Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 3

Let The Truth Sting

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • A cancer patient finds out 60% of her tongue is cancerous. Izzie starts to think George isn't going to leave Callie. Cristina pretends to be sad about Burke to gain surgeries. Bailey and Callie continue to butt heads.

    I thought the beginning of this episode was quite amusing after Yang found out Meredith was still sleeping with Derek and didn't tell her. Her plot to make Meredith think she was depressed about Burke was very clever and Cristina-ish. Yang has Meredith snowed until she finally figures out what's going on. Meredith uses Yang's tactic against her and Cristina finds out Meredith knows. Meredith and Derek are still sleeping together and Cristina is now the only other person who knows other than Mark. Mark and the chief decide to do a surgery they have never performed to try to help the woman with cancer in her tongue be able to keep her ability to speak while removing the cancer. However, it seems they want to do the surgery more to prove to themselves and everyone else that they "still got it." When they mess up the surgery and call in Derek for help, he fixes the problem and tells off Mark and the chief because they had no business performing that surgery to begin with. A woman brings in her son because she thinks he is on drugs but after an episode of the boy yelling things that don't make sense, Alex and Derek discover he has a neurological disorder. The teen's brain started to hemorrhage but Derek couldn't help because he was in Mark and the chief's surgery, so he tells Alex what to do. I think it turned out well but i'm not sure. After Bailey and Callie butt heads some more, Bailey finally comes in and calls a bit of what could possibly be a truce, and says she will help Callie. Izzie works with an old man named Charlie who wakes up after being in a coma for a year and wants to die. He made her think about the situation with George and that he might not leave Callie. When Charlie died i felt bad because it seems like everyone who Izzie gets close to dies or leaves her. I started wondering of George was ever going to tell Callie. At the end of the episode he tells her that he slept wtih Izzie. However, i didn't tell her yet that he is in love with her. After Bailey tells of Meredith about the way she's treating Lexie, she tells her to help her sister. Meredith worked with Lexie and it didn't pan out too well. However, at the end of the episode Meredith talks to Lexie about her mother Susan, and tells Lexie that she treated Susan. She brought out Susan's file to go over it with Lexie. That looked to me like an attempt to be nice. Will Meredith actually be nice to someone in her family? Will the two wind up being really good friends and sisters?