Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 6

Life During Wartime

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2008 on ABC

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  • Owen Hunt is hired on as Head of Trama and stabs pigs. :(

    Owen's first action after being hired as Head of Trama is to stab 5 pigs with a knife and tell the residents and interns to save their lives. Izzy becomes furious and says that she is out and then leaves. The Chief gives Bailey point on trying to save a 10 yr old girl with an inoperable tumor. Thanks to Meredith and her doll Jane they are able to figure out a way to cut the tumor out. All they have to do is take out all her organs, cut the tumor out, and then put her organs back in. Hahn and Bailey fight like crazy during the surgery but finally get along enought to finish.
  • A little confusing...

    I love Grey's anatomy, don't get me wrong, but this episode was a little confusing. What's with the subthemes on the main plot? Animal rights? Bisexuality?. It was a political statement after another. Anyway, the show was great as usual nonetheless. I loved the part where Christina would run around the hospital trying to hide from the new doctor, only to realise that he did not remember her name. LOL Izzie and Alex discuss their relationship, and it seems that this time it's going to work. And O'malley seems to be oblivious of his love interest. DUDE!! c'mon!!! does she have to hit you with a stick?. Well it seems that Seattle Grace it's going to be #1 after all. We shall see.
  • The chief gives Bailey power, a 10 year-old with an unoperable tumor is saved by Meredith's doll. Trauma doctor Hunt is added to the staff. Lexie is mad at George and Alex and Izzie are trying to figure out their status as a couple.

    I loved it! I mean, it was about time for Izzie and Alex to get it on right. And the new trauma guy brings something different to the table, what I don't find really really interesting is the Torres-Hahn situation it's not like we haven't seen it before and finally Cristina is getting something in her love life I was starting to think she was going to be an old maid or something. Anyway, great episode! The Meredith naming the organs in the Anatomy Jane part was cute too, I was getting kind of tired of watching her being dark and twisty all the time.
  • I really dont like DR. Hunt...

    I think he is on an even bigger ego-trip then Pretty & Prettier and he always has to have the last word. he thought all the students a lesson in this one but Im not sure it were the lessons he intended them to learn. Cristina was awesome in this one and I like the relationship she is developing with Lexie. I was actually relieved there was almost no George and I didnt even realize it till the final sequence. who was great though was Bailey - again. and the Mark/Callie friendship. the look of hopeful surprise as she asked him to hang out almost broke my heart. its nice to see more sides of him. the best scene for me was the father talking to chief during the operation - it said so much in so little words. Izzie standing her ground was great and as she finally realized that Alex is actually asking her to "go steady" with him - so sweet. thats why I gave it a 9. otherwise it would have been a solid 8. but Im a sucker for a romance, especially if it is Alex & Izzie.
  • Greys 101: Intro to optimism, bisexuality, animal rights.

    Life during war time' definitely would go down as one of the sub-par episodes of this season. For one reason, though it was a good one hour of drama, I felt this one was one subtle portrayal of various themes. The powerful performances from the cast was evidently missing.

    The sales pitch for Owen (Kevin McKidd) did not work out well. I felt he fit the role of an arrogant army-surgeon who is still enlisted, rather than a Iraq-returned full time employee of Seattle Grace. The on and off references to animal rights was pretty much the highlight of this episode. Christina's character development on the backdrop of this issue was so Un-Christina-ish. I always liked her more as a no-nonsense surgeon. The second theme dealt was optimism, with Bailey, Richard, and Erica taking the spotlight. The case of an inoperable tumor was one good part of this episode. The icing on the cake was when Bailey emerges victorious after crushing Erica's pessimistic dismissal of her ideas. Meredith has been nothing short of useless this episode, with her 'anatomy jane' doll.

    Derek, Callie, Sloan, Lexie, and George continue to annoy me. Dempsey desperately needs some material to act. His 'I don't give a damn' attitude when it comes to work, is not creating the desired effect on the viewer. Grey's was doing good so far. This one was bit of a show down. The writers need to put in more of medical cases and less of filler material. I can live with this. Hope this is just an occasional bad day for the cast and crew.
  • Owen Hunt (kevin mckidd) returns as a new doctor and Bailey gets ambitious...Good watching!!

    With Greys Anatomy i always find it hard to like meredith as the main character as she isn't a strong character to follow and relate to.
    in this episode Bailey gets given bigger responsibilities and takes advantage of it by forcing her surgeons to operate on an inoperable tumour in a little girl. personally bailey is a good character as she has authority and mediates the other characters internal problems.
    New doctor Owen Hunt has returned from a tour of afghanistan to take up leader of the trauma team and he adds a bit more drama to the series and anyone who has watched the british film Dog Soldiers will know how good an actor Kevin Mckidd is. it'll be good to see how this character develops over the next few episodes.
  • A really great episode, entertaining and emotional with fantastic acting.

    I absolutely LOVED this episode! Frankly, the last three eps haven't been great, but this one really stepped up the game. I'm so glad that we're up at Grey's' level of brilliance again!

    First off, Brooke Smith did a great job with Erica's little speech at the beginning. Hats off to her!

    - "Live Tissue"
    The pigs. Awesome idea. I love that they focused on the animal torture thing (with Izzie's outbreaks, etc.) and all the terrific actors made the story and dialogue vibrant and moving..
    Cristina: "Hey, no cute names! They're not pets, they're subjects. It's not our job to get all affectionate. It's our job to keep them alive. So the attending, who somehow thinks we're uncapable, can choke on his words at the end of the day. So I don't wanna hear Wilbur, Babe. If you wanna call them something, call them Sausage. Or Prosciutto."

    - Meredith and Anatomy Jane
    As Meredith and Derek were going through boxes of Ellis' old stuff, they found Mer's old doll, "Anatomy Jane", a kind of barbie with removable organs that Mer's mom had given her when she was 5. A lot of funny quotes and dialogue surrounded this doll. A cool twist to the plot.

    - "Leaves and flowers"
    Callie and Erica are struggling a little. Callie is now enjoying the sex with Erica, but she's also sleeping with Sloan. She can't decide who to choose, and she's really confused that she's enjoying sleeping with both of them. She (to me) seems to be bi, but maybe that hasn't occured to her yet.

    In conclusion, a really really great episode. If you're a fan of Grey's, do not miss it!
  • Owen returns to Seattle Grace, Bailey deals with an "inoperable tumor"

    After last week's strong offering Grey's Anatomy came through again this week. In what is pretty much the norm Katherine Heigl was incredible in this episode as well with her support for animal rights and trying to get Alex into a relationship. I think she pretty much has the Emmy locked up already, assuming she does not pull herself out of contention again.

    The inoperable tumor storyline was pretty entertaining even though you knew they were going to end up saving the girl. The overcoming of adversity is getting a bit boring and they need to mix it up a little by having some patients that do not get saved.

    I wasn't crazy about the return of Kevin McKidd (Journeyman). I just could not get into his character and hope that his stay at Seattle Grace is short-lived.

    Another good episode and hopefully The Anatomy can keep this momentum riding.