Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 15

Losing My Mind

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2008 on ABC

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  • Awsome. Dr. Wyatt won't let Meredith quit therapy. Christina is still in the dark place and their is an unexpected kiss.

    I loved it.
    I also thought that Callie's face after the kiss was priceless!!!!!

    Everyone knows Sloan can't and won't change but it is funny watching him try.

    Derek and Rose will never last.
    He will always love Meredith. Chistina may be acting really mean but everything she says is true!

    I think that Callie is also starting to realise that she might have feelings for Erica.

    It was really sad when Andre came because no-one believed her but deep down i think derek new.

    This was a great episode leading up to the 2 hour finale.

    I hope the finale is as good as this if not better.
  • Full of it.

    Hahn, Sloan and Callie look like they're going to turn into a steamy threesome, unless, Hahn wants Callie all for herself, which I think is very possible. I don't really know what I want from those three, it could get interesting, it could get boring. I say ditch the resident and get the two attendings to hook up.

    The patient with the Cinderella story wasn't so nice and so was that patient who mentored the Chief.

    Rebecca is really becoming annoying. I mean, what's her purpose on the show? To give Alex a storyline? Her character just pisses me off. I used to like her actually, but now she's not doing anything for me as a character.
  • The most exciting this was Callie, Sloan and Hahn

    Meredith wants to quit therapy. A famous doctor wants the chief to operate him with Hanh, but she doesnt want it.
    Meredith is more screwed up every day hehehe
    Rebecca is going crazy and Alex cant see it.
    Miranda has another crise with her husband.
    Yang is getting more annoing by the day, im getting very tired of her and that attitude.
    Alex and Rebecca ia kinda annoing too, i wish she would go away and dont come back.
    And i knew that the b/f was real hehehe even when no one belived.
    Mark is funnier by the day, great character and i loved the whole Hahn, Mark and Callie triangule.
  • Don't get me wrong, I definately ENJOYED this episode, but it was very obvious that it was getting ready for the season finale this coming week. That being said...

    Meredith: In the beginning, and most of the episode, we saw Meredith being pretty typical, stubborn, and a little selfish, but that is who she is. I found it interesting that even though she "fired" her therapist (actually quite therapy), she still chases the therapist around the hospital trying to say how normal she is and how she doesn't need therapy. The scene in the bathroom was equally humorous and sad, because of what Meredith realizes about how she treats Lexie. I think that the end, when she reveals that Ellis tried to kill herself after Richard left her, was sad yet very revealing.

    Cristina: I feel for Cristina, because I think that we have spent the whole season watching Cristina try to cope with Burke leaving her at the aisle. She may have not wanted THE wedding, but I think she did want him. And Cristina doesn't really know how to deal with emotional situations, even after Meredith almost died. However mean her comments may have been, I think they were (for the most part) not too bad, because a lot of what she said is what other people dare not say. And I think that, even as she pushes Lexie away, the two of them will develop a strong teacher-intern relationship.

    Lexie: She is the only intern we have ever seen fight back against Cristina, and it helps her development, like when Cristina tells her "to be a force... there are no teams". And I think she and Meredith need to meet in the middle on the whole sister issue. Lexie wants a loving sisterly relationship, and Meredith doesn't want anything to do with her. They need to co-exist in Seattle Grace, and I hope they realize that.

    Derek: He still loves Meredith and he's trying to tell himself that he doesn't. I think he knows that Rose is not his soulmate, nor the "love of his life" like Meredith. She is filler, like his sister pointed out. He doesn't know how to be single. And I think he's miserable right now.

    Sloan: Hilarious, but I do think he has good intentions inside. DEEP down inside, but I think they're there, despite his self-admissions of being a man-whore.

    Izzie: I can tell how badly she wants to help Alex, but the rules of the hospital prohibit her from doing so until it is, seemingly too late. I think she still loves him, but deeply as a friend, not that she's IN love with him.

    Alex: I really wish we knew more about his personal life growing up. We know tidbits about the other characters' families, but Alex is very closed. I think there is something deep in there, repressed, that makes him so stand-offish and so... "Karev". I hope Shonda fills us in more in the future :o)

    GEORGE: is still too adorable. Once again he is running his brains out trying to help the Chief and Bailey and everyone. He works so hard, yet is still "stuck" as an intern. As much as it sucks though, I think his "repeat" year will be beneficial to him.

    I know there is soooo much more to write, but I have already written a ton.
  • A plentiful episode that included drama involving all of our favorite characters. Truly an ensemble cast at its best and a fine example of how just an hour of television can actually offer so much.

    Stimulating opening, with vomit coming out of Ava/Rebecca's mouth, and dust going into the mouth of Christina's vacuum clearer. Meredith and Derek have to deal with a patient suffering from a tumor, but this patient has an imaginary boyfriend called Andre. And of course, they eventually link their medical case to their philosophies on love. And also, Meredith wants to quit therapy, then accidentally walks into one of Hahn's sessions looking for her chart. The face on Ellen Pompeo's face was priceless. Then Meredith gets a piercing analysis of her carelessness in life from Dr. Wyatt, which was actually really emotional to watch personally.

    Later on, Derek tells the patient that they can wait until three for Andre, despite her sister insisting the patient's story was similar to Cinderella, but meanwhile, ignoring Rose and everything that Meredith had to say.

    Callie gets freaked out by Christina cleaning the apartment and not wanting to see Dr. Walter Tapley. Meredith asks her if Christina is in "the dark place" and that was that. Funny. Hahn and Richard have to perform high-risk surgery on Dr. Walter Tapley, due to his "aortic mitrocynosis with tricuspid regurge". Oh and also, he has "chronic aphid, pulmonary hypertension and a clot in his left atrium". Wow, scary, astonishing. Bailey, Christina, Alex, George and Lexie all have to help out with the surgery. Christina then gives Lexie a difficult errand, but I don't see what Lexie is complaining about. It's probably a great opportunity to prove yourself, doncha think? Christina insults George greatly, and this must've been "the dark place" Meredith referred to earlier.

    But this doesn't put off George from helping his favorite resident, Bailey. Bailey has trouble with her son when there's an incident with him punching another student at school. Bailey argues with Tucker about her duty as a mother, Tucker's meant-to-be fondness of being a father and her duty as a doctor, while Big George (in a very breezy manner) tells Little George that everything will be okay. George also tells Bailey the same thing, and encourages her to work things out with Tucker. It surprises me how mature George is about marriage and parenthood, given all of his own personal (and hilarious!) moments in past seasons.

    The darkness that is Christina then also creeps over to Lexie as she has an outburst about the relationship between Lexie and Meredith, prompting Lexie to tell Meredith she forgives Meredith for being such a failure, in terms of fulfilling her fantasy of her big sister. Really a different kind of scary, I mean, from the scare and dread that comes with the sound of surgical beeping, the beeping that pretty much brings death.

    Hahn must've figured out her stance on the surgery earlier in that therapy session, telling Richard she will not risk the surgery, but Richard stands his ground too and convinced it was going to be okay, Hahn then freaks out during the surgery, making it the most dramatic scene of the episode.

    In the end, Dr. Wyatt's was a success and George gets a few words of advice from "the God", basically to keep running. George really touches me when he takes all the other possible errands, apart from surgery. The surgery also inspires Lexie to ignore Christina's advice about the absence of teams and how being alone is better.

    Rose asks Derek why he's avoiding her and not calling her back. Sloan swears he's going to call back women from now on. And Richard asks their advice on whether to call his wife back a second time. That conversation was hilarious. Mark insists that he's turning over a new leaf, but this proves difficult for him as Derek tells him it's okay to be a carefree whore and as Callie and Hahn taunt him with the thought of a taped threesome. Oh, and of course, Ava/Rebecca also shows him her breasts. How totally Grey's Anatomy.

    Izzy challenged Ava/Rebecca about Alex. Then Alex shouts at Izzy for not minding her own business, which I totally agree with by the way. Mark and Izzy try to find out for sure whether Ava is pregnant or not by having a sonogram. There clearly is no baby, but that's not the issue for Alex. It's just her, just not minding her own business, as usual. The whole baby thing was Ava/Rebecca's guilt over losing her first one. At this point, it was pretty clear that Ava/Rebecca and Derek/Meredith's patient were the examples of 'crazy' the opening referred to.

    Derek's patient finally realizes her boyfriend isn't real which was quite touching. The expression on Derek's face as he looked at Meredith for a bit of courage and more understanding was quite emotional. During surgery, the man appears for real and Meredith sheds a tear reflecting on the incredible and fantastical story the patient told.

    Which brings us to the final wrap-up of all the storylines. Mark, Callie and Hahn meet in the elevator of love, and talk about a threesome. It's been sounding all along like Callie was the one who actually wanted a threesome, but Hahn caught her off guard when she daringly kissed Callie for a whopping four seconds (!), arousing Mark ever more.

    Derek approaches Rose and convinces her to take a simpler, easier relationship of fun with less complicated. And finally Meredith goes back to Dr. Wyatt, and gives the chance to fix her.
  • The poor tumor woman. I felt so sorry for her and her boyfriend. Ava is totally playing Alex.

    Okay, I am really getting annoyed by Christina. She is becoming a complete fool about this whole thing. I don't like her at all. I thought Lexi was dead on on everything she told her and she darn well deserved it.

    Meredith is another character I am getting really sick of. She needs to get over all that stupid crap about her past and move on. I thought Izzie was totally right to tell Alex. That stupid Ava is messing with him and no one sees it. She needs help.

    I can't believe McSteamy is going soft. He is becoming more attractive to me now. lol. But then comes the threesome and he's back on.

    That scene in the elevator was hilarious...... I can't believe Haun kissed Torres. omg!!!! I wonder if Torres is gonna go gay now. lol.

    Derek and Rose should just break up. She's so boring.

    The poor tumor woman was so sad. I really thought she had made the whole thing up. I couldn't believe it when the boyfriend walked in. So sad.

    George and the chief are becoming funny. I hope George doesn't go crazy over trying to get on the chief's good side just to skip his repeat year.

    Bailey is dead on about the baby. Her husband is being a total jerk about it.
  • dr wyatt tries to convince meredith that she still needs therapy; alex learns that rebecca isnt pregnant and that she may instead have a tumor; one of the doctors vows off sex; the chief encourages erica to performs surgery on his mentor

    i know i didnt put everything in the summary but i guess a lot really did happen in this ep lol..i did truly like this ep..a lot of drama but also very good in relationships and very well put together..spoiler..the chiefs mentor comes and asks him to do surgery on him..thats a success..i thought that was so cool that he valued his work so much..i didnt like the fight btw shepherd and meredith because i want them together..and i like how the cinderella thing turned out to be true but the sad thing is she died..poor thing..i would love that life lol..meredith still has issues to work out like being stubborn..that will take some time..i did feel bad for rebecca and i think alex came down 2 hard on everyone who was just trying to help..i thought it was funny w/ the whole threesome thing lol..and then callie got freaked out when it got so carried away..that part was very funny
  • Grey's Anatomy is back!

    Last night's episode was really entertaining. Mark is turning over a new leaf and wants to become more romantic, instead of a man whore. This soon presents some difficulties when Callie and Hahn mock and taunt him. The Callie/Hahn storyline also took a surprising turn, when in the last few minutes in the elevator (where else!) they kissed. Although they supposedly did this to tease Mark, it was obvious it meant much more to them! Great development I must say. I think the writers are doing an excellent job developing this storyline, nothing is too rushed or forced and I (and with me many others) am really positive of their relationship!

    The Derek and Meredith storyline also continues to develop, in a very good way! I was quite turned off by this couple at the beginning of season 4, but I'm back on now! I felt they were stereotyping Meredith and Derek too much, with Meredith being always being 'Dark and Twisted' and Derek always being a love-sick puppy. They're both maturing now and when they do finally hook up again, they'll be ready for it. I do feel bad for Rose by the way, she doesn't stand a chance!

    George was great in this episode as well. He's really getting his groove back and I think he'll ultimately be one of the best doctors in the hospital. He's focused and dedicated, but also very warm and human. He possesses all the qualities a great doctor needs!

    Bailey is fighting again for her marriage, but it's a long and difficult road. Tucker is suffering from it as well, as he's fighting with other children in day care now. It's great to see Bailey not giving up, I'm curious to see how this will play out. I think it's great they even came up with this storyline, because it shows how demanding being a surgeon is, and the sacrifices they have to make. Alex and Rebecca is another story altogether. Rebecca obviously has severe emotional and psychological problems, but Alex refuses to ask for psychological help. Although it's great to see this soft side of Alex, this unfortunately can't end well for either of them. Christina is having some problems as well. I think she's not over Burke yet and although she tried to deny her feelings for a long time, they're coming out all at once now.

    Finally the Chief and his wife Adele are flirting through text messages! It was hilarious because he doesn't understand a thing about cell phones, so he needed George to help him! This was a funny break from all the drama going on and kept the episode relatively light.

    Although I liked last week's episode even better, this one was really great as well. Next week is the season finale, can't wait to see what's going to happen!!!
  • good

    honestly i hate merideth, i know she's been through a lot, but after all this time she's just getting annoying. plus she practily ruined that womens life, making her die thinking the love of her life was just in her imagination. cali, and whats-her-face are gonna get together witch would be hot, but a little creepy. izzie should be getting her own plot line instead of being part of alex's. and i wanna know what's up with eva, i'm pretty sure something happend to her other baby, making her go dilusional, and i don't think alex can take that. honestly i like ros, and i think derrik should stay with her. plus my favorite by far is lexi, i think she's stealing the show
  • Wow! And I thought last week was good! Freakin'funny!

    Well, Shonda Rimes is working her way back into my list of gods to join the ranks of Patti Carr and Laura Runnels, David Shore, Dick Wolf (though he may be the devil reincarnated) and Neal Baer. This was a great ep! Amazing though, how 1 ep can turn you against a character you used to it me or is Ava faking it? I don't know why Alex is still taking care of her when he knows she's not pregnant and never was. George is cute again! I loved it when he read that email from the Adele to the! Poor Bailey with her dying marriage....I actually don't feel sorry for Tucker because he kind of made it sound like Tuck was a burden. Meredith telling the therapist about her mother...poor Meredith! No wonder she's so screwed up. Oh well, Deredith will be back soon. Lastly, the look on Mark's face when Hahn kissed Callie......absolutely priceless! Overall, amazing ep, can't wait for the season finale!