Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 19

It's a Long Way Back

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

Callie decides on a name for her baby: Sofia Robin Sloan Torres. Callie stays in the hospital to regain strength. She wants to see her baby but she can't. She has to heal and the baby is still in the neonatal intensive care unit. Karev and Owen have a patient with lung cancer. They try to convince her to stop smoking. She wants to leave the hospital. Karev gives her the okay but Owen won't let her leave until her blood cell count is high enough.

April tries talking to Stark but he won't listen. He is still embarrassed about what's happened. Meredith and the Chief have a brief exchange about how Adele is doing. The Chief walks away and drops a post-it. Meredith picks it up. It reads This is Richard. Richard is your husband. Meredith and Derek perform a procedure on their Alzheimer's patient who ends up dying. It turns out that his family lied about his medical history and he was not eligible to participate in the trial. This means that there's an opening and Meredith wants to bring Adele in, but Derek doesn't think it's a good idea. Meredith sees an administrator put in a password for the door. She puts the password in the trial lab to ensure Adele is given the medication she needs.

Arizona and Alex look over x-rays of a young patient that is in need of surgery. Unfortunately, Arizona doesn't want to go to Arizona and leave Callie and they do not have the funds to fly the boy to them. Cristina keeps Callie company and asks her advice about Owen. April runs in and announces that Sofia opened her eyes. Callie breaks down and demands to see her baby. She says that if Sofia dies, she'll never have seen her daughter. Cristina tries to convince Stark to let Callie see her baby but Stark refuses. Cristina, with the help of others, manages to sneak Callie to see Sofia.

Karev catches his lung cancer patient as she is about to light up a cigarette. He tells her that her blood cell count has gone up. She throws Karev out of the office. Owen is unhappy with how Karev acted in the situation. He asks Karev what his plans are for becoming Chief Resident. Karev says that he is going to fly children from Africa to the states so they can get the operations they need. Karev goes to Stark for funding, but Stark turns him out. Karev realizes the lung cancer patient could fun the trip. He approaches her with pictures of the children in Africa. After some haggling, she promises to give him the money. Unfortunately, she dies before he gets the money. Karev's patients from Africa are arriving. Each resident is assigned one patient. How did he fund the trip? Alex tells Lexie that he maxed out his credit cards and now he is in severe debt to people. Later, Lexie hands him a $200,000 check that his lung cancer patient left for him.

Stark announces that Sofia needs surgery. He allows Arizona to be in the OR with him. Arizona tells Callie about Sofia's surgery. Callie's injury ruptures and she passes out. Bailey and Cristina operate on Callie while April and Start operate on Sofia. Sofia crashes but Stark brings her back to life. Both of them survive and we flash forward to the baby being a few weeks older. Callie can now hold her and they are free to go home.