Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 16

It's the End of the World (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2006 on ABC

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    Well, hello, post-Super Bowl episode. The Steelers win, and we open with the fantasy of beer-and-cheese-dip-laden football fans nationwide: three beautiful women getting it on, soaking wet. Mere, Izzie, and Cristina hang out in a steamy shower -- their hair inexplicably dry, and their makeup perfect -- giggling and flirting and sponging each other down hotly. I find it sad and unfortunate that poor little Ellen Pompeo, while still incredibly pretty, is not even in the same universe of hotness as the Misses Heigl and Oh, oh my. Eat a cheeseburger and invest in some moisturizer, Ellen! Anyway, Mere voice-overs, "Okay. Clearly, not my dream," as the shower door slides open and there stands...George. Hee. Cristina turns around and growls sultrily, "George." Izzie purrs that he's the strongest, most masculine man she's ever known. Cristina: "You're smarter than me. And you've got really great hair." Mere: "I'm in love with you, George. I always have been, and I always will be." George steps into the shower, throws his towel off, and...cut to the pathetic thing falling out of his own bed. Aw. MereVO: "See? Told you. Not my dream." George tries really hard to look strong and masculine as he heaves himself up off the floor and Izzie bursts in to remind him to use the plunger on the toilet. "What are you doing on the floor? Get up, something's wrong with Meredith."

    Mere is wallowing in her bed of self-pity and telling the gang she's not going to work today. Despite their protests that she has to go to work and do surgery, Mere insists she's staying home, and she doesn't care about work OR surgeries. Cristina magically appears on the other side of her bed. "You have a...feeling?" Mere says yes, she has a feeling like she might die. Cristina tells her to shut up and come on. She sits down on the bed. "This is me being supportive. Go." Mere sits up a fraction of an inch and tells Cristina what we already know: the man she loves has a wife, and he's chosen her over Mere, and now they have her dog. "She's got my McDreamy. And my McDog. She's got my McLife! And what have I got?" She goes on some more about her sad, sad life, then adds, "Plus my conditioner decided to stop working and I think I have brittle bones." Heh. No kidding. Cristina attempts to look concerned as Mere says she just needs a sign that things are gonna change -- a reason to go on. Cristina ponders this for a second, then jumps up and rips the covers away. "Whatever, everybody has problems. Now get your ass out of bed and get to work." She jumps up onto the bed and actually kicks Meredith out of it. Awesome.

    At the hospital, Burke and Webber discuss the quiet board they're staring at, and how it's a bad sign. McDreamy walks over and also notes the quiet board. Webber tells them a quiet board means trouble, death, and bad news, and for them to stop looking at him like that. They continue to look at him like that. After Webber stomps off, Burke goes to leave and bids McDreamy a "Dr. Shepherd." McDreamy: "Dr. BURKE." He asks why they can't call each other by their first names, seeing as how they've known each other for a while, and done surgeries together, and have best friend ex/girlfriends. Burke says he doesn't think so. Ha! McDreamy can't believe it, but Burke is serious. He says again, "Dr. Shepherd." McDreamy, defeatedly: "Dr. Burke."