Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 3

Let The Truth Sting

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • A cancer patient finds out 60% of her tongue is cancerous. Izzie starts to think George isn't going to leave Callie. Cristina pretends to be sad about Burke to gain surgeries. Bailey and Callie continue to butt heads.

    I thought the beginning of this episode was quite amusing after Yang found out Meredith was still sleeping with Derek and didn't tell her. Her plot to make Meredith think she was depressed about Burke was very clever and Cristina-ish. Yang has Meredith snowed until she finally figures out what's going on. Meredith uses Yang's tactic against her and Cristina finds out Meredith knows. Meredith and Derek are still sleeping together and Cristina is now the only other person who knows other than Mark. Mark and the chief decide to do a surgery they have never performed to try to help the woman with cancer in her tongue be able to keep her ability to speak while removing the cancer. However, it seems they want to do the surgery more to prove to themselves and everyone else that they "still got it." When they mess up the surgery and call in Derek for help, he fixes the problem and tells off Mark and the chief because they had no business performing that surgery to begin with. A woman brings in her son because she thinks he is on drugs but after an episode of the boy yelling things that don't make sense, Alex and Derek discover he has a neurological disorder. The teen's brain started to hemorrhage but Derek couldn't help because he was in Mark and the chief's surgery, so he tells Alex what to do. I think it turned out well but i'm not sure. After Bailey and Callie butt heads some more, Bailey finally comes in and calls a bit of what could possibly be a truce, and says she will help Callie. Izzie works with an old man named Charlie who wakes up after being in a coma for a year and wants to die. He made her think about the situation with George and that he might not leave Callie. When Charlie died i felt bad because it seems like everyone who Izzie gets close to dies or leaves her. I started wondering of George was ever going to tell Callie. At the end of the episode he tells her that he slept wtih Izzie. However, i didn't tell her yet that he is in love with her. After Bailey tells of Meredith about the way she's treating Lexie, she tells her to help her sister. Meredith worked with Lexie and it didn't pan out too well. However, at the end of the episode Meredith talks to Lexie about her mother Susan, and tells Lexie that she treated Susan. She brought out Susan's file to go over it with Lexie. That looked to me like an attempt to be nice. Will Meredith actually be nice to someone in her family? Will the two wind up being really good friends and sisters?
  • This episode shows that season 4 is only going to get better. Loved it! Alex is an ass, again!

    Season four is starting off extremely well. This episode was funny but still had the right amount of drama. Cristina pretending to be sad to get surgeries was very funny but I was surprised that Meredith actually believed her. Really old guy (Charlie) was a nice touch to the episode and provided a good storyline for Izzie. George's speech was good because everything he said was true, he is the one who has to do something not her. Baily was as usual great and I'm glad she's getting a lot of screen time. When she told Alex not to apolgise, that was classic. Dereck told the chief and Sloan that they couldn't have done the tounge surgery without him, good on him. Lexi and Meredith I think should become at least civil and the ending maybe hinted at that. What an ass Alex was, I hope Lexi kills him. Now the last scene is something I'd say a lot of viewers have been waiting for, so Callie finally knows. I can't wait to see how handles it and what she will do or say to Izzie. Great episode.
  • There was an episode called "Tell me sweet little lies" in which they talked about "lying", and, by omission, about "truth". In "let the truth sting" they talked about the truth, and, I don't know... I couldn't tell any difference.

    There wasn't to much to enjoy, apart from the old guy story and the ending.
    I think this show is going downhill, and it's starting to be proven now in a very subtle way...
    For starters, Callie is being really destroyed, then you have the least interesting cases. Now dialogues are nonsense and the topics are often repeated. Music is good, but not as good as previous seasons.
    In this episode they introduced a poor character, Norman, who I hated inmediately. It wasn't an appealing character, and the character development in the next episode is a proof of that.
    Also, I used to love Gizzie but now it's all kinda anoying.
    About Cristina, I think this is one of the last episodes in which she is herself. She can't say how she feels, and she taking advantage of Mer was so like her, It was kinda funny.
    I also have to say that this was the last episode that I hated Lexie; from the next episodes on, she's going to be stealing the show.
    MerDer? Don't get me started.
    The rest? There's no using in saying anything else.
  • Another great episode from Grey's Anatomy.Oh,I'm so hapyyyyy that there are still such great episodes coming from Grey's Anatomy!

    The episode was very interesting and that's a fine example that the episodes should be interesting in first place.There was such a compelling bunch of Grey's Anatomy typical emotions and the episode was full of everything we want such as great medical cases,great stirylines among the doctors,great acting,great writing,great guest stars.I am totally overwhelmed by this episode because everything was so connected with the theme of the episode and the writers produced one of the best episodes of the entire show's run.
    Things I liked:
    I liked the medical cases.They were so connected to the episode theme so that they produced a great reality and drama.I liked the old man Charlie who was in semi comatose and heard everything others talked around him without their knowing.He knows everything about Izzie and George story and advices Izzie to tell the truth which actually drives her crazy.The old man was funny but even though was very sad when he tells everyone that he wants to die because his cloze people,family and friends all died.It was so sad at the end to see him dying while sitting on the wheelchair.So typical Grey's Anatomy sad emotions.I liked the case of the woman with a tongue cancer.It was sad to see her having so much to say but has no time.Although it was funny when she says everything to her two best friends.And it was so sad and heartwarming to see her best friends coming to her.The guy with his mother was an interesting case and the alex's critical surgery was awesome and very shocking and tension.Callie is depressed.Miranda Bailey deals with being the number two.Derek and Meredith are revivng their relations but Meredith keep hiding this from Christina who sees a potential in this to steal her cases and surgeries.Christina pretends to be sad.The last scene with George telling Callie the truth was awesome.
  • A great episode filled with humour and sadness that will leave you wanting more

    I have just watched this episode and WOW, i was really shocked. It was so funny!! Having the comical scenes like between Sloan and Webber and having the new intern Norman just made the show like it used to me in season 1. With Meredith not wanting to speak to her sister, Lexie and yet knowing that she will have to work with her, she forges a bond by informing Lexie of exactly what happened with her mother. Also it was great to see the residents grow in their roles, espeically Alex, watching him take charge of Hunter and saving his life, that was really great to see, but saying that he really didn;t do himself any favours by letting all the interns know that George was repeating his intern year, he was just really horrible and there was no need for it!!
    This was a really great episode and i am really loooking forward to watching the new episode as George has finally told Callie that he slept with Izzie!!!
  • Funny Episode. The old guy wakes up.Cristina pretends to be sad about Burke leaving so she can get a surgery. George tells Callie his secret. An old intern comes . A woman needs tongue surgery because she has cancer on it.

    I thought this one was one of the funniest episodes.An old intern comes and everyone thinks he's the new OBGYN guy.Old guy..who we now know is Charlie Yost... wakes up after a whole year of eating lunch with him. He gives good advice about George and Izzie's was funny when they had to say nice words about him after he died because no one could think of anything. This is also the episode where George finally tells Callie that he slept with Izzie..which was a relief for them not to hide the truth anymore. Very nice episode...watched it over and over again...I would recommend it as one of my top favorites.
  • "Just say it" "I slept with Izzy"...

    The rally old man that we met in the last season is in hospital again. He says he wants to die and the doctors don't need to do anything cause he planned to die on that day. A woman whose main honny is to talk, has tongue cancer. Mark and Chief Webber are "old dogs" and during surgery they need Shepherd because they don't know how to finish the new way to connect the tongue neurves.
    A kid comes in with his mother. She says that he has the symptoms and she's sure that he's on drugs, but he had something in his brain that made him talk nonsense. There is a new 60 years old intern. Alex is his resident and he has to keep up with him all day, especially when he jumps to conclusions for the patients when he hasn't biopsised yet.
    Callie is very psychologically down, due to the fact that Bailey overtakes her position as Chief Resident, and Bailey as an act of kindness tells her that she's number one now and that they should work as a team.
    Meredith asks her sister to check on a dead guy and she's upset because she thought that Meredith, by asking her to do it, didn't do anything she could to save the guy. Later, Meredith talks to Lexie about her mother's last hours when she was her patient.
    Alex reveals to the other interns that the reason George is chosen for all the surgeries and he's number one is that he is redoing the whole thing.
    George reveals to Callie that he slept with Izzie.
  • It was good.

    I saw a lot of 10's but i didnt saw an episode that was worth a 10, to me was just above average, there were many other episodes that were better than this one.

    Interesting stuff: The old guy waking up from the coma and later on dying. He heard all the stuff they talked about and now had some opinion to give to Izzie.

    Cristina pretending to be sad to get to do something.

    HATED Alex, and i was starting to really like him, after he told the others that George was repeating the year, that was truly mean.

    Oh, the old intern was fun too.
  • this episode is about the truth, the thing we hid because they might hurt someone.

    Izzie wants George to tell Callie about them, Derek secretly wants to get back together with Meredith,. These are only a few examples...

    Remember that old guy? they used to have lunch in his room almost everyday...
    he was in a coma and now he woke up, Izzie was doing rounds and he woke up.
    Apparently he was in a semi-coma so he could hear everything, he knew who they were and their lives.
    Is name was Charlie.

    Cristina is pretending to feel sad to make Meredith give her surgeries...
    They trade and now Meredith is taking care of Cristina's interns. A guy comes to the ER and Meredith tells Lexie to intubate him, he dies. Lexie gets furious because of Meredith's actions, in her mind she should have done more to save him.
    Meredith sends her to the clinic.
    Callie is hiding today, Bailey has to do her job...

    Oh and Charlie said he was going to die today and he did, when he was ready to leave the hospital in his wheelchair..
    They say goodbye to him in his bedroom,

    Sloan and The Chief want to do a new surgery to give a woman a chance to be able to keep talking, she has cancer on her tongue.
    They have to page Sheppard to help...
    A kid come to the clinic and Alex's new intern gets in Alex's way and they almost misdiagnose the kid, Alex has to do an intervention to save the kid's life.

    At the end the truth comes out!

    That womans' friends tell her the truth about her life, their real opinions, Meredith explains to Lexie what happened to her mother, all the report,
    Bailie tells Callie they will work as a team, and George tells Callie that he sleeped with Izzie.
  • Alex is frustrated by his new Intern. Bailey makes nice with Callie. Cristina fakes sad for surgeries, Chief & Sloan try a dangerous new surgery and Really Old Guy wakes up.

    I loved this episode. It was so good, exactly how Grey's used to be! The only complaint i could POSSIBLY have is that the Truth wasn't out with Derek & Meredeth.
    Cristina was hilarious with her "Me so Sad" and "Get your own pretend emotion!"hilarious.
    Meredeth was much more friendly towards everyone in general this episode. After an incident with intubation on a dead guy, Lexie is angrier with Meredeth. She claims Meredeth hates her, her father and her mother, which is upsetting because Meredeth liked Susan. She was a sweet person.
    Same can't be said for Alex who outed George as a repeater to impress Lexie. Norman Shales is Alex's new intern who is also the world's Oldest intern, and Alex feels like he can't order him around because of his age and treats him differently to every other intern.
    Bailey is reporting everything to Callie, as she's supposed to, but Callie feels overwhelmed, Bailey says they can be a Team.
    George finally tells Callie he slept with Izzie. Really old Guy gives Izzie a hard time, because she wont let him die and he has nothing left. He dies, but leaves Izzie wondering if George will leave Callie. They hold a service for Really Old Guy with some really weird eulogy's.

    This was a REALLY good episode!
  • "Perfect" is written all over it...

    "Let The Truth Sting" was a great, filler, moving, and totally compelling episode.

    The performances were unique, the writing was flawless and the surprises were a roller-coaster, difficult to get off from. The episode was very special, the plot was, actually, clever and the characters made another fine presentation, definitely a good hour to be hooked with Grey's Anatomy. I liked the new intern, the "high-kid's" mother, the surgeries, and the surprising revelation of O'Mallie's repeating status. Finally, the impression made in the last second: O'Mallie exposing the truth before his wife; it was the last TOP point of the episode... letting you craving for more, wanting for the next episode to be ON.

    Seriously, Perfect hour, ups and downs all over the place, with the usual drama-comedy combination that fits sharply. Great Job...
  • Great addition to the series

    So far Grey's has been remaining strong on its fourth season, which is a good sign since plenty of other shows have been plummeting when it comes to quality. Still enjoying the fact that there are so many interns to go around, also, Bailey has been remaining interesting even though she doesn't have anymore people to push around. Callie has just grown a tad bit annoying, while George is still not very likable, he can take Izzie with her as well. Christina and Alex remain as strong characters for me, while Meredith... well, Meredith is Meredith.

    Alex and his new intern take care of a teenager who's mother believes is doing drugs. Sloan, Chief, Derek, George and Christina are making sure a woman speaks again. Meredith takes Lexi in a crush course at legal issues, while Bailey and Callie work things out. Overall, very interesting cases.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Dr. Meredith Grey): The truth is painful. Deep down nobody wants to hear it, especially when it hits close to home. Sometimes we tell the truth because the truth is all we have to give. Sometimes we tell the truth because we need to say it out loud to really hear it for ourselves. And sometimes we tell the truth because we just can't help ourselves. And sometimes, we tell them, because we owe them, at least that much.
  • Much better than to first two episodes of the season.

    I loved this episode, lots of great storylines and character development. George and Izzie are moving on, Cristina is moving back to her old tricks, Meredith and Lexie are getting closer, Derek, Mark and Richard do an amazing surgery, Bailey is back and Callie is doing paperwork.

    I really like Meredith in this episode, she tries to be a "sister" to both Cristina and Lexie. Trying to help Cristina get over Burke, and reach out to Lexie a little. I think that Meredith and Lexie could be great sisters, she is almost the only blod-relations that Meredith have. George have told Callie that he slept with Izzie.

    The next episode is probably going to be really good, and i am really looking forward to it!!!
  • The truth...

    Meredith has a fued with Lexie and they are not speaking but Bailey tells her the right thing to do and Meredith tells her the truth about what she feels and about her mother and family.
    Crisitna finds out that Meredith and Derek didn't break up and she pretends that she is sad just so she can steal Meredith's surgery to punish her for not telling her.
    A really old guy wakes up when George and Izzie are speaking and he tells her about life and the things that George won't leave Callie but he ultimately tells her the truth.
    Alex is the resident to the oldest intern and he doesn't know how to behave himself. He tells to all other interns that George is a reapeater and starts flirting with Lexie.
    Grey's Anatomy is so didn't change :)
  • The storylines connect well and some relationships are established.

    I loved how really old guy woke up, after he had been in the show for so long. It was great how he had heard everything and had an opinon on it. The whole he has a name thing was really funny. I love how he got all involved in Izzie's personal life. The end, where George tells Callie was just so intense and I can not wait to see what happens next. I loved the whole ending dealing with truths and everyone told the truth. Christina was funny in the episode but I was a huge fan of Burke and Christina and I would like to see some real emotion from her. The old intern was funny, and he fit nicely with the case he was working on, I just can't picture him as a regular. Lexie and Meredith were just boring. I have had enough of Meredith's family problems. I like how Derek and Mark seem to have a relationship now and I liked seeing Mark and the cheif working together, trying to prove they were not old. I just loved Bailey in this episode. It shows a lot about her character that she is willing to help Callie and be second in command.
  • So Really Old Guy wakes up...

    And he remembers everything all of them talked about while he was "sleeping". So Izzie dumps on him all her doubts about the Gizzie thing. Please shut up! This is getting boring. But still the moments between the two are very funny. "I don't like you"-really old guy. "I thought we were BFF"-Izzie
    Cristina is pretending to be sad so that Meredith feels guilty about sleeping with McDreamy and gives Cristina her surgeries. "Me so sad"- hilarious! Alex has an intern much older and with a respectable look so the patients tend to look at him and Alex can't put him in his right place. By the way I didn't like the fact that Norman's excuse is "I've been a pharmacist for ..." I don't know how long. Respect the pharmacists please! The chief and McSteamy try to perform a "never-performed" surgery and get told of by Derek, another great moment. Meredith and Lexie have their first conversation without fighting. And Bailey tells Callie they are a team. Finally George tells the truth to Callie.
    Great! Brilliant! Loved it! We want more!
  • A day has passed since the last episode...

    Okay, so this episode takes place one day after the last episode and I just have to ROCKS! I love how Cristina pretended to be sad just to steal Meredith's surgery. It was so hilarious, and I love it when she does that fake's just so so funny. Really Old Guy wakes up, which is also quite funny and the fact that he knows everyone's secrets is very interesting. In the end when Meredith, George, Alex, Cristina, and Izzie held a little get together t say good-bye to Really Old Guy was cute. I felt really sorry for Callie this episode, because she is getting a lot of pressure from work, but she can't escape into a loving home because her marriage is strained. All in all, I loved this episode!
  • Another great installment. Characters remiain the same, stories on patients getting stronger, its all good!

    This is the best of Season 4 so far! It had great patient cases, the characters all remained strong and there was alot of humour involved. Then again, it did have it's downsides (if you read my reviews you know who it's going to be about)

    First off, Izzie and George. I am praying that they get together and they carry on as normal, but it won't be that simple will it! I hope it will get somewhere and they stay together. The ending with George finallt telling Callie was brilliant because she knows, and she only wants to hear it. I have to admit I do feel for Callie, only a little though.

    Three characters stood out for me in this episode: Christina, Alex and Dr Bailey! Mind you, I have never seen an episdoe where Dr Bailey hasn't seemed like herself! Christina played the sad card very well in order to swap surgeries with Meredith, it provided some comedy to see Christina act like that. Alex was very good dealing with his new intern Norman (guessing he is in his 50's?) and being the ass that he is, telling the interns that George is repeating his internship. Finally, Dr Bailey, just funny as she tells off almost everybody, but it was great to see a tender side to her when she talks to Callie.

    The patients also showed great acting giving us comedy and drama.The old man (Charley) was brilliant to see, especially running down Izzy all the time, and wanting to die. I wasn't suprised that he died in the end, mind you I am not sure why he did, could it of been he was just really old? The patient with the cancer on her tongue provided a good part to the comedy because of telling her friends what she really thought, it made me laugh because it was George who persuaded her to.

    The surgeries were so-so, the part that made me almost cringe was when Alex injected that huge (and I mean huge!) needle into the eye of the boy! Meredith and Derek annoyed me (once again) just because their situation is stupid to be quite honest.

    Anyway, roll on the next episode!
  • It's impossible for me, almost, to remember a time when I was so happy with an episode, and I've seen all of them recently. It wasn't perfect, but it gave me the same feeling that reading Deathly Hallows did- a good, classic, ending.

    As a huge MerDer fan, I was hoping there would be more of that in this episode, but Really Old Guy waking up was classic. Him and Izzie was :). George and Callie- well, what an ending, if I do say so myself. Right after Callie said "just say it," I knew what George's last line would be. "I slept with Izzie." Oh. My. God. Poor Calle, but I'm so pro Gizzie it's insane.

    The promo tells me immediately that Izzie will be making a total fool of herself. Callie doesn't want to fight, I don't think, but if she does, Izzie's gonna get killed.
  • A woman brings her son in to the clinic because his change of behaviour is suspicious. The worlds oldest intern comes to SG. Really old guy wakes up and Izzie is stuck taking care of him. George tells Callie the truth.

    A good episode not very plot developing but good none the less. Christina was hilarious faking sad with Meredith to get surgeries sooo funny! I mean "Get your own fake emotion!" was one of the best lines ever I was laughing so hard! Really old guy was awesome poor Izzie though she seemed so desperate for human contact and a conversation about George she turned to a suicidal patient. Callie should just give the job to Bailiey SERIOUSLY I mean come on. I am liking Callie less and less before she slept with Mark she was cool but now she's a stuck up b****! I also really liked how Meredith talked to Lezie that was so sweet! Can't wait for next Thursday!
  • Everyone tells the truth for good or for bad

    I spent this entire episode screaming at the TV that I hate Izzy. She is just the worst character on TV right now, and just to show that I'm not totally heartless, I also hate George. They are annoying, petty, and selfish and I hope they implode as a couple. Ugh. Meredith is generally annoying but I thought she did pretty good in this episode, at least she tried with her sister. Christina was amazing as usual with her fake emotions, hilarious. I'm not quite sure why Alex outed George as a repeat intern, but I thought it was quite unneccessary. I thought he was getting better in terms of being mean. I guess not. The chief and Sloane were pretty funny this episode trying to prove they were no longer old and it was funny when Derek yelled at them about it. I hope Richard gets back together with Adele cause it's enough now. Also, Bailey rocks and I feel really bad for Callie and hope that she does beat up Izzie as it showed in the previews for next week.
  • The truth comes out between residents, interns, doctors, and patients.

    I loved this episode. It felt so like the first and second seasons. Meredith wasn't nearly as whiny as usual, too bad that Lexie was. Christina is getting backing to her old self again, as is Alex, which means being an a$$. I felt sorry for the really old intern at the end when Alex was so mean to him, but I think Alex ruined his chances with Lexie at least for a little while because he ratted out George. I was very proud of George for finally coming clean with Callie. Derek cracked me up at the end when he told Chief and McSteamy that he was basically their knight in shining arm for the surgery. Bailey was classic Bailey in this episode telling everyone exactly what she thought. And there was not alot of MerDer drama which was a breath of fresh air. Overall a great episode. I really hope they continue to season 4 just like this.
  • Bailey rules

    It's strange why Bailey wasn't chosen to be lead resident, as she clearly does the job anyways. Calleigh didn't move a muscle through out most of the episode having to ponder what she should do, but by doing that and also having Bailey do her job makes her very unprofessional.
    Really old guy, also known as Charlie wakes up from his semi-coma and reveals that he could hear everything Izzie and the rest had said the past year, but he wanted to die now and even though he tells Izzie she is being naive, well I'm glad the way George laid it out for her later in the episode. Izzie is my favourite character in this show, but sometimes she really is a "blondie", as Charlie said.
    Alex was the bad guy in this episode. He literally took what Bailey said and ended up enforcing it at the end and poor George. Why Alex had to be the one to burst the bubble, well... Yeah he is the mean one. All in all, a good episode. Meredith works things out with her sister at the end of the episode, but Lexi is a little annoying. Again... like I said in this week's CSI episode, there's a theme week... To compare the 2 shows... And I like them both, there's an annoying one in both of the shows and Grey's is clearly the one doing better this week, but that's just my opinion.
  • A lot of interesting things occured...

    A new intern comes in and is giving under Alex's control. Alex doesn't really feel comfortable being his resident, however, because the man is a bit on the older side. The Chief and Sloan deny their ages, and want to try and make themselves feel younger so they decide to try a new surgery on a patient who has cancer on her tongue and may never speak again. Izzie still wants George to tell Callie, but he won't do it. Yang tricks Meredith into giving her the good surgery's by pretending to be "sad". Dr. Bailey gets a little angry at Callie still for becoming Chief, but it trying to resolve things. Derek, the Chief, and Sloan successfully do the surgery. George tells Callie he slept with Izzie. The old man they all used to have lunch with when he was out cold for over a year wakes up and bugs Izzie because he wants to die and finally in the end, he dies and they have a little service for him. Meredith gets angry with her sister or half-sister after she has Lexie to something to a dead patient. Lexie was mad because she thought she killed the patient, but the patient was already dead and it was just for practice. Alex tells all of the interns about George being his 2nd year as an intern. Overall, this was a really good episode.
  • A mom brings in her son, convinced he is on drugs. A woman has cancer on her tongue and is devastated to hear that she will lose most of her tongue and not be able to talk anymore. A guy in semi coma for a year wakes up.

    Warning, spoilers.

    Really old guy woke up! I wondered when he would. He was quite the character, deciding he was going to die today. Of course, he did. But not before telling some very painful truths about everyone - they thought he couldn't hear all of their secrets. He died, and Izzy brought him back, he demanded lobster -"The real stuff, not that white fish crap" for his last meal, and basically made Izzy's day a nightmare. But in the end, his relationship with Izzy showed just how alone she really feels, and she really is without George. I feel for her, because she wants George so badly, and I know she is going to get him in the end. But it's not going to be all roses. Something will happen, Callie will turn up pregnant or something.

    Christina proved once again what a brat she is by faking being sad to get Meredith's surgery. Meredith, ever the codependent - gives it to her to make her feel better. Then she gets in a fight with her sister, Lexi. Which, brings me to another point. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Meredith's sister have a baby? This girl has no baby. Or is this a sister they didn't mention before? You would think she would come up in the conversation.

    Alex, what an A-hole this guy is. But, he's still sexy in an arrogant a-hole way. Much the way Mark is.... I like the new intern - I never can see that guy without thinking of him in "The Lost Boys". Defintely showing my age there. The kid with the fluid on his brain was from 8 Simple Rules. I couldn't watch when Alex was putting the needle in his eye! I'm sick of Callie's pity party. And the chief needs to shut up about Adell and just go get her back.

    In all, a good episode. Full of frustrating crap and needless tension. That's why I love it.
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