Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 6

Life During Wartime

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2008 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The chief gives Bailey new power and responsibility. He also gives her a very difficult surgical assignment: remove a girl's inoperable tumor. Meanwhile, new trauma chief Owen (Kevin McKidd) challenges the attendings' methods and the residents' skills.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Owen Hunt is hired on as Head of Trama and stabs pigs. :(

    Owen's first action after being hired as Head of Trama is to stab 5 pigs with a knife and tell the residents and interns to save their lives. Izzy becomes furious and says that she is out and then leaves. The Chief gives Bailey point on trying to save a 10 yr old girl with an inoperable tumor. Thanks to Meredith and her doll Jane they are able to figure out a way to cut the tumor out. All they have to do is take out all her organs, cut the tumor out, and then put her organs back in. Hahn and Bailey fight like crazy during the surgery but finally get along enought to finish.moreless
  • A little confusing...

    I love Grey's anatomy, don't get me wrong, but this episode was a little confusing. What's with the subthemes on the main plot? Animal rights? Bisexuality?. It was a political statement after another. Anyway, the show was great as usual nonetheless. I loved the part where Christina would run around the hospital trying to hide from the new doctor, only to realise that he did not remember her name. LOL Izzie and Alex discuss their relationship, and it seems that this time it's going to work. And O'malley seems to be oblivious of his love interest. DUDE!! c'mon!!! does she have to hit you with a stick?. Well it seems that Seattle Grace it's going to be #1 after all. We shall see.moreless
  • The chief gives Bailey power, a 10 year-old with an unoperable tumor is saved by Meredith's doll. Trauma doctor Hunt is added to the staff. Lexie is mad at George and Alex and Izzie are trying to figure out their status as a couple.moreless

    I loved it! I mean, it was about time for Izzie and Alex to get it on right. And the new trauma guy brings something different to the table, what I don't find really really interesting is the Torres-Hahn situation it's not like we haven't seen it before and finally Cristina is getting something in her love life I was starting to think she was going to be an old maid or something. Anyway, great episode! The Meredith naming the organs in the Anatomy Jane part was cute too, I was getting kind of tired of watching her being dark and twisty all the time.moreless
  • I really dont like DR. Hunt...

    I think he is on an even bigger ego-trip then Pretty & Prettier and he always has to have the last word. he thought all the students a lesson in this one but Im not sure it were the lessons he intended them to learn. Cristina was awesome in this one and I like the relationship she is developing with Lexie. I was actually relieved there was almost no George and I didnt even realize it till the final sequence. who was great though was Bailey - again. and the Mark/Callie friendship. the look of hopeful surprise as she asked him to hang out almost broke my heart. its nice to see more sides of him. the best scene for me was the father talking to chief during the operation - it said so much in so little words. Izzie standing her ground was great and as she finally realized that Alex is actually asking her to "go steady" with him - so sweet. thats why I gave it a 9. otherwise it would have been a solid 8. but Im a sucker for a romance, especially if it is Alex & Izzie.moreless
  • Greys 101: Intro to optimism, bisexuality, animal rights.

    Life during war time' definitely would go down as one of the sub-par episodes of this season. For one reason, though it was a good one hour of drama, I felt this one was one subtle portrayal of various themes. The powerful performances from the cast was evidently missing.

    The sales pitch for Owen (Kevin McKidd) did not work out well. I felt he fit the role of an arrogant army-surgeon who is still enlisted, rather than a Iraq-returned full time employee of Seattle Grace. The on and off references to animal rights was pretty much the highlight of this episode. Christina's character development on the backdrop of this issue was so Un-Christina-ish. I always liked her more as a no-nonsense surgeon. The second theme dealt was optimism, with Bailey, Richard, and Erica taking the spotlight. The case of an inoperable tumor was one good part of this episode. The icing on the cake was when Bailey emerges victorious after crushing Erica's pessimistic dismissal of her ideas. Meredith has been nothing short of useless this episode, with her 'anatomy jane' doll.

    Derek, Callie, Sloan, Lexie, and George continue to annoy me. Dempsey desperately needs some material to act. His 'I don't give a damn' attitude when it comes to work, is not creating the desired effect on the viewer. Grey's was doing good so far. This one was bit of a show down. The writers need to put in more of medical cases and less of filler material. I can live with this. Hope this is just an occasional bad day for the cast and crew.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

T.R. Knight

T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Chet Grissom

Chet Grissom

Uncle Pat

Guest Star

Michael Hagiwara

Michael Hagiwara


Guest Star

Sheila Shaw

Sheila Shaw

Michelle Begler

Guest Star

Kevin McKidd

Kevin McKidd

Dr. Owen Hunt

Recurring Role

Amrapali Ambegaokar

Amrapali Ambegaokar

Intern Dani

Recurring Role

Tymberlee Hill

Tymberlee Hill

Intern Claire

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At approximately 31mins, Sloan and Torres are in bed together. When Shepherd comes in, Torres completely hides her head and arms under the cover. After some brief talking, Shepherd leaves, and now only her head is covered and her arms are completely visible.

  • QUOTES (35)

    • Izzie: Thought you were sleeping with Michelle tonight. Or was it Jackie?
      Alex: Izz ...
      Izzie: I've had a hard day Alex. Would you please just leave me alone?
      Alex: Izzie ...
      Izzie: What?!
      Alex: I'm not good at this. I'm not good at ... relationships or talking about stupid feelings. And you are, so maybe you could teach me or something, you know, tell me what I did wrong.
      Izzie: ... You don't want us to see other people. You don't want us to see other people and that's how you tried to tell me! (laughs) By asking if it was cool if you screw Michelle?
      Alex: Laughing is not helping. (he goes to leave)
      Izzie (laughing): I'm sorry, I'm sorry. (grabs his arm, and kisses him) So, you want lessons, huh?
      Alex: I want lessons.
      Izzie: Okay. You start with 'Isobel Stevens, you are staggeringly good in bed. You are amazingly smart, wonderfully funny, and you care about animals.'
      Alex (chuckles): That's where I start?
      Izzie: Yeah. And then you say 'Do you wanna go steady with me?'
      Alex: That's what I would say if it was 1952. (they kiss)
      Izzie: Alex? Do you wanna go steady with me?
      Alex: If that's what you want, I mean yeah, whatever.

    • Mark: So, I guess no more on-call room then?
      Callie: I'm afraid not.
      Mark: That's too bad. Then I- I guess I'll be seein' 'ya around. (starts to walk off)
      Callie: Hey, you wanna get a drink?
      Mark: Really?
      Callie: Just because we're not sleeping together, doesn't mean that we can't hang out. We're friends. ... You're good for more than sex, Mark.
      Mark: I'd love to get a drink.
      Callie: She's not gonna cry everytime, right?
      Mark: No, no, that passes.

    • Richard (to Meredith): You weren't imagining things. You used to run around here with that doll on the time. Took her everywhere. Cafeteria, OR gallery. Tori's got a whole army. You didn't have anyone. Seeing Anatomy Jane ... reminded me of how much I'm to blame for that. You're a living reminder of every failure in my life. And that's not your fault. And if I thought 'I'm sorry' would hold any meaning for you at all, I'd say it. I'd say it a thousand times a day.

    • Callie: Erica...
      Erica: You wanna apologize to anyone, apologize to Bailey, thanks to you I made her life a living hell today.
      Callie: I slept with Mark Sloan.
      Erica: If that's your idea of an apology, you seriously need to--
      Callie: Shut up! You were crying, and seeing leaves, and I wasn't, okay? I-I may never see leaves, ... or maybe I will see leaves, but I will also see flowers. There might be a whole forest growing, I don't know yet. But I do know that I wanna be with you and... to do that I have to at least tell you the truth, and the truth is that... I slept with Mark Sloan today.
      Erica: ... Okay.
      Callie: Twice, actually.
      Erica: Okay.

    • Cristina: I'm not killing those pigs. I spent the entire day trying to keep them alive, you want them dead, you do it yourself.
      Owen: You resected half of a liver today, you repaired a diaphram and did a spleenectomy, you grafted a severed artery and repaired a lacesserated bladder, performed a lobotomy and I even understand that you removed a tumor.
      Cristina: On Patty, his thyroid.
      Owen: Do you have any idea how much you just learned? They'd be in pain. Those are massive injuries, months of recovery. To keep them alive after all that, it's not humane. (starts to walk away)
      Cristina: Seriously, you don't remember my name?
      Owen: I remember your name, but that was before. ... This last tour I was on a forward surgical team, we treated combat casualties in the field, your mostly just lookin' to damage control, sedate 'em, ventalate them, airlift them to Bagdad, then get outta there. Only this one time, we didn't get out fast enough because we ended up in the middle of an RPG ambush. ... There were 20 people in my unit, including me, and 19 died. ... And then I got discharged... So, I'm not there anymore and before... I knew your name, before... and now I'm living in the after.

    • Richard: Again, both of you. Great job. (walks off)
      Erica: Thank you. (Bailey laughs) Is there a problem, Dr. Bailey?
      Bailey: I just find it hard to believe that you're accepting congratulations, considering that you didn't wanna do this operation in the first place. And when you finally did do it, you faught me every step of the way.
      Erica: And yet you still had a world-class heart surgeon by your side.
      Bailey: You may be a fine surgeon, God knows that I know that. But not today, today you were a pain in the ass. A nay-saying, bullying, consistantly negative pain in the ass. At no point did you encourage me or do anything but make me think that this surgery could be anything but a failure. And it wasn't just me. You made it as hard as humanly possible for all of us. So, yeah. We did do a nice job today, we did a great job today, but that wasn't thanks to you. That was thanks to me, and the Chief, and Meredith Grey, and ... Anatomy Jane!

    • Derek: Fine, you wanna hear how you screwed up a flap on my head trauma today?
      Owen: My job is to keep them alive, that's what I did.
      Derek: No, what you did was almost maim a guy for the rest of his life. You're lucky that I saved the blood supply.
      Owen: So... what would you have done?
      Mark: Well, you got a man with a deep scalp wound and two of the best surgeons in the country standing ten feet away from him. I would've asked those two surgeons to step in, that's what I would've done.
      Owen: I mean, medically. What would you have done medically? So I can do better. I mean, I recognize that there are different ways of doing things, even the basics. I mean, over here, if someone appears dead, you go to them first, in Iraq if someone appears dead you don't go to them. This day one for me, so if you think that there is a better way, then tell me and I'll listen.

    • (Callie and Mark are laying in the on-call room naked)
      Mark: I've known women to be upset because they couldn't make it to the big finish. It never had anything to do with me, usually something to do with their anatomy. Point is, I've never known a woman to be upset because she could take a curtain call. You're a conumdrum, Torres.
      Callie: Erica cried this morning... in bed, after sex.
      Mark: That was a compliment, for you.
      Callie: It wasn't a compliment for me, she-she was having a revelation, she-- The sex is awesome with Erica. We've reached awesome. It's just--
      Mark: Awesome?
      Callie: Yes, but it's also awesome with you.
      Mark: So then what's the problem?
      Callie: I guess I thought that their should be a difference, between you and Erica. If I'm ... There should be a difference.
      Mark: The difference between me and Erica is that I know that you had sex with her 12 hours ago. she doesn't know that you had sex with me, and that makes you a cheater. Do you wanna be a cheater? 'Cause I'm fine with it. The question is, are you? (Derek opens the door, Callie pulls the covers over her head)
      Derek: I'm gonna yell at the major general, you wanna come?
      Mark: Hell yeah, be right there.
      Derek: Hey, Torres. (shuts the door)
      Callie (still under the blankets): Hey.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): Some wars result in complete and total victory. Some wars end with a peace offering. And some wars end in hope... But all these wars are nothing compared to the most frightening war of all. The one you have yet to fight.

    • Meredith: So we can't reconnect the organs to the vessels?
      Bailey: Not at this moment, no.
      Meredith: But, if we can't reconnect the organs, they won't reprifuse and they'll just die.
      Erica: Yes, they will.
      Meredith: Is it too late for a transplant?
      Erica: Well, we'd have to find six good organs in about eight hours.
      Meredith: It's too late for a transplant.
      Erica: And a gold star for Grey.

    • Steve (about the pigs): I thought that we weren't supposed to give them names?
      Cristina: Ah, I would give them numbers but then I would probably tell you that 3 needs antibotics, and find a needle in Grey's ass.

    • Owen: Stevens, have you ever used a GIA stapler?
      Izzie: No, but I'm ready. I can handle it.
      Owen: Answer me two questions and I'll let you.
      Izzie: Okay.
      Owen: Question one, polio vaccine, which animal do we have to thank for that?
      Izzie: Is this really necessary?
      Owen: Only if you wanna use that stapler.
      Izzie: Flipper babies.
      Owen: What?
      Izzie: Flipper babies. 10,000 babies were born with birth defects in the 1950's because the pregnant mothers took filitmide, first developed on guinea pigs. The guinea pigs didn't have any side effects.
      Owen: And your point?
      Izzie: My point is that humans and animals have different physiologies, they have different reactions.
      Owen: They can have different reactions, it doesn't mean that they will.
      Izzie: Tell that to those 10,000 babies and their moms.
      Owen: So, the polio vaccine developed using mice or monkeys?
      Izzie: You can keep your stapler, it's not worth it.

    • Mark (looking at a patient's head wound): You used skin glue?
      Alex: Dr. Hunt wanted me to get him out of there pretty quick.
      Derek: Yeah, well 'cause Dr. Hunt didn't have you revise the wound, he could lose half of his face.
      Mark: You can't rotate the flap, you call someone who can.
      Alex: He says that the ER is like being out in the field, you use what's available.
      Mark: What qualifies us as a warzone, Karev? Our understaffed gift shop? The lukewarm drinks from the coffee cart?
      Derek: He's a meatballer, what do you expect?
      Alex: Meatballer?
      Mark: Trauma guys, they just slap it together.

    • Meredith: Why can't you look at me?
      Richard: What?
      Meredith: You can't look at me. You haven't been able to look at me, all day.
      Richard: I think you're imagining things.
      Meredith: Oh. I don't think I am. But, hey, if you say so.
      Richard: I do. I say so. So instead of worrying about whether or not I'm looking at you, maybe you should concentrate about saving a 10-year-old girl we're about to eviscerate.

    • Cristina: Dr. Bailey, I'm not a vet. And while I can apperciate the value of practicing technique on live tissue... There's a multiple MVC in the pit, and my education would be far better served practicing on humans.
      Bailey: Well, who's babysittin' the pigs right now?
      Cristina: My interns.
      Bailey: Did Major Hunt order the interns to baby sit the pigs or you?
      Cristina: That's not the point.
      Bailey: Well, make it the point, I don't have time for this. I'm about to take 6 organs out of a person.
      Cristina: S-see that's what I'm-- It's not fair. I'm not Dr. Doolittle.
      Bailey: And the zebras and elephants are thankin' their lucky stars for that.

    • Owen: Is that tetnus? (Izzie nods) You know who we have to thank for the invention of the tetnus shot, Stevens? Horses. First experiments were done on horses.

    • Richard: You paged me?
      Derek: Rambo's completely out of control.
      Richard: Excuse me?
      Derek: Hunt. He kicked me out of my own ER.
      Richard: Did he kill somebody?
      Derek: Not yet.
      Richard: Then call me when he does.
      Derek: Richard.
      Richard: I don't have time for it, Shep. I have a dying 10 year old and a team of doctors that can't stop bickering long enough to solve a problem. Except for your girlfriend who's more interested in playing with a doll.
      Derek: Anatomy Jane?
      Richard: She dragged that thing all around the hospital when she was 5 years old. And lemme tell 'ya, it was cuter in a child.

    • Owen: Can I help you gentlemen?
      Mark: Yeah, uh, Dr. Karev paged us.
      Owen: Uh, he shouldn't have. We got it covered, thanks.
      Derek: You have a head injury and burns, so I don't think that you got it covered.
      Owen: Karev, are you a doctor?
      Alex: Uh, yes, sir.
      Owen: Are you capable of assessing a patients injuries?
      Alex: Yep.
      Owen (to Derek & Mark): Like I said, we got it covered.
      Derek: You know, we're here, why don't you just let us dive in?
      Owen: I apperciate the offer, Shepherd, but I want my residents to learn how to deal with trauma. And they're not gonna learn as much, or as fast if they stand back and watch attendings do it. Unless, that attending is me.

    • Cristina: Karev gets to work on managled vicitims in the pit and I'm stuck with 300 pounds of bacon?
      Owen: Live bacon, and they better be that way when I get back.

    • Erica: You paged?
      Bailey: I got a ten year old girl with a tumor wrapped around her aorta, I'm putting together a team.
      Erica: This is her angio? That thing is wrapped around five major arteries.
      Bailey: It's bad, but I've got some ideas.
      Erica: Good for you! Try them on someone who might actually live.
      Bailey: I- I admit. It doesn't look great but... her family mention you by name, so I thought--
      Erica: That's nice, but I really don't care.
      Bailey: Well, I do.
      Erica: Don't get emotional Bailey. No one likes a girl who gets emotional.
      Bailey: Still... I'd like you on my team.

    • (After they have sex)
      Callie: Damn it!
      Mark: What it wasn't good for 'ya?
      Callie: Impossible. It's not that it wasn't good. It's that it was. (gets up and leaves)
      Mark: A 'thank you' would've been nice.

    • Izzie: Owen Hunt is a murdering sadistic bastard.
      Derek: Lemme guess. First wet lab?
      Izzie: He's stabbing pigs. Defenseless pigs, or as he likes to call them live tissue because God forbid you should call them animals.
      Derek: He is the new head of trauma, Stevens. It may not be ideal, but if that's how he does things, you should roll with it.
      Izzie: We don't need live subjects. What happened to 'first do no harm', that's not just about humans, that's about all living things.
      Derek: Actually, I think that it's just about humans.
      Izzie: I'm saying this to you as my roommate and not my attending. ... You disgust me.

    • (Mark enters an on-call room. Callie is in there naked under blankets)
      Mark (taking off his shirt): I love this hospital.
      Callie (pulls back covers for him): Yeah, enough small talk. Come on.
      Mark: You want more lessons?
      Callie: Nope, no more lessons. Just sex. Nothing fancy, just plain ol' missionary, boy girl, penis vagina, sex.
      Mark (smiles): Oh.
      Callie: Hey, hey I mean it, no dirty talk, no Erica talk, no talk. Just grunting and grinding.
      Mark: I wasn't talkin' dirty.
      Callie: Shut up! (Mark gets under the covers with her)
      Mark: What's this about?
      Callie: I'm testing a theory. (Callie kisses him)

    • Ryan: Dr. Yang, what exactly happens in a skills lab?
      Cristina: Who are you?
      Ryan: I'm your new intern. Ryan Spaulding.
      Cristina: Oh, I forgot about that. You're um... uh, 4.2!

    • Bailey: Okay, two things. You all have a skills lab this morning, it is mandatory, don't even think about trying to get out. Second, one of you will be assisting me in my efforts to remove an inoperable tumor from a 10-year-old girl.
      George: I'll do it!
      Bailey: No, you won't. You have 100 deliquent charts, you will do those after the lab.
      Cristina: Slacker.
      Alex: How can you operate on an inoperable tumor?
      Bailey: Karev is also out.
      Alex: What did I say?
      Bailey: You doubted me.
      Cristina: Oh. I-I I don't doubt you, Dr. Bailey
      Bailey: Yang is also out.
      Cristina: Why?
      Bailey: You weren't supportive of a fellow resident who couldn't get his paperwork under control. What is that? Grey, is that Anatomy Jane?
      Meredith: Yes.
      Bailey: With the 24 removable organs and the optional parts to simulate pregnancy?
      Meredith: Yes. Does that mean I'm out too?
      Bailey: No, that means you're in.
      Izzie: Ugh! That is so unfair.
      Bailey: Next time you'll know to bring in an ugly doll, now won't you, Stevens?

    • George: Oh, Lexie would you mind pickin' up-- (Lexie just keeps walking by him) Lexie, I'm your roommate you're eventually gonna have to talk to me.
      Lexie: I reject that subposition.
      George: I reject your rejection.
      Lexie: And I ignore your rejection of my rejection.
      Meredith (walks up): I don't reject you George.
      George: Thank you.

    • Alex: What's wrong with you?
      Izzie: What's wrong with me? We've been sleeping together for a week and already you're bored. I am hot! And great in bed. So what is wrong with you?
      Alex: I didn't say I was bored. I just asked whether I should keep sleeping with Michelle. I'm asking if you're all in. What's so wrong with that?
      Izzie: You're a barbarian. How can I be all-in with an actual barbarian?
      Alex: Fine. Holly in radiology thinks I have a hot ass. I'll tap that next.
      Izzie: You do that.

    • Bailey: You paged me, Chief?
      Richard: Uh, yes I did.
      Bailey: Because generally when I'm paged to the heli-pad it's because something is landing on the heli-pad.
      Richard: You pulled off a 12-eprson domino surgery last week. That's the kind of thing we need every week. It's the kind of thing that shows me you're gonna be a great surgeon one day.
      Bailey: Well thank you, sir.
      Richard: It's not enough. I don't want you to just be great, Miranda. I want you to be the best. And if you're going to succeed me as the best general surgeon in this hospital than you need to start now. Today. Which means you need to be me. You wanna take point on a surgery, take point. If a problem comes up, solve it. Don't talk to me, just do it. Be me.
      Bailey: Be you?
      Richard: Be me.
      Bailey: I can do that. But, I don't know why you had to bring me all the way up here just to...
      Richard (points to the helicopter): That's why. Lake Washington Med is sending over a ten year old girl with an abominal lioscarcoma, it's inoperable. You're gonna have to put together a team, and come up with a plan to save her.
      Bailey: Save a girl with an inoperable tumor?
      Richard: It's not easy being me.

    • Meredith (holding Anatomy Jane): So, my mom got it for me when I was five. It was a super creepy gift for a five-year-old, but I kinda liked it-
      Cristina (seeing Owen): Run! (she grabs Meredith and runs in the opposite direction of Owen)
      Meredith: Okay, what was that all about?
      Cristina: I just saw Owen. Major Owen Hunt! You know, the guy who pulled the icicle from my chest?
      Meredith: I thought he was in Iraq.
      Cristina: He was, but now he's here! In the hospital!
      Meredith: Okay! So?
      Cristina: So... we kissed. Well, he kissed me. It was stupid. It was nothing. It was a stupid nothing.
      Meredith: But you don't think he thought it was a stupid nothing?
      Cristina: Well, he obviously likes me. And now he's back! What's he doing back?!
      Meredith: You don't think he quit the military for you? I mean that would be severly stalkering but very romantic.
      Cristina: I am not getting involved with another attending.

    • Richard: Gentlemen! I'd like you to meet the new head of trauma at Seattle Grace, Major Owen Hunt. You remember Mark Sloan, Derek Shepherd ...
      Derek: He stole my patient.
      Mark: Mine, too.
      Owen: Now you'll get a chance to steal mine.
      Derek: Lookin' foward to it.
      Mark: Can't wait.
      Richard: I've talked to my friends at the DOH and now that we have Owen, we are being reclassified to a level one trauma unit by the end of the month.
      Derek: Ah, that explains it.

    • (the morning after they had sex)
      Erica: My whole life, my whole adult life, I have been with men. And it always felt y'know, fine, good, but I never... I mean, I did, but not- not like this. This is like needing glasses.
      Callie (laughs): Um, I blinded you?
      Erica: No. When I was a kid, I would get these headaches and I went to the doctor and they said that I needed glasses. I didn't understand that, it didn't make sense to me because I could see fine. And then I get the glasses and I put them on and I'm in the car on the way home and suddenly I yell because (starts crying) the green big blobs I've been staring at my whole life... They weren't green big blobs, they were leaves on trees. I could see the leaves, and I didn't even know that I was missing the leaves, I didn't even know that leaves existed and them... leaves! You are glasses. (laughs) I am so gay, so, so gay. I am extrememly gay.
      Callie: ... Um, I have to go.

    • Alex: So are we screwin' other people or not?
      Izzie: What?
      Alex: I just wanna know if you're gonna go off and screw O'Malley or some other loser, 'cause then I don't have to cancel my plans with the chick from peds. (Izzie scoffs and gets out of bed)
      Izzie: You're an ass.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): For a surgeon, every patient is a battlefield. They're our terrain. Where we advance, retreat, try to remove all the land mines... and just when you think you've won the battle, made the world safe again. Along comes another land mine.

    • Owen: Good work on the valve. First developed in pigs, and more recently, cows.
      Izzie: Are you done beating me up for the day? Because I'd like to go home.
      Owen: I was just trying to teach you.
      Izzie: You wanna teach us? Take us to the simile lab with the plastic guys who have heart rates, and blood pressure and croupe when you knick an artery.
      Owen: Until you apply scalpel to skin, Stevens, you're just going through the motions.
      Izzie: That attitude, that's from before. We have the technology now, we don't have to torture live creatures.
      Owen: No, you don't get to accuse me of torture. Those animals felt no pain.
      Izzie: You don't know that. You don't know that. You don't know what they felt, you don't know how scared they were. Animals are sensitive and intelligent creatures. And that is not me being emotional, that is simply the truth. You want me to learn from your methods? You want me to learn anything from you? Then don't stab pigs in front of me and tell me that the sky isn't blue! You are torturing God's creatures in an age where we have the technology that no longer requires us to. If you wanna do that, go ahead, but don't tell me I'm less of a doctor for walking away. (walks out)

    • Owen (about the surgery on the pigs): Quick and dirty, Cristine!
      Cristina: -- A. Cristina! Cristin-a.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Slovakia: Život v čase vojny (Life During Wartime)
      Czech Republic: Anatomie války (Anatomy of War)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: March 2, 2009 on Fox Life
      Australia: March 5, 2009 on Channel 7
      The Netherlands: March 9, 2009 on Net 5
      Latin America: March 9, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony)
      Germany: May 13, 3009 on ProSieben
      Norway: September 22, 2009 on TV2
      Slovakia: October 26, 2009 on STV1
      Czech Republic: March 25, 2010 on Prima

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Walcott by Vampire Weekend
      2. Days Go On by Greg Laswell
      3. The Valley To The Stars by El Perro Del Mar
      4. Prelude by Raining Jane
      5. Ordinary Girl by WAZ
      6. No Time To Sleep by Tina Dico
      7. Boys With Girlfriends by Meiko


    • Bailey (to Erica): You may be a fine surgeon, God knows that I know that.

      This is a refernce to the episode Lay Your Hands On Me (S4 Ep11) in which Erica performs an emengency surgery on baby Tuck to save his life.

    • Izzie: Flipper babies. 10,000 babies were born with birth defects in the 1950's because the pregnant mothers took filitmide, first developed on guieuna pigs. The guieuna pigs didn't have any side effects.

      Thalidomide, or Contergan, was a medical cure-all largelt perscribed to pregnant women as a cure for morning sickness between 1957 and 1961, when it was taken off the market when doctors realized that it was causing the babies those mothers were carrying to be born with stubby arms like flippers and major mental defects. The babies, termed Flipper Babies because of their physical defects, were used as test subjects for a variety of drugs afterwards, because it was deemed that the children could never be productive members of society and were, therefore, the same as lab animals.

    • The names of the pigs: Wilbur, Babe, Reggie

      Wilbur is the name of a pig from Charlotte's Web a children's book turned movie about a pig named Wilbur who makes friends with a barn yard spider.

      Babe is a 1995 Academy Award winning Australian film that tells the story of a pig who wants to be a sheep dog.

      Reggie is the name of a pig who stars in the tv show Pig City. The show is about three pigs and how they live. Reggie is a "Rocker Pig" in a band called "Reggie And The Rashers".He is Martha's brother and he just hates her big mouth and let's not talk about school.

    • Cristina: I'm not Dr. Doolittle.

      Dr. Doolittle is a children's book series turned movies about a doctor who can speak to animals.

    • Derek: Rambo's completely out of control.

      Rambo is a movie about a troubled Vietnam War veteran and former Green Beret who is skilled in many aspects of survival, weaponry, hand to hand combat and guerrilla warfare.

    • Episode Title: Life During Wartime

      Following with the tradition of song titles for episode titles, Life During Wartime is a song by Talking Heads and featured on the 1979 album Fear of Music. The song tells the story of a domestic guerrilla insurrection from the observer's perspective, which follows the theme of the episode, namely the infighting and lack of teamwork between hospital staff.