Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 6

Let The Angels Commit

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on ABC

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  • When pushed to the edge, 'Grey' serves it up nicely; ham, eggs, and all

    This episode was outstanding, and if you were distracted by the lame Fox attempt to sway ‘Grey’s rating by tuning into the OC, then you my friend missed a diamond. First of all, let it be said that as far as I am concerned all the women in Shepard’s life are awesome. His sister (McB**chy)is just what the doctor ordered, and yes that was a pun. Nancy really seemed to help Derek sort some things out and she introduced us to who I can only assume are the next two Shepherd family members, momma Shepherd and Kathleen. Back to the doctors, I love the little role playing George and Meredith did to comfort each other. It was classic ‘Grey’. Christina is obviously gone too power crazy and I cant wait for Bailey to snap her back into place, especially since Bailey is obviously taking this doubt against her to heart, and for good reason.. I am kind of sad at how Burke is just letting this get out of hand. Izzy still can’t seem to take orders, but if you’re really committed then sometimes you have to break the rules. On to the patients. You can always count on this show to give you good drama. Not only was the woman pregnant with twins, no she had to be pregnant, with two uteruses, and have a different father for each child, who by the way are 6 weeks apart. That’s good TV. I also love that whole eggs and ham metaphor, especially since it led to George calling Callie a pig. All I have to say is this show really makes you wanna watch, and if you’re tempted to look at other shows, ask yourself a question. Are you eggs, or ham?