Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 27

Losing My Religion

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2006 on ABC

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  • Best episode I've seen of the show so far.

    Finally! An episode where they don't rely entirely on WOW-type medical incidents and focus on their cast instead.

    One of the things that keeps this show from rising above average is that they always have medical WOW stuff going on, like one in a million cases and rare diseases. I mean, these characters have seen more rare stuff as interns than most real doctors do during an entire career.

    But in this episode they FINALLY dare to set that stuff aside and trust that the characters can hold an episode on their own. And they're smart enough to not focus the episode around their Mary Sue lead. All of Merediths subplot scenes pulled the episode to a halt and bored me. It doesn't help either that Ellen Pompeo seems to be reading off of cuecards most of the time. She talks the way some people do when they read aloud, which is different from the fluent spontaneous way you otherwise talk. Simply put, Meredith is a boring character with tedious plots and a poor actress portraying her. The less we see of her, the better.

    Focusing the heart of the story on Izzie was a great idea. Katherine Heigl is a good actress, and she did a really good job throughout the three episode arc that finished in this episode. She really got to stretch her legs, as Izzie was both her normal self, completely panicked, full of guilt, extremely happy and grieving during the three episodes. Kudos both to Heigl and the writers and directors. Watching this episode for the first time a couple of years after it first aired I of course knew already how the storyline would end, but they still managed to captivate me.

    It was great seeing how Bailey's interns have really formed a family now. They've referred to themselves as a family a few times before and I've always found it kind of silly, but with this episode and the two previous they come together and really seem like a family. Especially Christina and Alex were written and acted in a great way, showing believable character growth to get them to end up pulling together for Izzie.

    The ending of the episode was really well done. Especially the acting performances of Katherine Heigl and Justin Chambers. It was expected, but still nice, to see Alex being the one stepping up for Izzie in the end, setting aside his own jealousy to put her needs first. I believe it was the first time we've seen him do something that really shows of love, rather than selfishness. It was really touching to see Izzy with Denny after he died, and even moreso to see Alex taking care of her. And I got a bit misty eyed when she left the hospital with Alex and George following her, which I assume was the director's way of showing that these two guys will be there for her whenever she needs them. The choice of music for this scene was also excellent.

    I hope we'll get to see more episodes like this, with focus on the lead characters, giving the central cast a chance to show what they can do. Pompeo has thus far fallen flat whenever she's been given any room to show real acting ability, so I hope that the focus will fall on one of the others. Because when it comes to the cast around Pompeo, most of them are really good.