Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 27

Losing My Religion

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2006 on ABC

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  • Best episode I've seen of the show so far.

    Finally! An episode where they don't rely entirely on WOW-type medical incidents and focus on their cast instead.

    One of the things that keeps this show from rising above average is that they always have medical WOW stuff going on, like one in a million cases and rare diseases. I mean, these characters have seen more rare stuff as interns than most real doctors do during an entire career.

    But in this episode they FINALLY dare to set that stuff aside and trust that the characters can hold an episode on their own. And they're smart enough to not focus the episode around their Mary Sue lead. All of Merediths subplot scenes pulled the episode to a halt and bored me. It doesn't help either that Ellen Pompeo seems to be reading off of cuecards most of the time. She talks the way some people do when they read aloud, which is different from the fluent spontaneous way you otherwise talk. Simply put, Meredith is a boring character with tedious plots and a poor actress portraying her. The less we see of her, the better.

    Focusing the heart of the story on Izzie was a great idea. Katherine Heigl is a good actress, and she did a really good job throughout the three episode arc that finished in this episode. She really got to stretch her legs, as Izzie was both her normal self, completely panicked, full of guilt, extremely happy and grieving during the three episodes. Kudos both to Heigl and the writers and directors. Watching this episode for the first time a couple of years after it first aired I of course knew already how the storyline would end, but they still managed to captivate me.

    It was great seeing how Bailey's interns have really formed a family now. They've referred to themselves as a family a few times before and I've always found it kind of silly, but with this episode and the two previous they come together and really seem like a family. Especially Christina and Alex were written and acted in a great way, showing believable character growth to get them to end up pulling together for Izzie.

    The ending of the episode was really well done. Especially the acting performances of Katherine Heigl and Justin Chambers. It was expected, but still nice, to see Alex being the one stepping up for Izzie in the end, setting aside his own jealousy to put her needs first. I believe it was the first time we've seen him do something that really shows of love, rather than selfishness. It was really touching to see Izzy with Denny after he died, and even moreso to see Alex taking care of her. And I got a bit misty eyed when she left the hospital with Alex and George following her, which I assume was the director's way of showing that these two guys will be there for her whenever she needs them. The choice of music for this scene was also excellent.

    I hope we'll get to see more episodes like this, with focus on the lead characters, giving the central cast a chance to show what they can do. Pompeo has thus far fallen flat whenever she's been given any room to show real acting ability, so I hope that the focus will fall on one of the others. Because when it comes to the cast around Pompeo, most of them are really good.

    Oh my God! This episode was amazing! Probably one of the best episodes of television that I've seen. . . And definetly the best epsiode of this show!!! But WARNING: Its really sad. =(

    The acting was great too, especially Izzie's (MY FAVORITE CHARACTER)!
    The music was awesome, especially Grace & Chasing Cars
  • "An hour ago he was proposing. And now... and now he's going to the morgue. Isn't that ridiculous? Isn't it the most ridiculous piece of crap you've ever..." and Izzie breaks down and cries.

    First of all let me just say that this episode would have got a 10, but I thought that the first half of the episode was quite slow when you compare it to the whole of last week's episode (which was one of the best episodes the show as produced).

    I felt really sorry for Izzie the whole of this episode because I thought it was inevitable that they were going to kill Denny off, and when they did it was even more emotional than I expected. The last three episodes have been IZZIE'S ANATOMY because she has stolen the show each episode and I'm so happy that they ended the season with such a dramatic conclusion for her.

    The writers showed a completely different side to Alex in this episode because I have to say that the last few episodes this season have been showing a really spiteful and bitter side to Alex, and I was glad they showed his nicer side by the way he comforted Izzie and in his speech with Richard.

    Another reason why this episode didn't get a 10 was because of the whole Meredith and Derek scene again. I'm not a fan of either characters, but I prefer them a whole lot more when they're apart and I felt like their scenes in this episode were just put in to please the shippers? Anyways I think Addison is great and I thought Derek was showing his nicer colours when he invited her to the prom, but then he went behind her back and it just got messy again.

    Burke is another character which I'm not a 100% fan of, but I did find the scene where Christina grabbed his hand in the hospital bed with Snow Patrol playing in the background. I appreciate Christina's cynical and sarcastic nature but, like Richard, I wouldn't want to make her less human, because it was nice to see her caring side for a change in both the Izzie and Burke scenes.

    It was nice to see George telling Callie his true feelings for her... and he was honest, which I respected. He didn't tell her he loved her back for the sake of it, and she seemed happy with that. They're a sweet couple (eventhough they don't look like they'd match).

    Overall I thought this was a great episode of Izzie's Anatomy and I can't wait for S3 to start airing in the UK!
  • I just tricked her into marrying me, how smart am I! - Denny

    Easily the best episode of Grey’s Anatomy thus far. It brings to a climax the tension building between McDreamy and Meredith in a fantastic way. With a cliffhanger final decision McDreamy or McVet (both irrestable options) It the scene with Denny and Izzie that steals the show. Denny charisma makes everyone watching fall in love and hope to God he lives happily ever after with Izzie. The creators set the relationship but so well during the season the impact in the final was huge, I was broken hearted when Denny finally passed on, he had been through so much to get the heart, wait so long and then finally when it all comes together. The girl, the heart, and his health it crashed down so quickly. The song chasing cars by snow patrol is the most appropriate song ever written it still brings tears when I hear it now, thinking if Izzie all dressed up, so happy to set out of the elevator and have her life turned upside down. Her future changed in an instant. It was by far the most brilliant episode I have seen on any show for that matter for quite some time.
  • The doctors have a prom at the hospital.Izzie steals heart to save Denny and cuts his LVAD wire.

    I don\'t think at I have ever been angry and sad at the same time about a tv show. I cried when they put the dog to sleep and I cried even harder when Denny died. It almost made me really angry that the writers would do that. Denny was a good character and it would\'ve been interesting to watch Izzie and Denny\'s relationship outside of the hospital. The whole episode my heart was pounding because I really wanted to know who was going to die. I pretty much figured that it was going to be Denny. (After all, the guy who plays him is on another tv show.)
    The part where Meredith and Dr. Sheperd hook up, didn\'t really surprise me considering all the sexual tension they had throughout the season. Although I am still not sure about them, I don\'t think that they are bad for eachother but I am not sure that they are good for eachother either.
  • I see we all agree on the tear part :D

    I loved this finale, it absolutely beat the first season finale and it had everything you could possibly wish for!

    I never really got the whole Izzie and Denny relationship, it was just a little strange, I thought, but when he "tricked" her into marrying him, that was truly a great moment! It was unexpected to me that he died and it was awful for Izzie, it really made me cry. Unfortunately it was right in the middle of my so long wished and hoped Meredith and Derek reunion. Okay, they just had sex, but you know there's more to that. It's Meredith and Derek, they are meant to be. And I loved this final scene (and its song!!) when Meredith was standing between the two men all confused... it was actually a nice reference to the season 1 finale (and the entire season 2) when it was Derek who was standing between two women...
    Also, Cristina stepping up and sticking with Burke in the end was amazing and Callie telling George she loves him was so sweat. It's just sad that he's somehow still not ready for someone else but his beloved Meredith. Stupid George...

    Pretending that I wrote this review right after the episode aired, I saw now: Can't wait for season 3!!
  • 10
    wow this episode was so unbelieveable fantastic and soo very very sad,i think the person that plays izzie (forgotte n her name) did a fantastic job, she was also excellent thethe previous season. i think it was a great way to end the season, it shows that everyone has problems and leaves thing to b forgotten so when it starts again you\'re like oh my gosh i totally forgot about that. i was kijda glad that grey and shepard slept together because they belong together, and she deserves him,i hope she does choose him. *sigh* i can\'t wait till it starts in australia again.
  • Best episode of Greys Anatomy

    This was a very good episode...didnt even see the ending coming...i thought Izzy & Denny would get married n live happily ever after but no he has to was sad..cnt wait to see season 3 on how Izzy will deal with Denny's death, who Meridith will choose between Finn & Derrick, if Addison finds out that her husband Derrick had sex with Meridith n if George tells Callie he loves her bak
  • Everything we've been waiting for and more!

    OMG this was so emotional its not even funny! I just finished watching the entire 2nd season and before i had seen all of the episodes i thought i didnt like Denny and Izzie but now i'm devastated that he had to die! And the way that alex picked her up off the bed and held her! cute! But omg can we say Hot between Derek and Meredith? that was some mad passion between the two of them. it was basically amazing. its about time they both woke up and realized the strength of their feelings. Too bad for Finn though bc i really really like him too, and he would be the safer choice, but how can you give up McDreamy?
  • OK, enough already!

    Deaths, affairs and a proposal are some of the things that ended Grey's Anatomy's 2nd season. First off the deaths; Derek and Merediths dog dies after getting a tumor in his brain. A sad scene adding even more reality to a dramatic finale. Also Denny dies hours after he proposed to Izzy, who I think belongs with Alex. As death surrounds Izzy, McDreamy and Meredith "rekindle" their love. And I'm just bored. I'm completely through their relationship, and especially self-absorbed Meredith. As much as I had wanted Meredith to be with George. It is not realistic. We live in a world where looks count. and besides Meredith should have sometime on her own to decide whar she really wants.

    What will happen now to both Izzy and Addison as they realise they have lost the men of their lives?
  • Am I the only one who hated this episode?

    Alright the acting was great (as usual).
    Alright the soundtrack was amazing.
    Alright the suspense was killing me too,

    but I was wondering when they would stop hurting me. Let's do this right, let's start with Alex.

    Alex was developed with the rest of the interns just nicely, until he was written to piss Izzie off. Why he did it we'll probably never know. Then he advises a patient to get a lawyer so he can sew the hospital that pays his checks. Stupid. Alex is many things but he isn't stupid and he certainly wouldn't jeopardize his career. (which he was if the chief found out) Ever since then, he had practically nothing to say until Danny died.

    George just happens to find a woman that would love him for the man that he is and all he thinks about is the chick who dumped him.

    Christine has lost the thing she loved most in Preston: his strength, his ability to save lives. And she didn't even stand by his side. She said she loved him and she's not great with committment but still, that was little too much.

    Meredith. Meredith. Meredith. Could those writers finally make a decision. One Episode Derek is into her, the next he isn't. One Episode she's over him and friends with his wife. The next she sleeps with him. I get that a lot of you people out there would love to see Mere and Derek be together again. I get it. And everybody is entitled to their own taste. And I'm fine with it, as long as I can keep Kate Walsh on the show :) Caus she was really a boost to the show. So go ahead. Decide what you want (you writers) but decide already.

    And now we get to Izzie, the girl who gave up her daughter so that she could have a life. And became surgeon. Who found a way to pay for college. So she could be a surgeon. And now? What do they have her do? Crack. The girl that's been ramping about how tough she is, because she grew up in a trailerpark. That girl is cracking. Because she has fallen for a guy she has seen nowhere but in his hospital bed. She knows none of his friends, no family members ever visited him, which gaver her no clue, that he might be a little weird. I mean, nobody literaly comes to see him. That would freak me out.
    And she falls for him. She crosses one line. But then she actually makes his condition worse to get him a heart. Steal it from someone else. The second line. She involves her friends in it. The third line. And then she quits in front of the chief. The fourth line. These are four lines too much.

    They can't continue GA without Izzie. She's the light of this show. Whitout her, who would Alex make his remarks to? Who would comfort George? Who would make us smile? They can't pull her off this show, because then it would suck (at least for a while)
    And if they don't that was the worst storyline in human history. (no wait I've seen Angel...)

    So please forgive me, if you don't agree, but I'm just said they couldn't find a happier ending than this.
  • That\'s all I\'ve got to say: Nerve-wracking. I haven\'t seen a better season finale in years.

    That\'s all I\'ve got to say: Nerve-wracking. I haven\'t seen a better season finale in years.

    The 1st part of the finale was awesome, brilliant and exciting... The fight for the heart started and so did Izzy\'s mad idea to get it. The 1st part of the 2nd part(I know, sounds weird) was the same... Couldn\'t wait to see the end...

    And then THE finale... At first I was all nice and everyone seemed to be happy despite the consequences that Izzie had to face. The interns couldn\'t be broken, so the cheif decided to put them in charge of planing a prom. At the prom, things got worse, really worse.

    After Derek and Meredith\'s \'reunion\', poor Denny dies... I somehow knew that was gonna happen cause when you have 2 nerve-wracking episodes before this one, you just know things can\'t work out.

    And the scene where Izzie\'s lying by his corpse was absolutely a tearjerker... And when Alex came...
    I hope we\'ll see more of Izzie next season... Even though she quit (!!!), she still lives with George and Meredith, and they\'re gonna convince to come back.

    You know, when I heard that the show is being moved to Thursdays, I was worried. But with an awesome finale like this, I want it to beat OCs, Supernaturals and, most importantly, CSIs ass despite the fact that I watch em all... :) Go Grey\'s, go! :)
  • Shonda is a genius!

    Don´t get me wrong, Grey´s Anatomy.... Oh my GOSH is one of my favorite shows!!! But... well I will have to give all three final episodes a 9.5...

    It´s just... Izzie and Deny...
    I know, I know you all LOVE Izzie and Deny... but... it´s a different thing to me...

    I´m a doctor and although that I know that it´s just TV, not reality I can´t stop feeling that these time there went too far, just TOO far, and my doctor friends share the same idea with me... The idea of someone too involved with a patient that actually hurt him to get him better???? I LOVE the show but that was too much for me. Just my thoughts...

    On the other hand I have to say that it was a fantastic story, a prom in a hospital!!! waooo it was so beautiful! and get to see all the characters getting in their best clothes and just have fun, was excelent.

    Mer/Der.... Mer/Der... they love each other and trying to denied just push them into that situation: too much sex tension! The love scene was beautiful and I can actually see their love in there.

    Alex, well he showed a part of him that many of us couldn´t imagine it was there.

    George, he deserves to move on, and after all she seem a really good girl who really love him... best of luck!

    Im just very sorry about McVet he didn´t deserve it...

    As for Addison, I dont know what to really think... she cheated on his husband! and in real life I can´t forget cheating, so why do it on tv???

    I guess it will be a fantastic 3rd season and what can I do to keep me sane until then???? I can´t wait!
  • I'm speechless.

    Where to begin. The entire episode was so beautifully written and even more flawlessly portrayed by the awesome cast. I particularly loved Izzie and Denny. Jeffrey Dean Morgan delivered a heart wrenching death bed scene. Then Izzie in her prom dress, arms wrapped around the love of her life. It was just superb. Then there was Meredith and Derek. I don't know what it is, but Patrick and Ellen are so incredibly talented at creating the perfect heat between Meredith and Derek. Just by looking into his eyes, you can tell that Derek is head over heals for Meredith. The entire cast is amazingly talented and that is why so many love the show. Keep up the good work guys!
  • Oh....My....God....

    Oh, my God!!! This ep was sad, funny, tearjerker, and made me very angry and anxious for next season. First of all, what is wrong with Izzie?!?!?!? I used to like her, but since she \"fell in love\" with Denny, she\'s gone insane! She risked(and gave up)her whole medical career for this guy she\'s known for what? 6 months? Then, Denny died at 7:42 Monday evening. Cue me sobbing. Callie says \"I love you\" to George a bit too soon, but I can see both sides of the argument. Then, Doc dies! Maybe sadder than Denny. But, of course....Meredith and McDreamy!!! OMG! Way to go....feeding the beast. That might have been the sexiest scene ever! And the look that Callie gave Derek...ouch! The ending killed me, though. McDreamy or McVet, McDreamy or McVet. C\'mon, she has to pick McDreamy!
  • wow...WOW! Heart-string YANKER from my favourite show.

    Oh my god. I\\\'m an Aussie viewer and just watched it recently (couldn\\\'t wait for stupid Australian TV to show it, as Grey\\\'s is on pause right now for ratings).

    I started bawling from about the point where Doc was put down cause I have a dog that\\\'s really old and it hit so close to home. Then when Denny died it was such a shock (although it was a bit rash of Izzie to accept the proposal) - he didn\\\'t even get to walk out of the hospital like he said he wanted to, or wake up next to her and go to bed with her and oh my god i\\\'m crying again. It\\\'s so tragic! It was gorgeous though when Alex picked her up off the bed in that beautiful princess dress and cradled her - I know they\\\'re meant to be together eventually, but I loved Denny and didn\\\'t realise they\\\'d dispose of him so early! I agree with other reviews here - they\\\'ve gotten rid of the best storyline so far!

    As for Meredith and Derek - they\\\'re really starting to bore me. The rekindled love scene was nice and passionate, but I think they didn\\\'t need to go so far as having sex - kind of made her a dirty slut again...And the vet is such a nice guy! At least break it off with him first! Yes yes I know...the moment. The prom side to the episode was pretty corny too - as were the one on one interviews with Richard.. But I suppose it all added to the dramatic effect at the end.

    Great episode though - I just WISH Denny hadn\\\'t died. And now what\\\'s Izzie going to do since she\\\'s quit?!

    Can\\\'t wait til Season 3! Will count down the days!!!
  • Fast-paced, Emotional, Revealing...

    My goodness, there was so much going on in this episode, it's difficult to find a place to start. I knew we wouldn't be seeing much more of Denny, and that he and Izzy were getting close, but her emotional upheaval was a trifle unexpected.

    I was really shocked when Burke was shot, not so shocked that the Loudmouthed manager was shot. Crazy, really since he'd finally managed to learn a lesson on humility.

    I really thought the whole Prom in the Hospital was over the top, like that would ever really happen, then again, it was an acute insight to Bailey, silver and white. I loved it when she was barking out orders.

    The episode left us with a few cliffies, the continuance of Burke's career, the relationship between Burke and Christina, the obvious tension and release thereof between Meredith and McDreamy, and the emotional drama of Izzy. So many things to look forward to for next season.

    This show keeps getting better and better.

    RIP Doc. :(
  • 3 words... 'OH THE HUMANITY!!!'

    I have seen every episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” since it premiered, but I will never watch it again. It’s never been my ‘typical’ kind of show. I don’t generally like soap operas, but I do like hospital dramas, so it drew me in at first. The soap aspect was there from the beginning, but I liked most of the characters and there was enough legitimate drama and medical jargon to keep me interested. In the last few episodes of the season, however, the writers seem to have lost their way, or perhaps found a way that is a complete turn-off to me. A few months ago, I read in a contributor’s review, that the superior quality of “Grey’s Anatomy” has made the very existence of “ER” unnecessary. At this comment, I not only scoffed, but took offense, as “ER” is a totally different type of drama, who’s weakest shows are still infinitely better than the best of “Grey’s Anatomy”. That’s not to say that “Grey’s” hasn’t had some spectacular moments, it has. The episodes ‘Into You Like a Train’ and the two-part ‘It’s the End of the World’ & ‘(As We Know It)’ were tremendous examples of a well written and acted TV drama, and to think some reviewers actually think the three-part season finale was as good as those is quite disturbing. All in all, I feel as though I have been let down by a show that started off with enormous potential, but has basically become a prime-time soap. In the last three episodes of the season, most of the main characters seem to have become moronic caricatures of themselves, exhibiting nothing but their worst traits. It was one thing for Izzie to fall in love a patient, but to risk his life for her own selfish reasons? And Meredith and Derek just pissed me off with their final decisions. It’s not that I’m projecting my displeasure of these three episodes onto the whole season or entire show for that matter, but when almost ALL of the principle characters have pissed you off inside of three hours, why should I care what happens to them next season?! (p.s. – I still like George, someone let me know if he gets his own show…)
  • Fine, i'll admit it, the actors did a good job and they were definitely on their top game. The writers on the other hand were predictable and pathetic even if their ideas were "creative." It was very hard seeing everything i didn't want to see happen on a

    So let me list to you what i never wanted to see happen in this episode:

    1) Denny dying- sure it was what everyone saw coming but when they brought marriage to the table, killing him off left everyone hanging (especially Izzie) and very disapointed. The difference between this and killing him off sooner or when him and Izzie were not as serious would be that him dying would not have cost Izzie's career, a donated heart, and a faux marriage proposal. Plus, even if he was always meant to die, they should have either waited till next season when him and Izzie has a real relationship with sex or they should not have killed him after the heart transplant. WRITERS OF GREY'S- if you are reading this, know this; fooling us into believiing he was ok may have worked but it's not new material. You did the same thing with the bomb squad guy and not to mention several patients. JUST STOP!

    2) Derek and Meredith sex scene- a f**king dissapointment if you ask me. He chose his wife people and he ignored Meredith for months. She then forgave him like that and that angered me enough. Making them "friends" was just too predictable to see that they weren't actually friends. Not to mention that this man chose to pick Meredith when she was finally on her feet again, yeah what a dreamy guy. Grow up ladies who watch this show, his looks are nothing compared to his smarta*s attitude, his poor judgment, and bad timing. So any mer/der fans should really just stop looking at this relationship as true love because he's good looking because quite frankly, all their relationship is now is a sleezy, trashy affair. Thanks for making Meredith a whore again writers, right when the audience started to like her.

    3) George and Callie- never liked them. They barely got screen time and I never believed for a second that she actually is serious with him.

    4) Burke and Christina- i liked the idea on paper but on screen it was dull and very silent, literally. All Christina did was stare at Burke and all Burke did was trying to move his hand.

    5) Finn- showed a very poor and unbelievable preformance as Meredith's love interest. Barely even talks to her and already he "has plans." The relationship was dry.

    6) Webber- just an excuse to put the dramatic prom imagery together with Denny's death.

    What i liked:
    1) Izzy saying yes to Denny's proposal, before eliminating him!
    2) George finally talking to Meredith and patching things up. I liked that he was in love with her but him being her friend again is a hell of al lot better then him being a cry baby chick giving the silent treatment. You have no idea how much respect i lost for him. Thanks to his immature silent treatment for Mer, Izzie and Denny moved up on my favorite characters.
    3) Meredtih yelling at Derek before she gave in to him. SO screw that.
    4) Izzie's dramatic walk in her prom dress and her quitting. I got really attracted to her from then on. She's HOT! I always knew that but now she had attitude which made her extra HOT!
  • The best story going (Denny/Izzie) is now over. The Meredith/Derek thing is now trashy, and in usual Grey\\\'s fashion the theme \\\"bad things happen to good people\\\" makes a few more rounds. And how can we possibly forgive the absurdity of PROM taking

    What a thoroughly crushing disappointment this was, particularly when part one was superb. Ending the Denny/Izzie romance by having him die was predictable and disappointing. Meredith and Derek having spontaneous sex at the PROM was a mistake and entirely predictable. I know SEX is the only thing that matters anymore, but attempting to convince us that they love each other by not being able to control themselves is insulting to one\\\'s intelligence, not to mention deflating to the characters\\\' redeeming qualities that have been built up to this point. You have a husband re-betraying his wife, and a woman who has given new life to a \\\"broken\\\" man cruelly betraying him. And what we are supposed to think - good for them?? Please! What in the world is now redeeming about either of these characters\\\' personalities? The rest of the personal relationships were tied up predictably. Who knows, maybe they can make it all be someone\\\'s dream or something...
    And as an aside- I won\\\'t even bother to go into detail about the symbolism of the DOG DYING being stuffed into our faces!
  • Death, a rekindling of lovers. heartache. will they or wont they this episode has it all.

    fantastic episode.
    Am not a cryer but dam!! this episode got me alot .
    two things i think really made this episode for me was

    1} the friendship between the team i love the way that they all came togther i thought the writer's wote it really well it didn't come off chessey at all.

    2}Denny's death was another scene i enjoyed it was heartbreaking to see him die but it need to be done. Katherine Heigl did such a great job to me she made these two episodes her performance was on top form.

    3}Bailey - need i say more she the best!!

    the only down for me was the rekindling of Meredith and Derek romance .
    dont get me wrong i loved them togther before the whole Addison Montgomery Shepherd came on to the scene but he picked his wife. and now that am use to his wife am sorry to say this i like her.i love Cristina but Burke needs to end it come on she left him hanging,i hope George and Calli stay together he need some loving poor guy.
  • Death, heart-break, and a quickie? How was your prom?

    Putting aside the rather lame and wholly unrealistic plot device that was the prom, this episode marked a needed, tragic, and phenomenal conclusion to the Mer/Der story.

    And, yes, I said, conclusion. Don’t let the cliffhanger fool you.

    And, yes, I’m writing as much from hope as from observation.

    The episode title?: “Losing My Religion:”
    Everyone lost something precious by the end of this episode.
    And, on the theory that deaths come in threes:

    1. Doc died.
    2. Denny died.

    So, what’s #3?

    Yep, Mer/Der died.

    Reading the flood of message board posts on the Grey Matter website, you can clearly see the ambivalence (if not outright hostility) folks felt toward their encounter. I think the ambivalence is the intended response.

    Derek has hurt Meredith irreparably—by not choosing her, by breaking her, and by calling her a whore. And I think him reaching to her for sex, in jealousy, just made those wounds deeper. He still didn’t choose her, and he broke her AGAIN by making her a whore AGAIN by allowing her to cheat on Finn.

    My hopes for next season? Derek and Addison’s marriage will end, because it needs to for both of them. But, Derek also loses Meredith. She, too, has “lost her religion”—her trust in Derek. She does love him, but I think, and hope, that healing herself makes that love come up short. Sometimes someone hurts you so deeply you cannot go back.

    So, all in all? A fantastic episode, because the resolution to the cliffhanger is right in front of you, and it's as heart-wrenching as Denny dying JUST AFTER you were fooled into thinking he and Izzy were going to be alright. Don’t be fooled again: Meredith said goodbye.
  • Wow, there are no words to describe this.

    What an excellent season finale. It tied up enough loose ends that I was satisfied, but left other things open so of course it will keep me pining for new episodes all summer. I was really excited that Burke lived. I was even more thrilled when he came too outside with Bailey sitting over him, and was competent most of the episode. Luckily it was not a heart wound like I thought it was. I keep thinking that Burke may die and that was how Denny would get his heart. That would have sucked though. Then all the interns finding out what Izzie had done. Christina's reaction was justified (she just found out her boyfriend had been shot so she had the right to be a little cranky and call her stupid). Wow, Izzie really, really, loved Denny. And how sweet was it that he asked her to marry him? That's rushing it a bit, but that’s good TV. I liked it when Meredith told all the other yelling interns to shut up. She really is good in a crisis. And it was a priceless scene when Bailey was looking for her interns and was talking to Burke, "What have you done with my suck ups?" and he had that look on his face and she realized he knew something and called him by his full name, "Preston Xavier Burke!" (I think that's what it was). I also liked how Izzie refused to leave Denny's side and how she told Bailey "no" very firmly. Even better was how Bailey reacted. Instead of having her physically removed from the room, she told the nurse to help Izzie (if she would allow it).
    Ok, so how heartbreaking was it for Burke to find out he could lose control of his hand and arm and then Christina backs out of helping him when they woke him up from surgery. Good thing Christina grabbed his hand at the end. Glad that Shepherd was there for him too.
    I also liked how Alex got the other Doctor from the other hospital to come to the transplant after hearing Burke had been shot. Even though he's still a complete jerk, you can tell he really still cares about Izzie. And when the chief finds out, it was a great thing to see the interns standing by one another (I loved how Alex said he was innocent and had nothing to do with it and Christina needed some coaxing, namely an elbow in the ribs to take the blame). I think what Izzie did was a little extreme, but she thought she was justified.
    On to my favorite guest star of the night! Loretta Devine! I love that woman. She did excellent tonight. Finding out about that her niece's cancer was back and how she told her husband she knew about the affair he had had with Meredith's mother. I was wondering when that was going to come up. I love how they edit this show (especially the scenes they cut together of Burke and Denny's surgery). Too bad Christina keeps getting weaker.
    I loved the scenes that Webber had alone with the interns trying to figure out who exactly cut Denny's lines. Each one of them had an appropriate conversation. I liked Alex's analogy of football. And then I think Sandra Oh was absolutely brilliant. She was afraid she was losing her edge. I think the Chief may have cut off more then he could chew interviewing them alone. And then George was awesome too (you can tell that even though he is with Callie, that of course he is still harboring feelings for Meredith). Izzie's interview bored me a little, but then they closed with a bang. Meredith calling Webber out on his affair with her mother. I was not expecting that. I like how none of the interns talked and they got put in "time out" and in charge of his dying niece's prom. Glad that Denny survived his surgery. I figured they wouldn't kill him off in the first hour of the show. Then the poor interns had to sit through the horrible prom planning and they finally had to go to Bailey for help ("You speak teenage girl!" Got me laughing). Then there was of course the conversation between George and Meredith that I knew was coming. It was sweet of George to apologize, but I'm not completely sure I understand why he did it. He did know better, but in a sense, he was also a little naive and hoping that things could possibly change between him and Meredith. But it was a nice touch. And he is such a sweetheart too. The prom theme was cute. Too bad Meredith was still getting over putting Doc to sleep. It sucks when they kill off an animal...
    The show heat up the last 15 minutes (as always). First there was Derek and Meredith sleeping together. I loved Callie walking in on them and then helping Meredith tie her dress up. So that leaves us questioning what's going to happen next season (Callie has some serious blackmail material on Meredith now!) Poor Finn though (but then again, I see no sparks between the two of them).
    Loved that George told Callie that when he said "love" back to her, he wanted to mean it. He is too good of a guy to be true.
    Next was Denny, I knew something was up when they showed Denny all alone and content in his bed. It sucks that he died alone. Of course Izzie was going to be the one who found him. It was nice to see all the interns rally around Izzie, but the most unexpected one was the one who held her when she cried. I almost lost it at the scene where Alex is holding a devastated Izzie. He may be an @$$, but at least he genuinely cares for her. I really wish they wouldn't have killed off Denny though. I figured she would either quit or get fired. I'm kind of glad she quit, but I'll miss her. Loved how Dr. Bailey gently called after her after she quit. And then George and Alex walking down the stairs with her. Pretty good way to end the finale, but I still like "The End of the world/As we know it" episode better.
  • There were fiveincredible scenes in this episode that show how wonderful these actors are and how wonderful this series and it's writers are.

    1) When Izzie climbs in bed with Denny after he's passed and Alex gives her the speech about how it isn't really Denny anymore. Tearjerking. Wonderful. Emmys should rain on them. I burst into tears at this point.

    2) When Callie and George met in the hall, so amazing. He loved her but couldn't say it. But you know that he does but is still torn about Meredith.

    3) When Crisitna wordlessly enters Burke's rooma and grabs his hand. so much was said in that silence. Everythign from I love, to I'll help you, I'll stand by you, and even if you're no longer a surgeon, I'll love you. And she looked beautiful in that moment.

    4) And finally the last moment. The new triangle. The looks between Mereditha dn Derek and Finn. Wonderful. So much said, but you don't know what any of them are thinking. We must wait until next year to find out.

    5) Callie interrupts Meredith adn McDreamy (while Mer is looking for her panties which she never found by the way) and as Meredith leaves Callie stops her and reties her dress so that no one will know what happened. A simple moment establishining friendship and showing that Callie wants to be a part of the club and no longer wants to be enemies wiht Meredith.
  • Amazing - the most wonderful season of television in existance

    There is just so so much to say. And I haven't thought about it all yet, its kinda of hard to process. So many storylines, so much that ends and begins and is just so wow.

    And so I will leave the talk of Denny and Izzy, Burke and Christina and George and Callie to others. For me, this episode was all about Derek and Meredith. Finally, once again, we have a Derek and Meredith. And yeah, you know, maybe it was ill-advised, maybe it wasn't right.

    But you know what? This time I don't care. Right and wrong, good or bad, they love each other - they are made for each other. So they did something wrong in the name of the love. I'm sorry that they hurt people. But sometimes thats how love goes.

    So, we are left with Merediths choice. And it must be hard, and everyone is saying that she should make it hard for him (Derek). But I say, no way.

    Pick him. Choose him. Love him.

    And my reasons? Well, its simple. We have seen Derek and Meredith love and fight and cry and laugh. We have spent a whole season watching them do this apart. Please, let us see them love and fight and cry and laugh together. Please?
  • A dying dog is an aphrodisiac to Meredith and McDreamy. Meanwhile, to prioritize her boyfriend on the transplant list, hysterical intern and pals sabotage his lifesaving cardiac aid, for which they are sentenced to put on a prom as punishment.

    I hate to be the wet blanket, but this finale jumped the shark back in part one and got worse each hour. Izzy's hysterics should have convinced Denny he needed a second opinion, not her outlandish plan, and the other interns should have provided a sanity check, not help. If we suspend our disbelief even to accept their choice, they still would have all had their butts fired for participating in that fiasco! I understand taking creative license, but this was ridiculous! This show offers great drama in the small moments between characters, so this hyped melodrama was very disappointing.
  • Denny is in a situation with his tubes cut, and interns are desperately working to get him a new heart. Prom @ hospital for Chief\'s niece. Dereck \"looks\" at Meredith, leds to something more (shh!). Dog is put to sleep. Denny asks Izzy to marry him, bef

    *Denny, Izzy, Getting a New Heart*
    One thing this episode really did a great job of doing was showing how everyone really does care about each other. We all have our reasons for not showing it, but when the time comes, we are there for the people we care about. Izzy never let go of Denny until the end, and put her entire career at great risk for him. I was very happy to see them both happy. Foolish me for thinking it could stay that way, but terrible things often do happen to good people.

    *Cristina, Burke*
    With Burke a patient, requiring crucial surgery because he was shot (17 Seconds), things become slightly odd with Cristina. In the interview with the Chief about cutting the tubes, she shows real emotion, telling the Chief that she\'s \'lost her edge\'. What I think that she\'s realized is that she has actually started to really care about people. She cares about Burke, and it makes it very difficult to see the man she loves in so much pain. Sandra Oh did wonderful tonight, as well as all our other actors and actresses. Absolutely stellar performances by all!!

    *George, Meredith*
    Put in a sort of time out for interns, George and Meredith are left when Izzy goes to check on Denny and Cristina goes to Burke. Meredith says sorry, but George doesn\'t want to hear it. Not because of why you\'d think though- George explains that he is the one who should be saying sorry, not Meredith. He knew that she wouldn\'t feel the same way about him as he did her, but still, he went on with it.

    *Chief, Adele*
    When the Chief\'s teenage niece comes in with her ovarian cancer back on the night of her prom, Adele confronts the Chief angrily when he asks the teens from all coming to see Camille (the niece). She tells him that no matter what happened, including Ellis, which she DID know about, and the drinking because of Ellis, which she DID know about, she stayed with him. She treatened to leave him if he didn\'t make it up to Camille=Prom at the hospital.

    *Dereck, Addison*
    Things seem shaky in the beginning, but eventually they speak about how they *are* trying to work this out. Dereck asks Addison to the prom at the hospital.

    *Finn(Vet), Meredith*
    Both coming off of very difficult relationship problems (Finn\'s wife died, Meredith-well, you know the situation), they both seem quite happy together. Taking it slow, like they both really need, it really seems like -this- will actually work out for Meredith......THEN there is.....

    *Dereck, Meredith*
    \"Stop looking at me\", Meredith said. Dereck countered saying he wishes he couldn\'t, he wishes he could feel the way he does about her with about his wife, like he should, but it doesn\'t happen. He still loves her obviously, and Meredith, of course, still cares about him. Oh God, do I feel for them.... Things end up going far, Callie walks in when they are just finishing. \"What next? What does this mean?\", even Dereck is wondering!

    *George, Callie*
    Another pair in love, Callie is extremely upset because she told George that she loved him, and George didn\'t feel ready to return the words. George does love her, you can tell, he is just not ready to express it in words. George asks her to wait until he can say it from the heart, not just as a response because she said it, and they kiss....^_^

    Once again, excellent,excellent job by every single actor and actress in tonights episode-An amazing season and an absolutely AMAZING season finale! I\'m glad we got closure on a lot of things, but still, we are left with the suspense for next season of what Meredith is to do about her two men- Dereck, with his wife, but they still love each other, or Finn, the veternatian she cares about and things are going so well- Will Burke be able to use his hand well enough again? What will become of Izzy?

    We\'ll find out in Season Three of Grey\'s Anatomy!! ^_^
  • 1 word...WOW

    oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god that episode was my life i have no words to describe how much i loved this i was crying so hard when Denny died and CHEERING sooo sooo sooo loud when Meredith and derek got together....christina and burke scared me but it ended good..i just dont think that i can wait until the fall...i just cant wait!! meredith and alex i have at no other point in the show loved him so much...and i cant believe that izzy quit and just to sum it up now...i love this show!!
  • I want to give it a 20! (Spoilers)

    I haven\'t cried this much in a long time!

    This episode was heartbreaking in many ways. The dog; Denny; Cristina\'s weakness.

    Cristina froze when she should\'ve helped Burke after he got shot and almost lost the use of his arm.

    The put the dog down.

    Denny proposes to Izzie. She dresses for the prom and while she\'s on her way to show him how pretty his fiancee is, he strokes and dies.

    Karev consoles her in such a gentle way.

    She quits.

    Meredith-Derek-Finn. What a mess. The widower has plans for the first time since his wife died. McDreamy can\'t keep his McHands off Meredith. Now she has to choose.

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! September...where are you?
  • Meredith slept with derek again??

    Oh My God! What an episode!! it was amazing! a brilliant end to the second series. Meredith sleeping with Derek while shes with finn and hes with addison. Izzy getting engaged to denny, saying yes then him dying - i cried!! i was absolutley brilliant.

    I love this episode but i cry everytime. who can blame me! there was hurt, betrayel, sex, love, passion! you cannot blame it for being the Best Tv Show Around!

    I can't wait until the third series comes out in the uk! if it is as good as the last two series then i can not wait!! bring on the docs!!
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