Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 6

Let The Angels Commit

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on ABC

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  • Izzie returns to work on probation. It seems to everyone that Cristina is getting to run everything because she's sleeping with Burke. Derek's sister showes up for a visit. Alex overhears Callie and Mark. Callie and George talk.

    Izzie gets to return to work after being cleared by the legal department, but on the stipulation that she is Bailey's intern again. Bailey tells Izzie the only thing she is allowed to do is observe. Izzie has to shadow Meredith. They get a case of a victim that burned her hand while trying to prepare for the BAR exams. Turns out the patient has failed it five times and burned herself on purpous to get out of taken the exam again. Cristina seems like she's running the place and her friends don't like it. I thought George's comment about "who does she think she is, Bailey?" was hilarious. I also thought Alex's crack "maybe i should sleep with Burke" was funny as well. I love Cristina but she's being bi*chy to all of her friends, and that's just not right. Also Cristina takes Bailey's name off the board for scrubbing in with Burke. I didn't agree with that. I know she's trying to keep Burke's secret, but it really hurt Bailey's feelings, because now she thinks Burke is one of the people who doubts her judgement. When she confronted him about who took her name off the board, he lied to her. I felt bad for her. (Also last episode we heard her tell a story to a cancer patient about how she sometimes feels towards her baby. I wonder if that was the truth.) Meanwhile Derek's sister shows up. I thought Izzie's comment was funny. "McDreamy's sister is McBit*hy). That was great. So, how long are Derek and Meredith going to do this runaround thing? Either hook up or move on. Alex finds out about Mark and Callie sleeping together. George tries to talk to Callie, and she thinks he's calling her a pig. cute. Later she makes it clear to George that he needs to make up his mind and be sure what he wants before they can get back together. Will she tell George about sleeping with Mark? Will Alex get to it first? Alex seems to be doing great in Addison's program. Mark is being a jerk about Alex's potential in the future of plastics, which i think Alex is unsure of at this point. Addison and George work on a case together of a woman that has two uteruses and is pregnent with twins. We later find out one baby is six weeks older than the other. Apparently she slept with someone when she and her partner were broken up. I thought this was interesting. I didn't know this was even possible. Another great installment to the show.
  • Check out this episode for a birthing mind boggle.

    This was a very interesting and unique episode. I had no idea that it was possible for a woman to have two uteruses. In this episode a woman with two uteruses is having two babies, but their due dates are six weeks apart. How amazing is that. Dr. Derek Shepherd helps the Chief sew a button on his shirt using the surgery technique. ha ha A woman purposely burns her hand so that she doesn't have to take the bar exam, which she believes that she will fail again. And it's Izzy Stevens first day back to work after the death of her fiancee, Denny.
  • When pushed to the edge, 'Grey' serves it up nicely; ham, eggs, and all

    This episode was outstanding, and if you were distracted by the lame Fox attempt to sway ‘Grey’s rating by tuning into the OC, then you my friend missed a diamond. First of all, let it be said that as far as I am concerned all the women in Shepard’s life are awesome. His sister (McB**chy)is just what the doctor ordered, and yes that was a pun. Nancy really seemed to help Derek sort some things out and she introduced us to who I can only assume are the next two Shepherd family members, momma Shepherd and Kathleen. Back to the doctors, I love the little role playing George and Meredith did to comfort each other. It was classic ‘Grey’. Christina is obviously gone too power crazy and I cant wait for Bailey to snap her back into place, especially since Bailey is obviously taking this doubt against her to heart, and for good reason.. I am kind of sad at how Burke is just letting this get out of hand. Izzy still can’t seem to take orders, but if you’re really committed then sometimes you have to break the rules. On to the patients. You can always count on this show to give you good drama. Not only was the woman pregnant with twins, no she had to be pregnant, with two uteruses, and have a different father for each child, who by the way are 6 weeks apart. That’s good TV. I also love that whole eggs and ham metaphor, especially since it led to George calling Callie a pig. All I have to say is this show really makes you wanna watch, and if you’re tempted to look at other shows, ask yourself a question. Are you eggs, or ham?
  • Why does everyone keep pushing Mcdreamy away from Meredith?

    OMG! i am so sick and tired of everyone giving Derek advice and it being negative about him and Meredith! Why can't they just be together? He said it himself, he wants them to work! so then why in the previews does it show her out to dinner with Mcsteamy? This episode was soo good! but i absolutely hate dereks sister nancy! she called meredith a slut like 100 times! she needs to back down,and i'm glad derek defended Meredith, dang right! But might i add that getting to see Mcdreamy with his shirt off straight outta the shower was amazing <3! and George and Mer pretending to be christina and izzie for each other in the elevator! so cute! "mcdreamy was doing the mcnasty with mchottie? what a mcbastard!"
  • Filler episode really though

    I'm not quite sure what they were going for. It was a little all over the place. Apparently commitment was the theme- it was pushed at us from the start- but then it became about dysfunctional relationships and how they hurt other people. Christina is pregnant or crazy, or something. She needs to take a chill pill and Burke needs to take responsibility for his own actions before someone catches on to their scheme. SOMEONE has to think it is quite weird that she scrubs in on every single surgery he has and gets to write and- oh my god!- erase the OR board. The chief is going to get suspicious and look into it. This whole haze he's in because his wife left him isn't going to last for long and things are going to get even more awkward and uncomfortable on Grey's. The writers are keeping the McDreamy/Meredith thing simmering for a while, but if they keep holding out, it's just going to go bad and people are going to forget what it was like to actually see them together. Not enough drama though, a little tame by GA standards.
  • Ok

    Parts of this episode were good. The George/Meredith elevator scene. The Chief doing surgery on his shirt. Izzie realizing that Gretchen burned herself on purpose. Alex spying on Callie and Mark and helping save the baby. The awkward lunch between Derek and his sister.
    Other parts were not so good and almost kinda annoying. Derek's sister was pretty much nothing but annoying, I did think Meredith handled herself very well when Derek's sister called her the slutty intern to her face. The Chief just assuming that Addison or Bailey would handle his button problem. The whole Burke and Christina thing. I hate this storyline. Can't wait for Bailey to get her back for cutting her from the surgery.
  • Ham & Eggs is a great metaphor for life and relationships and I think George is neither, the closest he comes is spam or eggbeaters.

    I didn't watch this show when it first came out because it looked like another ER, House, Scrubs or even MASH ripoff. Then a friend asked me to download it for her and I watched it and fell in love. At first I watched for the obvious reason, Ellen Pompeo, then Katherine grew on me. After watching the first season in just a few days I was hooked. All of the characters have endering and unique qualities and the show is one of the best written on TV in a long time. The only problem lately is George, sorry. He started out kinda weak and a whiner but he grew alot. He tried with Meredith and that blew up then Callie fell in his lap. She is for my money the sexiest woman on this show. Something about her makes her the most appealing of all of the show's women. Many critics jump right on her saying she is the "Token Fat Chick" which could not be farther from the truth. She is beautiful, sexy and has the brains and personality to make anyone want to be near her. George really needs to get his head out of his ass and get with her before it is too late. Hope the writers are listening and help George out, make him get over whatever hangups he has and truely become the ham on the plate.
  • "I'm here for you, when you need me, I'm here."

    I thought this episode was wonderful, not my favorite but definitely one of the better ones this season.

    I loved when Meredith and George were in the elevator, Meredith being Izzie for George and he being Cristina for Meredith. That entire scene amused me so much.

    I loved when Derek was defending Meredith to Nancy. "I haven't been this way about any (other?) girl." I loved his almost-moment with Meredith in the stairwell telling her he wants it to work with her.

    I love Alex for putting others ahead of himself.

    I love George trying to explain to Callie that he is now the pig.

    I felt for Bailey when she was doubting everyone's belief in her. Can't wait to see how her character further develops from all that happened here.

    I felt for Izzie trying to get reacquainted with everything at the hospital.

    I feel for Burke and Cristina who have such a dilemma on their hands.

    As usual my sentimental self started tearing up when the pregnant woman's fiance came through in the end.

    This episode really sets up great directions the writers can go. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me REALLY think about commitment. What can I say? It's another great Grey's episode.
  • Bittersweet but still great show!

    Again a great show with great writing and acting IMHO
    Cristina gets to look in at a rare surgery for
    Her as she is excited but the others really feel wrath
    Around her as Noelle is pregnant but one of the twins
    May die as her fiancee has problems of his own while
    The sister of McDreamy comes in for a visit. I am
    Really loving this show each and every minute and no wonder
    It is neck and neck with the once unflappable CSI LV!
  • Grey's Anatomy Lite...

    Obviously, those who blindly love every episode will disagree, but I feel like the show's on a slippery soap opera slope. I think some things that made the show so wonderful in the past aren't as present this season. I also think that the music has become awkwardly intrusive rather than a trendy asset. So, thoughts: 1) I'd never been bothered by Chandra Wilson's acting in past seasons, but this year, she just seems like she plays only one note - the annoying, wimpy little bulldog. I get it - women go soft when they have a baby. Let's get past that. The interns are whiny enough without her whining, as well. 2) I don't know why it seemed so obvious, but I knew immediately that the woman in the trailer was Derek's sister. 3) I also feel like I can see down the road that Derek is going to reconsider being with Addison, which is just boring given how much back and forth there's already been, and given what he has to say about Meredith. 4) But the most annoying thing about this episode in particular was the device they used not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES where the patient's problem was - gosh! - a parallel to the surgeon's personal problem. The wife of the brain tumor guy yells about her husband's meds. Christina defends her defending him because she is doing the same for Burke. No duh. The husband of the two "uteri" woman parallels George, and the woman who burned her own hand to avoid taking the Bar parallels Izzie. How fortunate for them that people who are too busy for a personal life (the surgeons) have other people to show up at work and enlighten them (the patients) in these neat parallels. It's all mush and not very interesting mush. It's all - my feeeelings, your feeeeelings. That has its place, but it used to be alongside fast-paced humor and sharp dialogue. Disappointed. One nice note - I like that Alex is becoming more 3-dimensional with his continued interest in OB/GYN, but otherwise - eh...
  • Izzy is back working in the hospital....

    ..but is not allowed to do much. Today Meredith is her boss and they do not agree on a patient. It has been over a week since Meredith told Derek she broke up with McVet, but he still did not say anything about it. She sees him naked in his trailer with his sister and thinks that he is sleeping with her. George tries to talk to Callie, but she is not willing to listen. Christina is trying to help Burke as much as possible with surgery, but people are starting to notice that there is something going on. Alex has to do chores for McSteamy, but rather watches the surgery on the pregnant woman with two baby's of two different fathers.
  • McWhatie?? And Ham or Eggs??

    I thought it was really funny when George was playing Christina for Meredith to talk to (McDreamy and McNasty and McHottie, how McFunny). Not to be out done Meredith was playing Izzy for George to talk to (seriously, seriously). That was a funny scene. I wonder if the maintenance workers ever wonder why the elevator keeps stopping and starting. So I felt sooo sorry for Bailey in this episode. She is the one person in the hospital that really hasn’t done something stupid. I know that she blames herself for part of what happened to Izzy, but I am not sure she is. Anyways…she is the one person at Seattle Grace that should be respected and now people are questioning that. And she thinks that one of those people in Burke, when it’s really not. She looked so hurt when her name was taken of the board. I hope that she pops back to her usual Nazi self.
  • Exciting & Evoking!!

    After two weeks break between airing new episodes, there is a nice parallel in Izzie's return of catching viewers up with changes as if the characters have gotten on with their storylines without us. This has made a truly exciting twist in the storylines, which had been getting caught in showing every detail of development or decline. The intensity of this episode is a lot about an epidemic running through the staff to lose themselves. 'Let the Angels Commit' could have a subtitle 'while humans wander from their souls.'

    Burke's experiencing a lot of agony for losing this commitment to his esssence. Chief hasn't paid attention enough to his self-care to be able to sew buttons. Derek hasn't committed to enjoying time alone with himself. George hasn't committed to owning, speaking and living with the rewards and consequences of his feelings since risking it all with Meredith. Christina is lost and isolated in her attempts to protect Burke. Bailey is looking outwards to other's opinions instead of staying true with her strength and knowing truth. Meredith is offering space to others without taking it herself. Alex is closest to getting there -- I feel Mark's abusive and neglectful way of treating him has brought him back to the speechlessness and powerlessness of childhood abuse, but this time he has Addie's presence as a guide to something positively different. Izzie is growing, but her essential self was lost to Denny--the road back is long. Addison seems to be coming up for air, as last week she realized her weaknesses happened directly in proportion to how close she was to Derek or Mark. The one exception of the week was Callie, who seems to be the harsh but unwavering voice of truth, moment to moment, in the show. But she too dances on a fine line of losing her self in waves of overwhelming feelings for George. But as they say, recognition is half the solution of any problem. It was an exciting episode for setting the scene for many breakthroughs, breakdowns (and possibly both) for the characters' development, and for the overall show's development. Really great stuff. My one speculation is how long until Derek's sister Cathleen, who is mentioned as a shrink, comes to visit Seattle Grace?
  • Is Burke's character going off the show?

    I watch a lot of series and I know exactly how TPTB can pull off pretty much everything.But when Burke gets caught ( and I guess it will be pretty soon) how can he not be fired by the chief?His storyline is bugging me;a doctor who puts his patients in mortal danger because he's an over-ambitious coward?Don't get me wrong,I like him and I absolutely adore Cristina,but I would appreciate some credibility.
    Some general comments:
    -Mark Sloane is no fun,sure,he's cute,but how about he leaves and Addison (who I started to like!)can get herself some new guy.Fresh blood would do good for Grey's Anatomy,it seems very soon everyone will have slept with everybody already.
    -How great is that Alex becomes a baby doctor?Who would have predicted that?:)
    -Izzy is back ,thank God,and she shows us why she will be a wonderful doctor.
    -Meredith&Derek:I hope they get together in the end,so naturally please don't put them together for another season or so :p
    -George.....I liked the guy,but now..He's sweet and caring,but when it comes to dealing with feelings and emotions,he's like a toddler.Callie deserves better(she rocks!) unless George grows up.
  • Series Classic nothing new

    All I can say about it is so regular and I didn't really like this episode.The only thing I liked is the comeback of Izzy it's so nice to have her back she is the spirit of the hospital she don't act as only a doctor but also as a human being...
    About Christina at first i saw what she did for Burk is so supportive but now she is using his unability to practice medicin...Alex is developing into a really good guy so much things changed in him.
    Merdith and Derek all i can say is they understand each other really well even without saying anything to each other just by THE LOOK (THEIR LOOK)!!!
  • Izzie returns to the hospital, Derek's sister comes, Cristina becomes power hungry.

    Overall I thought this was a good episode. I loved the interaction between George and Meredith--he was her Cristina, she was his Izzie. I'm glad that George and Meredith are speaking again. I love how the old Izzie is slowly but surely coming back--the compassionate, understanding Izzie. Getting too close to patients is obviously one of her weaknesses but I think it's one of her strengths, too. I am angry with Cristina and Burke-- first of all, Burke needs to just realize that he is not ready to perform surgeries and take some more time off. Cristina has to stop helping Burke to lie. And Bailey! Besides putting patients lives in jeopardy they are both hurting Bailey. I'm sad that Meredith and Derek didn't get together but it seems like they will in the future. I guess Derek's sister was right--he does need a little time to figure things out on his own.
  • Changes need to be made.

    As much as I like this show, I think they really are ruining it. They keep filling episodes with new characters and medical storylines that are impossible. I can’t speak so much on the medical stuff, by my wife and I watch the show every week. She is a high-ranking nurse that has seen almost everything. And the amount of times during a Grey’s Anatomy episode that she says “that’s not possible” is unreal. For example in this episode alone; two uteruses don’t exist and then the fact that they put a pregnant woman under anesthesia is also not possible without killing the woman.

    What I’m trying to get to is they need to use the current cast to develop deep storylines. Then sprinkle in a strange medical situation every now and then for added drama (just like E.R.). There are enough medical stories that are realistic that can be used for good television. Also they need to stop bringing in all these new characters. They have a great cast that can carry the show on it’s own.
  • what the hell was that ham and chicken crap? This episode was pushing the stupidity limit a bit. If you like my reviews check out

    Plot: Cristina continues to babysit Burke to the point where he may feel out classed and unneeded. Dr Bailey second guesses herself and has yet to regain her confidence from the M & M conference. Alex proves he would rather work with Addison than McDick. A pregnant woman has twins coming out of two sets of uteruses and lastly, Derek's sister comes to visit and hilarity ensues. I have decided that any time Meredith decides to launch into one of her internal monologues, supposedly exposing deep inner truths about human nature, I am just going to sing La, La, La, over and over in my head. This way I can better protect myself from her asinine, clichéd comments. Zing, take that fictional character! Ok, normally these episode titles make sense and connect back to the story, but this one was just silly; "let the angels commit". What the hell is that even suppose to mean? I think this show is getting a little full of itself. Shows tend to be better when they are fighting for an audience and trying to justify their valued timeslot in an already overcrowded medical/crime and legal genre. This season though, the whole cast is cocky or something, now that they know they have fans and the story lines are getting increasingly ridiculous. Take for example the medical aspect of this episode; a woman, with twins, each coming out of a separate uterus or whatever the hell is the plural of that world. Oh, and to top it off, the father is only the Dad of one of the kids. Slut!

    I like how ABC runs a promo of Meredith walking in on a scantily clad Derek coming out of the shower with another woman in his bedroom only to later reveal the woman to be his sister. Shameless, who didn't see that coming? She hangs out with Addison, reunites with her old sex buddy Marc and stays just long enough to give Derek some helpful advice. Bet we never see her character again. Luckily, Derek has four other interchangeable sisters for the show's writers to cycle through should the show need some surprise guest stars down the road. Izzie is back practicing medicine again, but is forced to shadow Meredith. Best put these two competent doctors together, combined they might actually save a life. When was the last time we saw Meredith do anything productive medically speaking anyways? Both Meredith and Marc are oblivious to the obvious signs that their patient is hurting herself to avoid taking the bar exam again. A five year old could have solved this brain buster, and luckily, Izzie is up for the challenge. Nice catch, you just proved your self worth as a doctor again! This situation with Burke and Christina needs to come to a head soon. I can see that it would be hard for him to admit he isn't the best anymore, what with every freaking doctor and patient wanting to bask in his golden glory of idolatry. Fancy adjectives aside, the dude has the shakes and he has them bad. He really has no place operating on people. I don't even really want to bother talking about George and Callie. He is a classic example of a guy that always wants what he can't have. From day one, it was clear to me that he had no real interest in Callie. He liked the idea of her and he was pleased to know that someone could like him as much as he liked Meredith (how anyone can love Meredith's anorexic ass is still beyond me) So when Callie breaks up with him, George immediately panics and tries to show that he is the ham or the chicken. Maybe I just zoned out for a second, but did anyone understand that metaphor at all? That had to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. When Callie gives George one final chance to either leave her alone or commit, he can't even say a single word. How sandy is your vagina?

    Parting thought: How many STDs does Marc have?
  • Amazing Character Development, we see into there souls. The guts are spilled.

    This episode shows great character development in all characters. Bailey fears the doubt and tries to do something about it. Izzie understands how important it is for her to be in the support system she is in now, Alex starts to realise that plastics are superficial. McDreamy realizes his mistakes and try fixing it. Mere give him space and offer to be there for hristina, when ever she is ready. George opens up to Callie, and she opens to him. This is really an excellent episode, i laughed myself to stiches and then cried a river. Glad to see that things are getting better for Izzie, It was about time, seriously!Seriously! Seriously
  • It was a good episode but there have been better, it did have the nice mix of comedy & drama as always.

    I thought they showed a different side of Dr. Sheppard, when his sister came, we finally see him in a different way. I can\'t stand the guy who was with Montgomery Shepard, I can\'t remember his name all of the sudden, but his whole encounter with Karev (sP) made me like his character even less, even though both of their characters are **** Karev (sp again?) seems to be less of one. It was wierd how they blocked out Izzy on her first day back, and I hope in a few episodes they get rid of all of that, even though I didn\'t like when her character cut the wire in the end of the last season. I really like Dr. Bailey as a character, I hope they straightened that whole situation out as well in the next few episodes. The funniest thing was when George imitated Christina, and Meredith imitated Izzy, that was pretty funny, as well as the **** comment from Izzy.
  • Wow.... McSister(yawn)

    The highlight of this episode was George acting like Christina. That guy is so funny without even trying to be. You have to wait for it but he normally gets the best lines on the show. Love Callie. I hope her and George get back together. I see the Burke/ Christina story blowing up very soon. Either they kill someone or Bailey is figuring it out.
  • Awesome!

    Well I totally loved this episode. It's Izzie's first day at work and she is not alowwed to do anything but observe. Her boss is Merideth and they get a patient who claims that she accidentally burnt herself. When Mark tells her that she can still take the bar exam she is worried. Izzie starts to think that she burnt herself on perpose. Merideth gets her not to say anything because it's Izzie's first day. At the end merideth gets the girl into psychiatrics for her to get help. Cristina is working way too much for Burke and when Bailey writes her name on the Humpy-Dumpty surgery, Cristina erases it... Bailey thought it was Burke who erased his name because she thought that Burke didn't trust her. But at the end she finds out it was Cristina. George works with Dr. McGomery and they get a patient with two uteruses. The husband of the patient finds out that only one of the two babies is his... he leaves the room. But before that he gives a talk to George about being the pig or the chicken... if your the pig you are commited if your the chicken your just around... George thinks about him and Cali and remembers that Cali used to be the pig, but now he's the pig. Cali tells george "Run after me when your ready to catch me" or something like that. The woman gave birth to the first baby, a boy, who is the son of her finace... at the end her fiance comes back and tells her that their son is beautiful and he says "What about their daughter?" signifying that he is ready to be the father of their daughter even if he is not the biological father.
  • So I think I can say this: GA is back! Like the OLD TIMES! u Rock!

    So I think I can say this: GA is back! For a long time it felt kind of different, but wuth this episode it felt like old episodes right from the get go. It started good and ended good. there was fun and drama, lots of surprises and very good music. the music was perfect this time. poor bailey...i felt for her...hopefully next week its the same

    Quote of the week: Christina (to Meredith): "It's not always about you" yeahhhhh!!!1

    See yaaaa ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya
  • We get to see Izzie again in the hospital and everything's bout commitent this week. A fair episode that was a bit funny at the beginning but then tension started to come out from the dark.

    Well, we have a normal episode of Grey's Anatomy. I didn't like to hear that Izzie only got to be standing and watching and not being able to be herself when she's around patients. The cases were fair enough, the two uteruses case was really interesting and original as well, but it could have been writen better. The girl that burned her hand on purpose, that was really well writen and there we got to see a genuine Izzie that didn't followed the rules (thank god she did not). Who cares about the rules? They went too far when they were writing them. It was funny at the beginning. Then, in the second half, the tension started to apear. Tension, I love it, it is what makes good episodes here. Tension grows more and more from here to a couple of episodes ahead. But the worst thing of the episode was to see Alex licking Mark's boots. I really like Mark but he sucks sometimes. Alex is a strong character, and I expected him to hold his head high and say no to this kind of treat.
    The best part: Nancy! It has been a long time since the last time that I saw a character being as truthful as a pain in the...neck round here (Benjamin in 03x02"I am a tree" is an idol as well). I liked her impulsive honesty and that she wasn't afraid at all to tell what she thinked about everybody.
    It was good episode, but just not good enough. 7.80 for me
  • Commitement.

    Pruitt needs a cardiac autotransplantation and Crisitna schedueled Burke who is still having tremors for surgery. That is extremly rare surgery and Bailey wanted to scrub in but Crisitna erased her name from the board. Noella comes to the hospital with two uteruses and she is pregnant in both but not with twins. One baby is six weeks older then the other which means she cheated on her fiancee.
    Gretchen comes to the hospital with burned hand. She burned it on purpose so she didn't have to do the test.
    Izzie is back into the hospital and Bailey gives her monstruous rules.
    Didn't like this episode as much as the previous ones but still it was amazing.
  • Two Uteruses!!!

    All I can say is thank goodness we're back to regular Grey's Anatomy episodes! All the drama and tears was beginning to depress me!

    Tonight's episode was full of the old stuff we love to see. The talk Meredith and George have in the elevator, and the pact they make further cements the fact that they are perfectly ok with each other. The ham and eggs metaphor was hilarious! I can't believe George called Callie a pig!

    Derek's sister was a massive jerk about Meredith! She comes to Seattle insulting Meredith without knowing the full story about Addison and Mark. At least she stopped calling Meredith a slut after Derek told her what really happened.

    And omg! How awesome was Alex tonight?! He finally showed what kind of surgeon he can be. He was dedicated to the woman with the two uteruses (how cool was that?) and stood up for himself to Sloane.

    All in all, an excellent episode. It's good to see the overly heightened drama slow down for at least one episode.
  • The storyline wasn\'t the best but...

    OK. So the storyline wasn\'t the best but the scene between Meredith and George in the elevator is EXACTLY WHY I WATCH THIS SHOW.
    LOL! It was just so funny and I love the chimestry between McDreamy and ****
    The cases were as usual interesting but not CRAZY like the preagment guy (lol)-

    I like Meredith is her usual self and Nancy is rigth... Derel does needs time for himself aways from everything and everyone... and so does Meredith.
  • Yes, I love green eggs and ham, Sam I am.

    LOL. Sorry couldn’t help myself. I thought I heard one of my cats howling last night and I hit mute just as the fiancée was explaining to George about the eggs and ham and then it turned out to be a bunch of stupid kids playing outside my window. So I missed the explanation of the eggs and ham, but I sure did love hearing George call Callie a pig, whatever the heck he was talking about. I’m sick to death of Meredith and McDreamy. Just put them together so I can forget about them already. I enjoyed Izzie trying to follow the new rules that Bailey laid out for her, struggling not to get involved with her patient. I think that Izzie’s going to be a great doctor because of her compassion as long as she learns how to turn it off and have her own life. I wanted Alex to tell McSteamy where he could shove his precious plastics. Don’t get me wrong, I know that plastic surgery can be a wonderful, life-saving thing for people with things like burn injuries but McSteamy’s attitude just blows. I’m glad that Alex has finely found something to be passionate about and I’m ready for him to make a stand for it. His character development in the episode was fantastic. As happy as I am with Alex right now, that’s how disappointed I am with Burke. When he let Bailey think that he removed her from the board because he didn’t trust her, even my husband called him a bad name. He needs to come clean. I can’t believe that he has let this go on for this long already, neither can I believe that the Chief is this stupid.
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