seemed a little too depressed this episode given her victory in the dating stakes. At least I'm glad she's not being written-out too soon. And seeing her working with Izzy should be good in the future.

    The Nazi was strong as always, she's one character who can never let the show down by moments of weakness.

    I also liked seeing the general hospital procedures in this episode - like when the Nazi changed shoes at the beginning.

    Overall, the episode has made me extremely happy that Greys Anatomy is back on our screens.
  • Because kids love Izzie Stevens

    And finally, Season 2's on in the UK and this episode is the one to kick it off. And what a fine episode it is too, with a plane crash taking central focus and Meredith too drunk to function. This is all due to Derek of course, the egotistical surgeon who's chose Addison over her but to be honest Derek Shepherd is probably the biggest wanker on TV. I don't understand why he would fail to inform Meredith of his marital status. Or maybe he's just an idiot who deserves absolutely no happiness whatsoever.

    His breakdown at the end of this episode seems very trivial. The case he's handled, the two strangers on the pole, bought a tear to my eye so I understand that but I think it also represents something (just like everything else on this show) - that whatever Derek's choice, one of his ladies is gonna get hurt. But the case itself is quite awful to watch especially at the end when Meredith makes the decision to keep treating a deceased Bonnie, and her cries of "we're just gonna leave her" were quite emotional and well-written.

    I don't consider myself a particularly evil person but boy, was I happy when "oh honey, we fiiiiine" women died. She was funny at first, but by the time she died that woman was the most annoying patient on this show. It doesn't help that Alex is an A* doodle (proved later with the leg), but the way he reacted just proved that he is in fact someone who falls hard and recovers quickly.

    And as for Cristina's leg hunt, that was pretty funny especially her conversation with Burke. However, I can't really help but feel that she's gotten over losing her baby pretty quickly. Both she and Burke.

    My opinion on Izzie changes within each episode, but I quite like this developing working relationship she appears to have with Addison. She was the one who first went to Addison about Cristina's pregnancy (right?), and I like that Addison sees something in Izzie. In fact, I really like Addison and I think she could develop into a really good character if the writers work hard enough with her. But I like these two, and I liked the best friends they were treating and their situation too.

    Richard and Derek "tension" ... yawn.
  • poor meredith but she was really looking pathetic at joe's!t

    it was a lovely episode, the pole victims brought tears to my eyes!the lousy woman on the phone that had internal injuries that died, men i didnt see that coming. so mcdreamy went to joe's for what? i ask? that guy gets no pity from me, "she is my wife" hello! he didnt know that when he walked away from the south hamptons home and his stupid sheets? i hope meredith dumps his frigging behind in season 3! she's my wifeeeeeeeee. poor meredith!am not even moved by that crappy elevator scene where the nazi stop it elevator for him to cry his poor soul out. am really mad people really mad! infact he deserves the misery all of it but meredith will nearly die! i guess we cant choose who we fall in love with?
  • Yay for Addison and Derek :)

    I’m glad Derek chose Addison over Meredith.

    The two patients with the pole through them was insane! I can’t believe they actually kept a relatively level head and a sense of humor about the whole thing. What a tough decision for the doctors to have to figure out who should die and who should live. Monica Keena was EXCELLENT as Bonnie. She’s such a terrific actress!

    The woman on her cell phone was so irritating!

    I love Bailey and Derek’s relationship. They seem to have a special understanding with one another.

    The whole episode gave me chills because it was so good. Definitely one of the best yet!
  • barbecued with a pole…alex as always is inefficient...izzie is a promising surgeon under dr. Shepard(Addison)…

    Waaaaah, I cried in this episode! I cant believe I did…I really felt sad for bonnie(?) imagine being told that you’re gonna die because you have the lesser chance of surviving. And in spite of it she still keeps on cracking jokes.

    I love watching Addison at work. She is so confident with what she is doing, that you get pulled to her character. My vote is still with addison and derek getting back together.

    Alex story was sad…he always ends up being irresponsible!

    I like it when bailey pulled the emergency stop in the elevator to give Derek a chance to cry and then compose himself. Although she doesn’t give an “in your face” comfort she still gives it nonetheless, albeit discreetly! love her!
  • An emotional episode as the doctors must literally "play God" and choose which of the two impaled patients gets to live or die.

    Episodes like this are the reason I still watch television. As most of the 27 others before me have said, I could not stop crying. There were several emotional scenes, to name a couple: when Bonnie and Tom find out that only one of them will live, and when Derek breaks down in the elevator.

    This episode furthered character development. We learn that Ellis Grey's (Meredith's mother) words at the end of one of the previous episodes foreshadowed Derek's choice between Meredith and Addison. Ellis said something like, "He'll never leave her. He'll love you, but he won't leave her because she is his wife." Though we know she is referring to herself and Richard, we now see the impact it had on the story line.

    As mean and strict as Bailey is made out to be, (she is called the Nazi) we see her show compassion and understanding towards Derek. She knows instinctively to pull the alarm in the elevator so that it would stop and give time for Derek to release.

    The two-second scene with Burke and Christina shows so much more than presented. Christina is accepting that she and Burke are in a relationship and begins to "act the part." She, like a girlfriend in trouble, calls on Burke to help her find the missing leg because "that's what boyfriends do, isn't it?"

    I'm not too sure on my position about Derek's choosing Addison. It makes total sense that he would pick her because she is his wife. As he said, "11 Thanksgivings, birthdays, and Christmases." His wife - his family - is not so easy to throw away despite the fact that he had it so good with Meredith. On the other hand, if he still loved Addison, why have the "affair" with Meredith in the first place? Does this make him a jerk? Probably.

    This was a fantastic episode, and all viewers of GA will be able to relate to it in one way or another. Don't forget the tissues when you (re-)watch this ep, because whether you're a fan or not, it'll leave you eyes red and and puffy from tears.
  • Best Grey's anatomy episode by far!!!

    I watched this episode together with 2 friends of mine and the tears were running down our cheeks. It was such a sad episode and I have never every cried because of a television show. This episode is cinema-material. Great acting! Awesome storyline!

    By far my favourite episode!

    P.S. Derek is an a**! But at least he is a good looking one! ;)
  • Derek okays Webber for surgery.Addison and Izzie work with a woman who is pregnant and badly burned.Christina searches for a patient's leg and Alex wonders if he should be a doctor. Two people are caught in a coin flip situation when they get impaled by t

    I liked this episode, the part where they had to choose between the two people on the pole was really sad! For a minute I hoped that they would save them both (when they were operating), but then the girl still died, which wasn't very strange. I liked it that Derek cried..sooo cute, it makes him more human aswell, but I still can't believe he picked addison, is the guy mental or something!? Next: poor Alex! I really felt sorry for him when his patient died, but it was good to see Webber giving him a second chance though! I really hope he and Izzy will get together, I think they would make a cute couple.
    Not much ( read: NO) Burke and Cristina this episode, but it didn't ruin the episode.
    Overall this was a nice episode, i'm looking forward to next weeks episode!
  • So touching and yet so funny at the same time.

    This episode really messes with your emotions. First it's funny and then it's sad and then back and forth throughout the entire episode.

    There were some hilarious parts to this episode: Cristina's mad search to find the right right leg (and the look on her face when she saw that the second leg had painted nails), and all the scenes where Meredith was drunk and saying bizarre things. Priceless. My favorite part was when she tried to "talk guy" to Alex. How funny was that?

    And then of course there were the emotional parts that made you want to cry. The two people on the pole goes without saying, but Derek crying in the elevator, and the scene where he went to Joe's and you thought he was going to pick Meredith even though she'd just left? Oh my! So intense! But I think the part that really made me cry was Meredith in the OR saying "We can't just abandon her, we have an obligation to help her! We can't just abandon her" So many things were said in that one moment. You didn't know if Meredith was talking about Bonnie (the woman on the pole) or about herself or a little bit of both. So heart-wrenching.
  • Wow, awesome episode.

    I really loved this episode "Into you like a train", for a number of reasons. The two people stuck together with a pole was just cool, but very sad considering the outcome of it all. Meredith and her banana bag were very amusing too me. I am not to sure why, but it was. Cristina was also very funny trying to find her patient's leg. Seriously, how do you lose a leg? I was very sad when Derek chose Addison, although Addison is cool and is his wife and all. Still, I want Meredith and Derek together.

    Overall this has been one of my favorite episodes of this show ever.
  • Into You Like A Train was the most heart wrenching episcode...oh my God!!! I could not tear myself away and I thank God for tape recorders - as we have watched it several times now.

    Into You Like A Train was the most heart wrenching episcode...oh my God!!! I could not tear myself away and I thank God for tape recorders - as we have watched it several times now. When you watch it, you'll see what I mean...
    I just felt so torn for the man & woman that the pole went through - and for the doctors as they figured out which of them (the man/woman) could live and which would likely die...and then what had to be done to save at least one of them. And all this on the cusp of Meredith & McDreamy (Derek's) break up...Wow the scene where they finally made the choice just tore my heart right out!!!
    This is such an excellent series - I look forward to it so much every week!!!
  • This was one of the most beautiful episodes I have ever seen in a series.

    Never a episode had made me cry like this, even in ER when one of the doctors died, I cried, but never like this. I mean, I lived what Meredith just lived here. She's waiting an answer, she is full of hopes and so are we and Derek takes his wife back? He did what seemed to be right, but it's so painful to watch, for real. I want them to get back together but they will need to live a lot through it in the next episodes.
  • A train wreck happens and everybody gets called in! Meredith hears Derek's verdict on what his decision is

    A really sad episode for Meredith.. She waits for Derek to show up who just won't show up! But then she gets called to the hospital when a train accident happens and a few minutes after she leaves Derek shows up but you don't really know if he's there for her or to tell her bad news... Especially after a reaction in the hospital when he only nods... what's that all about?!
    It's really sad that when the ending of the episode nears, Meredith asks him if he picked Addison and he says he did.. Really heartbreaking! THough slightly understandable because he thinks he should give his wife a second chance... I guess Meredith's mom was right after all...

    The rest of the episode was good too, especially with the whole Cristina looking for a leg thing, Izzie's reaction to Addison and Alex wondering if he really wants to be a doctor... Really good episode... I wish it had a better ending (Ferryboats!) but it is interesting to see where this Meredith/Derek/Addison triangle will head to...
  • Meredith waits for Dereks decision...but he has more than just one decision to make...a trainwreck summons all the interns to Seattle Grace for a night they will never forget...

    Into you like a train alright, this one steamrolled me, and I'm still trying to get over such an amazing episode...
    The gang are waiting at the bar to see whether Derek will show, after Meredith gave her pick me, choose me, love me speech at the end of Bring the Pain, when after a few too many tequila's they all get paged to Seattle Grace after a massive trainwreck... what follows is heart wrenching drama and some big episode that confronts the team and the audience alike...and leaves everyone concerned just a little different from how they started out...whatelse can I say, another fantastic instalment from an amazing show.
  • Well written material....

    Wow! What can I say that hasn't allready been said. This was a great episode. It kept you on the edge of your seat to see which person was gonna live and which one was going to die. I wasn't sure which way the writers were going on this and was surprised. I figure they would save the girl character caused they showed more of her and talked more to her and about her. And who hasn't loved Dr. Bailey in this episode and the previous one. She is a hoot! I am sure lots of you shed a tear or two on this episode. I know I did and it sure makes you think....
  • Best Show on TV

    There are not many shows out there that when you watch you can actually feel the pain the characters are going through. This weeks episode was outstanding from the actor's to the music. The part where Derek talks to the fiance and breaksdown in the elevator was heartbreaking. This is the best show on TV!
  • A carnal train wreck sends the medical interns to the emergency room. Izzie proves to be gifted in Addison's specailty, making a difficult decision between friendship and success that Izzie must cast. Derek finally makes a decision for his affections, jus

    One of the all-time best episodes! The sacrifice the young impaled woman made for a perfect stranger is overwhelming. The awkward relationship between Izzie and Alex has shown little change, but I get the feeling it won't be so for too long. Poor George tries his best to offer support to meredith, who waits for what "McDreamy" has to say in regards to their volatile relationship. This episode was full of suspense, And I immediately felt for Meredith when Derek finally decided between the women. It is however, harder to hate Addison than I anticipated. She isn't a menace, but is very aggressive in her work and her relationships. I think the intensity the show brings is about to become even MORE explosive.
  • Dr. McDreamy makes more than one choice, Alex tries to find his mojo and Christina tries to get a leg-up. Overall a near to perfect episode!

    TV doesn't make me cry. Well, generally TV doesn't make me cry. After last week's desperate plea by Meredith for Dr. McDreamy to "Pick me, Love me." I was eagerly anticipating this weeks outcome.

    Then came the train-wreck, which is a bit too perfect a metaphor for these interns.

    Meredith is too drunk to work, Alex gets ER duty, Izzy ends up with Dr. Satan (McDreamy's wife), Christina gets to work with the chief on an amputee, and George ends up with the most heartbreaking of cases, a man and woman stuck together courtesy of a large metal rod.

    There are a lot of silly moments in this episode, with Christina accidentally bringing back a woman's leg for the amputee, and the metal rod girl making bad jokes. But this episode is overall bittersweet.

    Of course I am talking about Meredith and McDreamy. He didn't pick her, he picks his wife. And a tear rolled down my cheek. Then they end up in surgery together to seperate the metal rod people, and they have to let the girl die. Meredith screaming "You can't just abandon her" made me cry. This is probably more because of personal events in my life (cos I'm like Meredith only without the married guy). The perfection of the metaphor of her yelling this was just too much for me. Cos she wasn't just yelling it for the patient, she was yelling it for herself.

    Then there was the elevator scene with the African American female resident and McDreamy. He just breaks down, and you don't know if its because he had to let a patient die, or if it's about Meredith. It was heartbreaking.

    In the end I don't think McDreamy and Meredith are over. I don't know how Satan and McDreamy are going to fare.

    As for other characters: Izzy may have found an obstetrics specialty, Alex got back his mojo when he finds Christina's leg and helps the Chief put it back on. George, like Meredith is left in turmoil over both the patient and his love situation. I realy hope George gets up the guts to tell Meredith how he feels, I just hope it doesn't happen at an innopportune moment or too soon.

    Overall I am loving this show. It gets better every week. It is succeeding where ER is so much failing these days, it is giving us the lives of these doctors, but it is also showing us the pain of their jobs. It shows that surgery isn't for the weak of personality or spirit, and your personal life can be a mess, but somehow they overcome it to get the job done.

    I look forward to next week's 'pregnant dude' episode!
  • The Episode That Is Critical To Watch If You Really Want To Start Loving Grey's Anatomy.

    In this installment of Grey's Anatomy we once again see the gang of young would-be doctors in the thick of another hospital problem that must be fixed quickly. Meredith starts off still waiting for Dr. McDreamy. Alex is having career problems as he struggles with his doctoral duties, and Christina tries to find a missing leg. This is a very powerful and informational episode that reveals a secret the Doctor must reveal to Meredith. The show needs to be noticed for its excellent character play and its interesting story surrounding Meredith. This is one of the many good episodes of the season.
  • Is there any end to the realm of this show?

    In this episode the train wreck was so sad in itself but the shocking and tragic injuries were unbelievable. The couple on the pole was so heart wrenching. I cried. All the other injuries were just as bad. The whole impact of the wreck was so hard to believe. Meredith was so great in this episode. I felt so bad for her. Derek is such a great actor because he makes you feel hatred for him for what he did to Meredith. Everybody did such a great job. This show could break records.
  • If you aren't watching Grey's Anatomy then you have no idea what you are missing. This season it has emerged as the best show on TV, and maybe one of the best ever.

    This was another beautifully written, acted and presented episode. I don't know how it happens but it seems like I end up crying at the conclusion every week now, but only after I laugh myself it stitches at first.

    *Loved the interplay with Christian and Burke, especially the line about "If I have sex with someone else while you are at work are you my boyfriend?"

    *I like the development of Alex into a deeper figure too. Is pending romance the reason for losing it?

    *Especially loved the story line about the two people on the pole. The "If love were enough I would still be here" line is what made me lose it.

    The amazing and wonderful thing about this show is that some of what they do really should come across as hokey but it is just so well done that it comes across as beautiful.
  • Finally we find out Derek's choice.

    Well it is offical, Derek went back to his wife. For know at least. I have a feeling the little miss Addison is going to mess up again but when Derek want Meridith back she is going to be unavailable. Hopefully with someone more dreamy then Dr. McDreamy. The train wrek, was one of the saddest stories, I was really hoping they were going to be able to save both people on the pole. Alex does need to find his MoJO because MEridith was right he is not the same with out it. Best episode so far I think. Can not wait till next week.
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