Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on ABC

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  • Why does everyone hate this episode so much?

    I personally love this episode, and it is one of the few episodes of this season that I really enjoy watching. What's not fun to watch? Our interns fighting to take over the hospital? Cristina crying over having nothing to fight for anymore? Izzie struggling to pretend to be "healthy" and ready for work?

    Seriously, this episode is amazing. I love when they're all pondering if they'll get fired or not and I really loved Lexie in this episode. I usually find her annoying sometimes, but in this episode she was great!

    Also, another awesome moment: Meredith in the hospital bed and everyone coming in to complain about the Mercy West people invading their hospital. I loved when Izzie screamed at that one Mercy West girl because she was taking George's locker. That was sad and amazing. Also, did you see Cristina in Meredith's hospital room? Whoa! What a shocking revelation and how sudden! Cristina..crying! I love when she says "nothing is happening to me" and then she says "I miss Burke." That was AMAZING.

    Of course, we all saw it coming: Izzie leaving the show. But it was still traumatizing. When Izzie cries to the chief and he's trying to make her feel better but Patricia mentions that the chief should just stick with the "firing speech" that they agreed on, it's so sad seeing Izzie breaking down like that. And then goodbye Izzie :(

    In short, I can relate to those who say they hate this episode (basically because George is REALLY gone now and the show is changing so much) but that's what I enjoyed about this episode. It's that change is happening everywhere and our interns are trying so hard to stay strong.
  • Do not understand the complaining about this episode! It was amazing!

    First of this is the one of my favorite episodes ever of Grey's now! I loved the beginning with my favorite song ever: Clap (See the Stars)! Love that song! It was a great ride seeing that everyone had a rival to deal with. Alex and the short red head girl, Izzie and the dude with the eyebrows, Christina and Avery, and Lexie and the red diary girl! My favorite part of the episode was between Izzie getting fired and Christina's breakdown! Sandra and Katherine were amazing! I felt so bad for both of them in this episode. Nice shout out to Burke too. Sandra Oh is my favorite actress! I knew Izzie
    would be fired! And I wish she punched that eyebrows dude in the face for calling her his own little b****. Chief is going crazy with the cuts! The ending was crazy too! And I lived Meredith's voice over using a metaphor as a disease taking over your body, the same as the Mercy West doctors taking over Seattle Grace. 10/10
  • Wow...I keep hanging in there hoping that Grey's will be better...

    Invasion...someone or something must be invading the heads of the producers and writers! Seriously, do the writers of each episode talk to each other? Do they understand the flow? I have always thought taht each episode flowed fairly well in previous seasons, but something has definitely changed this season on Grey's. The last few episodes have been all about pink slips. Please give the writers of the last two episodes a pink slip. While there have been a few fine moments (Christina's breakdown and the interaction between Arizona, Callie and her dad), on balance, it just not as compelling as it has been in the past. The relationship interplay with some of the main characters seems to be gone entirely and that's a pity. I will try to hang on a little longer but I am definitely becoming a less loyal fan of Grey's.
  • Mercy West merges with Seattle Grace.

    I don't understand why all the hate toward this episode. The best episode since the fifth season finale. I mean it might be that the previous episodes have been very very disappointing but I love this episode. Very actiony with a lot lot of stuff going on that I really liked. And at the end Izzie got fired! Ah. After the last eppys have been a disappointment, this is a huge huge improvement from those episodes. Heres to more wonderful grey's episodes.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Wow

    I liked this episode, I really liked Izzie in the beginning when she wanted to fight the girl who took george's locker.
    'You're pretty tiny, I could take you down in a couple of seconds' xD
    And I also liked Calleigh when she was yelling to her dad 'You can't pray away the gay'
    It was soo cute how Christina cried and Meredith comforded her.
    It wasn't a real shock or something when Izzie got fired, But I did feel very sorry for her. And why did Izzie dump Alex!
    I absolutly love them together, It was so sad seeing Alex cry.
    I loved the 'Go hug him' part
  • The merger puts off an extreme stress on everyone; Alex immediately clashes with one of the new doctors, a red-headed vixen; Izzie bonds with Charles, only to be backstabbed; Cristina desperately awaits for a "Cardio God"; and someone is laid off.

    A slight improvement from most of Season Six. It was interesting to see a different side of each of the characters we have known. These new people seriously need to shove it because I don't like them. Callie's plot was very interesting and I'm glad her dad accepted her. Arizona is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Anxious to see more of her this season and the origin of her name. Izzie's determination and defensive side is evoked, which makes me like her more =] An emotional Alex, something we don't see too often is shown at the conclusion of the episode--as is an emotional Cristina--and a shout-out to Burke!!
  • And the Emmy goes to...

    I don't know if it's passed now, but Sandra Oh must be taken under award consideration after her breakdown scene on this one. It seemed pretty tight, together like filmed in just one scene, i could feel her pain even though it wasn't about something sad, not for me, it was for the character, her face, her expressions and the speech, it was totally Christina having a melt down. I certainly don't watch every show, but I-d give this award to her. Second, Callie. If it wasn't for Christina, Callie-d be it, she had a pretty intense-emotive scene with her father spilling him out everything he intended to tell her. Good that Arizona helped him understand. Last was Izzie. Oh man, it's hard watching her go, though i already know, after all the spoilers, she'd be back (i'm watching it delayed, the season already ended) and it was heart-breaking watching the Chief fire her after all. Let's see how they manage to bring her back. Awesome ep on what we've seen on this season.
  • Interesting

    Personally, I found this episode interesting. The writers gave the Mercy West guys a completely different characterization from the Seattle Grace gang. Where the former comes off as ruthless and competitive, the latter is more cooperative and more of "team players" (as Lexie would put it). I think it was good that the writers decided to shake things up a bit and give the show a sense of realism. As for Izzie's sudden departure, I know she'll be back. Katherine Heigl just needed this time to promote her upcoming movie and adopt her baby. I just hope that when Izzie does come back, she'll be wearing her scrubs once more. If not, I do hope she's given something equally fulfilling to pursue. Regarding Cristina, I really do feel for her. I hope, too, that she finds her niche in cardio once more. As a whole, this ep may not have been my favorite but I have faith that the writers and producers will continue to do wonders for this show.
  • Good episode.

    In just a few weeks ABC will premiere a new series titled "Invasion" focusing on a group of aliens inhabiting our planet. The invasion came a few weeks early as Seattle Grace was inhabited by those dirty Mercy Westers. While most of them should not became main cast members, I did like Charles, who totally fooled Izzie, and myself in the process, over with his intentions. Hopefully he sticks around for the long haul.

    I think the show is best when things are simple and just a little bit goofy. You had the super serious storyline with Callie and her Dad, which was fine, but the light-hearted moments make this show. Oh well, I guess some people just don't feel the same as I do.
  • A good man in a storm

    This must be one of the worst episodes ever!
    GA last night was definitely a disappointment for me!
    All that craziness while they try to cope with the mercy stuff was awful! The chaos and the noise are still in my head! I didn't feel any sympathy for SG's, not even for Izzie! The only thing that kept me watching this episode was the Callie - father - Arizona story. The phrase of Arizona about who she is "A great man in a storm" was very moving, the all scene while she was talking to C's father was great! That was and the only thing i liked!

    I can't understand why the writers continue that downfall, if they are run out of good storylines they should give this tv show a decent finale,
    not continue create annoying characters and boring episodes! I think a very big problem is the character of the Chief,i find him very boring and annoying, a new chief, meaning a new actor/ess, someone with character would be a great installment right now!
  • ok, this wasn't the best episode of Greys Anatomy but I watched every single episode of this show and if there's anything that I've learned, it is... NEVER LET THE WRITERS FOOL YOU!!!

    I don't think the fans are all happy about this merger thing with Mercy West. I mean, they were the competition for all these years and I feel as though a neighbor that I don't like is pissing in my pool. And during the 4-5 years, I think we've established the fact that the writers LOVE to play with our minds. It's not like any other show where they have a silly storyline and they stick to it FOREVER. So I'm trying to guess what's going through the writers' minds and I get excited. I'm anxious to see what wicked outcome they are planning for us. We all know that Izzie will be back on the show after a while but we don't know how. Will the merger be canceled and everyone will get their jobs back? Or will Izzie fight her way back? There's no way she's leaving her husband or her friends behind forever. (Remember what she said to Derek and Bailey last season. She said Alex was the one she wanted to spend her life with. and we all know how attached she is to her friends.) So I think she's trying to process everything going on and this time, she wants to do that alone. (I mean she has a movie to shoot right? :) ) But I still hope, with all my heart, that they won't make the whole season about this merger thingy. I don't like it when the show gets too dark, like it did on season 3. Although it was a really good season, when I look back, all I can remember is all those dark times. And the show JUST lost one of it's leading characters so I hope the dark air looming in the hospital will be lifted in a few months and things will get somewhat normal. By the way, maybe they thought we wouldn't recognize the absence of 1 particular character, with a hundred people running around, but we did. Where was Mark? :))
  • Lexi plays a little hard ball but almost loses herself. Mer is still in bed after surgery and tries to get all the info on the invaders while christina breaks down after being kept from her passion. The shocker izze gets fired and leaves alex.

    I think everyone who dislikes grey's all of a sudden should find something else to watch. It's easy to comment on how a show is run and how it should go when you're just the one watching and not the one developing it. For those of you who can't see where it is going let me help you out.
    Meredith and Mercy West: The story is not about mer's father it's about seattle grace so where he is you don't need to know and really who cares maybe in that specific day no one needed to check up on him or whatever. As for mercy west it's not about their individual ospital either. What happened to that building really isn't the case it's a merger bringing them together so it's all being oprated from the seattle grace hospital and also i think bringing in new characters is interesting and cool the new dynamics and relationships could be quite the talk.
    Cristina: her passion is her education and her job since there is no more cardiologist she has no job no education and furthermore no place and that is taking a serious toll on her therefore bringing out more side to her emotionally that we would otherwise not see. We are being allowedc in to her personal life more than ever and she is riding an emotional rollercoaster to which we are on the back seat.
    Izzi and Alex: I am so over hearing I don't like Hiegl get over it she's on the show boohoo her cancer has left her in a state where she should not be working right now yet she did now getting fired is the end of her world and she is off screen right now to film a movie which means she is coming back and the story behind that is bound to be interesting there are open wounds now that will have to be fixed which means guarunteed more episodes of drama because that is what we want to watch. You all complain because you are unable to keep up with the writers intellect etc. If you are too slow to get what is going on find something more simpleminded to watch perhaps family guy is a little more your speed or perhaps tom and jerry is more your pace but please i implore you stop getting on the show because you are to slow to understand story lines etc.Rather get a new hobby like watching slugs race or plants growing in the backyard that i bet is a slow enough story line for ya!!!
  • Mediocre...

    I am glad Katherine Heigl is gone; 6 months or something I guess, from the news article I came across. Miss movie star apparently needed a sabbatical to do some crappy movies, and Shonda obliged. Well whatever, that will at least free up some time for other deserving and talented actors to do their thing. It would also bring back the old Alex and put an end to the whipped whiner who's there now. Story-wise, this was a pure disaster. Seattle Grace's doctors face a competitive bunch on doctors from Mercy West, who will do anything to scrub in on a surgery. Things start to fall apart for Cristina as her attempts of going places with her cardio skills are turned down in every way possible. There is also a mention of Burke. God, how cool would it be to have him back.
  • Worst episode ever, so everyone is trying to either get along or kill eachother. Callie fight with her dad, lil Grey shows a mean side yaya for her about tiem. Christina is acting weak what is up with that, NOT Izzie, she left Alex, hated this episode

    Ok so i love this show i really do but it killed me to see the invasion. I mean everyone fighting for thier jobs its sad. Then Izzie getting fired OMG i was sooo mad, then she leaves Alex. He was only trying to help her out by talking with the Chief. Poor Alex, his face is so sad, even if Izzie comes back i dont think he could forgive her. I mean he's been there for her always. Everyone is going crazy and poor Callie having to deal with her dad. I mean she's a big girl she can do what she wants. The whole prayer cant change gay was funny though. I feel like the Chief sold out, i mean why fired so many of your people to let those others doctors in. Their all a$$'s, the guy with Izzie ussed her, poor Izz that caused her bad, her job and her husband. In all bad episode hopefully they'll fix it
  • meredith is still in hospital after having the transplant for her dad who is mysteriously absent. The Mercy West people "invade" and Izzie gets fired and leaves Alex. Cristina breaks down after fighting all day.

    this is the worst episode of Grey's Anatomy ever. could not have gotten any worse. I have seen every single episode of this show and there has not been one that i have even come close to hating, even with the whole Denny and Izzie drama, and even when the whole MerDer was getting a bit old, i still loved it. This is the single most horrible episode and it should never have gone to air, i am very disappointe in this episode and the writers that i used to love so much. Izzie and Alex were so refreshing and exciting and the writers ruined it all. Thanks.
  • A few small moments shown brightly amid a chaotic poorly written storyline.

    I don't like the merger storyline especially the way it is being handled. It makes no sense unless Mercy West is being closed. There was one small reference to their ER being closed, but what about their OR's, ICU's and everything else that goes with running a hospital?

    Even if SG had an 'Invasion' of outside residents, it was handled poorly. Once again Richard Webber, as Chief, fell down on the job. What we saw was a medical free-for-all where patient care fell through the cracks and were fought over like dogs over a piece of meat. Very poorly done and not in the least bit entertaining.

    The reason for Izzie being fired was a joke. If she was allowed to work against the advice of her physicians, any mistake she makes is on Richard Webber and Employee Health for letting her return to work before she is fit to do so.

    On to the good parts. Calley and Arizona had an excellent storyline tucked away among the mess of what was going on around them. My favorite was the conversation Arizona had with Calley's father. Well done!

    I really liked what we saw of Cristina. I could feel her pain and need. It was wonderful to see how important her career is to her. It's such a strong part of her character and really underscored what she told the Chief in last weeks episode.

    I would have liked to see some Mark/Lexie. Though it was nice to see Lexie given more screen time.
  • I have no clue where they are going with this show! Major spoiler alert.

    I loved the whole thing with Cally and her father. "You can't pray the gay away." Hilarious. Every time I love Arizona more and more every day. She is not only pretty, but she is also smart and knows how to talk to people.

    Izzie being fired was no surprise, she keeps screwing up things and in times like these, those people have to go first. I didn't understand though why Izzie left Alex. She is married to him for peet's sake. This is not a way to let a actress leave the show. They could have written her getting an other job or something in an other state, so she had to move.

    And I don't want it for Izzie, she can stay away all she want, but Alex deserves that. He stayed with her when she had cancer. He fought for her, he even married her in the middle of all that crap. And now she ditches him with a note?

    Where did the grey's anatomy go that I love?
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