Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 3

Let The Truth Sting

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • If Charlie Yost a.k.a. Really Old Guy wanted to die, why didn't he sign DNR papers? There is never stated a specific reason Izzie why needs to keep him alive.

  • Quotes

    • Cristina: She's doing McDreamy. She's doing McDreamy and lying about it.
      Izzie: That's great.
      Cristina: Does she think I'm weak? That I'm fragile? Like I can't handle it cause of Burke?
      Izzie:: Poor Cristina, all alone.
      Cristina: Yeah, right. Poor Cristina...

    • Bailey (to Callie): Uh, I've been havin' trouble. With this whole peckin' order of things. I've been havin' trouble. Because I'm used to being number one, but I'm not number one, not anymore. So, the best that I can come up with is to... be number two. The best damn number two that this hospital has ever seen, but your number two. I will... I will... I will help you. We'll be like a team, because, look girl, you just seem to be havin' a hard time. (Callie laughs) And I know I seem to be havin' a hard time... but, together... We could do this. I just think that we could do this together. (Callie smiles)

    • Lexie: What?
      Meredith: I have your mother's death note here. Everything that happened on the day she died is in here, and I know because I wrote it. So, I'd like to go over with you, if that's okay. (pauses) Okay, first of all lemme just say, everything that happened that day, every set back, there was a one percent chance of that happening. One percent... and your mother was that one percent. (starts reviewing the chart) She came in complaining of persistent hiccups. We did an endoscopic-fundipication.
      Lexie: You did it endoscopically?
      Meredith: So it would be an out patient procedure. We wanted to avoid major surgery. For what it's worth, I was very fond of your mother. She was... I was very fond of her. (keeps reviewing the chart with her)

    • Cristina: What are we supposed to say? We didn't even know the guy.
      Izzie: We ate lunch in here for a year. The least we can do is say a few kind words about him. (everyone is silent, Izzie looks to George)
      George: He... didn't snore too loudly.
      Meredith: He um... never complained and always took his meds.
      Alex: He rarely farted.
      Meredith: Alex.
      Alex: Fine. He had 12 surgeries this year and he lived through them. That's... that's impressive.
      Izzie: Thank you, Alex. Cristina.
      Cristina: I got to practice stuff on him. Central lines and IV's, he was good practice.
      Izzie: Charlie, the truth is you were a bastard. You were, you were mean and stubborn and just a bastard. But you were a bastard who knew what you wanted and you stuck to your guns and you proved that if you want something badly enough, if you're determined enough and appreciative enough eventually it will happen. It will! That gives me hope, so thanks for that. Bye, bye, Charlie.

    • Meredith: Hey, so I've been thinking about how you're sad, and what I can do to help.
      Cristina: Oh, you have another surgery?
      Meredith: No, that's not what you need.
      Cristina: It kind of is.
      Meredith: What you need is... Me, and my time. So, I thought that we could go back to my house and get into our pajamas, and just sit and talk about this whole Burke thing and really get to the root of your feelings. Just talk all night long if we have to.
      Cristina: Talk.
      Meredith: Talk. And cry. Cry.
      Cristina: Oh, you know.
      Meredith: You're damn right I know. Surgery stealer!
      Cristina: So... Person who's sleeping with Derek.
      Meredith: How'd you know that?
      Cristina: What, you think that I'm too fragile to handle your sex life?
      Meredith: Well, he did leave you at the altar. And I'm your person.
      Cristina: How? By, by... (makes motion with her fingers) Protecting me? That's not how to be my person. That's not what we do. You know that. I'm dealing, okay? The best I can. So, if you need to take care of someone, you're gonna need to take care of someone else, okay?
      Meredith: Fine. (pause) You owe me a surgery.
      Cristina: Yeah, well, you owe me sex details.

    • Mark: That woman is going to be able to talk for the rest of her life because of us.
      Richard: I think I still got it.
      Mark: I think you do, too. Now, we just gotta figure out what you're gonna tell Adele.
      Richard: I forgot about that.
      Mark: First off, don't tell her that you wanna move back in.
      Richard: No?
      Mark: Reeks of desperation. It's a deal breaker, trust me.
      Derek: You know what, I can't take this anymore. You guys have gotta be kidding yourselves, do you know how close your two idiots came to that woman losing her tongue and never speaking again? Oh, yeah, coupla cowboys in there, tellin' yourselves you can do it. Actin' like the big boys. You had no business doing that surgery. No business. Lucky I came in when I did. Shame on you. (to Mark) And shame on you! And, as for Adele, well, tell her you can't imagine your life with out her, tell her for the last month you've been walking around this hospital at night just thinking about her. Tell her the truth. Sorry I called you an idiot.

    • Alex: Sorry I unloaded on you, Norman. You know how it is, heat of the moment.
      Bailey: Uh, don't apologize to him.
      Norman: Dr. Bailey's right.
      Bailey: Shut up, Norman. I'm not talking to you. He got in your way. He's been doing it all day and when that happens, when an intern gets in the way of a resident, you're not doing what's best for your patient. Now, you almost misdignosing that kid today because Norman here thought it was drugs. So, don't apologize. He should be yelled at.
      Alex: Dr. Bailey... He's as old as the hills.
      Bailey: I don't care how old he is, Dr. Karev. He's an intern, and interns are basically teenagers. We are not hard on them because it's fun. We're hard on them because this is a life and death job and they need to learn that. There is a reason why we have a pecking order in a hospital, it saves lives.

    • Bailey: You traded a hemiglossectomy for the pit?
      Meredith: It's a long story.
      Bailey: A long story that ends with you pawnin' off Lexie Grey on me.
      Meredith: I had her to an intubation on a dead guy. It's something that you had us do all the time. I was trying to teach her. So, whatever she told you--
      Bailey: She told me that you hate her.
      Meredith: I don't--
      Bailey: And she told me that you hated her mother.
      Meredith: I didn't say--
      Bailey: Her mother who came to you with a case of hiccups and died in our hospital. Do you see where I'm goin' with this?
      Meredith: She's not my intern.
      Bailey: No. She's your sister and you haven't had a kind word to say her since she got here, and you were her mother's doctor. Now, what is she supposed to think? Look, whether you like it or not, your job is to help that girl be a better doctor. So help her!

    • George: Izzie...
      Izzie: What? What is there to say George... I'm blondie. I'm the other woman. I'm a bad 50's cliche.
      George: No, no, no. We're not in this together.
      Izzie: Wow. Great. Wow. Thank you for letting me know. (goes to leave, he pushes her back)
      George: No, no, no. You don't get to be mad here.
      Izzie: Seriously? We said...
      George: No, there is no 'we'. I'm the one who has to tell Callie. I'm the one who has to destroy her. This is not about you and me. This is about her and me. I'm ending a marriage to a wonderful woman. Me! I'm the one. It's not you. You ... It's not something that you just blurt out. It's not. I'll do it. I will do it but, you have to back off and let me do it.
      Izzie: I'm sorry.

    • Bailey: Uh, you know Yang and Grey are playin' musical chairs with their interns?
      Callie: Nope.
      Bailey: I mean, I thought that might interest you seeing how one of Yang's interns is actually one of Grey's relatives... and the two Grey's are havin' some kind of family fued. I'm sayin'... that it would probably be best if the residents stuck with their own interns in the future.
      Callie: Yeah, I got it. Thanks.
      Bailey: You plan on hiding out in here all day long? Or do you plan to emerge at some point to do your job?
      Callie: Why would I come out there to do my job when you clearly do it so much better? I'm doing paperwork, Miranda. Because I don't have any more fight in me. I don't wanna fight you, I don't wanna fight my -- I don't -- I don't wanna fight today. So, I'm doing paperwork, okay?

    • Charlie: When a person wants to die, you let them. It's polite.
      Izzie: Not in a hospital, it's not. It's a lawsuit.
      Charlie: I don't like you.
      Izzie: Really? Because I thought we were BFF's.
      Charlie: Okay, just for that I'm dying right now. (closes his eyes and tenses up)
      Izzie: That might make you poop your pants, but it's not gonna make you die.
      Charlie: Damn it!
      Izzie: You really think he's not gonna leave his wife?
      Charlie: I think if a person wants to do something, like die, they do it. (Izzie is silent) Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there's hope. Maybe he'll tell her and you to will get together and end up happy.
      Izzie: You think?
      Charlie: Not that I'll be alive to see it.
      Izzie: You're not dying, at least not on my watch.
      Charlie: Dead man walking.
      Izzie: I don't see you doing much walking, Charlie.

    • Cristina: Hey, I heard about really old guy. What's the matter? You couldn't find his LVAD wire?
      Izzie: It was a concidence, and he's still alive.
      Cristina: Well, have fun with really old guy. I'm off to do Meredith's hemiglossectomy. (laughs and walks away, Meredith sees this)
      Izzie: Hey, hey, has George said anything to you --
      Meredith: She's faking. She's faking sadness, pretending to be sad to steal my surgeries.
      Izzie: Okay, I have really old guy trying to kill himself and problems of my own, so I don't have time for the two of you and your fake drama. (walks away)

    • Lexie: Dr. Bailey, Dr. Grey sent me down here to work with you.
      Bailey: Oh, she did, did she? And why's that?
      Lexie: Truthfully, she didn't wanna work with me anymore. She kicked me out.
      Bailey: You can go and tell Dr. Grey that the clinic is not a dumping ground for strays. We are not the island of broken interns. Please, go tell her that. (Bailey moves, Lexie follows her)
      Lexie: Please, don't make me do that. I can't work with her... With Meredith Grey. I can't work with her because I can't look at her... She hates me. She hates my dad and she obviously hated my mother and I am ... Please, just let me work down here today. Please, Dr. Bailey.
      Bailey: Kid in curtain 3 needs stitches. Go!

    • Izzie: Pretend I'm not here. Pretend I'm not busting in on you and ... pictures of really disturbing tongues. Really old guy is giving me a hard time. I liked him so much better when he was sleeping, which he's not. You probably already heard. (George nods) But, my point is that he's stubborn. He's stubborn and really old and he's telling me that I'm an idiot for thinking that you're gonna leave Callie. Seriously. We're in this together. You're gonna tell her tonight... right? George?
      George: Okay, I have to get this research done.
      Izzie: You're not gonna tell her.
      George: Wasn't it just yesterday that you said that you didn't want me to tell her?
      Izzie: Fine! Forget it! You just look at your stupid pictures of tongues!

    • Meredith: That wasn't bad for your first intubation.
      Lexie: Is that some kind of joke? The guy's dead. He died.
      Meredith: He was dead when he came in here. He was dead on the scene. He was dead for fifteen minutes in the ambulance. He was dead before I asked you to intubate.
      Lexie (scoffs): You're pretty cavelier, don't you think? They brought him here for help.
      Meredith: They brought him here because they're legally required to. And I had you intubate because I am required to teach you and that is how you learn.
      Lexie: No, you should've done everything that you could.
      Meredith: That was everything that I could.
      Lexie: Well, what kinda doctor are you?
      Meredith: What is this about?! (pause) If you don't wanna learn from me, that's fine. But I have to cover the pit today, so why don't you go do both of us a favor and go help Bailey in the clinic.
      Lexie: Fine.
      Meredith: Fine!

    • Meredith: Hey, I'm fillin' in for Cristina, so how's it going?
      Lexie: I pulled a splinter out of a guy's toe and now I'm writing about it.
      Meredith: Okay... Well, if you have any questions...
      Lexie: Oh, I have a lot of questions, just not about a splinter.
      Meredith: Okay.
      Lexie: Okay.

    • Charlie: Blonnnndiieeee! Hey, blondie.
      Izzie: Charlie, I have a million charts to update. I'm busy.
      Charlie: I want lobster.
      Izzie: What?
      Charlie: For my last meal. It's traditional. The dying man gets to choose what he wants to eat. I want lobster.
      Izzie: I'm not getting you lobster, because you're not dying. I won't allow it.
      Charlie: A man can only hang on for so long, blondie. After a while, it's just not worth it.
      Izzie (walks over to his bed): Don't you have any friends? Family? Anyone?
      Charlie: They're all dead or on their way to dead. Someday you'll understand. When you're old and less naive.
      Izzie: I am not naive.
      Charlie: You and what's-his-face, that's not naive?
      Izzie (laughs, nervously): We're not -- how -- you-- ... You know about what's-his-face?
      Charlie: I know that you're crazy if you think that he's leaving his wife. Guys always say that.
      Izzie: Well, not that it's any of your business, but this is completely different.
      Charlie: I'm sure it's true love. I'm sure he's told his wife, I'm sure he's moved out. I'm sure all your friends know, right? (Izzie is silent) Yeah. I want real lobster. Not that fake white fish crap.

    • Bailey: I got Karev down in the clinic all day. I hope that's not a problem.
      Callie: Nope.
      Baliey: I know how you like to be told these things. So, I'm tellin' you.
      Callie: Thank you.
      Bailey: You know, he tried to dump a new intern on me, Karev... Clearly, he's not interested in teaching.
      Callie: Thank you for letting me know.

    • George: Why? Why, is it better to do a surgey that neither of you have done, than to do a surgery that at least you know gives her a chance at a normal life? Do you know how to do this procedure?
      Richard (looks at Mark, who looks back): Are you saying that we´re too old to learn new ways O'Malley?
      George: No.
      Richard: Are you saying we´re old dogs who can´t learn new tricks?
      George: No. I just..
      Mark: We´re not old dogs.
      Richard: We still got it.

    • Meredith: Hey, I just heard. Welcome back.
      Alex: Is it true? Really old guy woke up?
      Izzie: He has a name.
      Charlie: This time tomorrow you can call me really dead guy.
      Izzie: Guys, I don't think Mr. Yost knows who you are.
      Charlie: Sure I do. That's Meredith, she and the brain doctor are always running hot and cold. And you're, uh.. Alex... Do you still have a thing for that old patient of yours? (Izzie smiles) I was semi-comatose, blondie. I could still hear you guys.

    • Izzie: What can you tell us about really old guy?
      Intern: He has a name.
      Izzie: I know he has a name, but we call him really old guy, catch up.
      Intern: 82 year old, semi-comatose, male. Came in a year ago, status post fall, post op--
      Izzie: Which basically means, that he hasn't woken up for a year. So, what's the treatment plan?
      Intern: Um... Um...
      Izzie: It's really very simple, daily labs and dialosis three times a week.
      Charlie: Don't bother with anymore dialosis, I plan to die today. So, it won't be necessary. (Izzie walks over to him, shocked) Nice to meet you. Now, not that I don't think really old guy is charming in a neglected patient, sorta way, my name is Charlie. Charlie Yost.

    • Bailey: What're you doing in my clinic, Karev? I thought you don't work in the clinic anymore.
      Alex: Oh, I don't. But, I thought I could get my new intern, Norman, settled in with you. (to Norman) Bailey's the best. You'll really learn from her.
      Norman: Oh, pleased to meet 'ya.
      Bailey: You wanna leave Norman with me while you troll for surgeries.
      Alex (whispers): The dude's got a bum knee and smells like arthritis cream... Come on, you do me a favor, I'll do you a favor.
      Bailey: I'm callin' in my favor now. Curtain five. You can take your intern and show him how to do an HMP.
      Norman: Nice to meet 'ya.

    • Meredith (laughs): Do I have sex hair?
      Derek: If I did my job right.
      Meredith: You go ahead, I'll wait a minute.
      Derek: This isn't just break-up sex, this is secret break-up sex. Is this about Cristina, this morning in the elevator?
      Meredith: Oh, no. I mean, I don't know what to do, we don't talk about it... the whole Burke thing. I mean, I wanna be a good friend, I wanna take care of her. But... you know, Cristina.
      Derek: Okay, so by being with me you're cheating on Cristina.
      Meredith: Just... if she knew about you and me...
      Derek: You'd have to talk about, you'd have to talk about you and me. And that'd be a long conversation and there would be no time left for her to talk about her.
      Meredith: I told you we don't talk about it.

    • Meredith: Hey.
      Cristina (pretending to be sad): Hey.
      Meredith: You okay?
      Cristina: I don't know. I think it's all just hiding me. Stupid Burke dumping me and then stupid Mama coming to reclaim her magic necklace.
      Meredith: You wanna to talk about it?
      Cristina: No, not really, not yet.
      Meredith: Okay, well if there's anything I can do.
      Cristina: I just wish I could do surgery, surgery would make me feel better... (Meredith looks critical, Cristina turns to her interns) 1, 2, 3, 4, follow me!

    • Mark: You ever feel old?
      Derek: I'm young. I'm a fetus.
      Mark: No, I mean, you ever feel like there's gonna be a time where tecniques will pass you by?
      Derek: I'm a genius and a scholor.
      Mark: Shut up.
      Derek: Meredith isn't telling Cristina about us. She tells Cristina everything.
      Mark: I thought you broke that off.
      Derek: I meant to.
      Mark: You think she's gonna wanna get back together. You think she's gonna grow up, and get all whole, and want a relationship.
      Derek: I do not.
      Mark (smiles): You're a bad liar.
      Derek (smiles): You're old.
      Mark: I'm just getting started my friend.

    • Meredith: Hey, you feelin' any better?
      Cristina: I heard you were on that hemiglossectomy.
      Meredith: Yeah, the surgery, yeah.
      Cristina: Here I am, I´m stuck in the pit with these know-nothing interns. You'd think eventually I could catch a break.
      Meredith: Cristina, are we ever gonna talk about this? The Burke thing?
      Cristina: I´m not Izzie. I´m not gonna lay at the bathroom floor all day. I´m gonna lay here... on the counter.
      Meredith: I'll trade you the hemiglossectomy.
      Cristina: What?
      Meredith: You take the hemiglossectomy and I will take the ER and your interns.
      Cristina: Are you sure?
      Meredith: Take the surgery, if it makes you feel better. You're startin' to freak me out. (walks away)
      Alex: I saw the whole thing, Yang. You can stop pretending.
      Cristina: Oh, I´m not pretending. I´m sad. I´m very sad. (makes a childish voice) Me so sad.
      Alex: Maybe I should try it, see if I can get Grey to take my new intern.
      Cristina: Hey, forget it. Sad is mine. Go find your own pretend emotion.

    • Callie: Just say it.
      George: I slept with Izzie.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Doctors give patients a number of things. We give them medicine, we give them advice and, most of the time, we give them our undivided attention. But, by far, the hardest thing you can give a patient is the truth. The truth is hard. The truth is awkward and very often the truth hurts. I mean, people think they want the truth. But do they really?

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): The truth is painful. Deep down, nobody wants to hear it, especially when it hits close to home. Sometimes we tell the truth because the truth is all we have to give. Sometimes we tell the truth because we need to say it out loud to hear it for ourselves. And sometimes we tell the truth because we just can't help ourselves. Sometimes, we tell them because we owe them at least that much.

    • Izzie: Okay, what happened? (George motions to really old guy) George! It's really old guy! We could bring a marching band in here and he wouldn't know the difference! So, what happened with Callie?
      George: What happened? ... Uh...
      Izzie: I thought you were gonna tell her last night.
      George: I tried. She would not let me. She... would not let me. I wanted to kill her but then I couldn't kill her because she... helped me through a lot of stuff. And... it was a lot of stuff... and you know, she did help me through it. But then I wanted to kill her again because, who marries someone who just buried their father? And then I went to bed.

  • Notes

    • International Titles:
      Czech Republic: Ať pravda zabolí (Let the Truth Hurt)
      Slovakia: Pravda býva krutá (The Truth Is Cruel)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: Monday, December 24, 2007 on Foxlife
      Saudi Arabia: Tuesday, January 15, 2008 on ShowSeries
      Australia: Sunday, February 11, 2008 on Network 9
      Latin America: Monday, February 25, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Germany: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 on ProSieben
      Finland: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 on Nelonen
      The Netherlands: Monday, March 25, 2008 on Net 5
      Croatia: Monday, March 31, 2008 on RTL TV
      Czech Republic: May 25, 2008 on Prima
      Norway: Tuesday, September 9, 2008 on TV2
      Romania: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 on TVR1

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Made For You by Watermark
      2. Walking Away by Sugar
      3. The Ocean by The Bravery
      4. My Moon My Man by Feist
      5. Best Friends by The Perishers

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Let The Truth Sting

      The title of this episode is a reference to a song by David Gray.

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