Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 8

Let It Be

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2005 on ABC

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  • McDreamy and Addison (Mcdevil) are helphing out their closest friends during a difficult decition. Butke and Christina goes on their first real date; And George gets a dose of Karpe Diem

    A friend couple of the Sheperds has a difficult decition, drawing Derek and Addison to different sides. Izzie are helping them out. In the end they work it out. Izzie is upset about the womans decition, but Alexs comforts her. /
    Burke and Christina goes ontheir first date, and the man tabled next to them colapses. Suddenely they are so much sure on eachother and save the guys life. In Christinas words; "Best date ever"
    George is tree feet from geting hit buy a man who jumpes of a roof. After this he is all; Karpe Diem. When he learns the man jumped he tries to find his ex girlfriend. He manages but she wont speak to him. Right before they are going to operate the man who survived falling six floors colapses and dies. /
    Meredith is trying to avoid and ignore Derek, but she keeps running into him in the elevator. About 5 times. In the end she cannot take it anymore and with her and Derek all alone in the elevator she says; I miss you. He walks close up to her, and I was so sure he would kiss her. But no, he just walks closely into her, then he says; I can't. And walks out
    (He is so much more stupid then I thought)
  • it starts with ferry boats! iguess derek's in love with them! and addison only spoilt the mood.the guy who jumped off a building barely missing landing on poor georgie boy!christian and burke fell like fish out of wqter on her first date with burke.

    it was a hillarious episode. the elevator scenes with derek/mer, seriously that was over the top. and if they were going to appear as many times,atleast let them kiss in one for crying out loud. addison is a very brillaint woman, beautiful and smart, she should get a life already and leave mcjerk alone to get tru his testorones or whatever, the script is belittling her. all in all it was an exciting episode!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bailey's having a baby! :)

    Nice parallelism at the beginning with Meredith talking about Romeo and Juliet, with Derek and Addison in a balcony-like situation (although the roles were reversed).

    The thing with Meredith and the band-aid was just irritating. Get over it already!

    The plot line with the couple the Shepherds know was really interesting. It really made me think about what I would have done in the situation.

    The old couple who wanted to go to Venice was so sweet. It was touching that neither wanted the other to know about her cancer, because they wanted each other to be happy.

    The whole Derek-and-Meredith-in-an-elevator thing is getting old.

    Definitely didn’t see Bailey’s pregnancy coming. I love the way she told the chief...she’s great!

    I love the Alex-Izzie and Cristina-Burke relationships. I hope they’re around for a while!
  • Derek and Addison support their friends during a difficult decision; Cristina and Burke go on their first real date; Bailey announces she\'s pregnant; Alex and Izzie begin their relationship on shaky grounds; Meredith complains and George is obsessed with

    This is a great episode for building the character\'s relationships. We get to see Derek and Addison through the eyes of a couple who knew them before McSteamy, before Meredith. It\'s nice to have them described as fated, because up until now it\'s unclear why exactly Derek is choosing Addison over Meredith besides obligation, which just doesn\'t seem like justification enough.

    I like how the problem with Derek and Addison\'s friends puts Izzie and Alex\'s relationship on a tight rope, so to speak. Izzie and Alex stand on such different sides of the issue; it seems like maybe they aren\'t compatible at all. But in the end, Alex is sweet and says the perfect thing, and Izzie\'s heart melts all over again. It\'s such an interesting dynamic between them, because he switches off from complete jerk to so adorably sweet.

    Burke and Cristina\'s is one people dread in real life but is so hilarious to watch on television. They are having a miserbale time, realizing how little they know about each other, how different from each other they really are. Only when a medical emergnecy arises do they connect and have a good time. Of course, this leads them back to Seattle Grace, where their relationship is comfortable and safe. They are just refreshing together, by far my facvorite couple on the show!

    Then there\'s Bailey, George and Meredith, who are sort of filler this episode. I mean, Bailey\'s pregnant; that\'s about it. It sets up a lot for the rest of the season, but was largely unessential this episode. George wants to seize the day, and is hurt when he finds out that fate doesn\'t always smile down on people; sometimes it \"poops\" on them too. Which, now that the season is over and we know what happens when George \"seizes the day\" with Meredith, is somewhat foreshadowing. And then there\'s Meredith, who is complaining, like always. Life isn\'t fair. You don\'t always get the part you want, don\'t always want the part you get, and don\'t always get the guy you want. It\'s a sad, sad thing that she goes on and on about for another 15-ish episodes...
  • Liked it but..

    I like this episode very much, I enjoyed watching it.
    I do think it is very weird that a bird can break a fall from a fat men, really strange but funny. I liked the part at the end when meredith and Derek meet in the elevator (for the last time this episode) and they have almost a moment and that really worth watching this episode and I still hope they will get back together and Addison goes home :)
  • This episode was probably not the best I've seen but I have to say, the last scene, in the elevator with McDreamy and Meredith...well worth it.

    As I was watching this episode, I was thinking that it probably wasn't the best. I didn't laugh hysterically through-out as I usually do and it didn't grab me like most of the others but it had some very poignant moments. Don't get me wrong, I still thought it was awesome. You got to see Burke and Cristina outside of work and just how uncomfortable they really are...but when a medical emergency pops up, they're solid. Makes you wonder if they can really survive outside of the hospital.
    And Meredith with that Hello Kitty band-aid, there were some pretty funny lines written around that. I think what made me give it the over-all 9.5 was the last scene in the elevator. All day Meredith and derek have been caught in the elevator together and finally they're alone...She says "I miss You" (which made me scream out loud) and he goes over to her and desperatley wants to touch her and then says "I can't..." UGH. But, all I could think of was "He really does love her". Now we know it for sure and it makes it soooo worth it.
  • I think this was another wonderful episode of Grey's. I just know that Derek will go back to Meredith. He has to. I hate that I like Addison. It makes me angry. But she is loosing some of her appeal since her and Derek got back together.

    I think this was another wonderful episode of Grey's. I just know that Derek will go back to Meredith. He has to. I hate that I like Addison. It makes me angry. But she is loosing some of her appeal since her and Derek got back together. All in all a great episode.
  • Unrealistic medical plots aside (Falling down from a 2 storey building can kill you let alone 5), tonight's episode was very disjointed. But overall, commendable episode.

    This episode starts with Derek and Addison in a ferry boat and Christina and Burke outside a coffee shop. Meredith has a Hello Kitty plaster on the forehead. George becomes all high from surviving a human crash.

    Notable Patients:
    1. A woman who wants an ovary removal surgery but her husband disapproves.
    2. A man who falls from a 5 storey building and survives
    3. A woman who needs a gallbladder removal surgery but in the process finds out she has cancer
    4. A man who has Marfan Syndrome and collapsed in the middle of a date.
    Izzie takes on case 1. This is a "work-immitating-life" case again. Although, the resemblance is not really that clear. Izzie and Alex engage in a philosophical debate about the case.
    George takes on case 2. George is extremely happy that he survived it but the man wasn't that happy. Not a really great case. Doesn't bring out any new emotions for George (he's already optimistic)
    Meredith takes care of the old woman. Nothing new here again. It's all walkie, talkie and soapy.
    Burke and Christina are trying to have a date, things weren't going so well until a man collapsed. This case was interesting because Isaiah and Sandra were really able to portray that awkwardness...

    Overuse of drama device. Meredith bumps into Derek 4 times during the whole show and tries to avoid talking to him. 4 times is just too much...You'd prolly get it after the second time. Richard's constant nagging of Miranda about the fellowship is also another overused drama device. Chandra Wilson did well in this episode. She was able to express this poignant comedy when she tells Richard her reasons.

    -0.5 Music score, Nothing interesting.
    -1 Overuse of drama devices
    -1 Mediocre subplots.
    +0.2 For a funny "surgurical date" and good acting by Katherine and Chandra.
  • Facing the truth.

    A wonderful old lady Esme Sorrento comes to hospital and doctors find out that she has gallbladder cancer. They told her husband that but he doesn't want to tell her. Meredith has an obligation to tell her patient and she tells her when she is alone and she doesn't want her husband to now...because they are going to Venice. :(
    Stu a winodw washer tried to kill himself by jumping of the roof. He almost fell on George but he suddenly died on the surgery just like that.
    Meanwhile Addison's and Derek's marriage is put on the test when they best friends arrive about cancer gene and they are going through hell.
    Amazing episode !
  • Bailey is having a baby! And the love-triangle is getting more complicated when Shepherds' friends arrive at the hospital.

    I think this episode, considering all parts of the episode, was really really good. I don't think it's for above 9, but then again I wouldn't rate this episode 8.9 nor below that. The medical cases were very interesting, but the characters' stories... not really.

    Actually, something important did happen, Bailey's having a baby. OK, that's important, and George's story was also interesting, since man jumped from the building and fell right next to him. But the love triangle is really getting boring. Derek and Addison's friends arrive in the hospital, because Sav is afraid that she might get cancer... and Addison and Derek simply don't agree with opinions of each other.
  • Just loved it!!!

    George! I really liked him in this episode! The look on his face when that man dropped on the ground was tremendous! And when he was jumping around, shouting how happy he was he survived! It was so hilarious!

    The part where Burke and Cristina where on a date was great too. The two of them have nothing to say to each other in their own time, but when it comes to work, they just fit together! It’s great to see that happening!

    I do wonder where things are for Derek. It seems he has not forgiven Addison jet, and his mind still seems to be with Meredith. I hope he figures things out soon, because right now, it doens’t seem fair to both Addison and Meredith. And he isn’t happy either. I guess time will tell.....

  • Cristina and Burke go out on a date and end up getting caught up in their jobs. Derek and Addison take sides when a couple of their closest friends come in for a controversial surgery.A person falls five stories and becomes George's patient.Meredith patie

    This was a good episode, Burke and Cristina's date was really nice, with the red-meat thing and the guy who fell of his chair.
    Izzy and Alex kissed (again) and I hope they will be a couple, because they would make a nice one..
    George was really funny with his 'carpe diem', but it went more serious when he found out the guy wanted to commit suicide.
    Meredith was still feeling like crap which is starting to annoy me a bit.Her patients where nice though, they really loved eachother, you could tell that by the fact that they both didn't want eachother to know that the women is going to die, but they ended up both knowing it, but not knowing it from eachother. ( you still get it?=P).
    Oh before i forget: The Nazi is pregnant, that should be fun!
    Looking forward to next weeks episode!
  • Derek and Addison welcome 2 old friends who are confronting radical surgery, forcing Izzie and Alex to address their own relationship. George works on a man who falls 5 stories and Meredith deals with an elderly patient who reuses to give up. Burke and Ch

    A man falls from 5 stories narrowly avoiding George but lands on a bagel and a pigeon...not the most realistic scenario, but it provides some relief from some pretty heavy storylines. George is unable to see the bigger picture. Friends of the Shepards come to Seattle Grace for radical surgery, Addison and Derek are on either side of the debate.
    Merdith treats an older woman in for a rouine surgical procedure and inturn finds terminal cancer, the patient and her husband both dont want the other to know and Meredith i caught in the middle.
    Webber pushes Bailey to accept the Seattle Grace Surgical Residency, jumping to the wrong conclusion for her delay in accepting the offer. Bailey finally tells Webber her reasons for not accepting the offer...she's pregnant, with a boy no less...what will this mean for Bailey's career???
    Meredith and Derek continue to try and avoid each other, although they seem to keep meeting in the elevator...leading to some akward pauses and looks, and eventually a heartfelt "i miss you" from Meredith, Derek goes to her but pulls away saying he cant...
    Christina and Burke go on a date, and throughout it's akward, and they learn a little more about each other, when a fellow diner collapses, Christina and Burke return to their best together, but it begs the question, what will come of their relationship when they're not in the hospital??
    Another great episode, although maybe i should mention that right now GA's could do no wrong...I am hooked line and sinker...
  • This episode was kind of weird because a bagel and a bird broke a guy's fall

    I stopped watching Greys Anatomy and now im hooked back on this episode had breast and ovarian cancer which are some serious womens issues. it also dealt with suicide and how the 2 lovebirds Aka complete opposites first date goes they mess up on there date but save someone at the restuarant they are eating at.
  • A little over the top to say the least.

    Grey's Anatomy has always had very interesting episode, but enev I have to say that this one was a little out there. First, a man falls five stories and lives. Then, he dies after he hears his girlfriend after five years is okay. That story was okay, I could accept that, but the woman who really did not want cancer WOW. That can't really happen right? I mean cutting everything out and off just to insure that you will live cancer free. I agree with what Izzy said to get cancer and then fight it like hell. Meredith and Derek are still not dating sad, I liked that couple. But all in all Grey is a great show, and I will accept the out of this world storylines, just kidding. I love this show.