Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 3

Let The Truth Sting

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Cristina: What are we supposed to say? We didn't even know the guy.
      Izzie: We ate lunch in here for a year. The least we can do is say a few kind words about him. (everyone is silent, Izzie looks to George)
      George: He... didn't snore too loudly.
      Meredith: He um... never complained and always took his meds.
      Alex: He rarely farted.
      Meredith: Alex.
      Alex: Fine. He had 12 surgeries this year and he lived through them. That's... that's impressive.
      Izzie: Thank you, Alex. Cristina.
      Cristina: I got to practice stuff on him. Central lines and IV's, he was good practice.
      Izzie: Charlie, the truth is you were a bastard. You were, you were mean and stubborn and just a bastard. But you were a bastard who knew what you wanted and you stuck to your guns and you proved that if you want something badly enough, if you're determined enough and appreciative enough eventually it will happen. It will! That gives me hope, so thanks for that. Bye, bye, Charlie.