Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 8

Invest In Love

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2009 on ABC

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  • Introducing: Arizona Robbins

    I am loving the sixth season so far! It is off to a much better start than season five and it has great potential!

    I have noticed that they are focusing on a different character every week and I think it's a good idea, especially now that there are so many characters in the show.

    Arizona was fantastic this episode. I believe that peds has to be the toughest, but also the most rewarding "branch" of surgery. Dealing with death of children is not something anyone should face, let alone almost every day. But Jessica Capshaw was stunning this time around. She deserved each penny of the 25 mil. xD

    Another thing that surprised me is that the absence of Izzie (who has been my favourite character) for the past couple of episodes doesn't make me miss her at all. In fact, I'd dare say that the show is even better off without her, cause her cancer storyline was a little too difficult for me in season five. I think the writers are intentionally making her a jerk so that they could drop her character next season, as she was saved at the end of season five.

    An even bigger surprise is that I found myself rooting for Dr. Reed Adamson this time around. I think that she and Karev would be an interesting couple. Plus, I find her very cute. xD As for Karev we got to see his teddy bear side again, and I always love those moments.

    Happy Meredith is quite enjoyable. Her I do miss back in the halls of Seattle Grace Mercy West. Everyone else was great, too, and I am really looking forward to see more of this show, cause it seems to have made me fall in love with it all over again.
  • All eyes are on Arizona who is dealing with impounding stress as a generous donation will be given to a patient she has grown close to; Alex deals with Izzie's leftovers; and Cristina has her eyes set on a certain someone after he defends her in surgery.

    Brilliant episode. "Invest In Love" was one of the better episodes this season, not that any of these episodes were that bad, but Season 6 has had its share. I look forward to next week's episode. Owen remains to be a jerk in my eyes. Here's hoping he will redeem himself or something because I find him to be unbearable. I like Cristina and the other doctor together, hope they become an item or something, but I doubt anybody else likes their coupling. Arizona and Callie are a beautiful couple. I love how Callie and Arizona love each other. Arizona's plot was sad but it remained to be great in my eyes. I hope that Arizona gets more plots as her acting is amazing and she is a great character. Arizona and Callie are fastly becoming one of my favorite couples.

    Alex is awesome. I hope him and Reed don't become a couple but they're cool when they're friends and stuff. That lady who had the baby looked very similar to the cancer girl in the flood episode last season.

    Derek and Meredith, I miss them, but I'm glad Meredith and Izzie will return next week, but I'm afraid that the cast is bloating. lol.
  • No wonder why I love this show

    Ok, maybe it was not as great as the last two episodes, but it was good anyway!
    I enjoy how the writers focus on one character each week. Arizona was amazing...sad story no doubt, still the end was perfect. The parents giving the money to SG, and of course how she said I love you, and Callie's face!!! Couldn't have been better.
    I feel for Alex too, the loneliness...I don't know how they gonna fix his relationship with Izzie.

    Cristina was interesting too. It's obvious she's desperate to get into the OR and go back to cardio no matter what. Funny as she always is, and thank god she didn't cheat on Owen...kinda...
    Also, the music was perfect! especially the last song.

    The only thing I didn't like was seeing the dead kid on the table, I'm not sure it's that necessary. It could have worked without showing him, we can use our imagination I think.
    Can't wait for next week, Izzie is back! Meredith too!
  • Another good episode.

    After last week's strong offering, we got another good episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight. I am not an Arizona fan, so that is why I was surprised that an episode revolving around her was so good. I guess it is more proof that the old guard is being phased out for the new crop of stars. Meredith, Derek, Bailey and Cristina were barely on screen at all tonight, and Izzy wasn't there altogether. I do not know if the "new" Grey's Anatomy will hold up in the ratings, but the transition has been smooth so far.

    We could have used a few more Lexie and Sloan scenes though. Just saying.
  • Arizona bags a $25M prize

    Grey's is probably on a streak of churning out episodes focusing on one character at a time. Last time we had one that went on to convey why Mcdreamy is the best doc in business. And this week Arizona Robbins shows us how love can buy money. And quite frankly, I don't seem to notice the absence of some big shots like Meredith, Izzie, Sloan, and Bailey. I think Shonda should take cue from this and fire Heigl permanently, and it's high time she realizes that it is the unit as a whole that produces the magic and not one blond movie star with a big mouth.

    This was otherwise a good episode. Had the perfect mix of medical cases, relationship stuff, and character development.
  • Sweet!

    Once again, a great episode. Arizona's storyline was amazing and really sad. I'm sorry that Wallace died, but it's showing us that Grey's isn't that urealistic, and that patients do die. I really don't like that board member, and how he only cared about the money, and then for the hospital not to be sued.

    Owen acted like a jerk in this episode, but I guess he had a reason. I remember how cool it was when she first performed the procedure by herself. I think it was during Andrew-the-cement-kid's case. Alex was finally acting like his fifth season self, caring and sweet.

    I loved the ending of the episode. When Arizona said 'I love you', I was chanting for Callie 'Say it back, say it back'. When her expression changed, I got a bit worried, but then she said 'I love you too' and I jumped 'YES!'.

    Meredith's 'Married and happy' attitude is great.

    I hope Izzie gets back soon, and that Mer starts working again.
  • and Arizona based episode.

    I loved this episode. wonderful. fantastic. great. I've never really liked Arizona but thats because they never really explored who she was and what shes capable of. And now after this episode. shes one of my favorite person on the show if given the good storylines. I loved the Sloan-Lexie storylines. And the Arizona-Callie storylines. It was hilarious about the surprise party stuff. lol. Arizona's medical case about the boy. oh so sad. lol. Very touching, inspiring, great episode of grey's. It had everything i wanted from this episode and I had thought it was be an average episode .
  • Grey's return to form

    This is one of the episode that makes this season so good, after the last couple of years I have lost interest in the show but this season marks a good return to the old. The mixture of humor and drama on this show with just a touch of sex (or Avery kissing Yang). Arizona was amazing in this episode and it was nice that she was finally given something to do other than Callie, (or bringing donuts and being over emotional). The little boy and his family were beyond cute and his mother and father's reactions were great. It was also nice to see her cut the chief down a little. Derek continues to be annoying, but the show with less Meredith and no Izzie is how I like it. And Alex with the baby, so good. Him telling Bailey to take her shirt off was hilarious.