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Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2007 on ABC
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A patient is in the hospital because they fell asleep in a hazardous situation. A patient's home laboratory blew up in an apartment building and the victims flood the hospital. Alex investigates the cause of the incident by talking to an elderly resident of the apartment building. Jane Burke shows up to deal with what her son left behind. Lexie tries to talk to Meredith. Callie is overwhelmed by her new position while Bailey is searching for things to do.moreless

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  • I was bored

    I didnt think I would ever feel this was about this show. I was so bored all the way through until the last 5 minutes. I was expecting this episode to be so great after the season finalie, but no. Come'on I thought Izzy would have finally known that she has to get her act together but no she decides to take her interns outside to revive a deer. She could have called a vet.

    Yeah so we met the interns and the residents tried to act like Bailey all tough, thats what made it so boring. For me the only interesting thing about this episde was Bailey finding out why she wasnt chosen and when george knocked on Izzys door at the end to tell her that he loves her. I really hope that the next episode steps up for me.moreless
  • When Mer was talking about addictions I knew everything was gonna be diastrous.

    This episode disapointed me. I expected more; it was getting good, but it fall to pieces in the middle of the episode.

    Good things: Mark has done such a great growing up and it was shown here in this episode, Mama Burke's speech to Mer, Derek, George and Cristina, Meredith's narration abour addiction (but not the acting part!).

    Bad things: MerDer attitude (S and M, the last scene), Izzie's attitude throughout this episode('Just because do bad things it doesn't mean that they're bad people', when she said a couple things to Callie on surgery), Alex's stupid act, how this episode's cases dealed with 'addiction', and Lexie Grey (again).

    Good things

    A) Mark: I liked how he tried to help Derek, and also the dialog with Callie. I think Mark's one of the caracthers that made the most incredible growing up. He's not that ol' manwhore that we saw at the beginning. B) Mama Burke: I liked how she spoke herself out whit Mer, Der, Cris and George. Her apperance was great and saved this episode.

    C) Meredith's narration: It was the point of view of a junkie, and it was good, but also it refered to other kind of addictions. I think this speach was great, and even if it scared me at the beginning, I think whoever wrote that one deserves this kind of good coments.

    Bad things

    A) Meredith and Derek: M and S? seriously, it was just dumb. If they're going to break up they had better stop doing that kind of things! It's no good. And we heard Derek and Meredith talking about each other with other people. Again, they're meant to be togheter and that's all. I still don't understand from where does this drama come from.

    B) Izzie: What she said to Callie was the beggining of the end. That brown-nosing act was that, and everyone realised: if you're sucking at your work...why so you have to tell otherwise? Add to this that she's George's mistress and that Callie is suspicious. Boom. I saw Callie's reaction from miles away. And that was suicidal!Also, I didn't like when she said "Just because people do bad things it doesn't mean they're bad people" I don't quite agree with that. Bad things turn you into a bad person (preogressively), even if you're the greatest. E.G.: a very good person (good towards people, polite, smart) steals money from his/her friends. In that case, is he/she still a good person ? Come up with another example and check. Even if you're a good person, if you do bad acts, that turn you into a bad person.

    C) Alex: It was stupid to do so. Sometimes you have to hold things to yourself to avoid legal trouble, and in this case, when they had called the police, Alex's action was unnecesary. Not to mention Callie's hiney is the responsible one for this.

    D) Lexie Grey: her stalking attitude was really disturbing. I know she wants to talk to Meredith, but it was easier to ask her for a drink/coffee to talk. Even if Meredith doesn't want to, Lexie has to try this way, not to bother the rest.

    E) Addiction cases: They weren't good enough. I expected more. I think that something was missing, I don't know what, but this cases needed something more, because they kinda ruined Meredith's narration. This wasn't a great episode because somethings were just bad and incomplete.moreless
  • Meredith and Derek continue their strange situation after breaking up. Burke's mother shows up at the hospital looking for Cristina. The team deals with a case involving what appears to have been the results of a gas explosion.moreless

    So Grey and Derek are still at it. While they do seem to be addicted to each other, i don't see this heading in any other direction other than one that will cause even more problems. If they decided to break up, they should break up. Sleeping with each other while there are still such intense feelings involved will only lead to trouble, and it can only end badly. Speaking of bad relationships George and Izzie are dealing with their feelings for each other. George wants to tell Callie that he loves Izzie and that he doesn't want to be in their marraige i guess, but Izzie sees that something is bothering Callie, so she asks George not to tell her yet. Izzie tries to ease her guilt some by telling Callie she's doing a good job as chief resident, after seeing how much pressure she is under. I remember saying to myself "If Izzie doesn't stop acting so nervous around Callie, she's going to figure it out." Turns out she did. Callie isn't stupid and i think she's known for a while. I feel bad for Callie. She then begs George in tears not to tell her today of all days, after having to deal with everything she had going on that day. I think Callie is going to crack under the pressure of this position. I think the head butting between Callie and Miranda is hilarious. I thought Bailey was more hilarious than ever this episode. She unleashed the nazi and i also thought it was funny when she was asking Grey for help after being stressed out because her interns were running the clinic, and referred to them as idiots. Lexie is still trying to get to know her sister, and Meredith is pushing harder to resist that. At first i didn't understand why Meredith was being so mean and why she was trying so hard to resist getting to know Lexie. However, when the episode went on i realized it was because Meredith resents Lexie because she got to have a father and Meredith didn't. Yang was funny this episode. She seems to be getting back to her old self, especially with auctioning off her wedding gifts for favors. I also thought she was funny helping Meredith out by being Cristina-ish to Lexie. "If you have time to stare, you have time to get me coffee!" I thought that was funny. So Burke's mother comes around to speak to Yang after being dodged for quite a while. She did tell Cristina that she was a strong woman, and that she was sorry Cristina lost the man she loved and her teacher. So the team had to deal with a case that appeared to be a gas explosing possibly from a stove. An older man, a younger man, and a couple with their infant wind up in the hospital because of this. Alex orders a toxic screening on the baby and finds out that he has crystal meth in his system. He then figures out that the couple with the infant were running a meth lab in their apartment, and that's what caused the explosion because it blew up. The older man turned out to be their neighbor who even babysat for them and considered them family. The younger man who's name was Clark passed out on the CAT scan table and had to be shocked back. He later dies because his system was so shot from being an addict. The father of the infant knocked Alex out and took the baby after Alex told him he was going to jail. Alex winds up with stitches in his head, but Derek finds the man and his baby in his wife's bathroom in the hospital. I have to say i miss Addison. This episode would have been right up her alley. I also noticed during this episode that Alex's experience with Addison helped him to work so well with children. The baby Alex was working with suffers from withdrawl and has a stroke and needs surgery. When the mother wakes up she finds out that everyone knows what's going on, that her baby was sick because of what they were doing, that her husband got hauled off by the police, and that they would be wanting to talk to her. When she seems to be freaking out because of this, Cristina (much to my surprise) acted very compassionate towards her, which is a noticable change i saw in her this episode. I was surprised because normally in this kind of situation Cristina would never have shown even an ounce of compassion for a person like this. This was of course another great episode and i can't wait to see the next one.moreless
  • It is a good episode but compare to other Grey's Anatomy epsiodes,it is just good and average!

    The episode circles around the addiction and love.It is good taht the episode shows personal life problems together with related medical cases and taht was great.But the thing because I rate the episode only 9 is that the medical cases were not good enough in my opinion and were not so well showed and written for the viewers to feel the real love addiction that is actually the theme of the episode.For me,the medical cases are maybe the biggest part of the show and taht's why I love and adore seasons 1 and two.The personal life of the doctors is important too but I think that the two stuff should be kept together without one replacing the other.

    I lile the storylines.They were good but not great as the typical Grey's Anatomy ones.

    Meredith deals with Lexie.She acts horrible to her and Lexie is getting cuter in my eyes.Meredith and Derek relation is shown to be an addiction and they end up together despite of their break up.

    Izzie tells George not to tell Carrie but he actually wants.At the end of the episode Carrie doesn't let him tell her.He is thrilled to discover his love addiction to Izzie as his patient dies.

    Carrie is now a chief resident and struggles taht nobody listens to her,nothing's under her controll and is confronted by the Chief.

    Miranda Bailey doesn't find things to do in the hospital.

    Mark and Derek are getting closer as friends.

    Christina is shocked to see Burke's mother coming to the hospital.

    Alex deals with a baby who just can't stop crying.

    Just good,not great but there is a deep improovement in the show's quality after the comparably disappointing third season.I hope for Grey's Anatomy to be great again,not just good like in season three and the show is actually improoving.moreless
  • I liked this episode better than the previous one. I found what happened in this episode a bit more realistic than usual. I know Grey's a drama series, but I think a good drama should still have as many realistic elementas as possible.moreless

    After watching Christina's story, I wondered what would have happened if the actor who played Burke hadn't been fired. Would they have lived happily ever after? What about in a real life situation? If they two were a real life couple, would the woman have acted that way and would the man have really ended it? I don't know. I don't think so. At least I don't hope so. It would certainly disappoint me a great deal if people in real life would toss away relationships so easily like that.

    I am glad that Meredith finally told Lexie what the problems were. Lexie seemed so clueless and ridiculously naive. I don't feel any sympathy towards Lexie though Meredit has been mean to her. Meredith is the one who's fatherless. Think about that. Such pain must have caused her so much damage that she doesn't know how to love and trust a man despite the world's most perfect man, Derek, is madly in love with her.

    I really hope Derek keeps trying. I firmly believe that one day Meredith will be able to love like how most other 'normal' people love. I have a lot of faith in this couple. I feel that I am very much like Meredith in a lot of ways. Both my parents, not just my father, have caused me a lot of damage as well by leaving me and my sister behind at a very young age. I am still trying to learn how to love and trust. I don't think I've got it all figured out yet, but I'm certainly trying, like Meredith.moreless
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Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

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Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

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Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

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Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

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T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

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Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

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Ben Vereen

Archie Kristler

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Nicholas Gonzalez

Clark West

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Jane Burke

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Moe Irvin

Nurse Tyler

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Amrapali Ambegaokar

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Intern Dani

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    • (they are lying in bed naked)
      Meredith: This is the best break-up ever.
      Derek (laughs): I don't know why we didn't break-up along time ago. (he turns off the light, and moves to cuddle with her)
      Meredith: What're you doing?
      Derek: Sleeping.
      Meredith: No. No, sleepovers.
      Derek: Yes, come on, please. It's three in the morning, I gotta work tomorrow.
      Meredith: We agreed, no sleepovers. Broken-up people don't sleep over. Sex only, it's the only part of the relationship that works.
      Derek: Oh, I know. And why screw it up with everything else, right? Dinner, conversations, sleepovers.
      Meredith: You're mocking my severe emotional limitations.
      Derek: You know, I can live without conversations, I can live between meals, and sleepovers... we shouldn't have sleepovers because you snore. (they laugh) Mockery, mockery, that's the deal breaker.
      Meredith: Okay, sex and mockery it is. (they start kissing)

    • (Cristina is giving away all of her appliances that she got as wedding gifts)
      Nurse Tyler: It is beautiful.
      Izzie: I know. It's the Belgian Round, Flip Pro.
      Nurse Tyler: What do you want for it?
      Cristina: What do you got?
      Nurse Tyler: The next time that I get a projectile vomiter, I can loose your pager number.
      Cristina: Oh, you can do better than that. Surgeries, baby. Preferably cardio.
      Meredith: Are these all wedding gifts?
      Izzie: Yes, she's giving them away. I have dibs on the mix-master.
      Cristina: I'm not giving you the mix-master.
      Meredith: I think the tradition is that you're supposed to return them.
      Cristina: Burke registered for this crap and now I'm the one who's stuck dealing with it. So, I'm using it for professional game.
      Mark (indicating the espresso maker): Are you sure you're ready to part with this?
      Izzie: She's not. I want it. I want it.
      Cristina: I am if I can help with the ram boy flap on your next most defect repair.
      Mark: Come to Daddy. (takes the espresso maker and walks away)
      Alex: You steal all of this stuff?
      Izzie: Make her give me something.
      Alex (to Cristina): Give her something.
      Izzie: Give me the mix-master.
      Cristina: Face it. You have nothing that I want.
      Bailey: Would you look at the residents, big snazzy residents, standing around playing with housewares.
      Cristina: Turn a blind eye and the soup tureen's yours.

    • Nurse Tyler: I want the waffle maker.
      Cristina: Didn't we already cover this?
      Nurse Tyler: Yeah, but now I got something that you want.
      Cristina: Oh, yeah, what? (Cristina sees Burke's mom and ducks behind the counter)
      Jane Burke: Hello, I'm Jane Burke.
      Nurse Tyler: Dr. Burke's mother, how nice to see you.
      Jane Burke: I'm looking for Dr. Cristina Yang.
      Nurse Tyler: Yang, Yang, lemme see…. Dr. Yang… (Cristina hits his leg from under the counter) I'll page her, but I think that she's in surgery.
      Jane Burke: I'll wait. (walks away)
      Nurse Tyler: Waffle maker.
      Cristina: Fine.

    • Meredith: So, how'd surgery go on the mom?
      Cristina: She'll live, fine, whatever. That's not the mom that I'm worried about.
      Meredith: Oh, I tried. I tried. Mama is not budging, and she is very scary.
      Cristina: Yeah, obviously. What does she want? Did Burke send her?
      Meredith: I don't know. I mean, you have to go. You have to go deal with Mama. Just go and get it over with and then when you're done come back and tell me all about it because I could really use a pick-me-up. (nods over to Lexie)
      Cristina: Okay, Mama showdown is not for your enjoyment. Besides my patient is stable and until I'm paged I'm gonna stay right here. (whispers) Okay, she keeps staring at us.
      Meredith: I know.
      Cristina: Make her stop.
      Meredith: You make her stop.
      Cristina: You're her sister.
      Meredith: I'm an only child. You're her resident.
      Cristina (to Lexie): If you have time to stare you have time to get me coffee so move, move, move! Two, stay!
      Meredith: Now, see if you could just do that with Mama.

    • Alex: You can yell, you know.
      Bailey: Not my job anymore.
      Alex: I'm just sayin', you can if you want. I deserve it.
      Bailey: You deserve, Dr. Karev, to be chastised for your stunning poor decision making. You -- you certainly earned a-- a reprimand for your unbelievably destructive tactile error. (pauses) You got in the face of a drug dealer? (slaps his arm) You got in the face of a drug dealer… (slaps his arm) Before the police had arrived. (slaps his arm repeatedly) You got in the face of a known felon while is one year old was still in the room, are you stupid? Are you without intelligence? Because I know that you were taught better than that. I taught you better than that, Dr. Karev. Getting in the face of a drug dealer, fool.
      Alex: Thank you.
      Bailey (exhales): Oh, no… thank you.

    • Bailey: Okay, I need you to work in the clinic, Grey.
      Meredith: Well--
      Bailey: No, before you open your mouth to tell me all the reasons that you can't, just lemme say this. I need this because I have idiots, do you understand me Grey? Idiot interns are down there in my clinic, a clinic drippin' with my blood sweat and tears, Grey, and I am not convinced, not at all convinced that they will not burn it down with their inaptitude. No, no, I am not telling because I understand that I do not have the authority to tell. So I'm askin', nicely. (Meredith doesn't say anything) Okay, I'm just sayin' that if I ever did anything for you like… I don't know... save your life… if you ever felt you owed me a debt of thanks… Now, is when I'd like to collect. (pauses) Please?

    • Callie: What you ran the code yourself? Where's Grey?
      George: She's covering in the clinic.
      Callie: What the hell is she doing in the clinic? I thought I told you to take interns.
      Bailey: I didn't want interns. (Callie walks away, Bailey glares at George)
      George: Sorry about that.
      Bailey: Some things, O'Malley, some things just don't need to be told.

    • Meredith: Mrs. Burke. What a surprise to see you here. Are you visiting someone?
      Jane Burke: You're the maid of honor, Ms. Grey.
      Meredith: That's me.
      Jane Burke: When you stood up in front of Preston's friends and loved ones, and said 'It's over. It's over. It's so over.' Were you trying to smash the hopes of the best man or were you just trying to be funny?
      Meredith: I….
      Jane Burke: Because making light of that situation would be inappropriate. And to use that moment to send a message to your boyfriend well, that's… selfish. So were you being inappropriate or were you being selfish?
      Meredith: I… am… uh… I apologize for that, Mrs. Mama… ma'am. I'm just gonna go. (Jane is just staring at her) Okay.
      Jane Burke: Ms. Grey?
      Meredith: Yes, ma'am?
      Jane Burke: When you report back to Cristina will you tell her, please, that I am waiting for her and that I will continue to wait for her.
      Meredith: Yes, ma'am.

    • George: Mrs. Burke!
      Jane Burke: I don't think I know you...
      George: I'm George. O'Malley. I'm a friend of Burke's, I was Burke's guy.
      Jane Burke: Oh, hi, George O'Malley, Burke's friend, Burke's guy. Sit.
      George: I guess I have a minute. (sits down) You know, he let me sleep on his couch when I had no where else to stay... I mean, how is he? Is he doing okay?
      Jane Burke: He's Preston. He's a gentleman, and so he doesn't like to talk about it and I really don't know what to say to him.
      George: I don't know. Maybe you can tell him that he dodged a bullet. I mean, marriage is... once you're in, you're in. Burke is smart, you know, he didn't make a mistake. A mistake, which is hard to take back and even if you wanted to take back you can't. So, you can tell him that.
      Jane Burke: 'Once you're in, you're in.' Make sure you have that engraved on your wedding ring once you're married.
      George: Oh, I'm already married.
      Jane Burke: You're already married? George O'Malley, Burke's friend, Burke's guy, staying in a marriage, out of obligation, that's no way to live. That's no way to love... But, I think you already know that.
      George: I do. Sometimes I do.

    • Derek: He's not returning my phone calls anymore.
      Jane Burke: He's doing his best. Do you think… Do you think that, she really loved him, Cristina?
      Derek: I think she loved him the best that she knew how.
      Jane Burke: And that wouldn't have been enough for you either?
      Derek: No, that wouldn't have been the best for me either.
      Jane Burke: So, you would have ended it too?
      Derek: Well…. Burke and I are built differently, he's strong than I am. He was strong enough to-- We're not built the same.
      Jane Burke: Honorable men are all built the same.
      Derek: And you think that I'm an honorable man?
      Jane Burke: Do you know when to walk away? Do you know when not to take less than you deserve, if you do, then you're an honorable man.

    • Cristina: Hello.
      Jane Burke: It took you long enough.
      Cristina: Yes. Well…
      Jane Burke: I came to pick up Preston's key, I'd like to pick up some of his things. And the necklace that I gave you before the wedding…
      Cristina: Yeah, yeah. Of course. (takes the key off her key ring) Just, uh, leave it under the mat when you're done. (she turns to leave)
      Jane Burke: And I wanted to say that I'm sorry. I've come to know you… I think. And what you love even more than Preston is being a surgeon. You are planning to continue with cardiothorasic surgery like my son, am I correct?
      Cristina: Yes.
      Jane Burke: So, I'm sorry that you lost the man that you love. But more than that, I'm sorry that you lost your teacher. With him by your side you could've become a brillant heart surgeon.
      Cristina: I see.
      Jane Burke: You're a strong woman, Cristina. I respect that. I'd wish I could have been born at another time, I might be more like you. So, I shall leave the key under the mat.
      Cristina: Uh, could you take the gifts? There are all these wedding gifts and I can't…Can you please take them away?
      Jane Burke: Well, of course I can.
      Cristina: He's never coming back, is he? Not even to say good-bye.
      Jane Burke: Remember, you're a strong woman.

    • Mark: Wanna grab a drink?
      Derek: I have a problem.
      Mark: What's up?
      Derek: No... I'm admitting that... I have a problem.

    • Callie: Chief…
      Richard: I've got paperwork, Dr. Torres. Kidnapped babies make for a lot of paperwork, I was planning on going to see my wife tonight but instead I get to do this.
      Callie: I could help. I mean-- I mean I could help.
      Richard: No, you've helped enough for one day.

    • Mark: Callie, are you okay?
      Callie: A baby was lost on my watch. I am Chief Resident. I am responsible, and the Chief, he gave this to me and I blew it and…now a baby's missing. So, no I'm not okay.
      Mark: No, you are not okay.
      Callie (turns around, teary eyed): Plus, I think that my husband's having an affair.
      Mark: Well, if that's true, he's an idiot. And if that's true you need to talk to him, you know, as an alternative to destroying your career.

    • Richard: Dr. Torres.
      Callie: Yeah, Chief?
      Richard: 'Yeah, Chief'? Is it that you don't know what going on in my hospital Dr. Torres, or is it that you don't care?
      Callie: Um… I'm sorry. I guess I don't know.
      Richard: I delegated the meth lab situation to you and now one of your resident's has been attacked and a baby is missing.
      Callie: I don't understand I told Karev to take--
      Richard: I don't wanna hear any of your excuses. Finish up here. You better hope that baby shows up.

    • George: We decided. I was supposed to tell her. I have to tell her.
      Izzie: No, I know, you can't, you just can't, okay? I am working with her, she is my boss.
      George: Damn it!
      Izzie: Ssh! Maybe it'll just work itself out if we wait. You'll grow apart.
      George: Izzie.
      Izzie: She's been working long hours, maybe she's having an affair.
      George: Izzie. How long do you suggest that I wait until I tell her about us?
      Izzie: I don't know at least when she's not in such a bad mood… a week…. A month. I'm sorry. (Izzie moves closer)
      George: You know… then we can't.
      Izzie: I know.
      George: Then you better walk away.
      Izzie: I better walk away. Yeah… I really better walk away.

    • Mr. Rowsh: Do you have any kids?
      Mark: Not that I know of.
      Mr. Rowsh: Not married, are 'ya?
      Mark: Afraid that I haven't found anybody who'll put up with me.
      Mr. Rowsh: Well, get on the stick, don't do like I did. Don't be a bachelor your whole life. You can only play the field for so long and suddenly one day, your whole life passes you by. Parts aren't working like they used to.
      Mark: They have medicine for that now.
      Mr. Rowsh: They don't have medicine for that all alone part, now do they?
      Mark: No, I suppose not.

    • Intern: Will we be able to do procedures on our own?
      Bailey: No, you are interns, you are in charge of nothing. All procedures will be discussed and overseen by an upper level, all charts will be signed out by an upper level and all patients will looked at by someone other than you!

    • Callie: Oh, you up late last night? Perhaps you should sit this one out.
      Izzie: I'm not up late. (Callie walks away) Not up late. Went to bed early. Early and alone.

    • Bailey: Uh, I need a resident in the clinic to over see the new interns while I work on this patient.
      Callie: I'm sorry. I can't help.
      Bailey: You… can't help?
      Callie: I'm sorry, Bailey. But the clinic is optional, I'm not gonna force any residents to go in there when I have this much going on in the pit, but you can have as many interns as you need, okay?

    • George: I feel-- I feel this exhilaration… it's like a-- it's like I finally figured it out. You know? It's -- It's like I was spelling, and it's like a I woke up and it's just--it's just amazing. She said that she loved me, and you--- you know my dad… oh god, he loved her and… and you know when he died…. I - I shouldn't have gotten married. I thought it was right but it wasn't. It's not!
      Izzie: It's not. (they are almost kissing when he stands up)
      George: I--I've got to tell her! I have to tell her that marriage is over. It's the right thing to do. (he runs out the door, then he comes back) Did you see how I walked out of here so determined?
      Izzie: You made me proud! (then he leaves again) He loves me too.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): In the hospital, we see addiction every day. It's shocking how many kinds of addiction exist. It would be too easy if it were just drugs and booze and cigarettes. I think the hardest part of kicking a habit is wanting to kick it. I mean, we get addicted for a reason, right? Often, too often, things that start out as just a normal part of your life at some point cross the line to obsessive, compulsive, out of control. It's the high we're chasing, the high that makes everything else fade away.

    • Cristina (her pager beeps): Carnage in the pit. My day is improving! (Cristina walks away and turns to her interns) Follow. (interns run to follow her)
      Lexie: We're not gonna round?
      Cristina: Carnage trumps rounds, Three. Write that down. Carnage always trumps rounds. (Lexie writes it down)

    • Richard (looking at the OR board): What do you think of the board?
      Derek: It's good. It looks good, you did a good job.
      Richard: I didn't do it. I'm delegating. I am being a delegater. I'm doing it all different. I'm making time for my wife.
      Derek: Oh, yeah, is she talkin' to you yet?
      Richard: Well, she will once she sees that I'm a delegater. I -- I should move that surgery up there.
      Derek: Junkie.
      Richard: Yeah, yeah you're right. It's fine. Delegate. Being a delegater.
      Mark (walks up): What's wrong with the Chief?
      Derek: He's a junkie.
      Mark: Him? You're the one who looks all strung out.
      Derek: I'm just tired.
      Mark: Let me guess, you and Grey are back together and you've been up all night doing the horizontal salsa.
      Derek: Mambo. Horizontal mambo. Meredith and I, we're just friends.
      Mark: Sexy friends.
      Derek: You're like the worst, most juvenile human being I've ever met in my life.
      Mark: You know the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem?
      Derek: How many nurses have you slept with this week?
      Mark: That's not a problem, man. That's an adventure!

    • Richard: What do we have?
      Callie: Gas main blew in an apartment building, five injured, some badly.
      Cristina: Excellent...(Richard and Callie stare at her) Horrible, horrible! Sad.

    • Meredith: Hey, what's the 911?
      Cristina: Mama is here.
      Izzie: I'm working with Callie. Callie. Gotta find George.
      Meredith: Your mother?
      Cristina: No, no, no, not my mother. Mama. Mama is here.
      Izzie: Seen George, Mer? He's your intern.
      Meredith: Oh, Burke's mother.
      Cristina: Yeah, make the synapses fire a little more quickly, Meredith.
      Meredith: You know, I was just with a patient, I'd be very happy to go back there.
      Cristina: No, no, no, you have to help.
      Izzie: I'll help, for the mix-master and George's current location.

    • Meredith: Ah, your timing could not have been more perfect where are we going?
      Derek: What do you mean where are we going?
      Meredith: You paged me, right?
      Derek: I did.
      Meredith: Good, so… on-call room?
      Derek: You know, I was thinking that maybe we could go to the cafeteria, thought you might be hungry. (Meredith gives him a look) Why are you looking at me like that?
      Meredith: Derek, we agreed, S and M only.
      Derek: S and M?
      Meredith: Sex and mockery.
      Derek: Sex and mockery, right. (gets up)
      Meredith: So, you're eating lunch?
      Derek: I am. Wanna come?
      Meredith: No. Meet me in the lobby at 8 o'clock. And eat your dinner first.

    • Lexie: I am a nice person, okay? I...I am and I don't know what it is that I did to you but you know... We have the same dad, so I was just thinking that a simple conversation...
      Meredith: We don't have the same dad, Lexie. You and I, we do not have the same dad. My dad disappeared when I was five years old and I never saw him again. Does that sound like the dad you grew up with? (Lexie nods no) I kicked a man out of my bed in the middle of the night. The world's most perfect man, who loves me. And I can't let him. And it doesn't take a shrink to figure it out why. Because our dad chose you. So I'm sure you are a very nice girl, Lexie. But I hope you can understand, you're not a girl I ever wanted to have to know. (Meredith leaves)

    • Lexie: Um, Dr. Grey, (laughs) I was wondering... Do you where the thermometers are? Cause...
      Meredith: Do you really not know where the thermometers are, Lexie? Or are you just looking for an excuse to talk to me?
      Lexie: I...
      Meredith: Simple question, Lexie. Are you an idiot or a stalker? (Lexie stares at Meredith) Okay, that was a mean thing to say. I'm aware of that because I'm generally not a mean person. But I'm a person who just doesn't wanna know you. And you are a person who is making that very difficult. So please, just stop making it so difficult for me to not know you. Okay? (Meredith walks away and moves to another part of the counter)

    • Izzie: Just because people do horrible things it doesn't always mean they are horrible people.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): The thing about addiction is, it never ends well. Because eventually, whatever it is that was getting us high, stops feeling good, and starts to hurt. Still, they say you don't kick the bad habit till you hit rock bottom. But how do you know when you're there? Because no matter how badly a thing is hurting us, sometimes, letting it go hurts more.

    • Meredith: So, happy little family makes meth?
      Alex: There is no such thing as a happy family. (talking about Cristina, who is pacing) What's with her?
      Meredith: Well, Mama Burke is here and we don't know why. My guess is that she's here to kill Cristina. (talking about Lexie) She's hovering again.
      Cristina: If you're done with the charts go fold something, like, you know, sheets. (Lexie and the other intern walk away, Alex is staring at Lexie)
      Meredith: What're you lookin' at? (hits his shoulder) Don't look at her.
      Alex: Your sister, she's hot.
      Meredith: I'm an only child. Don't talk to me about Lexie.
      Alex (pager beeps): Oh, the police wanna talk to me. (leaves)
      Cristina: All I wanna know is why she's here, is that too much to ask?

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Titles:
      Czech Republic: Láska a závislost (Love and Addiction)
      Slovakia: Láska (Love)

    • Awards and Nominations:
      2008 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series (Diahann Carroll)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: Monday, December 17, 2007 on Foxlife.
      Australia: Sunday, February 17, 2008 on Channel 7
      Latin America: Monday, February 18, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television.
      Germany: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 on ProSieben
      Finland: Wednesday, March 5, 2008 on Nelonen
      The Netherlands: Monday, March 17, 2008
      Croatia: Monday, March 24, 2008 on RTL TV
      Czech Republic: May 18, 2008 on Prima
      Norway: Tuesday, September 2, 2008 on TV2
      Romania: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 on TVR1

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. From My Heart To Yours by Laura Izibor
      2. The Yard by Trolle Siebenhaar
      3. Castle Time by Chris Garneau
      4. Little Bit Of You In Everything by The Rentals
      5. Carousel by Amy Obenski
      6. Moon and Sun by Gomez

    • This episode was formerly known as Love/Robins.


    • In the scene where Mrs. Burke speaks to Cristina she describes her as being a strong woman. Mrs. Burke goes on to say that she wished she could have been born at another time; that she might have been a lot like Cristina in her determination to become a surgeon. This alludes to a time when Diahann Carroll played the nurse Julia--a ground-breaking television series that ran from 1968 thru 1971, which was about a) a woman without a husband as a single mother, b) a career woman employed as an RN, c) an African-American woman. Her name was Julia and it was about her issues within the areas of home, family & career. As Diahann Carroll said, had it been another time, she might have been a brilliant surgeon.

    • Bailey (to Meredith): I'm just saying that if I ever did anything for you, like, I don't know, save your life...if there was any debt of gratitude you felt that you owed me, now is the time that I would like to collect.

      Bailey is referring to when she helped revive Meredith in Season 3's Some Kind of Miracle, after she nearly drowned.

    • Alex: Because I said so Nancy Drew.

      This is a reference to Nancy Drew, the teenage detective from the mystery novel series.

    • Episode Title: Love/Addiction

      The title of this episode is a reference to the song by Morris Day and David Gray.