Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Mercy West doctors arrive at Seattle Grace. The doctors get paired up. Alex gets paired with a woman and they bicker and argue in front of their patient. The patient's daughter gets mad at them and tells them to start acting like professionals. They come to an agreement and decide to work together, but this doesn't last long. Lexie and her partner work with Derek. Their patient was robbing his house then got his back broken by the owner. Lexie's partner does really well so Lexie decides to steal her notebook to use the information against her. Lexie really hurts the girl's feelings and apologizes.

Callie's dad comes into town with the family priest to try and make her straight. Arizona urges Callie to talk to her dad. Arizona defends him, saying that he is allowed to act surprised and have a hard time adjusting. When Callie tries to talk to her dad, he looses his cool. Callie tries to reason with him, but it does not work. Finally, Arizona tries to reason with him. She tells him about her family, and her upbringing. She gets him to realize that Callie is the same girl she once was. Callie and her father reconcile their differences.

Meredith is still recovering from her liver surgery. She is eager to know what is going on in the rest of the hospital. Christina was irritated by her Mercy West partner so she steals a patient from him. This patient almost had his penis cut off by a best friend that is dating his daughter. Christina saves him. Later, the daughter arrives and the friend tries to attack the patient with a hammer and her Mercy West partner tackles him before he can hurt the patient. He gets all the credit for saving the patient, which irritates Cristina even more. Cristina runs to Meredith and breaks down. She complains that he has not had an invasive surgery in forever and that all the joy is gone from her job. She and Meredith spend the rest of their day in bed watching movies.

Izzie overhears her Mercy West partner talk negatively about her. He tries to apologize to her while she is with their patient, a woman in need of a kidney transplant. The patient goes into cardiac arrest. It is later revealed to be Izzie's fault because she was so angry she didn't realize she gave the woman wrong instructions. Dr. Baily gets mad at Izzie then goes to find the woman a kidney before she dies. Izzie gets called into the Chief's office and finds out she is getting fired. The Chief tells Izzie that Derek, Hunt, and even Alex has said something about firing her. Alex actually begged the Chief to not fire her but Izzie doesn't know that. While Meredith and Cristina are watching a movie, Alex comes in with a note from Izzie. Izzie has left him without any knowledge of return.
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