Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 6

Let The Angels Commit

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Derek: That's not gonna stay on… you're givin' it too much slack.
      Richard (trying to sew on his button): You're blocking my light.
      Derek: Think of it as a basic corner stitch.
      Richard: I can figure out how to sew on my own buttons, thank you. I am a surgeon.
      Derek: Right.
      Richard: Oh, for God's sake! You sew this on for me, and I get rid of Addison and Sloan.
      Derek: Really?
      Richard: No.
      Derek: That's fine. I'll do it anyway.
      Richard: So, I hear that you got a sister wanderin' the halls, is she plannin' on movin' here too?
      Derek: God, I hope not.
      Richard: Derek, I know it's been hard on you.
      Derek: He was like my brother. I have four sisters. Four very... annoying sisters. Mark was my brother, it's hard.
      Richard: Divorce isn't all it's cracked up to be, huh?
      Derek: I just want it to be easy. I just want it to be over and move on but...
      Richard: You're in a surprising amount of pain.
      Derek: You and Adele?
      Richard: I'm sewing on a button for the first time in my life. What does that tell you?
      Derek: Technically, I'm sewing. (Richard gives him a look, he laughs) I'm just sayin'.