Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 11

Lay Your Hands on Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2008 on ABC

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  • I don't know about you, but I thought this episode was very lame for the most parts.

    So, yeah, like I was saying, I thought this episode was quite lame and poorly written. What's with the Rose and Derek love? I find that really gross. Izzie and Alex really make a good couple. I've liked them from the start. Are Lexie and George going to hook up? Well, I sometimes think that George hooks up with almost every girl, except Christina. I wonder why the Asian girl is singled out. As an Asian girl, I am not feeling very positive about this exclusion. What else? Mark is super hot! Erica honestly doesn't look good standing beside him. I am getting kind of tired of this whole Derek and Meredith situation. Can't there be any decent storyline about these two kids?
  • A very emotional episode, something like 03x11-03x12 "six days". But the best thing is, even if it wasn't Shonda's intention, that metaphysical issues were included.

    I have to say that this episode is just outstanding. It has a lot of emotions.

    I have read several reviews of this episode, and I just don't agree why note is round 8.97 or something like that. -I read "it's all magic, they should sell their equipments and heal everyone by hands being layed on." or something like that.

    I totally disagree. I actually believe (or know) that healing that way can be possible. It's a really spiritual level of metaphysics. It's called "Mentalism" (Universe is metnal). It can be seen clearly: when you want something, you say it, you visualize it on your mind, and then, after feeling it, it happens (it doesn't or it comes late if the desire is not that strong). That's why the lady asked all the details, to visualize it and have an idea how to heal herself. And that's why she cured all patients: she wanted it so bad, that she made a terrible effort and mind work to heal people! Also, when the other ladies felt Alex, I really undesrtood their pint. Chacras are seven and one of them is on the throat, and it's about the things we say and not, the truth and the healing. Energy can be felt the way the lady did, and it's not too silly to believe.
    That mentalism concept is the reason why, when you say "I'm a sad guy, life sucks" and all kind of bad things, something bad actually happens because 1)It was said;2)It was in your mind;3)You wanted it at least briefly; and that's why it happens the exact opposite the other way round (I'm great, I love all, and good things happen because of the aforementioned reasons). Basically, the universe is mental.
    There are also other interesting concepts that would make me write way more, but they're not shown here in this episode, so I'm gonna stop right here.
    Before sayin' it's magic, please, investigate more about it.

    BAck to the episode, I gotta say that it was all emotional.
    Maybe I didn't like that Lois was so rigid in this episode, but her speech about George was just fine. She should have known everything about this issue.

    I just feel bad for Meredith. I still don't get why she doesn't jump in his arms and love him. I don't get when she lost all her hopes.

    Bailey issues were emotional. I don't get Tucker, he has to understand her profession and respect that. I loved that she was not that nazi that we were introduced at the very beginning.

    About the healing lady, I explained all that before.

    This episode was excelent and well writen. From 04x08 on, the series became excelent again!
    I hope they keep it up that way!
  • why dont they give meredith a break ????? but other characters are totally doing great...

    urgghhh... u know what makes me disappointed in greys anatomy ? they made burke kick out of some issues and im totally fine with it but always making meredith unhappy is enough .. i know its not yet time for meredith to have her happy ending but come on !!! her character is suffering from too much pain and people around her wants her to be more open like derek but can u blame her after everything she came through ( the loss of her mother, the unclarified issue about the marriage of derek in the past which is solved now by the way,the pressure from the relationship between her and her father , her allegedly half sister currently working at the same hospital ) so why dont they give her a break ... life might not be easy but oh my its just too much ... We must also understand that it takes time for her to come out from her shell but Derek is being impatient and i know his pain from the heartaches he had with Addison but it doesnt mean he must hurry Meredith .. I know he deserves also to be happy but he should fix his feelings coz if he will date other girls and cant stop himself falling to others then why dont he just leave meredith alone coz u know meredith is a human too she gets hurt .. i just hope they give meredith another man so that it wud be fair coz urrgghh it makes me really disappointed between them ..

    As for others , they are all doing great ... they are some improvements between the other characters just except with the meredith and derek love story ...
  • didt'n like

    what's the matter with meredith? why is so difficult for her admit her love for derek, why doesn't she enjoy their moments of happyness?!!!! all the season was the same history, derek wants get closer, and she says she isn't ready yet... it's a shame that he will move on Rose. Meredith doesn't deserve something like him. Her time has passed by. About Bailey, she must find more time to her family, although i think her marriage is over. Pitty her, cos how is she handle her kid and the chief of residents position, which takes almost all of her time?! Let's wait and see what writers reserve us for next episodes...
  • bailey and her husband cope while watching their sun go through and wake up from surgery. izzie tells georges mom about his and callie's divorce, thinking that she already knew. merideth and derek seperate after merideth hears about derek kissing rose.

    this was a good episode in all, but i think they should have added more about the other characters since it was right before the writers strike. it made me cry at the end when it played "broken" by lifehouse, because they were all looking at the people that they love. callie was so funny talking to george...she got so mad when she found out george didn't tell his mom about the divorce. it was also funny when callie got the baby clothes and she soo surprised. lexi is such a good sister, she eats the breakfast merideth made for her even though she was aleergic to it. i feel so bad for bailey.
  • This episode got me really worried about what would happen to Bailey's baby.

    Having Bailey's baby be in trouble made this into a really interesting episode. I wasn't sure if he was going to end up living or dying; it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It did a good job showing Bailey's Dilemea between work and her family. It's so sad that her marriage isn't working out. The storyline where George's mother found out about Callie and George breaking up brought some comic relif into the episode. It was pretty funny how Izzie once agian accidently told George's mother everything that was going on in his life. The healer storyline was just ok. It is hard to do something like that because some people believe and others don't. The healer may have had a little too much success for me, but it was cute to see the contrast between Izzie and Alex's attitudes. I was really happy to see some hints that they should be a couple. The Derek and Merideth storyline irritated me; once again she just wasn't ready to commit. I would like to see things continue to work out with Derek and Rose for a little while, so we are not just seeing the same plot between Derek and Merideth.
  • ¿How do you know your watching a BAD EPISODE of Greys? 15 reasons...

    1- Dr. Hann snubs or bulls Cristina at some point of the ep.
    2- Cristina says the word "Cardio" 172589 times.
    3- You realize that you hate George, but you are afraid that maybe it has something to do with him coming out of the closet, so perhasps you are a Homophobic (mental note: talk to a profesional)
    4- Merediths father is on it.
    5- Merediths Sister has that look on her face like "what the hell am i doing here?" or "Why the guy who plays my daddy is such a bad actor" and last but no least "where is my storyline".
    6- Dr Torres has that look on her face like "am i still on this show? how did i do that? and where is my storyline?".
    7- Ava shows up out of nowhere.
    8- The zombie of Denny Duquette shows up in dream-like-sequence or as a ghost, like in that movie "Ghost", remember "Ghost"?... no, and what about Patrick Swayze?... uh...never mind.
    9- The guy from "Early Edition" and that mean chick from "Dawsons Creek" who can´t act shows up in a dream-like-sequence confirming the existence of:
    Life After Death, God, among other things.
    10- Some sappy song by a non-familiar band sounds at the very end and you are force to cry.
    11- Meredith dies.
    12- Meredith comes back to life.
    13- Meredith almost dies again.
    14- Is a two-part episode, and someone probably would die. (maybe Meredith)
    15- You realised that the only reason your watching the show its cause of Dr. Bailey.
  • I know this is just an entertainment but it could at least try to be realistic.

    If the faith healer had got one right, I would have accepted it. Two right and I would have thought this episode comical but healing 3 out of 3 is just stupid. If the writers ever bother returning, will the next episode just fire all the surgeons and hire some faith healers. Change the name to "Grey's fantasy hospital". The studio spends all this money on high tech looking medical equipment and lots of pig bits and they could have saved a fortune by just showing hands being layed on. This is the worst episode so far and I can only imagine the writers rushed this out or left it half finished. American's already believe enough nonsense without giving credence to "make believe" medicine on a high quality show like this.
  • Before the Writers Strike...

    We're all different with our own opinions, but the comment before mine made me respond. While Grey's Anatomy did lose both Addison and Burke (which I think was a bad move by ABC), I think they're still doing well with their combination. I think this episode did not jump the shark. I think these episodes show that Bailey is human. A lot of the earlier episodes showed her as 'The Nazi and I think these episodes that show Bailey's true emotions are brilliant. I'm not that thrilled that this is could be the season finale, but it certainly was not the worst episode this season. I'd give that to the Halloween episode.
  • Okay, honestly lame. Worst of the season.

    How much can happen to poor Dr.Bailey, eh? First Tucker gets into a car accident and needs surgery just as a bomb is going to detonate from inside a patient. Meanwhile, Bailey almost doesn't have the baby. Then their marriage is failing. Now the baby gets squished by a book shelf? You can only jump the shark so many times in one series. Grey's got boring after season 2. Then Addison and Burke leave. Now it's not worth watching. Plus George and Izzie are together? Uhh? This is not the show I used to look foward to watching; now it's not worth it. Mad lame.
  • this is best episode I sad when it finale because wga strike.

    I love this episode. I hate when it finale because wga strike. This is best GA episode ever. I grade this A. I hate strike. this is serious. most beautiful. story was great. this rating was tv-14. I hope wga strike ends!!! And I hope Grey's Anatomy contiune. .. . .. . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
  • great one, loved it!

    It has been so long that I almost can't remember the last episode. This one was amazing, Meredith cooking for Lexi, Derek wanting to build a house for him and Meredith, Hahn and Torres are getting closer and Bailey is having problems at home.

    I was nice to hear Bailey's voice talking about them. She is one of my favorites in the show.

    There is a healer in the hospital and she already helped a patient, that makes Bailey curious and the fact that the patients that Ms Archer heals really get better makes all the difference in the episode.

    George's mother is there and he just hadn't told her about the divorce and Izzie...

    There are some storylines but the most important one is Bailey's, when she walks in the ER and sees Tucker with the baby, she just frozen, she couldn't believe it. It is horrible having a son hurt and not knowing what is going on but knowing in detail what might happen and still being able to help...
    She is strong but even strong people have bad moments and this is one.

    I would like to have that much faith in the future, in me, in my abilities. I guess I'm like Izzie in a way and Alex is sweet, he thought of her for the healer case.

    Derek and Meredith are over and Tucker junior is going to be fine but not Bailey's marriage.

    And Mark was right, Hahn likes him but it's not going to be easy, he is too pretty.
  • I hope Bailey doesn't turn into everyone else: dramatically annoying. It just isn't for Bailey.

    Bailey goes through even more family problems, mostly concerning her husband and it isn't looking any better at all. It goes really bad when Bailey's son ends up in the hospital when a bookshelf collapses on him. And there is just enough blame for Bailey and her husband.

    George's mother is in town and she needs to find out from the mistress herself that she has been mistressing around with George, which caused his marriage to end abruptly.

    Merideth and Derek seem like they will end... maybe... who knows... they're really annoying. Alex and Lexi are looking good while Mer and Lexi are doing quite well as well.
  • I started watching Grey's accidentally. What kept me watching was that each and EVERY episode made me feel something. Sometimes it was joy, sometimes it was fear or sadness or dread. I haven't felt much this season - until this episode.

    FIrst, I have to start out by saying that this Meredith and Derek thing is wearing thin. Their relationship use to be the reason I watched the show. But now I have to spend time nursing the whip-lash I have received from watching the volleyball game of their relationship. It has now become a background story for me. I am starting not to care. Enough on that topic.
    It was so wise to have Miranda do the voice-over this episode. It helped us focus on the central theme of the show - FAITH. With the exception of Cristina she is the biggest robot of medicine. Medicine and science are her life. She puts more importance on it, then she does on her family. Probably because it is easier and makes more sense to her. It was poignant to see the way she transitioned from the doctor who seemed to be able to view her own son as "a surgery" - to a grieving, mournful mommy who is willing to reach all the way into left field (faith healer) to save her son. I think all the doctors were changed by this storyline. I am not a highly religious individual, but my Mom swears she had a similar experience with me when I had meningitis at one. People praying over me when the doctors gave me 8 hours to live. We could all probably use a little more faith in our lives - not just religious type - but believing in something so strongly the impossible is easily possible. I felt so badly for George. Getting judged by your Mother, when what you need is unconditional love and support is sad. But George came out of it realizing, he needed to start taking care of himself. This is a hugh turning point for him and should be interesting for the character's development. I just don't understand why he would ask Lexi to move in with him. It seems as though he is replacing Izzie.
    I too saw glimpses of a renewed relationship between Izzie and Alex. He was so great giving Izzie that pep-talk. It will be interesting to see what happens there. The faith healer opened up a Pandora's box regarding Alex. Looks like we are finally going to get to know him a bit. I for one am looking forward to it.
  • Great episode....but the best thing on it was Chandra amazing actress

    This episode was very interesting. Had some developments in the story line.

    Meredith finally break up with derek...I really loved they as couple in the others seasons, but was getting a little bit boring the hole Meredith fears of relationship. I think they should come with more interesting things for her character, because she is starting to be more coadjuvant then the main character.

    And the most amazing thing in this episode was Chandra Wilson what a great actress, you can actually felt her pain. For me she is one of the best actress in TV today.

    Izzie was very good too, I love her character in the show.
  • An amazing episode !

    Derek is building a house for he and Meredith ???? What the hell???

    There is a healer in the hospital :)

    George's mom is in the hospital and doesnt know anything that has been going on lately with her son's life.

    Miranda's baby comes to the hospital because he suffer an accident.

    The healer see through Alex's and it was right.

    Meredith and Derek are over.

    All the stories were pretty good, this was overall an amazing episode, definetely one of my favorites so far.

    See got to see more of Miranda's life and Derek and Meredith slip up again, so what will happen now ? She will find a new Chris O'Donnell ??? hehehe
  • Derek and Meredith once again hit the rocks after Meredith learns Derek kissed Rose. George's mother makes a surprise visit and learns that George and Callie are no longer together. And Bailey's son goes into the hospital after an accident.

    Bottom line--this was Chandra Wilson's shining moment in the series. We've seen some great performances from her, but where she went this episode was remarkable. Watching Bailey collapse under the weight of a strained marriage and a son on the verge of death was utterly heartbreaking, and if this episode doesn't win her an Emmy, there is no justice in this world whatsoever.

    I also loved the incorporation of faith and science, a topic that has always been difficult, but I think they handled it with great care. I'm curious to know what exactly happened to Alex, and it was nice to finally get a bit more development on his end.

    To be honest, I sort of like Rose. She's quite charming and adorable. :) It's really time for the writers to make a move on Meredith, though. It seems she's been stuck in the same place for WAY too long.

    Overall, a great episode, mostly due to the focus on Bailey's story.
  • I thought this was a boring episode. Nothing really interesting happened.

    I was not a fan of this episode at all. I was really expecting it to be so good that I would be watching it over and over again. But instead it was just a huge disapointment to me. I mean, we go on forever without and episode, that when you get it back on you expect it to be awesome. I don't know if it was just my high expectations, but this episode did nothing on me. The whole story behind the healing was just dumb to me. I didn't see the point of that. There were no interesting surgeries going on, no cool medical procedures, no juicy relationship stuff happenning. I didn't like that George's mom was lecturing him about the whole vow thing. I mean, his marriage didn't work, and it his problem not anyone else's. She had no business telling him to go see a counselor without even knowing the story behind everything. If she had just taken the moment to talk to him and hear his explanation, she would have known that he really was doing the right thing about breaking up with Callie. The only thing I actually was interested in this episode was Izzie and Alex's relationship being brought back up again. I wonder if they are going to go that route again. Even though I am partial to George and Izzie together, but I have often wondered if Alex still felt anything for Izzie and that is the reason why he is who he is. Too bad we have no idea when we will have a new episode, cause this one was not good enough to keep me going for a long time without Grey's.
  • Where do I begin? I only review when I feel overwhelmingly passionate about an episode and have to share my anguish with someone. Here are my views on this weeks episode and be prepared for a well thought out rant!

    Firstly, Derek's house plan was absolutely adorable, had the most INCREDIBLE location and if I was Meredith I would jump at the chance of living in a perfect house with the perfect man and making the perfect family...however, A)this IS Meredith we are talking about, who we all know has some very large trust issues she has to overcome, and B)Derek sometimes isn't the perfect man. I agree in some way with Meredith that Derek was perhaps rushing her a bit with the monumental proposal of moving into this perfect house yet Meredith needs to make a step and help Derek gain her trust as he just doesn't know where he stands.

    This leads me on to the hugely disappointing story line of Derek and Rose. I love the actress who plays Rose, I even love the character yet I don't like where the writers have placed this character. I'm sure they have some wonderful idea of how the mer/der/rose love triangle is going to pan out and it will be magnificent television but it is going to be an excrutiating journey. I just can't wait to get to the destination at the end. (See what I did there?)

    Moving on from the ever depressing, never ending love triangle. Izzie and Alex showed some promise, or maybe that was because I still have hope for them myself. It would be way too soon for them to move into a relationship as both him and her need to be single to work themselves out. It was interesting to see a slight insight to Alex's past with the healing lady saying he was a good boy but a bad man. I can't wait to see the past behind it. I do have to disagree though; I think he's a good man with a bad shield.

    The Izzie-George thing is very ambiguous at the moment and I know they broke up but left the book open for the future but they have kind of just left it hanging and I would like some clarity of maybe just some best friend screen time; I miss that. It was good to see Mrs O'Malley and I'm pleased for George that it allowed him to look for his old self, better self. Thus leading to his friendship with Lexie that I find very endearing. They have great chemistry and maybe a possible love connection but for now I just want to see their friendship blossom.

    Now onto Callie. I felt extremely sorry for her when she was speaking to George's mum about her loving being a part of the O'malley family, it was sort of heart-breaking. That's why I love her new found relationship with Erica Hahn. I figure she misses Addison and needed a replacement friendship. Erica and Mark's no-go relationship was one of the only funny parts of the episode. It enabled me to not feel manically depressed by the end of it. I do however think something will develop there and I look forward to seeing if it does.

    Now to the main storyline of the episode- Bailey's tragic story. I was so relieved to see that Tuck was perfectly okay at the end but simultaneously gutted that Bailey's relationship with Tucker hit the big rock, no matter how inevitable it was. It was brilliant to see how this story affected everyone who cared about Bailey at the hopsital and maybe it will show Tucker that her job is more than just a job it is where part of her family is.Poor Bailey :-(

    It was a perfect episode for the writers to end on (even though it wasn't entirely planned) because if it had been an episode with less drama and less great storylines the fans may have decided to quit on them over the strike. (I'm speaking on behalf of all the fans as I plan to stand by the writers and be there to watch the episodes when it all gets back to normal). I can't wait to see how this all works out and as a loyal Meredith and Derek fan I hope that they end up together and stay together, but perhaps Rose is the perfect candidate to show Meredith what she is really missing!
  • Wow, what a great episode!

    Let me just start off by saying, "Wow! That was tremendous!" It was very emotional, and that kept the story going. It was really good. So Baby Tuck came into the E.R. with severe injuries, and Dr. Bailey is beating herself up, thinking she caused this. Derek had to calm her down. What a sweetheart, eh? That's the McDreamy we know and love. He then realizes that so he screws over things with Meredith, so... I don't really know if he dumped her or she left him... or both. But they aren't a couple. So he asks out his new friend Rose. Okay, I understand where Rose is coming from. I would do the exact same thing in her situation. We can grow to like her. She just can't be with Derek. So this episode was crucial. Meredith and Derek broke up, Bailey and her husband are on the edge of divorce and Mama O'Malley showed up... And she knows. Oh, does she know. Poor Izzie. She thought Mrs. O'Malley already knew when she told her about how it wasn't meant to happen, but it did anyways. How embarrassing. Speaking of O'Malley's, George and Lexie really started bonding in this episode. First at the very beginning when they woke up and he warned her not to go in the kitchen because Meredith was cooking, and then later when Lexie had her allergic reaction to the eggs. They're both so young and innocent. They should get together. Well, in conclusion, this episode was very well done and was pretty exciting. Too bad it's the season finale...
  • George's mom pays a little visit to the hospital with baby clothes, Bailey's son has an accident, Derek and Meredith move on, we find out that Alex had something "bad" happen to him in his past, and Sloan continues to pursue Hahn.

    Finally an episode where Derek and Meredith's relationship actually moves somewhere! They've been stalling too long, and I'm glad that a decision was finally made. We all know that down the line they're going to get back together, but it should be interesting to see Derek and Rose's relationship grow. And maybe Meredith will finally resolve her trust issues (maybe with McSteamy? ;) )

    I personally didn't like Bailey's VOs as much as Merediths, but it was a nice change. I was glad to see Cristina less robot like, although if I see any more compassion from her, I might cry. The robotic Cristina is the funny one! As for George's mother showing up, that was hilarious! The expressions on Izzie and Callie's faces were priceless.
  • Okay, WHY do these last pre-strike episodes have to be so darn good?! :(

    This Sunday, it was Desperate Housewives, now it's Grey's... I really, really enjoyed the episode because it didn't slow down a bit... A lot of character and story development as well...

    So, dr. Bailey performed the voice-over this time, and it was really nice to hear another voice for a change... Also, Chandra Wilson just doesn't stop amazing me with her brilliant performances and it just makes me wonder: What idiot didn't give her a GG nomination??

    So, George's mom finds out about George and Izzie, Meredith finds out about Rose and Derek... So, Meredith and Derek are now officially broken up, and I just couldn't care less, because she has been going on my nerves for a really long time now...

    A great Alex-Izzie scene at the very end, when he compliments her, and it was a really good reminder how eventually, those two will end up together... Also, I really liked the scene between Mark and Hahn, where she says how she really feels about him...

    The patient who was a healer was kinda over the top, but I just didn't care, because it fit perfectly into the storyline and I just didn't want to say anything against the show cause it was the last pre-strike episode... Maybe that's why I loved it so much :D And now, the wait... =(
  • Sometimes tension brings the worst or the best in the people around us… thankfully this was the latter.

    I am not a real Grey's Anatomy fan, I¨ ve watched the show from time to time because sometimes the personal dramas run for too long and the situations are more dramatic than they should be…but this episode blew my mind away, hands down the best I've seen this season and possibly the best period….watching the character of Miranda breakdown and facing the guilt that comes from not having control was great, the broken emotional restraint when someone is overcome by doubt and despair…Dr. Karev showing clear characteristics of an abused child plus the closing dialog between Meredith and Mcdreamy was more original and powerful than usual…. Hopefully the season picks up on these topics so we have something really special to see after the writers strike is over.
  • Bailey is faced with the possibily of losing a loved one, George gets a suprise visit from his mom and Meredith and Derek deal with some unresolved issues.

    Well, to be honest I thought this episode was a little disappointing. I feel like there are too many characters, who all need a storyline, and there's just not enough time. The storylines are pretty entertaining, though, so if they just balanced the time a bit more evenly I would like it a whole lot better.

    I am glad, though, that the Meredith/Derek storyline has finally come to an end. Although I was a die-hard MerDer fan at the beginning, I just grew tired of it after FOUR seasons of on/off on/off. I hope Derek and Rose work out and that Meredith finds a great new love interest as well. Overall, since this probably was the season finale, I feel quite dissatisfied and I'm not sure I'm gonna watch the show again next season.
  • Sometimes all you need is some faith.

    Faith in marraiage, faith in life, faith in your job....

    I like the whole faith healer angle. Whether or not the doctors wanted to believe, many of them utilized the faith healer to get their job done.
    ...she could sense the negativity in and around Alex. Will we ever know what it is that's eating him (unless I missed it in previous episode)?
    ...the positive glow from Izzie in her knowledge and desire to help people.
    ...helping Bailey's baby. Unfortunately it does not look like Bailey's marriage will be healed.

    How about the sense of compassion Christina showed in the OR by telling Bailey that she would hold Tucker's hand. When offered the chance to complete the procedure, she turned it down so that she could continue holding his hand. Rose is prettier than Meredith and at first glance does not have a ton of issues. It appears tha Derek has struck gold!!
  • I liked it.

    Well I liked everything, but one teeny tiny little thing. Oh you know that whole MerDer/Rose thing. I'm sick of it and I'm over it.
    I did like everything with Bailey and her family. She is going to have to make a choice one day just like the Chief and Ellis did. The job or the family. I hope that this serves as a real wake-up call to her that Family is always more important than a job/career.
    I'm glad that Izzie is over Cardio. There are lots of intresting specialties out there and she should find one.
    Loved the bonding scene in the beginning betweens the Mc's and Derek's new view. Maybe he should have shown it to Meredith while he was planning out the rest of her life for her.
  • An episode about faith?

    The final episode of Grey's Anatomy (GA) written before the strike.

    The season started out surprisingly strong for me, then meandered to a relative plateau. The show opens with a monologue on life or some such by Bailey rather than Meredith. It was OK, but it didn't really do anything for me personally. Derek and Sloane're doing a morning run through some picturesque Pacific Northwestern woods, where Derek points out the spot on which he wants to build a house for Meredith. Meredith's not good enough to deserve McDreamy and the episode bears my opinion out as it goes on.

    Derek tells Meredith in her mom's house he has a spot for their home, and she freaks out. Again. Everyone wakes up to the smell of "sulfur" for breakfast. I raised an eyebrow at Lexie rousing in the same room as George. Lexie and Alex have an awkward moment in which she observes that Ava didn't stay over. Alex reminds her that he said he was involved with someone else (who is married, has a daughter, and wants to throw her life away). Meredith lies to Derek about making breakfast for Lexie and the rest, who bite carefully into their..."fare."

    Meantime, Bailey and her husband're having another argument as she goes out the door to work. I wondered why he hadn't moved out already after the tiff in "Crash Into Me" Parts 1 & 2?

    At the hospital, Hahn gets Alex to help prep a woman for heart surgery when Izzie backs out. The woman happens to be a holistic healer who heals a man with heart problems (I believe) with the touch of her hands. She's wheeled back to her room, where she wants to have her procedure explained to her so that she can heal herself and avoid surgery, which is "barbaric." I agree myself, but till we get Star Trek-like medical tech, we're gonna have to go with blood n guts and drug-based medicine. Incidentally, Sloane teases Hahn about how she's using hostility to mask her attraction to him. I can see that, but not why he's attracted to Hahn at all. Except maybe as another notch on his bedpost? Naturally, Alex and Hahn don't put much stock in the woman' Hahn tells Alex to page her when the patient "codes." LOL.

    George's mom shows up at the hospital and displays baby clothes for Callie's approval. Apparently, George has put off telling his family about his divorce. Callie skedaddles as soon as she can without spilling the beans.

    Lexie goes around trying to scare up epinephrine (adrenaline) to deal with a rash from her allergy with the eggs Meredith made for her. Rose lets Derek off the hook for not following up on their kiss. And Bailey goes about the hospital ignoring her husband's constant paging--till he shows up in the ER with their baby, Tucker, crying and on a stretcher from having a bunch of books crash on him in their family apartment.

    Bailey freaks and the Chief and the rest of the staff have to cajole and escort her out of the vicinity so they can diagnose Tucker's internal injuries and operate. Izzie stumbles across George's mom. When Mother O'Malley goes on about how hard a time George and Caliie must be going through (having a baby), Izzie spills her guts on how terrible she feels about breaking about George's and Callie's marriage. Izzie realizes she let the cat out of the bag and vamooses as George shows up to greet his suddenly horrified mother.

    Mother O'Malley goes on about how sacred marriage is in the eyes of God, and George has to leave to answer a page. The healer's "healing team" shows up to start prepatory work. Alex looks at 'em like they all belong in strait jackets. Then they start pointing out how Alex has some dark chakras (nice touch) especially around the throat, which has him spreading the pain that turned him from a sweet boy to a not so sweet man. Mother O'Malley and Callie commiserate. Callie (and George later on) says that getting married in Las Vegas wasn't a promising sign for a stable marriage. I saw that coming right from the second those two came into the hospital newly hitched last year. Further, I still don't see why Callie was brought into the show at all and made a regular. Derek finds Bailey freaking out about whether or not she properly sealed a baby gate that Tucker toddled through. He gives her a great soothing spiel about how Bailey and her husband are good parents who love their baby, accidents happen, and nobody's to blame.

    Meredith and George watch outside. As Meredith wonders over Derek's touch, George spills the beans about Derek's kiss with Rose. Meredith stomps away furious. Accidental revelations are in vogue in this episode. Things're said to happen in 3's, but there wasn't a third accidental one this time around.

    The woman healer finds Bailey and her husband in pediatric ICU worrying over Tucker, who can't breathe on his own because of fluid buildup in his lungs. She asks them to find it in themselves to forgive one another and join her in giving Tucker a burst of healing mojo. And Tucker cries out later on, showing that his lungs're clear. But of course.

    Izzie talks to Meredith about why she pursued cardio surgery to get some of Christina's faith in her ability and purpose for herself. But now Izzie apparently doesn't know what to do with herself. I lay that at the hands of the show's writers who've taken her (along with George, Alex, and Meredith) down some silly paths.

    Alex then brings Izzie to the faith healer to explain the surgery because she's the "bright and optimistic" one. The healer and her team point out that Izzie certainly brightens Alex. The seeds of a renewed relationship whenever Season 5 gets going? If so, it's about time. It would've been nice to see if the healer healed herself.

    Meredith finds Derek and says she can't trust him since he didn't tell her about Rose. Derek points out that she's making excuses and pushing him away again. He says he can't stay with her anymore and breaks things off. I hope they stay that way.

    Derek finds Rose and asks if she wants to join him for dinner. I couldn't help thinking "Yes!" when she accepted. Hahn admits to Sloane that if they weren't working together she'd likely be all over him. Can't say I really care about this matchup. Can't say I'm really thrilled about Hahn replacing Burke on the cast neither. As unpleasant coworkers go, she's pretty one-note and dull about it to me.

    George asks Lexie how her apartment search is going and if she needs a roommate. Another possible matchup which I theorized about earlier after "Crash Into Me" Part 2? I'd be curious to see how that goes.

    And as Bailey watches over Tucker, she lets slip to Meredith that her husband went home to get some sleep and pack up before going to a hotel room. Pity they can't seem to patch things up. I'm concerned for Bailey's sake, but I can't say I'm too involved neither.

    Bailey monologued at the end about how watching Tucker made life clearer (guessing that she sees Tucker is important) and people have to be there for one another (but her husband left and how does this relate to the rest of the cast?). Nothing much for Christina and the Chief in this episode. I liked the woman healer, but she struck me as a major deus ex machina device. If she hadn't been around, I wouldn't have cared to wager on Tucker's chances.

    As this premature season finale wrapped up, I found myself wishing that Shonda and the writers had shown us the fall out from the other interns learning about George's repeater status after Alex spilled the beans and I wished that we'd seen more continuing storylines with Meredith's and gang's interns, who suddenly vanished in the last few episodes.

    This wasn't a bad episode, but I felt it could've been better.