Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 3

Let The Truth Sting

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • Another great episode from Grey's Anatomy.Oh,I'm so hapyyyyy that there are still such great episodes coming from Grey's Anatomy!

    The episode was very interesting and that's a fine example that the episodes should be interesting in first place.There was such a compelling bunch of Grey's Anatomy typical emotions and the episode was full of everything we want such as great medical cases,great stirylines among the doctors,great acting,great writing,great guest stars.I am totally overwhelmed by this episode because everything was so connected with the theme of the episode and the writers produced one of the best episodes of the entire show's run.
    Things I liked:
    I liked the medical cases.They were so connected to the episode theme so that they produced a great reality and drama.I liked the old man Charlie who was in semi comatose and heard everything others talked around him without their knowing.He knows everything about Izzie and George story and advices Izzie to tell the truth which actually drives her crazy.The old man was funny but even though was very sad when he tells everyone that he wants to die because his cloze people,family and friends all died.It was so sad at the end to see him dying while sitting on the wheelchair.So typical Grey's Anatomy sad emotions.I liked the case of the woman with a tongue cancer.It was sad to see her having so much to say but has no time.Although it was funny when she says everything to her two best friends.And it was so sad and heartwarming to see her best friends coming to her.The guy with his mother was an interesting case and the alex's critical surgery was awesome and very shocking and tension.Callie is depressed.Miranda Bailey deals with being the number two.Derek and Meredith are revivng their relations but Meredith keep hiding this from Christina who sees a potential in this to steal her cases and surgeries.Christina pretends to be sad.The last scene with George telling Callie the truth was awesome.