Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 8

Let It Be

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2005 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Meredith tries to avoid the Shepherds. Cristina and Burke go out on a date and end up getting caught up in their jobs. Derek asks Meredith not to ignore him until Addison comes walking around the corner. Derek and Addison take sides when a couple of their closest friends come in for a controversial surgery. Izzie helps Addison and Derek on their friends' case and when Alex tries to help by joking around their conversations take a more serious turn. A person falls five stories and becomes George's patient, much to the patient's dismay. Meredith patients won't stop talking about monogamy. Webber bugs Bailey about making a fellowship decision until he finds out that more is going into her decision than he knows about.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • McDreamy and Addison (Mcdevil) are helphing out their closest friends during a difficult decition. Butke and Christina goes on their first real date; And George gets a dose of Karpe Diemmoreless

    A friend couple of the Sheperds has a difficult decition, drawing Derek and Addison to different sides. Izzie are helping them out. In the end they work it out. Izzie is upset about the womans decition, but Alexs comforts her. /

    Burke and Christina goes ontheir first date, and the man tabled next to them colapses. Suddenely they are so much sure on eachother and save the guys life. In Christinas words; "Best date ever"


    George is tree feet from geting hit buy a man who jumpes of a roof. After this he is all; Karpe Diem. When he learns the man jumped he tries to find his ex girlfriend. He manages but she wont speak to him. Right before they are going to operate the man who survived falling six floors colapses and dies. /

    Meredith is trying to avoid and ignore Derek, but she keeps running into him in the elevator. About 5 times. In the end she cannot take it anymore and with her and Derek all alone in the elevator she says; I miss you. He walks close up to her, and I was so sure he would kiss her. But no, he just walks closely into her, then he says; I can't. And walks out


    (He is so much more stupid then I thought)moreless
  • it starts with ferry boats! iguess derek's in love with them! and addison only spoilt the mood.the guy who jumped off a building barely missing landing on poor georgie boy!christian and burke fell like fish out of wqter on her first date with burke.moreless

    it was a hillarious episode. the elevator scenes with derek/mer, seriously that was over the top. and if they were going to appear as many times,atleast let them kiss in one for crying out loud. addison is a very brillaint woman, beautiful and smart, she should get a life already and leave mcjerk alone to get tru his testorones or whatever, the script is belittling her. all in all it was an exciting episode!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Bailey's having a baby! :)

    Nice parallelism at the beginning with Meredith talking about Romeo and Juliet, with Derek and Addison in a balcony-like situation (although the roles were reversed).

    The thing with Meredith and the band-aid was just irritating. Get over it already!

    The plot line with the couple the Shepherds know was really interesting. It really made me think about what I would have done in the situation.

    The old couple who wanted to go to Venice was so sweet. It was touching that neither wanted the other to know about her cancer, because they wanted each other to be happy.

    The whole Derek-and-Meredith-in-an-elevator thing is getting old.

    Definitely didn’t see Bailey’s pregnancy coming. I love the way she told the chief...she’s great!

    I love the Alex-Izzie and Cristina-Burke relationships. I hope they’re around for a while!moreless
  • Derek and Addison support their friends during a difficult decision; Cristina and Burke go on their first real date; Bailey announces she\'s pregnant; Alex and Izzie begin their relationship on shaky grounds; Meredith complains and George is obsessed withmoreless

    This is a great episode for building the character\'s relationships. We get to see Derek and Addison through the eyes of a couple who knew them before McSteamy, before Meredith. It\'s nice to have them described as fated, because up until now it\'s unclear why exactly Derek is choosing Addison over Meredith besides obligation, which just doesn\'t seem like justification enough.

    I like how the problem with Derek and Addison\'s friends puts Izzie and Alex\'s relationship on a tight rope, so to speak. Izzie and Alex stand on such different sides of the issue; it seems like maybe they aren\'t compatible at all. But in the end, Alex is sweet and says the perfect thing, and Izzie\'s heart melts all over again. It\'s such an interesting dynamic between them, because he switches off from complete jerk to so adorably sweet.

    Burke and Cristina\'s is one people dread in real life but is so hilarious to watch on television. They are having a miserbale time, realizing how little they know about each other, how different from each other they really are. Only when a medical emergnecy arises do they connect and have a good time. Of course, this leads them back to Seattle Grace, where their relationship is comfortable and safe. They are just refreshing together, by far my facvorite couple on the show!

    Then there\'s Bailey, George and Meredith, who are sort of filler this episode. I mean, Bailey\'s pregnant; that\'s about it. It sets up a lot for the rest of the season, but was largely unessential this episode. George wants to seize the day, and is hurt when he finds out that fate doesn\'t always smile down on people; sometimes it \"poops\" on them too. Which, now that the season is over and we know what happens when George \"seizes the day\" with Meredith, is somewhat foreshadowing. And then there\'s Meredith, who is complaining, like always. Life isn\'t fair. You don\'t always get the part you want, don\'t always want the part you get, and don\'t always get the guy you want. It\'s a sad, sad thing that she goes on and on about for another 15-ish episodes...moreless
  • Liked it but..

    I like this episode very much, I enjoyed watching it.

    I do think it is very weird that a bird can break a fall from a fat men, really strange but funny. I liked the part at the end when meredith and Derek meet in the elevator (for the last time this episode) and they have almost a moment and that really worth watching this episode and I still hope they will get back together and Addison goes home :)moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

T.R. Knight

T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Shelley Berman

Shelley Berman

Jed Sorrento

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Joseph Lyle Taylor

Joseph Lyle Taylor


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Arija Bareikis

Arija Bareikis


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Kathleen M. Darcy

Kathleen M. Darcy


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Ray Ford (II)

Ray Ford (II)


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Linda Klein

Linda Klein

Scrub Nurse Linda

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When a pigeon eats George's bagel at the beginning of the episode, you can clearly see a wire attached to the bird's leg so it wouldn't fly away.

    • Goof: When Meredith puts the 'Hello Kitty' band-aid on her forehead in the car, the band-aid is upside down. But when we see her in the elevator, her band-aid is right side up.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • George: Could this place be any further away? It's like Siberia down here.
      Daisy: That's because we don't like sick people.
      George: Oh. You know you're, you're in a hospital. Uh, are you Daisy?
      Daisy: I don't deal with billing questions after 7pm. I'm just data entry at night.
      George: No, uh, actually Stu sent me.
      Daisy: Is this some kinda joke?
      George: No. He's in this hospital. He's had an accident. I'm his doctor. He's fine. Uh we're taking him into surgery. Um but he wanted me to find you.
      Daisy: You just tell that bastard he could've come looking for me like 10 years ago.

    • Burke (to paramedic): Start another large boar IV. Continue high flow O2. Transport him sirens and lights to Seattle Grace.
      Paramedic: Who the hell are you?
      Cristina: Hey! He's the cardiothoracic surgeon who's gonna operate on him.
      Burke (smiles): And she's with me.

    • Burke: Dr. Yang, you're handling the saw.
      Cristina: Thank you, Dr. Burke. (whispers) You won't let me pick the wine, but this you'll let me do?

    • Meredith: I miss you. (he stands up slowly and walks up to right behind Meredith and smells her hair. He pulls back but then slightly rests his head against hers briefly. Meredith closes her eyes at the contact. He moves close and whispers in her ear)
      Derek: I can't.

    • Savvy: When Addie told me she was coming out here. I had such a good feeling. You guys are gonna make it. You were always meant to be.
      Weiss: Yeah a couple of clams on a hat shell. A couple of peas in a pod. (Addison chuckles)
      Derek: Still working on the pod part.
      Addison: It's all about choices.

    • Savvy: I'm going out to dinner with my surgeon and our husbands. Sort of a last supper I guess. I know, I know. Nothing after midnight. (Izzie nods and moves to leave) Disappointed aren't you? (Izzie stops and turns back) How do I look?
      Izzie: You're a beautiful woman.
      Savvy: And so are you. (Izzie half shrugs it off looking down) Is that why this is so hard to understand? Uh menopause I know. Boobs. But they have hormone replacement, reconstructions. But the sexy Savvy. The Savvy that gets noticed when she walks into a room. Hmmm. The Savvy that likes to wake her husband up in the middle of the night to make love. Yeah I wonder if that Savvy is still gonna be there. Honestly I haven't a clue. (Izzie is silent) But then I think is, is that why Weiss married me? God I hope not.

    • (George is looking for Stu's ex-girlfriend, Daisy)
      Meredith: You're seriously gonna try to find this girl? Hunt her down while she's working.
      George: Look. ... Okay I know it's crazy but someone's gotta tell her how he feels. I mean he's alive, right? Something good has got to come out of this. (Meredith nods slightly) I mean this could change everything. See I dunno I thought you were a romantic.
      Meredith: Was. Past tense.
      Derek (enters the elevator): Well this is fun, again. Love the 'Hello Kitty' by the way. Very pink. Very cheerful.
      George (uncomfortable): Well, Daisy works in billing, which is where?
      Meredith and Derek: Basement. (George laughs a little to himself. Meredith and Derek stare at him)

    • Stu: No please don't. No more carpe diem man. I don't wanna seize the day.
      George: See that's what I don't get. I'm standing here and I'm just so incredibly happy to be alive. You know I'm looking at the sky, its bluer. Food tastes better. And I didn't survive a 5 store fall. (Stu looks away, upset. George's smile fades as he realizes) You jumped, didn't you? (Stu is silent)

    • Derek: Prophylactic surgery is extreme.
      Addison: This is has nothing to do with you. Why were you even in there? She came to me for medical consultation Derek. I'm her doctor. Me.
      Derek: Those are some of our closest friends. This isn't medical, it is personal.
      Addison: Fine. Okay if it's personal we should be dealing with them as a couple. Acting like a couple. Look ...
      Derek: What does that mean?
      Addison (holds up her wedding ring on her hand): See the ring?
      Derek (angry): Don't go to the ring!
      Addison: The ring Derek! Remember? We're, we're here at work you won't talk to me or on the ferry where you pretend not to see me or in couple's therapy 3 times a week where we're arguing about whether or not we should be in couple's therapy. What are we doing?
      Derek: This is not about us.
      Addison: It is! Medicine aside our friends are going through hell in there and we can't even act like we like each other long enough to help them.

    • George: You fell 5 stories and lived to tell about it. I'd kinda wanna shout it from the roof tops. (Cristina gives him a look) So to speak. (speaks excitedly now) It's a miracle! You may not understand the medicine of it but a 5 story fall, your lungs should be collapsed, your back should be broken, your aorta should be totally severed...
      Cristina: George, enough.
      George (whispers quietly to Stu who groans): I'm just saying there's a reason for this. You lived! We both did. Carpe diem man! Seize the day.
      Stu: Any chance you can make him leave?
      Cristina: I really, really wish I could.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): In the eighth grade my english class had to read Romeo and Juliet. Then for extra credit, Mrs. Snyder made us act out all the parts. Sal Scafarillo was Romeo. As fate would have it, I was Juliet… all the other girls were jealous, but I had a slightly different take. I told Mrs. Snyder that Juliet was an idiot. For starters she falls for the one guy she knows she can't have, then she blames fate for her own bad decision. Mrs. Snyder explained to me that when fate comes into play choice sometimes goes out the window. At the ripe old age of 13 I was very clear that love like life is about making choices. And fate has nothing to do with it. . Everyone thinks it's so romantic, Romeo and Juliet, true love, how sad. If Juliet was stupid enough to fall for the enemy, drink the bottle of poison, and go to sleep in a mausoleum, she deserved whatever she got.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): Maybe Romeo and Juliet were fated to be together, but just for a while, and then their time passed. If they could have known that beforehand, maybe it all would have been okay. I told Mrs. Snyder that when I was grown up, I'd take fate into my own hands. I wouldn't let some guy drag me down. Mrs. Snyder said that I'd be lucky if I ever had that kind of passion with someone, and that if I did, we'd be together forever. Even now, I believe that for the most part, love is about choices. It's about putting down the poison and the dagger and making your own happy ending...most of the time.

    • Alex: What are you pissed about?
      Izzie: You look at everything in a skirt.
      Alex: I'd look at you in a skirt, something short, maybe school girl. Pleated.
      Izzie: If that skirt didn't have a big pair of bouncing boobs attached to it, you'd stop looking.
      Alex: You cut 'em off, you build 'em back up. Maybe you get to upgrade, life goes on.
      Izzie: If there was a genetic test for testicular cancer you think men who tested positive would have this surgery? No, because it's castration. What man would willingly get rid of the part of his anatomy that makes him a man? This woman is having herself castrated. And we book an OR and act like it means nothing. It's not nothing. God, how could you possibly act like it's no big deal? I mean what if it was me?
      Alex: Izzie, you're freaking out you know that, right?
      Izzie: If I was the one with the cancer gene. I mean what if I showed up tomorrow and my boobs were made of plastic and my skin had aged 10 years and my sex drive had dried up. If it was me Alex, would you be so fine with it then? (Alex is silent) Yeah, you'd be really hot to kiss me with tongue then, wouldn't you? (she leaves)
      Alex: Here's the thing - I like your rack.
      Izzie: God, what is wrong with you? Why do you have to be so - what is wrong with you?
      Alex: I like your rack and I'd want them around if I could have them, trust me I would, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if you got rid of them... because really, I'd want you. (Izzie slaps him) Ow! What was that for? (she kisses him)

    • (After Richard asked her about the fellowship a few times before)
      Richard: You're being wooed aren't you?
      Bailey: Excuse me?
      Richard: The fellowship, LA Med, Chicago Central. They're wooing you. I mean, you're fielding offers, you're looking at bonus packages, you're letting yourself be wooed.
      Bailey: Chief I--
      Richard: It's fine. It's fine. Go be a hot shot some where else. But tell me... How could you do this to me? I mean, I'm hurt, I'm really hurt. After all I've done for you. You're gifted and you're ungratful. And that's all I'm sayin'.
      Bailey: I'm pregnant, you blind moron.
      Richard: You're what?
      Bailey: My heart rate is 110, I'm burning 3000 calories a day, my legs are swollen, I got indigestion and gas. Did you know that carrying a boy in your uterus means that you burn 10% more calories than if you had a girl. Guess what I'm carrying? I tried for 7 damn years and a month before my fellowship notifications the stick turns blue. Men; from the very beginnin' they just suck the life right outta you. I'm not leaving. I'm pregnant.
      Richard: Um... congratulations.

    • (At dinner)
      Burke: Let's have the Chardonnay, please.
      Cristina: Oh, I want Bordeaux.
      Burke: The Chardonnay would be better with the lobster.
      Cristina: I'm having steak.
      Burke: You eat red meat?
      Cristina: You don't?

    • (Trying to find a dress to wear for her date with Burke)
      Izzie: Uh....they're both really nice.
      Cristina: I know I bought them. But which one's right?
      Izzie: For what? You're gonna look hot in either one.
      Cristina: Well, clearly. That's not the point.
      Meredith: Wow, you look hot.
      Cristina: Yeah, Burke and I are gonna talk about how hot I am over dinner. This date is such a mistake.
      George: It's easy to get nervous on dates. It's especially hard if you're out of practice. You just gotta be mellow, and relax--
      Cristina: Yeah, I know how to date, George. I'm not you.
      Alex: Well, I have a scheduled for the mastectomy. And I get to stay while plastics does a transflap reconstruction.
      Izzie: I couldn't do it.
      Alex: Do what? Make yourself all hot and sexy for your boyfriend like Yang?
      Cristina: Go wrestle something.
      Izzie: I couldn't cut off my ovaries and breasts just because I might have cancer.
      Cristina: Look at it like a hand. If someone told you'd die unless you chopped off your hand, you'd do it.
      Izzie: Except when you chop off a hand you don't kill your sex drive and have silicon breasts. Get hot flashes and lose your ability to bare children.
      Meredith: If it were me I wouldn't even have the test, I mean what's the point? We're all gonna die anyway, right? (they stare at her) It's the Hello Kitty band-aid, on my forehead. It's freakin' me out.
      Alex: I say slice and dice 'em, whatever. They're body parts.
      Izzie: Oh, so you'd cut off your penis?
      Alex: Yeah, if it kept me from dying. Besides I've got plenty to spare. (walks away)
      Cristina (after trying on a dress): I could do hot in my sleep. I look hot in my scrubs. I'm a hot person. He's seen me naked a thousand times.
      George: Bad, bad images in my head. (walks away)
      Meredith: He's never seen you outside of the hospital.
      Cristina (sarcastically): Thank you.

    • (After a patient fell 5 stories, he landed on a bird)
      Bailey: After you get some xrays, you might wanna get in there and look for the rest of Tweety.

    • Izzie: You kissed me.
      Alex: Yes, I did.
      Izzie: Should we? I mean, there's a discussion that we could have... if you wanted to have one?
      Alex: Izzie, I kissed you, with tongue, and I plan to do it again and again. Get used to it. End of discussion.
      Izzie: Okay.

    • George (excited): Shouldn't he be more excited? Maybe he's in shock, I dunno. But I mean he survived! It's huge! He's gotta realize things happen for a reason.
      Meredith: Oh, yeah my ex-boyfriend moved his wife to Seattle. Reason: To torture me.
      George: I'm serious.
      Meredith: So am I.
      Cristina: What's with the 'Hello Kitty' on your forehead?
      Meredith: I don't wanna talk about it.
      Cristina: George can I sign out to you early?
      George: You don't want in on Stu's surgery?
      Cristina: Can't. I have a test date. (she lowers her voice) Burke is testing me. (back to her normal voice) Plus I've already spent an hour picking bird parts out of the guy. I'm over it.
      George: Carpe diem.
      Meredith: Giant zit on my forehead and I'm beginning to look how I feel. Carpe that.
      George: This is the luckiest day in the world!
      Cristina: Tell that to the bird.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Sweden: May 23, 2006 on Kanal 5
      Bulgaria: June 29, 2006 on bTV
      Finland: December 27, 2006 on Nelonen
      Italy: March 09, 2007 on Italia 1
      Romania: May 1st, 2007 on TVR 1

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Sexy Mistake by The Chalets plays when Derek and Addison are on the ferry,
      2. No Sleep Tonight by the Faders plays when Cristina is picking a dress for her date with Burke,
      3. Bang Bang To the Rock N Roll by Gabin plays when the person in the restaraunt collapses,
      4. I Melt With You by Nouvelle Vague plays when Burke and Cristina are performing surgery,
      5. Far Away Blues by Joe Purdy plays when Derek talks to his friend Weiss,
      6. Miss Halfway by Anya Marina plays when Jed and Esme Sorento (Meredith's patient) leave the hospital.


    • Bailey: Let's, uh, get some x-rays and after that you might wanna get in there and look for the rest of Tweety.

      Tweety Bird is a fictional character in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes series of animated cartoons. He was fairly popular during the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. His famous lines were "I thought I saw a putty tat," which would be followed by "I did! I did! See a putty tat!" He would use these lines when being hunted by Sylvester J, Pussycat Senior.

    • Episode Title: Let It Be

      The title of this episode is refernce to a song by The Beatles.