Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 27

Losing My Religion

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2006 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • (Alex makes groaning noises)
      George: Are you having a seizure?
      Alex: Will that get me out of here? Fine, lets go with seizure. For the love of God you people need to get a life.
      George: Chief's niece. Chief's niece.
      Claire: It's okay, the hot ones are always mean, it's like a rule or something. (Alex smirks)
      Natalie: Don't you dare try and judge us. We're trying to make our friend, who just happens to be dying of cancer, happy. Color does matter, maybe not to you... but it does matter.
      George (cuts to them outside the room with Bailey): Not to bother you, but...
      Bailey: What? alright, one of you better spit out the problem right now.
      Alex: The problem is the colors and-- and the balloons and the under the sea. No, it's Titanic. Hey, let's go with Tears In Heaven. No, that's too morbid. It should be pink, it should be red, it should be a freakin' rainbow.
      George: What he's saying is that we're very, very hopeful that you speak teenage girl.
      Bailey (back in the room with the girls): Silver and white. It's mystical and magical without being over the top. Ever seen Fashion Week in New York? Lots of silver and white runways and backdrops. That's because no matter what color the clothes are, they pop.
      Claire & Natalie: They pop?
      Bailey: They pop! O'Malley and Karev, get 500 balloons in silver and white. 100 in black, shiny black not the matte. Yang, stick with Camille, keep her happy, keep her spirits up. Grey, get with Patricia, make sure we can rope off the second floor nurses' station and the waiting room. Got it? (they're all looking at her, in shock) Oh no, no. You don't get to look at me like that. No you comprised my medical license. You nearly killed a patient, lied to the Chief of Surgery and made me your resident look bad! We're gonna do this prom and we're doing it right! Move!