Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 6

Kung Fu Fighting

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2007 on ABC

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  • It came down to this: a really unisteresting episode to watch.

    Really, this season seems to be on a rut.

    1)Wedding contest storyline: it was extremely boring, and I thought that it was the worst storyline ever. It's not appealing at all and it just was something dull.

    2)Izzie and Cristina: I didn't like Izzie in this episode at all. Okay, maybe the last scenes were funny. But the thing is, she's not though enough to even think about Cardio. But even if she was, it's so not like her. Her personality doesn't fit with Cardio, and she should consider another options. So all that competition was just nonsense. Cristina, poor her...I didn't like Erica's attitude at all, since she's really underestimating her and being totally unprofesional.

    3) Callie/Mark: They may have had fun, but from the other side, it's just ridiculous and inmature.

    4)Mer/Der: I liked that Meredith realised some things...but, sadly, she didn't realised all things. She was so close...! But then she's back to being a week girl. Is this ever gonna stop?

    5)Skydiving case: any take is acceptable: it's nonsense for ones and somehow it all makes sense to more deep ones. How come somebody falls from such a high place and is magically without any harm? The answer is really interesting, and has nothing to do with medicine.
    It's all about metaphysics...He didn't die because his love prevented him to do so; he had a chance to say what he felt.

    However it's tacky and even offensive to metaphysics. Maybe romantic, but shallow. Metaphysics takes care of more serious issues (even if it's everywhere and in every act) But at least they showed metaphysics (even if it sucked this time). They'll do so again in 04x11"Lay your hands on me", but with another serious take.
    6)Narration/Episode topic: I totally agree with Meredith. We all think we're though, but not all the time. She reminded us that even if we want to be though, we still are human and that we can feel a lil' week some times.

    Still, it was absolutely boring (even if they tried to make this episode funny). Almost all stories were dull and they didn't make any connection among them (usually they do, and that was that it made so good before). It was absolutely silly and I think this episode is one of the worst so far, ever made in Grey's Anatomy.
  • Another great episode!

    I always enjoy Greys Anatomy, I don't think theres been an episode I didn't like and this still continues. This was a great episode but wasn't the best of the season. I'm glad Meredith is finally talking about the boat drowning thing and I think maybe things could get better for her and Dereck. The whole gentlemans evening thing was funny and I enjoyed watching them predict what the night would involve. I actually think Dr Hahn is a good character which surprised me. Izzie crying at the end was very funny, I do hope Gizzie stay together. Callie, I'm really hoping she gets her own story soon. Cristina and Baily were good characters, as usual. The end was good, "Please tell me you don't live with Meredith Grey!" Merediths face was great, so another great episode!
  • Seattle Grace gets a look at how determined and catty two women can be when they get a case of two injured women who are fighting to win a contest for a wedding. Callie and Mark plot to torture George. Alex takes a surprising new interest in someone.

    The episode starts out with the chief coming out of his new place, which appears to be a trailor on Dr. Shepard's land. The two eat breakfast together and Richard announces that the guys should have a gentleman's evening. Derek and Mark search their brains all day to figure out what this includes, and they ask the opinions of Bailey and Hahn. When Mark asks Bailey what comes to mind when he says gentleman's evening, she replies "tassles. Shiney sequined tassles, and one dollar bills." I thought that was extremely hilarious! When Mark and Derek ask Dr. Hahn what she thinks it means, she asks Them if they are a couple, which i also thought was hilarious. I love Hahn! She definately helps with not missing Addison so much. Hahn has to perform surgery on a blockage in a man's heart but we find out he's allergic to anesthesia, so there really is no possible way to perform the surgery. Yang does some research and tips off Hahn by telling her they could do the surgery while the man is awake and numb him from the neck down. Hahn tells Izzie to assist even though it was Yang's idea. Izzie brought this to Hahn's attention but she didn't seem to care. I wonder what kind of lesson Hahn is trying to teach Yang, or if she just plain doesn't like her. I think she wants Yang to have some kind of compassion for patients, but i'm not sure yet. Anyway, yhe man has a problem with this awake open heart surgery but since he is a bird watcher Izzie comes up with a couple ideas. She posts pictures of a bird the man wanted to scout when he got better called the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, which is a very rare bird. Izzie posts pictures of this bird in the O.R. so the man can look at them and not be so nervous, and she brings in headphones for him to listen to so his mind will not be focused on the bone saw. The man starts freaking out because everyone is watching him, but Izzie saves the day by telling him to imagine what kind of birds everyone would be and to describe them to her. This calmed the man down. On a lighter note, Izzie told George in the on call room where he's been sleeping that she wants to have hot perfect sex tonight. When she mentioned shaving her legs and George said she didn't have to, she said "Hot perfect sex requires shaved legs." I thought that was pretty amusing. So, two women come into the hospital with injuries including a broken nose, a dislocated shoulder and a messed up leg. Apparently they were fighting over a competition where the last person to have their hand on this wedding dress would win a one-hundred thousand dollar wedding. The two women had been holding it for two days before they started duking it out. One girl, Jackie was refusing to have surgery on her shoulder because she would rather continue holding onto the dress, but Lexie convinces her to have the surgery after she manipulates the girl by telling her she'll probably have a hunch back. Callie and Mark plot to torture Derek so they elect him as the proxy that has to hold onto the dress in Jackie's place while she has surgery. Callie's facial expression here was funny as she tried not to laugh. After hearing the other girl's story, George starts to feel bad. When this girl passes out since she's been bleeding all day, George announces that he let go of the dress first because he had to catch her when she was falling, leaving her the winner. Boy Mark really tried to torture him. However, the chief found out and told George he was a good man for not giving in. Hahn basically told the chief that he was segregating by not inviting women to his little get together with the men, which i also thought was funny. I love her! When the guys are all sitting outside Derek's trailor that night, they ask what a gentleman's night is. The chief tells them it's a night without ladies, but Hahn walks up and says "Pretty boys living in the woods, this is very charming...or sad, not sure which." That was hilarious. They guys and Hahn all sit around and play Monopoly, what a gentleman's evening. I'm starting to wonder if there's going to be a thing between the chief and Hahn, but i doubt it. I don't think Richard is her type. Anyway, the team gets a case involving a skydiver that fell twelve-thousand feet without a parachute because it wouldn't open, and he had no injuries except that he needed to have his appendix removed. The team watches the video from the fall which was a little amusing, especially Yang. Meredith asked "What's he doing?" and Yang said "Peeing his pants." I love her! So they learn that this man is in love with his skydiving instructor and that's what he said on the video as he was falling, but she never watched it. Meredith finally told him that the feeling of courage after defying death goes away, so he should tell her what he wants to say to her before it's too late. Although i do love Derek and Meredith, the two of them still sleeping together and not continuing a regular relationship is getting old. Something needs to happen here. During a surgery Derek tells Cristina that Meredith won't let him take care of her. Cristina replies "I'm taking care of her." Cristina and Meredith have a sleepover. Meredith asks what she should do about how she's feeling and Yang says she doesn't know. She's basically in the same boat. Since Ava/Rebecca is nowhere to be found again, Lexie asks Alex what his plans are for the night. He shoots her down as he usually does. He's good at running. Grey wakes up when she hears some noise and catches those two fooling around in her house. She slams the door and is not very happy. Lexie had no idea that Alex lived with Meredith. I can't wait to see how that pans out in the next episode. Izzie and George get ready to have their night and Izzie starts having an emotional breakdown which was quite amusing. She is so weird sometimes! George says it's ok, that they can do it another night. When they lay down to go to sleep George asks "Did you only shave one of your legs?" and Izzie starts crying louder, and George tells her it's ok. That was funny! Callie tells George in this episode that she is letting go. I can't wait to see what happens in the next episode, this one was great as usual.
  • The perfect night can wait a bit longer...

    Two women are in a competition and whoever lets go of a wedding dress loses the 10 grand, while they both have minor injuries i.e. a broken nose and a shoulder. The woman with the broken shoulder has to let o to have an operatio and Mark, who was previously asked by Callie to make George's life a hell, asks George to be the proxy man and hold the dress until the other woman comes out of surgery. When the second woman is still in surgery the first one collapses and George lets go of the dress to catch her making her the winner.
    A guy falls from 12000 feet and survives because his parachute didn't open. He survived with no broken bones or scars and never lost consious. A patient has to have a heart surgery and because he's allergic to anaisthetics he has to have performed on him an open heart surgey while he's still awake. His only ambition is to go watch a rare kind of bird when he gets better.
    George has his first night with Izzie, with whom they were planning the perfect night but their plans went wrong when they were both exhausted from work.
    Chief Webber is going for a divorce and he's taying in a trailer next to Derek. They were planning on having a gentlemens' night but Chief also brought Erika the new cardiologist.
  • Very exciting episode! I am happy about Izzy and George!!!

    I am so happy about Izzie and George but I just get the feeling that they are gonna at some point break them up, which is not fair cause they are so cute together and deserve so much to be happy. I just wonder why George hasn't gotten divorced yet. I am glad that Callie has let go. She really needed to see that it just wasn't right and their marriage was not meant to be. I loved all the medical cases on this episode. The heart one was so exciting! I really like Dr. Hauhn. She is good. I knew Alex and Lexi would end up having sex at some point. He sleeps with everyone. I wonder who the person he is still hung up on is, Ava or Izzie? Meredith needs to get her act together and tell Derek how she feels so they can figure out their relationship cause it's getting annoying.
  • Classic show as always!

    It is a classic show as always. While Derek & Meredith are still doing it, we see that Izzie & Christine are doing it but of a different kind. As they compete for the best surgeon and it gets out of hand for them. While a patient walks in and wants a dream to come true. But sadly, may never realize that dream to come true at all. While two people compete for a very big prize. The chief goes to the men in distress. As his marriage is on the rocks. We all all kinds of mischief. When Meredith's half-sister comes to town to add injury to insult on Meredith. It is a ten and beyond.
  • In this episode, Meridith's half sister is steady trying to befriend her. On the other hand, McDreamy and Meridith are still doing it, lol, in his trailer...while the chief is next door in his trailer.

    This episode was my favorite, because it had suspense and drama. For instance, George and Izzie were not having good sex in the begining of the episode, but it worked out near the end...when they got drunk, lol. Just like they did in the episode when George was having an affair with Izzie, while he was!!! It was exciting because i really thought that Karev and Meridith's half sister were gonna like continue going out, but Meridith always gets in the way!!! OMG, i was juss dying when Meridith and McDreamy were like naked in his bed, when the chief came strolling in with his little playdate that was supposed to be with Sheperd.....this episode was one of da best!!!
  • Its going downhill ...

    Gerys anatomy started out strong an i really liked it an i still watch it faithfully but it went to one of my favorites to i dont know, i really dont know about the new doctor she is kinda weird. Izzy is def. my favorite character shes sexy, sweet, and funny theres not much mroe you can ask for, the nazi is my second they make the show. i like the idea of izzy an george an izzy better then i like him an torez i never have really liked torez meredith is too whiney for me now yang is funny as hell, i like mcdreamy an mcsteamy but its weird how the show is putting them as like best friends now do everything together i dont know maybe it will sta5rt getting better.
  • Was...ok.

    A guy faces death when his para-chutes dont open.

    George has to hold a wedding dress, so Callie can have her reveange.

    A bird lover may die before seeing his favorite rare bird because he is allergic to the anestesy.

    The men will have a gentlemans night.

    Izzie has to perform a very hard surgery and Cristina gets mad with her for stealling cardio stuff :)

    Meredith finds out that she does loves/needs Derek.

    Well, this episode was ok, as in, just ok, lately all the episodes have been ok, or average, not great or amazing like last season. Im kinda dissapointed, but im hoping it will get better.
  • Above average- at least for this season.

    Grey's Anatomy was actually pretty good... Gizzie was as annoying as usual, but Izzie alone was being her normal sweet self. I loved the case with the guy who loved birds. I loved it when Sloane made George hold the wedding dress- that was great! The whole 'gentlemans evening' was hilarious, especially as it turned out that it was just guys hanging out without women. And then when the 'new Burke' crashed it, it was pretty funny. I loved when they all played monopoly! I liked how Alex was nice to Lexie but I was pissed off when they were going to have sex... can't a male and a female on that show have at least a SLIGHTLY platonic relationship? I mean what about Ava as well? Next week looks okay with Meredith confronting Lexie.
  • This show continues to break new the field of cliches. What once was hard-hitting and heartfelt is now stale and unwatchable.

    Once upon a time, I really enjoyed this show. Meredith, while not the most sympathetic character to me personally, entered situations and encountered a cast of characters that had moments that were trying, relatable, and at times heart-felt. The interns were under pressure, developing incestuous ties within their little group, folding to the pressure in different ways, facing their inner demons, and all the while facing new, exciting, and tense situations. Remember when Kyle Chandler (or was it Ron Livingston?), the bomb squad guy, got blown up? Now that was a good episode! Sadly, the show is now a sad caricature of its former self, and this episode was the latest proof of this.

    I quit watching this show after the pilot episode of "Private Practice" aired last season. That show was so formulaic and awful, that I knew the writers had realized that they could produce twaddle and viewers would eat it with a spoon and a grin. The writer's willingness to do this is evident from this season.

    Here's the substantiators for this claimed decline during this season and episode:

    - Meredith's sister is introduced as a character. Meredith became so used-up and unlikeable as a character that the writers needed to introduce a female lead that was young, cute, and likeable.
    - I can almost see a conversation in the writer's room. "We know a lot of our viewers are women. What do women like? Weddings. Let's have two injured women fighting over a wedding dress to win a dream wedding!" Asinine and a bit demeaning to women.
    - The degree of inter-relationships in the show has become over-developed to the point of sillyness. George gets married for about a half-dozen episodes and seems to get out of his marriage with no consequences or baggage for either him or Cali. He promptly gets together with the Izzy character because that is the last possible romantic permutation among the original characters.
    - New character after new character. The "new Burke," being but the latest.

    This show has gone from being good to "McCrappy."
  • Gizzie tries to have a special night

    Ok not for nothing, but Shonda Rhimes knows we all hate Gizzie. She did test groups, people have spoken out, we all hate them. They are annoying. I hate Izzie. I really hate her a lot. She is annoying and petty and I don't even think she's good at a doctor, she should be a psychologist or something. I don't understand why she was hysterically crying at the end of the episode... it made no sense. I get that she was tired and didn't want to have their special night then, but why the crying? I feel bad that Christina is getting shafted by Dr. Hahn... I also am getting a little sick of Meredith being so broken. Work it out already because its the exact same storyline over and over and over again, I'm ready for something new. I'm also not sure how I feel about this Alex and Lexie storyline... I still kinda want him to be with Ava so I dunno if this is ok with me yet, but at least i like it better than Gizzie.
  • better every week

    And the story goes on...
    At least this time it goes forward and there are some new developments.
    I have to say, when the Chief said gentleman's night, my first thought was a night only with man and maybe a game or two. He is not the kind of man that would get a striper lol.
    Those two girls...fighting over a dress, over a wedding prize. I think that the right one won, it looked like she needed it more.
    Izzie and George, tonight is not the night lol.
    And Meredith finally admits why she can't let go of Derek.

    But there is a surprise, Lexi and Alex are sleeping together at Meredith's house and she finds out.
    That was weird!
  • Hilarious episode.

    Well Grey's continues to remain strong and the Izzie - George relationship in this episode was very minor, leading to it not being all that annoying.

    Izzie, Hahn and Christina:
    Well Hahn chooses Izzie to scrub in at a heart surgery, whcih Christina really wants and even suggested, which causes drama between the two residences, especially since the fight they had in the previous episode. It was interesting to see Izzie tangled in a storyline that was not connected to George.

    Callie, George, Alex and Lexi:
    Well, these four have to deal with two girls who are fighting over a free wedding, and it actually ends up going to the girl who just wants to live the All-American Dream. Callie decides to torture George with the hell of Sloan and that brought a ton of laughs all around.

    Meredith and Bailey:
    These two handle a case of a man who dropped 12,000 feet from the sky because his parachute failed to open, but surprisingly, he is completely well and well. Except for the fact that they have to remove his appendix, but is that even a bad thing after falling 12,000 feet from the sky?

    The Chief, Sloan and Derek:
    They decide to have a gentleman's evening, hosted by Richard causing Sloan and Derek to wonder what they would be doing. How fun, someone else decides to join them.

    Meredith and Derek still going strong. Izzie and George getting stronger! Christina might have some competition with Cardio, but I don't there there will be a problem. And oh no, Meredith catches Alex with a certain someone!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Meredith Grey): Deep down, everyone wants to believe they can be hardcore. But being hardcore isn't just about being tough. It's about acceptance. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to not be hardcore for once. You don't have to be tough every minute of every day. It's okay to let down your guard. In fact there are moments when it's the best thing you can possibly do… as long as you choose your moments wisely.
  • Season 4

    Even though this is kind of shocking I've to admit there were some minutes where Meredith was almost bearable. She was actually less whiny than usual. Well, I'm talking about the first minutes of the episode, then she was back in all her beloved drama Queen attitude - I guess we can't demand the moon. Anyway, I liked anytime Cristina is mocking Meredith's 'severe abandon issues'. Go Cristina!

    A new bad girl is in town and I simply love her witty character. I think Dr. Hahn is a great addition to this show. I liked the way she dressed the Chief down. Besides she cracked me up when she asked if Mark and Derek - whose faces were just wonderful, by the way - were gay LOL

    The wake open-heart surgery was a very interesting story line. When the patient was freaking out, Izzy was great, she did save the day. It was nice to see her finally showing how much she has been growing up lately. Yep, payback is a b!tch and so is Mark. He tricked George into literally babysitting a dress, much to Callie's entertainment. Well, at least Callie realizes it's time she let go her marriage, in the end.

    Gentlemen's evening. LOL Derek, Mark, the Chief and Hahn were the best Team ever!
    George and Izzy's liaison is kind of unrealistic. Now there are no more obstacles, they can't last...

    Last but not least, when Alex and Lexie got busted by Meredith, it was funny. All in all, good episode.
  • Meredith continues to try and deal with her issues and Derek and Mark try and work out what a "Gentleman's evening" is.

    Not a lot happened really, but it was entertaining enough anyway. It's great to see Meredith trying to get over her abandonment issues, because obviously we want her and Derek to live happily ever after.

    I'm kind of sad to see Callie moving on. I mean, good for her and judging by the way she pretty much only talks to Mark now, I think we might see that relationship start up again. I like to think that Mark is reformed now, it's certainly great to see him getting on so well with Derek, so I'd like to see him with Callie, but if he messes her around I think we may all hate him again pretty quick.

    What the hell is Lexie doing with Alex? For one thing, their names are the same! You cannot have Alexandra dating Alexander, it's ridiculous! Think of how stupid their wedding invitations would look. I'm not saying we'd get to that point, I'm just saying, it's a terrible name combination. How could she not know that Alex lived with Meredith? She thought he owned that huge house by himself, bought on his intern's salary? Surely, you hook up with a guy, go back to his place, it's a huge, expensively furnished house, you say, just for small talk, "wow, is this your house?" I'd been feeling kind of bad for Lexie this whole season and now, she's just irritating me.

    I'm really liking the new cardio woman. Nice girl power there with the "gentleman's evening". She was completely right, of course, although she was wrong not to include Christina in the surgery. It was her surgery and it's not fair to push her out. I'm interested to see which specialities our guys pick, although I'm not clear when they have to choose.

    All in all, fair episode, but when you look back, nothing much happened.
  • Not bad.

    Well, it starts off with Grey and Yang talking about how Grey can't sleep lately. A man coems in because he fell skydiving when his parachute wouldn't open, but miraculously, he only needed his appendix out and everything else was fine! 2 girls come in who are injured, but they are having a contest with a dress so they won't let go of it even though they are hurt. Dr. Hahn returns for her first real day and does awake open heart surgery to a man who almost panics out, but Izzie helped. I was proud of her when she did that. Good episode.
  • Stress can bring out our true form.

    Meredith learns that deep down she's been a coward when dealing with Derek. Just like the skydiver lacked the courage to tell the instructor that he loves her until it was almost too late. Izzie keeps getting stronger in stressful situations (remember the ferry). She is able to calm down a patient get him to focus on what he knows best - birds. And how about his description of what type of bird his watcher were. Nicely done. Lexie and Alex a one night stand or an ongoing relationship? Meredith's and Lexie's looks were priceless when they saw each other. Oh and by the way, just love the new doctor (Hahn). Is she tough or what? The way she put the Chief on the spot was excellent. The question here is whether she will stay that way or will they soften her up?
  • This episode had some unique patients that were fun to watch, but I am not enjoying watching some of the new relationships on the show.

    The storyline with the guy who needed open heart surgery when he was awake was really good. It was good to see a unique medical case that we hadn't seen before. I loved how it showed that Izzie can be a geed doctor, and there are some strengths she has that Christina doesn't. The wedding dress storyline was funny. It was great to see the lengths the girls would go through to get it, I could not believe how the dress was all they cared about. Loved how Callie and Sloan tortured George by making him hold the dress. It was great how this storyline made Callie realize she needed to let go. The parachute storyline was also pretty good, although I got tired of hearing about how dark a twisty Merideth is and how she almost died. It was cool how he escaped death and it was neat that Meridith told him he need to do something about it now. I didn't really love some of the relationships in this episode. I am starting to not like Izzie a George. They don't really have chemistry, and Izzie's affection toward George just seems fake to me. It was ok when they had obstacles to overcome, but not that they are happily together I don't like it. I also didn't like Lexie and Alex. The two of them getting together just seemed forced. I did like the whole gentelman night storyline though.
  • Hot sex...weddings...torturing interns...what else is Grey's about?

    Okay so this was by FAR the funniest episode of Grey's I've seen in a LONG time! There were just way too many funny parts to mention them all, but I loved how Hahn asked if Derek and Mark were gay and when Izzie started crying at the end when George asked if she had only shaved one leg! Hahaha, classic.

    The storyline with the bird watcher guy was really good. I could feel the tension and deperation of the guy when he saw everyone watching him, and just wanted them to get their hands out of his chest! I couldn't imagine being in that position. However, how Izzie handled it is showing that she has strengths that Christina is SERIOUSLY lacking in. Oh, and Derek better not start dating after what Meredith said to him. That was just too obvious: "I realize what I need to fix now, and I'm fixing it, becuase I realized that I love you too." Completely blatant, no?