Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 19

It's a Long Way Back

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2011 on ABC

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  • It's Not a long way Back...

    Now this is the Grey's Anatomy I know. And the Grey's Anatomy I love. Scenes and music that touches your heart. Lines and moments that makes you smile and give a little laugh. Decisions that makes your heart stops. And revelations that makes you think. Like Callie and her baby, i think this episode helped us heal the wound of the pain we suffered in last week's wreckage. It sure didn't take that long to revive what we almost lost, confidence on the writers. This isn't their greatest episode, but every minute of it is worth watching. It isn't a long way back...

    I wanna keep my review short and add some personal reactions...
    For a moment there, i was thinking "Did Alex and Meredith just blew their chances to earn the chief residency spot?"... Well, it didn't take that long for my question to be answered. Maybe Meredith just did, but Karev had just won himself the top spot. Karev is just so cool. Truth is, i don't want that Australian blonde OB to be his partner, i want Lexie for him. They look good together. Karev is the greatest guy on this show, always has and always will be. We ought to figure that one out from the moment we learned his story. Like what Dr. Bailey once said. "he was in juvie and still managed to become a doctor." Impressive. I sure am placing my bets on Karev on winning the Chief Resident race, and either or both Meredith and Christina on being the first to gain Attending status...

    I still think that Callie and Arizona are the best couple on this show. If what happened to them happened to anybody else, say Owen and Christina, or Derek and Meredith, they'd probably break up and wouldn't be together up to the next season or something. They are such a cute couple, and personality wise, they two are the best among this doctors, specially Arizona. Personal life don't normally affect their decisions and judgment calls as doctors. Unlike the others, personal conflicts results to conflicts inside the OR. Say, remember Owen, when he got mad at Meredith when Christina learned that he asked Derek to let Teddy go. He was all you-can't-be-in-my-O.R. look to Meredith. Not very professional I gotta say.

    Another point, poor Sean(or whatever his name is) Elliot dumped him for J.D., and now Teddy is starting a flare with their former grief counselor.(woops, i'm talking SCRUBS here. That's Elliot's Sean from Scrubs right? it's how i remember him)

    And lastly, this weeks biggest issue that's making all G.A. fans to scratch their heads... April Kepner and Dr.Stark? I personally think it's very interesting. It's something new from this show. Not another typical hottie-doctors-affair kinda stuff. And admit it, we kinda saw that one coming from the moment Stark gave Kepner that look. I like Dr.Stark, something new from the actor as well, i always picture him as either this annoying-crazy-type of character or this comedic-dysfunctional guy. (I'll never ever forget him playing Renfield in Mel Brooks dracula parody movie-[Dracula: Dead and Loving It]-, god that was jutst ridiculously crazy and freaking hilarious.)

    (I Watch too many T.V. and 'am Loving it!!!)
  • yey, they're back!

    This episode is 12 weeks in the making. We saw baby Sophia from one week to her twelve weeks. We see the recovery of Callie and the forging of friendship Arizona and Mark. I always like happy endings. I like Karev's humorous dealinsg with his senior patient. The retorts of both the patient and Karev were brilliant, I can't help but laugh when their scenes were shown. The arrival of the African kids to Seattle Grace was also touching. Karev's character has nicely evolved to this passionate doctor. I hope writers of Grey has a good love story for Teddy though.
  • It's a Long Way Back.

    Grey's returns for a final four episodes of season 7. It was enjoyable, and setup various story-lines for the season finale. Highlight? Probably Meredith taking a risky move in making sure Adele gets the medicine for the clinical trial. This could prove to be career changing and dramatic, so I look forward to see where this goes. The scene where Adele thought she was Ellis was intense.

    Callie is on the road to recovery and struggling to cope. I liked how everyone pulled through for her, and that everything ended up okay. As predictable as that was. What happens to this new family now? A wedding. Interested to see how they handle this particular event.
    Alex making that plan and boosting his chances of getting Chief Resident was a good storyline, especially with the inclusion of Lexie who's as endearing as ever.

    Weakest storyline? Teddy and her dates. It was okay, but added little to the story and I don't care much for her with the doctors, so alone she's even more useless. Nothing overly special with Cristina and Owen either. I am really starting to like April, and actually enjoyed her interactions with Stark - however odd that relationship could be.

    So a good episode, nothing amazing but prepares for next three episodes well.