Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 5

Love, Loss and Legacy

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2011 on ABC



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    • Catherine: Tell me about plastics.
      Jackson: Mom, I'm tired, alright? I don't want to spend all night trying to convince you that it's a legitamite speciality.
      Catherine: I'm asking you to share your interests. Or you can tell me about this girl that you shipped off to another time zone in honor of my arrival.
      Jackson: Do you blame me? Honestly, I mean look how you were all over Sloan--
      Catherine: Sloan can take it. You saying this Lexie can't?
      Jackson: I like her. A lot. I don't want to start this.
      Catherine: I'm gonna medel one more time.
      Jackson: See, if only I could believe that we--
      Catherine: Sloan. Be careful with him, if you really like her.
      Jackson: Why?
      Catherine: Because he talks about her the way you should, that's why.
      Jackson: Yeah, they were a thing. It's over now.
      Catherine: Are you in love with her?
      Jackson (smiles): We're not gonna talk about this.

    • Meredith: Hey, where you going?
      Lexie: Uh, to visit Molly for two days.
      Meredith: Oh, that's great.
      Lexie: Yeah, Jackson arranged it. It was a surprise.
      Meredith: Oh.
      Lexie: What do you mean by that?
      Meredith: Nothing. Just 'Oh'.
      Lexie: 'Cause it sounded like you meant 'Really? He arranged for you to go see your sister at the exact time his mother's coming into town? Guess he's really not that into you otherwise he'd want you to meet his mother like a normal person.'
      Meredith: No. You had a mother. Jackson and I had surgeons who procreated. It's just a little complicated.
      Lexie: I- I shouldn't go, right?
      Meredith: No, I think that it's sweet that he wants you to get out of the line of fire.
      Lexie (hearing a car beep): That's my cab. I-I should stay.
      Meredith: I think you should probably get out while you have the chance.

    • Henry: Is Cristina coming?
      Owen: Uh, she can't she sends her apologies.
      Henry: Ah, this many doctors and only three of you stood up. That's not bad.

    • Ben: Dr. Bailey.
      Bailey: Dr. Warren. Um, look, you're gonna hear about something because everyone around here hears about everything. Eli and I ended things, the nurse. You're gonna think that it has something to do with you and for the sake of clarity, I would like to be extremely clear when I say that it doesn't have anything to do with you, at all. Are we clear? (Ben smiles) It doesn't have anything to do with you.
      Ben (smiling): Mmhmm. (turns to walk away)
      Bailey: Ben Warren, I am being very clear with you. Are you listening to me?
      Ben (smiling): G'Night, Miranda Bailey. See you tomorrow.
      Bailey: No, that is not what I said. (Ben waves to her) Benjamin Warren!

    • Catherine: My son tells me I have trouble admitting when I'm wrong. So, this is the place where I should say, that was an impressive save.
      Mark: Of course it was. He's a good kid, probably because you've give him such a complex but whatever the reason, let him find his own way. He'll do good.
      Catherine: Thank you.
      Mark: Oh, and don't count out Lexie Grey until you meet her. She's smart, she's beautiful, she's perfect. A guy couldn't do any better.

    • Bailey: Okay, I'm sorry, I can't do this. Uh, I- I need to say something to you and I wanna make sure that I'm clear because I apparentally have been unclear in the past. Um...
      Eli: You're ending this, whatever this is, it's ending.
      Bailey: Yes.
      Eli: You're perfectally clear. You're the clearest person I've ever known, you do not have a clarity problem.
      Bailey: I- I don't?
      Eli: No, you've been telling me that you don't want a relationship everyday for weeks and I've been ignoring you because you're different than any woman I've ever known. So, that's my fault. I should've walked away a long time ago. I can blame you for many things, but lack of clarity, it's not one of them.
      Bailey: I'm sorry. (Eli kisses her on the cheek)
      Eli: Enjoy the party.

    • Cristina (to Zola): Oh, that looks great. Clean wound. You'll have a scar but who cares? It'll make you look fierce. (to Owen) You should go to the party.
      Owen: Oh, I gotta finish this. Plus, I thought I'd keep you company.
      Cristina (to Zola): You know, I've been practicing this all day, and your parents they can do single handed, left handed ties with their eyes closed, nevermind closing a tube of cream. Your dad, he's a rockstar. He's a household name, and your mom? She's a natural. People say that she got it from her mom, so you're gonna get it, too. You'll watch her resect tumors all the time and when you slice open your first abdomin people will say 'Whoa. Oh my goodness, she learned that so fast. How did she learn that so fast?' And you'll say 'Oh, I come from a long, long line of surgeons.'
      Owen: You know, you're right. I'm going to head to that party.

    • Teddy: Do I have to set a place for Eli? Because I hear that you forgot to invite him.
      Bailey: Why do people forget to invite people to dinner parties?
      Teddy: Is that a trick question?
      Bailey: I need to break-up with him.
      Teddy: Oh, oh, oh. Please don't do it at my party.
      Bailey: You see, the last time I broke up with a man he thought I was asking him to wait for me and then he did, apparentally, and he bought lattes for a man named Pierre.
      Teddy: Is that slang for something that I don't know about?
      Bailey: You see, I try to perserve the dignity of others and that's the problem. And I'm poetic which I'd like to think provides clarity, but it in fact simply clouds the message.
      Teddy: Alright, here's what I'd do. Use short, declaritive sentenances. "I'm ending this, all the best to you." Got it? Oh, and do it before the party.
      Bailey: Oh, no. Not before. Tomorrow. Before is rude, before is depriving the man of a meal which he's now excited about because your husband couldn't shut up about the sauce.
      Teddy: I have to serve dinner to a dead man walking?
      Bailey: Oh, buck up. You can handle it.

    • Alex: You know, I really don't get you. You should understand better than anyone. What if it was Sofia? Do you have any parental rights? If something happened to Sofia and Sloan and Torres aren't around and you got some peds doc saying you can't see her.
      Arizona: Mind your own business, Karev.
      Alex: Sorry, it just sucks.
      Arizona: No, here's what sucks. Zola's gonna be fine because we're awesome surgeons and if Meredith and Derek didn't know was here, Zola would still be fine, the adoption wouldn't be in jeapordy and they wouldn't be in somewhere going out of their minds imagining the worst.

    • Meredith: So, Alex was supposed to call by now.
      Cristina: It's been like ten minutes.
      Meredith: Do you think it's bad if we call him?
      Cristina: Yep.
      Meredith: What if she...?
      Cristina: She's not gonna die, do you hear me? ... Alright, do you know how to do single-handed, left-handed ties?
      Meredith: No.
      Cristina: Come on, try it.
      Meredith (she ties the string): Like that.
      Cristina: Did just do that on your first try?
      Meredith: Yeah, well, you are holding your string too tight.
      Cristina: Oh, well shut up.
      Derek (walks up): Just got a message from Karev, they had to resect a small part of the bowel but everything else looks good.
      Meredith: Oh, thank god.
      Derek: Yeah. (sits down and does a single left handed tie)
      Cristina: Did you just--? Oh, I hate you people. Don't touch it.

    • Catherine: I'm not going to risk Ryan's penile function because I bruised your ego.
      Mark: I'm not trying to impress you, let me do this and that'll come naturally. Come on, Dr. Avery. Step into the future with me.
      Catherine: Well, if you feel comfortable doing it...
      Mark: Hell, I'd feel comfortable letting your kid do it. Avery, prep the abdomin.

    • Richard: You hear that Zola came into the hospital, had a bowel obstruction?
      Bailey: Yep.
      Richard: It can't be easy on Meredith, it can't be easy at all.
      Bailey: You are really not using Meredith's sick baby to guilt me into putting her on my trial.
      Richard: Well, if you think she lacks judgement, then help her. You're the moral compass of this hospital.
      Bailey (scoffs): Moral--? You don't-- I'm the moral compass of nothing. I am using one man like a plaything and had another one bribing a scheduler.
      Richard: I- I really don't want to know.
      Bailey: Like a plaything, often and enthusiastically.
      Richard: M-Maybe you should stop. Did I mention that I promised Ellis Grey on her death bed that I would take care of Meredith.
      Bailey: I am still not putting that girl on my trial.

    • Owen: I just left OR two. It started.
      Derek: Thanks. ... I know I should be with Meredith, I see her pain but I can't. I can barely look at her. This is all her fault. Every time I think I've moved on, I've started to forgive her, something else comes up and I'm right back where I was.
      Owen: You know, Cristina and I, we just-- we just went through something and I know how you feel. It's not easy. You know, they don't make it easy.
      Derek: No.

    • Derek: Do you know how long her shunt must have been malfunctioning for her bowel to have gotten this bad?!
      Meredith: They didn't know what to look for.
      Derek: Exactly, because she should've been with us.
      Meredith: But she's not and that's my fault and I may never sleep another night again because of that. But if there's a prayer of us getting her back then we just have to dot our I's and cross our T's and not mess with the rules. Arizona is a great surgeon. Please don't make it worse.
      Derek: What is your plan on fixing this?
      Arizona: It's just kinked. Once I get in there and I remove the adhesions and fix the obstruction the shunt will be fine.
      Derek: What if it's not? What if it's disconnected or broken?
      Arizona: Then I convert to a V-A shunt. Derek, I can do this. Let me do this.

    • Catherine: Your technique has improved, baby.
      Jackson: Thanks.
      Mark: It's easy to teach when there's natural ability to work with. Your boy's born for plastics.
      Catherine: That might be so, but you know, you gotta be careful with that easy road. A person can get used to taking the easy road and the next thing they know they find themselves the boob job king of Seattle. A tummy tuck tycoon.
      Mark: I don't think that's fair.
      Catherine: Are you saying there isn't easy money in plastics, Dr. Sloan?
      Mark: Are you saying there's no valuable work to be done?
      Jackson: She's saying that I don't have the disipline to resist easy.
      Catherine: I'm just saying there's a temptation.
      Jackson: Yeah, well, maybe if you knew a little more about me, you'd know that I'm incredibly disiplined.
      Mark: And I'm not a tummy tuck tycoon.
      Jackson: I'm sorry about that, Dr. Sloan. She--
      Catherine: Don't apologize for me.
      Jackson: Yeah, well, somebody needs to. I chose plastics, I pursued Dr. Sloan, these are my choices I'm not gonna sit her and let me trash them because they're not the same choices your would have made.

    • Henry: Do I have to wait for the labs or will you call me?
      Eli: Oh, we'll call.
      Henry: Good because I'm marinating the fish for tonight and if it stays thing for too long, it just turns into mush. (Bailey glares at him) What? You don't like fish?
      Bailey: I do.
      Henry (looks at Eli): You don't like fish?
      Eli: I like fish.
      Henry: Okay, good. Wow. I probably should have checked earlier but I'm new to this whole dinner party thing, so... (Eli looks at Bailey, they just stare at each other) What's happening right now?
      Bailey: Henry and Teddy are having a dinner party tonight.
      Eli: So I gathered.
      Bailey: And we're invited.
      Eli: Yeah, I got that, too.
      Henry: Is there a problem?
      Bailey: I forgot to tell him.
      Eli: Yeah, it's a good thing Henry came by and brought up the marinade.
      Henry: It's not a very masculine topic, marinade. I should of cooked beef.
      Bailey: Are you free?
      Eli: I am.
      Bailey: I- I mean, because you don't have to come.
      Eli: Wow. Best invite ever.
      Bailey: I'm sor--. Okay, this is uh, this is my bad.
      Henry: Well, it could be my bad. I mean--
      Eli: Yeah, you both suck. See you at dinner.

    • Cristina: I'm sorry to interupt, but I need to speak with Dr. Grey.
      Catherine: Dr. Grey is busy making history right now.
      Cristina: Meredith. (Mer doesn't look up) Meredith. (Mer meets Cristina's eyes)
      Meredith: I- I'm sorry, Dr. Avery. I'm sorry.
      Catherine: For the love of God, Ellis Grey is rolling in her grave right now.

    • Catherine: Dr. Grey, it seems like you've inherited the hands of your mother.
      Meredith: Thank you.
      Catherine: Did your sister Lexie inherit the same skills?
      Jackson: Dr. Avery.
      Meredith: I'm my mother's only child. Lexie and I are half sisters.
      Catherine: Sounds like someone picked the wrong Grey.
      Jackson: Mom!
      Meredith: Lexie is very talented, she's brilliant.
      Mark: Lexie's great. Great surgeon, great girl.

    • Cristina: What? I was about to do an art. line with my left hand.
      Alex: Zola's got a bowel obstruction. We have to operate.
      Cristina: What? Where's Mer?
      Alex: She can't know. Neither can Derek. I mean, they get involved and then social services flips out and the adoptions shot.
      Cristina: Well, is she stable?
      Alex: For the moment. And I-I mean, that's the right call, right? We don't tell 'em.
      Cristina: You just told me it was.
      Alex: But I'm right, right?
      Cristina: It'll blow the adoption? Then, yeah, we can't tell them.
      Alex: Okay, okay. That's your decision.
      Cristina: Hey, you just called me down here so I can take responsiblity for your decision. How small are your balls?
      Alex: Meredith didn't talk to me for weeks because I screwed up her life. The balls are pretty small right now.

    • Richard: Catherine Avery.
      Catherine: Richard Webber. (they hug) Shame on you. I send you my son to educate and you let him wonder off into plastics.
      Richard: Ah, he seems happy.
      Catherine: Happiness is for ordinary people. He's my son, greatness is his legacy.
      Richard: At a certain point, you have to realize that you've done everything that you can. You can't force people to do things that they don't want to do.
      Catherine: Don't I know it. When was it that we met at that convention in Miami and I just flirted with you shamelessly and you had to tell me that you were married.
      Richard: I remember.
      Catherine: Are you still married? Because after this surgery tonight I'm gonna need some dinner.
      Richard: I'm still married.
      Catherine: Damnit! (they laugh) Well, there's always next time. You know, I never give up.
      Richard: Have a good surgery.
      Catherine: Thanks, Richard.
      Richard: You're welcome.

    • April: Thank you so much for letting me help you out with this. I mean, how often do you get to harvest a penis?
      Catherine: Well, I thought it would give us a chance to catch up. Take this, dear. Okay, here we go. (holding the scalpel) Like millions of angry wives have dreamed of. So, we'll start with an artistic elptical incision. So, how's it going, honey?
      April: Well, you know, it's fifth year and chief resident is like twenty jobs in one and on top of that, I got boards coming up and surgeries to log, so much to get done.
      Catherine: Mmm. So, when are you going to have sex with a man? When are you going to get that done, hmm?
      April (looks horrified): I-I'm-- I'm sorry, what?
      Catherine: I don't know or care why you're waiting, dear, but unless you have a good reason, I say do it. You're all wound up, it'll get you unwound. It'll make you a better surgeon. Now, that's a nice dorsal vein, easy to grab.
      April (quietly): Is it really that obvious?
      Catherine: You keep lookin' at this thing like it's going to bite you.

    • Catherine: Congratulations, we have our winners.
      Cristina: Uh, he's your son and you're the judge, isn't there some rule against that?
      Catherine: I don't play favorites, dear. Nepatism is for the weak.
      Jackson: That's what my birthday card has always said.

    • Bailey: Uh, is there a problem?
      Ben: Not that I'm aware of.
      Bailey: Because I'm doing my best to be pleasant. And I don't owe you an explanation for the fact that I happen to be...
      Ben: ... sleeping with a nurse? I believe is what you're lookin' for.
      Bailey: You and I broke up.
      Ben: You basically told me to wait for you.
      Bailey: Wh- I-I did no such thing.
      Ben: No, but you did. You said it was too much, something horrible had just happened, you were traumatized, you couldn't handle a relationship. It wasn't me. It was you.
      Bailey: Okay, that is not fair. An-- And I still can't handle a relationship, the kind of thing you and I were considering... Becau--- Wh-What I'm doing right now, it's nothing like that.
      Ben: Then what is it?
      Bailey: ... If you have a problem working with me, take it up with Pierre.

    • April (after Catherine taps her on the shoulder): Yes! You have no idea--
      Catherine: No, sorry, sweetie. You're too tense. You're all wound up. This isn't woodshop. Step to the back. (she walks over to Cristina's station) You need to lay off the lattes, dear. Your left hand is shaking like a motel bed spring.
      Cristina: It- It's just tired.
      Catherine: I hear you, honey. Aren't we all? Step to the back. (to everyone) It's very simple, people. All it has to be is perfect.

    • Catherine: Who has worked with the tissue of the penis before?
      Alex: Kepner keep your hand down. (Mer laughs)
      Catherine: It's delicate vasularity demands a grace and elegance that not many surgeons of your station have mastered. The two surgeons to do the best end to end asnatimosis of their chickens femoral vessels will scrub in with me. So, be catious, be careful, be brillant, begin!

    • Jackson: You gotta make a big show out of everything.
      Catherine: There's my baby boy. (hugs him) You look skinny. Are you not sleeping?
      Jackson: I'm fine, mom.
      Catherine: Mmm. Which one is she? She's a brunette, right?
      Jackson: We're not doing this, okay?
      Catherine: Maybe the real question is what kind of name is Lexie?
      Jackson: I never told you her name.
      Catherine: I have my ways. Which one is she?
      Jackson: She's not here, she's out of town.
      Catherine: I come into town and I smuggle her across state lines. Are you ashamed of her?
      Mark (walks up): Dr. Avery, sorry to interrupt.
      Jackson: Oh, interrupt, please.
      Catherine: Oh, Mark Sloan, plastics. The man who doubts.
      Mark: Listen, I'm all for standing up for the johnson but this is a transplant and transplant patient's reject organs. Now, I see a twenty eight year old guy who could have a pretty good life with a reconstructed organ, now my boy here and I could--
      Catherine: Excuse me? You're working with Jackson?
      Mark: I'm mentoring him. He didn't mention it?
      Catherine: No, he didn't.
      Mark: He's got a great set of hands this kid, you should be proud.
      Catherine: Why don't you scrub in with me and you can tell me all the reasons why.
      Mark: I'll be there. (walks off)
      Jackson: Can't you just stay out of it?
      Catherine: He's your mentor, why not get to know the man? At least he didn't skip town.

    • Mark (stands up): Mark Sloan, plastics. Isn't penile reconstruction the standard approach in cases like these? Why a transplant?
      Catherine: Well, I can answer your question with a question. Do you like your penis?
      Callie (pretends to cough): Yes. (Arizona and Teddy laugh)
      Mark: It does the job.
      Catherine: Well, if one day it wasn't there, wouldn't you want it back? Or would you be satisfied with a reconstruction organ that has very little function?
      Mark: Satisfied, no. But that's not the--
      Catherine: Neither would Ryan here. Yes, this is new ground but here's a young man with his whole life ahead of him. With the will to live it as a whole man, with the bravery and selflessness to help advance medical science along the way. So, let's give Ryan a hand, come on. (they all clap) And now let's give Ryan a penis!

    • Callie: Hey, do you want us to bring anything tonight?
      Teddy: Nope, I got it covered, thanks.
      Mark: What's tonight?
      Arizona: Dinner party at Teddy and Henry's new place.
      Callie: You're um... You're not invited.
      Mark: Why?
      Arizona: You're the babysitter.

    • Richard: Hey, I saw the board. Three i-let cell surgeries and a folow-up on Henry, spreading it a little thin.
      Bailey: Are you concerned about me or your trial?
      Richard: Your trial.
      Bailey: Well, the way you keep trying to mirco manage me it seems like you still think it's yours.
      Richard: You know, with Meredith Grey stepping away from neuro she needs a new focus. And uh, you could use the help. She's got a gift.
      Bailey (scoffs): She's got a gift, alright.
      Richard: She could be a real asset.
      Bailey: The answer is no.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): The human body is designed to compensate for loss. It adapts, so it no longer needs the thing it can't have. But sometimes, the loss is too great and the body can't compensate on it's own. That's when surgeons get involved.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): We're so hopeful at the beginning of things. That there seems like there's only a world to be gained, not lost. They say the inability to accept loss is a form of insanity, it's probably true. But sometimes, it's the only way to stay alive.

    • Cristina (Owen's kissing her neck): Stop it. I am making breakfast.
      Owen: You don't cook.
      Cristina: I do, sometimes. Here, try these. Eggs cooked almost entirely with my left hand. Teddy says the best cardio surgeons have two dominate hands. It's like a super power. (Owen takes a bite, and then pulls something out of his mouth) So, I am training. You want some more?
      Owen: No. I-I think I want something else. (they start kissing and fall to the floor) That's my super power. I only use one hand, too.

    • Ben: Mornin'. I'm in your OR today.
      Bailey: I can see that.
      Ben: That's not gonna be a problem, is it?
      Bailey: No.
      Ben: Good. Good. 'Cause I was avoiding you and now I'm not. See, I'm told that you're dating a nurse. And kudos to you, because who doesn't love a nurse? But, I've been bringin' lattes to some dude scheduling named Pierre so he'd keep me out of your surgeries. You know, I wanted to make it easier for you since you told me that you were being held together by tape a glue. But, now that you're being held together by a male nurse I'm gonna let Pierre go ahead and get his own lattes. See you in surgery. (walks away)
      Teddy (walks up): Hey, Miranda, are you coming to dinner tonite?
      Bailey (still looking at Ben): Yeah.
      Teddy: So is it just you and Eli? Or will Ben's butt be joining us too? (looks at Ben, chuckling, Bailey looks at her) What? Just joking. Th-That was j-just a joke. I'll assume that it's just two for dinner and you'll bring Eli. Uh, bye.

    • Cristina: I can't believe Altman postponed her surgery for grand rounds it's just some stupid lecture.
      Meredith: Your husband said it was mandatory.
      Alex: One more hour of sleep is what it is.
      April: Oh, this is not gonna be boring. This is Jackson's mother Catherine Avery.
      Meredith: She's a uriologist, right?
      April: Yeah, I met her when I was an intern at Mercy West. She's amazing.
      Jackson: She is a lunatic. (Mer laughs)
      April: No, she's not. She's brillant. She says these things that shock you but when you think about them later they change your whole life.
      Jackson: They ruin your whole life. She's toxic, she's a medeller. My mom has no boundaries. Be warned.
      Alex: Hey, is that why you shipped Lexie out of state?
      Cristina: What? You shipped Lexie-- Wow. Who hides his girlfriend under a rock when his mom comes to town?
      Meredith: Someone who has a hypercritial surgeon for a mom. I get it.
      Cristina: Is your mom amidextourous? I bet you she is. All the best surgeons are.
      Jackson (to April): Wait a second. How often do you talk to my mom?
      April: We're Facebook friends.
      Jackson: You're Fac-- You and my mother?
      April: She's a brillant surgeon and woman. She's a trailblazer.
      Meredith: And she's got a stalker. (Crisina laughs)
      April: Hey, you know what, just meet her. You'll see.

    • Catherine: Very impressive in the skills lab, Meredith. What are you specializing in?
      Meredith: Oh, um, I was thinking about neuro but now I'm making a change.
      Mark: Jackson had a chance to be on neuro. But he turned it down to follow me into plastics.
      Catherine: You had an opportunity to work with Derek Shepherd? And you turned it down? For plastics? Jackson Avery, who raised you when I wasn't lookin'?
      Jackson: Mom, let's not--
      Mark: I'm standing right here!

    • Arizona: Hey, can we talk? Listen, I want a piece of paper that says Sofia is mine. I know that we say we're going to do it but we never actually do it.
      Callie: Then let's do it.
      Arizona: 'Cause she's mine, she's my baby, too. I mean, she's yours and she's Mark's but she's mine, too. I mean, I'm really the only one who can get her to go back to sleep in the middle of the night.
      Callie: I know.
      Arizona: And she calls me Mama. (voice breaks) And I know it sounds like she's babbling, but she's saying it to me. I'm- I'm her Mama.
      Callie: I know. I know you are. We'll get you that piece of paper, okay? I promise. (they hug)

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