Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 6

Let The Angels Commit

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on ABC

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  • Izzie returns to work on probation. It seems to everyone that Cristina is getting to run everything because she's sleeping with Burke. Derek's sister showes up for a visit. Alex overhears Callie and Mark. Callie and George talk.

    Izzie gets to return to work after being cleared by the legal department, but on the stipulation that she is Bailey's intern again. Bailey tells Izzie the only thing she is allowed to do is observe. Izzie has to shadow Meredith. They get a case of a victim that burned her hand while trying to prepare for the BAR exams. Turns out the patient has failed it five times and burned herself on purpous to get out of taken the exam again. Cristina seems like she's running the place and her friends don't like it. I thought George's comment about "who does she think she is, Bailey?" was hilarious. I also thought Alex's crack "maybe i should sleep with Burke" was funny as well. I love Cristina but she's being bi*chy to all of her friends, and that's just not right. Also Cristina takes Bailey's name off the board for scrubbing in with Burke. I didn't agree with that. I know she's trying to keep Burke's secret, but it really hurt Bailey's feelings, because now she thinks Burke is one of the people who doubts her judgement. When she confronted him about who took her name off the board, he lied to her. I felt bad for her. (Also last episode we heard her tell a story to a cancer patient about how she sometimes feels towards her baby. I wonder if that was the truth.) Meanwhile Derek's sister shows up. I thought Izzie's comment was funny. "McDreamy's sister is McBit*hy). That was great. So, how long are Derek and Meredith going to do this runaround thing? Either hook up or move on. Alex finds out about Mark and Callie sleeping together. George tries to talk to Callie, and she thinks he's calling her a pig. cute. Later she makes it clear to George that he needs to make up his mind and be sure what he wants before they can get back together. Will she tell George about sleeping with Mark? Will Alex get to it first? Alex seems to be doing great in Addison's program. Mark is being a jerk about Alex's potential in the future of plastics, which i think Alex is unsure of at this point. Addison and George work on a case together of a woman that has two uteruses and is pregnent with twins. We later find out one baby is six weeks older than the other. Apparently she slept with someone when she and her partner were broken up. I thought this was interesting. I didn't know this was even possible. Another great installment to the show.